Tarot and Romance Oracle for December 2018

So here it is. The last month of this year, the ultimate culmination of those 11 eye opening months. For me this year has been all about contemplation and letting go of things, patterns and people that no longer serve me and that is the reason as to why I have been MIA from blogging as well. But now I feel that the planets are aligning and progressing it’s the right time to do a reading as we are approaching the last New Moon of this year so we get a final idea as to what needs purging before this year ends and also what to expect in this last month of December!!!



The Card for December is Page/ Princess of Cups. In one line December asks you to move on from your past and the painful past experiences that this year or life has left on you as because you keep going back to it, it stops you from experiencing and receiving all the good things that life has in store for you. By going back to the past you are not opening old wounds but scratching them which have created a negative vacuum in your life and are not allowing yourself to live the life that you have dreamed of. Moving on and letting go off the past is hard but if it’s going to give you everything that you want then you can put yourself through little more pain right? Letting go and moving on is not as difficult as holding on to those wrong things, once you start this process you will realise that it’s very simple but making the decision is the hard part but I am sure you will make this decision as a great life full of love, happiness, new beginnings awaits you.

To specifics now

Finance: You need to start managing your finances better. If you do not have the necessary knowledge or skill to make better decisions regarding finances then you need to seek professional advice regarding them as it will be very beneficial for your future. What I can also see that someone is wary of taking advice from someone younger than them who has better knowledge about finances, don’t do this as even they are younger than you they are experts in this field and listening to them will be for your benefit only.

Work: Firstly what happens at work doesn’t determine the kind of person you are. I see a lot of people associating their self-worth with their job, this is extremely wrong as your work completely doesn’t define you and since you have been doing this it has personally got you down and that makes you take wrong decisions, trust wrong people and be too naive at work. You need to stand up for your yourself and stop allowing others to dominate the field. Stop being vulnerable and take charge.

Love: Painful experiences in the past have made you close your heart and feel real love. You need to get over this past hurt. It did not work in the past because it wasn’t meant to be but that doesn’t mean that you keep dwelling on that and cut off yourself from a loving relationship in the future. You need to accept your past and move on as beyond this waits a beautiful and loving relationship just the way you had envisioned. You are going to fall in love and be swept off your feet but for this to happen you need to move past the old hurt and to be honest it’s best right to move on from something that is rotten and dead and allow a beautiful future to bloom for you.

Self Growth: For your personal growth you need to find the balance within. What is happening with you is either you are giving all the time or receiving, this is not right giving and receiving should be balanced because this only sets a beautiful pattern for the long run. You need to stand up for yourself where required but also stand down where what someone else is saying makes sense but because of your ego you cannot accept that. Get over insecurity, be happy, don’t let your past define you and start living your life with that jovial attitude and happy vibe as you attract what you think and the way you behave.

December actually tells you to wrap up all the shit that has happened so far with you as a beautiful new journey awaits but only after you let go of all that has happened. I know it might be difficult but trust me what waits on the other side is worth it. So go for it.




There were two cards for this particular oracle as there was one falling card which was YOU DESERVE LOVE and the card which I pulled was RELIGIOUS FACTORS. 

Interpretation: The only reason that you are not in a relationship right now if you are willing to be in one is because you believe you are unworthy of love. First and foremost you need to get rid of this dark thought as this is what is causing a blockage for you to be in a relationship. The religious factors indicate that till you don’t purge this out a relationship will not come to you as even if it comes, this attitude of yours will not make sure it’s good and long lasting. Thus it’s not working because the Angels don’t want you going through another heartbreak and if you do no appreciate and accept your worth and enter a relationship it’s stamped with an expiration date from the moment it has entered your life.

Whatever has happened in your past was not your fault, what has happened doesn’t define you as a person, that happened because it was destined to be and you deserve better than all those relationships. What is truly yours will never pass you and no one can take it from you so let go of these conflicting thoughts, breathe, relax ,know that you deserve love and know that you haven’t missed your Soulmate/Twin Flame/True Love. A relationship full of love, support and happiness is waiting in the wings for you but this self-limiting and criticising outlook is delaying you from being in this beautiful relationship.

One more thing that I can see is some of you might be in love with someone but you are not pursuing then because you belong to different cultures/ religions. Please do not let this factor stop you from pursuing a relationship, this person(the first one that comes to your mind when you read this) is your Soulmate and you are meant to be in each other’s lives, learn about your different cultures and through all get influenced in a positive way which will be a major part of your growth. Do not let cultural differences stop you from merging with your Twin Flame!

Romance Angels are telling you to take the leap of faith this month and the risk will be worth it. You will get the rewards for all the hardwork you have put in so far and 2018 will indeed give you a miracle before bidding goodbye thus setting a high bar for 2019!!!



Monthly Reading February 2018



The suit of wands is primarily concerned with the element of fire which revolves around creativity, action, willpower, enthusiasm, spirituality and self-confidence. The pictorial depiction shows a Queen with a free flowing dress carrying a staff with a glowing orange stone, in her background are high mountains and beside her there is a Lion sitting while an eagle flows above in the sky, also around her you can see almost dying candles and bubbles. Like the Queen we will be strong, ready to overcome any challenge we face, the staff represents our creativity and also it’s a weapon of a kind to defend all that we have and those we have. The Lion and The Eagle are our familiars which show that we will be immensely strong this month like the Lion and we will also soar high like the Eagle and be admired by many. The bubbles depict that there is Clarity about the direction we want to go in and the dying candles represent that our confidence will always give us the light we need to keep on moving forward and achieve our goals. It’s a fire power month. In matters of Finance it is clear that if you do what you love and let your creative side flow freely you will earn money and prosper, you do not need to be shackled in a job which you took just for money, if you think this is the right time to move on to something which you’ve loved or were passionate about this is the exact time to go for it without carrying any financial stress. Work will be great as you are ready to put in the hard work required to achieve the goal you have set your mind to. You will need to stand up for what you believe in, be assertive and direct. Co-workers and colleagues will be inspired by you and your confidence will give them the necessary push to prosper themselves. Relationships will be all about passion, deep feelings and clarity about which stage to develop to next but the only problem might be a little jealousy which I’m presuming might be because the other partner’s career is more sorted and successful. I have presumed professional success being reason of the jealousy because the Queen of Wands in relationships factors loyalty, ardor and devotion so you are covered personally. Even though the jealousy exists work around it but preserve your relationship as this is what is a part of who you are now and you need it. In this month you will meet someone who is very outspoken, passionate and dramatic too, this will definitely be a woman and she is going to inspire you to do your best. Take all the inspiration that you need from her but do not expect her to be emotional as even though she is caring she is necessary not everyone’s cup of tea. For your personal growth this month remember that no matter what never give up on your dreams, keep following them. This month is all about getting inspired from others but deep down you have to follow what you feel. Don’t let others tell you what to do as you know what’s best for you.


Daily Card Reading-7th October 2017



I’m sorry I have been on a break with my daily card readings but from today I am going to start posting them again. Hope they help you :). Blessed Be 🙂

The card for today is the Judgment. It’s the 20th card of the Major Arcana. At the outset the Judgment card signifies Conclusions, Rewards, Second Chances and Evidence. Lately the energy has been mixed and thus we are all wondering as to whether the path we are on is the right one or have we come a long way for nothing. Today is all about answers regarding the flux you are in.

The Judgment card is the penultimate card of the Tarot Deck as it signals a summing up of events before starting your journey in the world. In every aspect of life today signals making choices. Decision making regarding finances will take you away from the regular path you have been following but that will set the financial future in stone for you. Work wise if you have been contemplating to change your job today is the day to put a notice down or to take steps in relation to this decision. Those who have been thinking of changing their career path altogether well this card is a green signal for that, the only thing you have to do is choose wisely as what you do today will have far reaching implications in your future as well. Relationships will require a close look at what is happening. Ethical issues might make your neck turn and you will realise your partner was/is not completely the way you thought they were. Post this revelation you need to make a decision if it makes sense to be in this relationship or to quit it as this decision will affect your association with every relationship you have in the future. Singles it’s time for you’ll to think,sit and jot down all that you are looking for as a new relationship will be knocking on your door soon and you cannot lose this relationship because you have no idea what you are looking for cuz this relationship is a reward for all those prayers you have been doing for years.

Today is the day to quit contemplating and make decisions. Whatever choice you make know that heaven will completely support you and you will be elevated to your highest good. The angel blows the trumpet of the final call and assures that things are turning in your favour. This transition which you are going through is essential and this will help you change as a person. Make the necessary changes 🙂

Blessed Be

Love & Light

Daily Card Reading-3rd February 2017


The card for today is Queen of Fire. The Queen of Fire in the traditional tarot is the Queen of Wands.

The suit of Fire represents  our ideas and inspirations. It centers around our passions through which set out towards achieving our dreams and goals. Fire tells us that we have all that we need to succeed in life we need to center ourself and find out that inspiration and get going. We should not worry about resources as when the suit of fire comes in a reading it means that there is magical assistance each step of the way.

The Queen of Fire shows that there is a lot going on in your mind. She tells you that is no longer the time to dawdle, it’s the time to spread your wings and fly. You need to use that confidence of yours and march towards your goal. You have been underestimating yourself a lot lately, it’s time to believe in yourself and accomplish what your heart is set on.

Queen of Fire tells you to put all your energy and enthusiasm into your work as only then you will get the fruit of hard labour. She assures success at work but that is only if you take direct and assertive measures. You need to stand up for what you believe in and once you do that you will see that a lot of people were encouraged because of you. The people you encouraged will be there to assist you whenever you require. Today is not just about helping yourself but it’s also about helping others prosper.If someone needs help or assistance in a matter at work which has bamboozled them do not hesitate to help them. Today apply your talents and imagination productively and you will see that once you do that prosperity will follow you. Remember you are strong, a lot stronger than you know use that strength to put everything into your work and soon you will be basking in the glory of success.

Queen of Fire in relationships signifies a passionate romance wherein feelings are openly expressed. You and your partner need to be open with each other about what you feel and what you want as putting the truth on the table will light the spark of love in your relationship. You are very loyal, passionate and devoted in this relationship but you also get jealous very quickly. Now a little bit of jealousy is there in every relationship, infact I feel it makes our partner realise we are afraid to lose them but here what I can see is your or your partner’s jealousy can be a problem for your relationship if not curbed. Remember the most important factor in any relationship is trust and if you trust your partner you can stomp out the jealousy. Singles be ready to be swept off your feet, someone who is very passionate,  loyal and devoted is about you enter your life and you are gonna be in a rocking romance quicker than you thought.

Today is all about following your dreams. Take advice from others but make sure that they don’t tell you that these are your limits as they don’t know what you are capable of. Dig deeper and listen to your intuition you will realise that you can accomplish everything that you have dreamed of. Be a good friend today and no matter what happens always be loyal to your friend. Queen of Fire also is a muse so inspire others when they are lost and help them to get back on track to achieve their best. Your words will have a life changing impact on them so please guide anyone who comes asking for help today.

The pictorial depiction shows us a woman taming a dragon, we can also see a sword which is literally made out of fire and I’m guessing since it’s so close to the dragon that her sword is forged in the dragon’s breath thus making it the most powerful in the whole world. This woman is us and the sword represents our mind(intellect,creativity,passion etc), if we can tame a dragon and our brain is a sword forged in dragon’s breath imagine what you can do if you tune out all the chaos and take action. Your brain is the biggest weapon in your arsenal and the dragon here represents fiery nature and iconic imagination so use this to get what you want.You can do it remember Inside is Everything you need.

The message for today is to be confident and fierce,assert your independence and creativity, imagine and move forward to achieve your dreams.


Daily Card Reading-2nd February 2017


The first card for today is Oonagh, after pulling this card I felt there is something more the Godesses want to convey today so I shuffled the deck again and pulled a second card which is Nemetona.We will be considering both the cards in our reading today and not just the first one. Of all the guidances we have been getting off lately I thought we should dig deeper and look for more guidance and that’s why I was urged to use the Goddess Guidance Oracle Deck. This was my first ever Deck and it never has failed me or any client for whom I have used it.

The first message that Oonagh and Nemetona give us is transition. There is either a transition period in your life which is not going well or you know some transition is essential to change your current situation but you are afraid to take the plunge. Now you should know if you are already in a transition and it’s not working well for you that you need to make some intellectual changes and not hurry things as everything happens at it’s own pace and you pushing it out of it’s rhythm will only make things go out of sync. For those who know transition is essential know that God is with you and he’ll help you through this you just need to connect with him and follow your intuition. Oonagh was a Celtic Goddess married to the Leader of the Irish and she along with her clan was amongst the original inhabitants of Ireland. When the Gaels invaded Ireland the Irish did nor run or fight back but they transformed themselves into leprechauns and lived peacefully in Ireland. You need to make your transitions today fearlessly as Oonagh assures you will get all the magical assistance required. How to believe that this transition will be smooth and that is Nemetona is all about. The name Nemetona means Sacred Grove, she got this name because she protected sacred ceremonial celtic sites especially those connected with nature. Nemetona asks you to connect with yourself as only then you will able to receive the help, guidance and rewards you are destined for. 60% of the human body is made of water and water is nature so it’s very easy for us to connect with our inner self you just need to will yourself to do it. A human’s connection to his inner self is very pure and has the highest positive vibrations and if you connect to that you will get all answers you were looking for so instead of being lost here and there connect with yourself and be on the right path. So first thing first you need to do today is listen to your intuition and be ready for the transition.

Nemetona and Oonagh tell you to worship your work but do so at an easy pace. Transitions don’t take place overnight, slowly and steadily, step by step they prepare you for what is coming. There is no need to rush things at work today, let others call you slow, ignore them know that you are perfectionist and you don’t finish work in a hurry because you want to give your best. Remember if you are too hasty in your work you don’t even half of your best. If you feel stuck up in your job and you want to change it or want to start some other business know that today is not the day to make sudden moves what you can do is slowly start something part time and then once it develops leave your old career behind. Today it’s very essential to not get into competitions, once you connect with yourself and your intuition guides you as to what to do next take that guidance and move forward doing your work but know that you are doing what you want to do and not to be a part of any competition. Focus on your own success today and not on defeating others and our inner self tells us that good should happen to everyone and we should listen to it.

Nemetona and Oonagh tell you that nurturing a relationship is a long term commitment and one that you should not rush into. Today find time to spend to with your significant other and let them know that you care for them. A simple gesture has a lasting impact. Sit with them today, talk to them,ask what’s happening in their life, you will find out that they are going through some tough times and talking with you about it helps them a lot. Assure them that you will be them through thick and thin. When you are in a relationship with someone know that if you connect with their soul your relationship completely goes to the next level and all your problems go away. The more involved you are in your relationship the more you will feel good about yourself. Singles I see the relationship you are getting in is on a spiritual level and you need to keep on praying for that person to come into your life as this relationship is heaven sent. You have got your soulmate.God knows what you want and he is going to give you that but know that he will give it to you at the right time, don’t worry about delays as God knows everything and he is going to give you this relationship at the perfect timing :).

The two Goddesses which we got in our reading today fall back to back in the Goddess Guidance Oracle Deck but were not picked side by side infact I shuffled the deck as mentioned earlier and picked them which means that today’s you had to received these both messages. You need to know that off lately you have been getting messages about connecting with yourself in almost every reading. Do not take this lightly, you need to connect with yourself. If you inner and outer self is in sync then only you will be able to make a home for yourself in the outer world. Praying is not a sign of weakness like some Satanists tell infact praying is a sign that you believe and those who believe and have faith God answers their prayer. Today take out some time to pray, admit to God about any guilts you have been having and tell him about how you feel time is slipping away from your hands as when you pray God’s love and warmth soothes you. You need to clear your head of all the negative thoughts you have been having about where you are going as you become what you think and if you want to succeed then pray as God has the power to purify your thoughts but he will do so only if you ask him for it and that can be done via prayer.

You need to believe in yourself today, listen to what your inner voice says and follow that. Do not rush into things or make hasty decisions. Clear your mind and practise mediation today, if you don’t know how to meditate just close your eyes and observe all the patterns that cone to you. Do not hold on to negative thoughts, I can see the universe has already started pouring abundance on you and you have to shed off all the negativity in order to receive it otherwise you will block the heavenly flow. Pray to God to clear all negative energies from your mind.

The message for today is to not worry about your life purpose/goals as no matter what it looks like God and your angels are working tirelessly behind the scenes to make it happen for you, all you need to do is connect with yourself and the divine, believe and know that what you want will happen at the perfect timing and God is watching and taking care of you so there would be no delays.


Daily Card Reading-1st February 2017


The card for today is Children from the Mystical Wisdom Card Deck. I was drawn to this deck today for some reason, this is a very different deck from our regular tarot decks but the accuracy of this deck is even better than some tarot decks.

We are already one month down in the new year. If you would have read my blog post-2017 A Year in Tarot you must already know what the month of February holds for us but those who haven’t I’ll just tell you in a one line here. February is all about handling the mantle of leadership, being courageous and decisive, living life with passion, exuding confidence, embracing your creativity and being kind and loyal.

The card we got on the 1st day of February goes so well with the general reading of the entire month of February. If you look at the picture you will see a Orange Flower and inside that flower is a tiger next to him is a girl who is has her hand above his paw. The Tiger represents our outer shell strength,willpower,determination and the child represents our inner self, the child inside us who still believes in true love,magic and faith. This is such a beautiful picture and it tells us that we have to accept both sides of our personality only then will the abundance that is promised to us be ours.The Tiger is all about being courageous,decisive,confidence and the child is all about living life with passion,embracing your creativity and being kind and loyal. You need to accept both of your personalities today and only then you can get all that February has promised to you.

At work you need to accept that you are a leader and show it to all those who work under you. It’s about time you show them what you are, be kind to them but make sure that they don’t take you for granted and forget who is the boss. Today also happens to be Basant Panchami an Indian Festival which is the birthday of Goddess Saraswati who is the Goddess of education and creativity.So for all those who have been contemplating getting into their creative careers but felt it wasn’t the right well today is the right day to do that. Tap into your creative side and see that you will get all the resources needed to flourish and succeed. If you are in your current job just because you have to take responsibility and need the bucks know that you have a responsibility towards yourself and your dreams as well. You have to take certain risks in life to fulfil your dreams and your family will totally understand and support you in this venture so go ahead and do it. Also I see a lot of people being in their current jobs despite the environment being toxic just cause they feel they won’t be able to handle another jobs, well that’s not true remember you are a tiger as much as you are child and if someone if killing your firepower it’s about time you leave those people and that situation behind.

A relationship is all about being with someone who makes you feel amazing and loved. Today know that for your relationship to be at it’s best you need love your partner, let them know that you cherish having them in your life and assure them that they are secure and safe with you. This safety and security points towards commitment some of you’ll might be feeling that this is today and there is no guarantee that it will be there tomorrow also, this feeling might be there because of your partner’s past history or current behaviour. If you feel this talk to them and you will get a really good response from them. Also know that today is all about you will get what you give so remember if you want something out of a relationship you should give it as well. Singles please let your guard down that strong front you have put up makes it hard for other to cope with you and that is hiding the real beauty of your soul. Embrace both the sides of your personality, for those who have already done it know that you will be soon in a committed, passionate, joyous and fierce relationship. You might feel intimidated by your partner but know that you are a tiger and a dove both so you can handle this relationship well and create a beautiful universe of love, peace and passion as signified by the Orange Flower.

I would like to tell parents today that you all love your children and want the best for them but please make sure that you are not controlling them as control makes a person doubt his own abilities and that stops them from becoming who they are destined to be. Let go off your children, this is their life, let them make their decisions, commit mistakes and be independent as only then they will figure out what they want and what they need to do for that. You love them and that is great but remember you should be supporting them and not controlling them. If they fall be there to pick them up but don’t tell them that don’t do this again, encourage them to try again and be there to pick them again if they fall but don’t limit them. A child comes out of both the parents but don’t determine his future mapped on your decisions and mistakes. Maybe they can do what you failed at, understandable that you don’t want them to go through the pain you went when you failed, but remember they are not you so don’t judge their capacity based on their own, let them fly and figure things at their own pace. To grown ups whose parents still treat them like kids, it’s about time you put your foot down and in a gentle way let your parents know that you are no longer children even if they will treat you like one forever which is great but you can think for yourself now, be responsible and take care of yourself so what you are looking for is a little freedom and lot of support.

This card in our reading signifies that we need to embrace ourselves completely to create the world we dream of. No one is completely good, even the brightest person has a spot on darkness in them and we need to accept that as if we don’t then the dark spot will keep on increasing and extinguish all our light but if we accept that we have darkness inside us as well we can use those qualities for making someone’s and our own life better thus turning it into a weapon and make sure that our light shines brighter. Today you need to accept the soft and tough qualities and use both of them to get what you want to achieve.

Another message I would like to give today is don’t judge others based on their appearance. Get to know them and they might completely surprise you. Like in the picture the girl is sitting at peace next to a tiger and he is happy to have her around and protect her. So know that even the strongest people need help and even the softest people can control them. Make today all about helping others as no matter what is happening in this world it can be cured by love, peace and unity. Help all and don’t leave anyone alone based on their caste,creed and ethnicity. As a child we saw the beauty in everyone and spoke to all and wanted goof things to happen to everyone, we need to think like a child today and wish the same the way we did when we were children.We are all beautiful people created by God and he wants us to be humans, embrace and accept each other for our uniqueness and create a beautiful path- this is God’s true message as opposed to what you have been hearing from other who have weird agendas under God’s name. I follow this path and I urge you to follow it as well as only together we can create a peaceful world.

The message for today to be in touch with your inner self, listen to your intuition, be a leader, be strong, accept and help others no matter who they are. Merge all of these together today to get the best day.


Daily Card Reading-31st January 2017



The card for today is Three of Water. In traditional tarot Three of Water is Three of Cups.

The suit of water represents our feelings, the depth of our emotions and our nurturing qualities. This suit is mainly related with love,romance, relationships,family,dreams and desires. The suit of water encompasses the depth of our psychic and intuitive abilities. It asks you to go deep inside and find out about what your real desires and dreams are as opposed to what you feel on the surface.

The pictorial depiction shows two dolphin swimming in the deep sea and in between them are three cups resting on a rock. If you observe the waves they are are quite chaotic but the dolphins are at peace, the dolphins represents us they tell us that no matter how hard it looks on surface once u connect with yourself and go deep inside to the unexplored parts of your soul you will get everything you desire. Water in a reading indicates that our actions will be around our emotions. Being emotional is not a sign of weakness infact it’s a sign that you are human and you are in touch with your humanity. Emotions heal our soul and this healing is essential for you as after this only you will be able to fully receive what is coming your way. You need to whole to celebrate your success and happiness with others. This card indicates that you are going to receive some great news today 🙂 so be ready.

Water in work signifies group work. Whatever you are working on it should result in a positive outcome today. If you are part of a group in a project know that everyone’s collective effort will ensure success. Some of you will get a reason to celebrate at work, when you do share your success with those who have always been there for you. Whatever you get today share it with others especially your family, community or for humanitarian purposes. Collective ventures and collaborations are going to give you amazing success so if you are planning to start some small scale business you have a green light to go ahead with it today.

Relationships will be all about joy and love and sharing it with others. After all the chaos that has happened if you have sorted it then know that you have come out as new people in your relationship. Your relationship has elevated to the next level and there is renewed affection between you and your significant other. If you relationship was a secret till today then now you are ready to share it with family, friends and kindred spirits. It’s a very good day to pop the question if you were thinking about it and don’t worry about the response as you will definitely get a positive one. Singles be super happy as you will get to celebrate love. You have worked towards this for a very long time and a positive response from them makes you go all gaga. The person you have dreamed about is now in reality with you.Love is in the air and it’s to stay so don’t get swayed just get ready to swept of your feet. Your happily every after is here.

Three of Water tells us to accept what others are offering to us and to share what we have with them. It’s a great day to resolve differences and encourage spiritual goodwill. Forgiving someone is more essential for us than for the other person as it makes our soul whole. If you carry hate or enmity for someone who wronged you in your heart for a very long time then it affects you as a person. So please follow what Martin Luther King Jr said- I choose love because hate is too big a burden to bear. Don’t put yourself under this burden, forgive them and move on. You don’t need to taint your pure soul with such hatred.

Keep the focus today on accepting yourself and others. No one is perfect and everyone is flawed including you but accepting someone with their flaws is the start of a lifelong beautiful relationship, do that today and you will find some people who will be with you for your life. Today is going to be a problem free day and all the issues that were bothering you will get solved. Celebrate go out with friends and have fun.Get in touch with your inner self and use the light of your soul on your journey forward.

The Three of Cups at the outset signifies perfection, victory, merriment, celebration, fulfilment,solace and healing. So the message for today is to know that you deserve this victory as you have worked a lot towards it, to forgive those who have wronged you for the healing of your soul, to find peace and to celebrate with your close ones about your achievements.

Daily Card Reading-30th January 2017


The card for today is Page of Ariel. In tradition tarot the Page of Ariel is the Page of Pentacles.

The suit of ariel deals with the material world. It focuses on our daily lives, physical conditions and practical concerns. The Page of Ariel is associated with the astrological sign of Capricorn. You know a certain situation is taking form. The page is a messenger so the focus is on receiving news.

Page at work signifies that you need to do a little extra training and develop your skills to make it better. Some people might feel that their job is mundane and doesn’t offer much excitement, this might be true but know that your job offers financial security and that is much better than glamour. At this point money and stability is very important to you so know that making any reckless decisions is just not gonna sit well for your future. You will be offered a very excellent opportunity which will work really well for you, grab it, there might be a little study,research,skill polishing required in it but you can do this so do everything in your power for this opportunity and keep your unwavered focus on it. Those looking for jobs try applying in support positions as the response will be positive and it’ll help you, remember what I told about stability over glamour, your work might feel regular but it offers your stability and that is what you need for a comfortable life. Today also be careful about signing contracts or while getting into negotiations, thoroughly go through the documents and analyse them carefully. Adopt a practical approach at work today and make sure your emotions don’t come in the way.

Page is relationships signify sincerity.Some of you are feeling that your relationship has lost all the excitement and there is no romance left. When you feel that way in a relationship some of you go off track and get into another relationships, but know that this is bad if you feel that this relationship is no longer what you wanted then walk out of it rather than hurting your partner by being in a fling. You can get your relationships back on track by trying to re-ignite the passion and romance you felt once for each other. Adopt a very uncomplicated approach in relationships. Singles you will expect really good news about your love life. If you are meeting someone today know that they are very clever and intelligent so don’t be afraid to show off your skills and smartness either. If they feel like a challenge know that you have it in you to participate and succeed.

Today is all about dealing with practical matters and sorting out the everyday details of your life. You have been working really hard for something you want and it’s on it’s way but probably you need to know a few more details before getting into it,it’s a good time to research and make few changes based on the revelations if you desire to do so. If someone offers you some advice take it cuz what they say might be the one thing which leads you to the answer you were looking for. If you feel suddenly interest in a new activity or feel like pursuing a hobby do that.

You need to add balance in you life as working out too much has strained you and is stressing you out. Your journey has been tough and you have done everything beautifully it’s time to relax and look around and appreciate how far you’ve come and know that you made it this far and God knows the challenges you had to face till here so he is gonna make sure you reach till the end and get your happily ever after. In the meantime concentrate on yourself, take care of your health and spend time with your friends and family and this focus on achieving your dream has somewhat made you a loner and today is the day to change that. Out of these conversations with your friends/family you might see that they need your help and once you help them you will realise that this was more for you than for them and some of you from conversations will gain excellent advice and find solutions you had been searching for quite long. Make your life as simple as you can today and cut all the parts and people which complicate and make it negative.

Open your heart and accept the good that is waiting for you as your journey is going to be an inspiration to others. The Page of Ariel at the outset represents in application,study,scholarship,reflection,news and messages. The message for today is to apply new ideas if you get any, go through your current plans and see if any changes are required, be open to receiving good news and accepting that you deserve all the good and happiness as you have earned it.


Daily Card Reading-29th January 2017


The card for today is Page of Fire. In traditional tarot the Page of Fire is the Page of Wands. As I’m seeing the last couple of days we are getting a lot of wands in our readings and as we all know wands are associated with original ideas and inspirations we need to act on our ideas as soon as possible.

The Page of Fire primarily represents faithfulness, a postman, a lover, an envoy, a messenger, consistency and stability. A friend is going to be with you during your difficult time and they will help you gain a new perspective in a situation.

The suit of fire deals with our passion towards our dreams. We need to use our passion and mad skills to make our dreams come true. As you can see in the picture there is a Dragon standing behind a woman who is controlling things around her in a sphere, if you look closely then you will see that the wings look attached to the woman which means that the Dragon represents you and since we are all know Dragons are animals with fierce determination this tells us to be determined and keep working towards our dream. Dragons have a iconic place in one’s imagination and thus a dragon represents that you have what it takes to gain success in this situation. You don’t know the effect your confidence has on people so use it to optimum to gain what you desire.

Page in Work represents determination and self-confidence. You will be receiving a offer to work on a new project. There will  be a lot of people telling you that you cannot do this but this idea which came to you came when you were at best with your inner self and hence it’s a great idea, you know all that is required to put this in motion and you know what you need to do to make this success and only after a lot of work and consideration you are taking this step so don’t allow these whispers to bother or distract you from going for what you want. Those of you looking for a raise know that development of your skills will help you increase your income. You need to develop your talent and skills as they are essential for your progress. You know which direction you have to go and it’s the right one so take action and get moving. What you are doing at work has a lot of potential but you need to get if off the ground and put all that you’ve got into it.Be creative, be determined and exude confidence at work and in work related matters today.

Page is relationships represents optimism and honesty. Yesterday’s card told you to take care of control issues and being aloof, today tells you to be open and give yourself completely to your partner. You need to open your heart and be enthusiastic. Remember when you first started liking them, that feeling needs to be remembered as that passion will get your relationship back on track. A relationship is based on mutual affection and affection from you can work wonders. There will be petty problems but you need to kill them with optimism. Be open with your partner and talk to them about everything as talking helps you get closer and once all walls are down between you and your significant other there is a very slim chance of disagreements. Singles you are getting into a relationship anytime now so be ready to be swept off your feet and have some fun. You will receive some great news about the person you have been eyeing for a long time or some friend will give you news about a romantic proposal.This person you meet will be very passionate,mischevious, courageous and very busy. They love to have fun so don’t be serious emo type with them, open up as much as you can and it’ll be the greatest relationship you’ve ever had.

A page tells you to believe in yourself as what you need and what you are searching for is already inside you so connect with yourself and believe in yourself you will find all your answers and solutions. You need to be original, copying a person makes you go only this far but being yourself and embracing yourself will take you on a road no one’s ever been on before and you will have great success. The focus at this time is on receiving. You have done a lot and now is the time to tell yourself that you deserve happiness and rewards, the moment you do that you will start receiving good news and good things.

The message for today is to spend some time with your friends and family as having fun is the highlight of the day. You need to connect with the fun-loving side of yourself and wake your inner child.See the beauty in everything today and see how your life fills with hope and joy. You will receive what you have been waiting for but don’t get frazzled once you get it, you may feel it’s too much to handle but at that point believe in yourself as you can handle it and you deserve it. Be optimistic and dazzle people with your originality.


Daily Card Reading-28th January 2017



The card for today is Healer of Thought. The Healer of Thought according to traditional tarot is the Queen of Swords.

Thoughts in a reading represent our perception, the ways in which we manage our personal truth, our concerns and actions to fights for truth and justice. Our thoughts are our biggest weapon and the use of them in the right way makes us get our goal. We have to use our mind as the powerful tool that it is in a very hopeful and optimistic approach which allows the Law of Attraction to give us our dreams. This suit also tells us to keep tab on our communication skills with others meaning when you are talking to others always remember that they are also human beings so adopt a tone with them which you approve off if someone was talking to you.Not everyone in this world is smart and everyone cannot be on the same wavelength so if there comes a time when you have to explain something to others be patient and do it also when the time to tell someone to back off do it in a very gentle and subtle way.

Work will be all about opening up. You need to talk and let them know what you want, even if they are your boss they need a gentle reminder as to what are your expectations. If you feel trapped at work free yourself as this trap is an illusion and you can very well get out of it using your intellect. If you have any new ideas or change or direction about a certain project then don’t be afraid to discuss about it with your boss as it’s a great idea and you will get only appreciation for this. If you feel your subordinates are not doing all the work given to them or they are reckless you need to remind them that their primary goal here should to be work. You need to exercise more control at work. Today also organise your desk and get rid of unnecessary clutter. Those looking for new jobs try applying for jobs in the communication and information sector and you will definitely get a positive response. Finances should be good if you take control of all financial matters at hand today. Don’t get involved in questionable dealings today cuz something which promises good money but is unethical no matter how good it looks will result in losses. Before getting into any financial deals make sure you have all the information and knowledge about that particular investment, if need be take the advice of someone who knows about finances.

Relationships will be all about being truthful. For the last couple of days I have been seeing  that there a lot of problems in everyone’s relationships and no one is ready to talk about this with their significant other. Remember that more than 70% problems occur in relationships when you are not honest and truthful with each other. Speak up about what you want from you partner. The Healer of thought signifies that you/your significant other are either too aloof or too controlling and you need to address this issue. You need to talk it with each other and come to a conclusion as these issues are bothering you’ll a lot, a lot more than you would care to admit. It’s great to be in a relationship but it’s greater to be in a rightful relationship. A relationship is a beautiful feeling between two people, it’s not about one person giving more or one person controlling the other. Being in such kins of relationships is very toxic and if you are going through this you need to break it up to your partner, don’t worry you can still save the relationship but if you continue this toxic pattern of hiding your emotions and true feelings then it would be catastrophic in the future. Singles you need to take a beat and think through if you are ready to be in a relationship, don’t get into one just cuz you are the only single one in your group or society says you should be in a relationship at your age. Figure out what you want and then only go into it as being single is better than being in a relationship for the wrong reasons. Some singles out there who are thinking of adoption well this is the perfect time for you to do it, don’t think about what others say just know that you will make a wonderful single parent.

The Healer of Thought signifies an intelligent, forthright woman who is very clear in what she wants but she can be detached and cold at times. Today know that your goals will be yours by using your intellect and by being honest but you should be careful in your communication and make sure that you are not too aloof or controlling. Achieve what you want but don’t be selfish instead be more rational and fair-minded. You might meet someone who has been through a lot and are lost in life, help them, they need guidance and help. Helping such individuals is a way to connect with your soul and it’s the best way to stop yourself from becoming detached as I have written earlier. But we wary as to whom you help cuz some people are not worth our help and their toxic energy just washes away all our positivity. Stay away from such people.

The message for today is to take control of your life, use your intellect for your goals and to clear all the negative things and people who just add misery to your life.