Daily Card Reading-1st February 2017


The card for today is Children from the Mystical Wisdom Card Deck. I was drawn to this deck today for some reason, this is a very different deck from our regular tarot decks but the accuracy of this deck is even better than some tarot decks.

We are already one month down in the new year. If you would have read my blog post-2017 A Year in Tarot you must already know what the month of February holds for us but those who haven’t I’ll just tell you in a one line here. February is all about handling the mantle of leadership, being courageous and decisive, living life with passion, exuding confidence, embracing your creativity and being kind and loyal.

The card we got on the 1st day of February goes so well with the general reading of the entire month of February. If you look at the picture you will see a Orange Flower and inside that flower is a tiger next to him is a girl who is has her hand above his paw. The Tiger represents our outer shell strength,willpower,determination and the child represents our inner self, the child inside us who still believes in true love,magic and faith. This is such a beautiful picture and it tells us that we have to accept both sides of our personality only then will the abundance that is promised to us be ours.The Tiger is all about being courageous,decisive,confidence and the child is all about living life with passion,embracing your creativity and being kind and loyal. You need to accept both of your personalities today and only then you can get all that February has promised to you.

At work you need to accept that you are a leader and show it to all those who work under you. It’s about time you show them what you are, be kind to them but make sure that they don’t take you for granted and forget who is the boss. Today also happens to be Basant Panchami an Indian Festival¬†which is the birthday of Goddess Saraswati who is the Goddess of education and creativity.So for all those who have been contemplating getting into their creative careers but felt it wasn’t the right well today is the right day to do that. Tap into your creative side and see that you will get all the resources needed to flourish and succeed. If you are in your current job just because you have to take responsibility and need the bucks know that you have a responsibility towards yourself and your dreams as well. You have to take certain risks in life to fulfil your dreams and your family will totally understand and support you in this venture so go ahead and do it. Also I see a lot of people being in their current jobs despite the environment being toxic just cause they feel they won’t be able to handle another jobs, well that’s not true remember you are a tiger as much as you are child and if someone if killing your firepower it’s about time you leave those people and that situation behind.

A relationship is all about being with someone who makes you feel amazing and loved. Today know that for your relationship to be at it’s best you need love your partner, let them know that you cherish having them in your life and assure them that they are secure and safe with you. This safety and security points towards commitment some of you’ll might be feeling that this is today and there is no guarantee that it will be there tomorrow also, this feeling might be there because of your partner’s past history or current behaviour. If you feel this talk to them and you will get a really good response from them. Also know that today is all about you will get what you give so remember if you want something out of a relationship you should give it as well. Singles please let your guard down that strong front you have put up makes it hard for other to cope with you and that is hiding the real beauty of your soul. Embrace both the sides of your personality, for those who have already done it know that you will be soon in a committed, passionate, joyous and fierce relationship. You might feel intimidated by your partner but know that you are a tiger and a dove both so you can handle this relationship well and create a beautiful universe of love, peace and passion as signified by the Orange Flower.

I would like to tell parents today that you all love your children and want the best for them but please make sure that you are not controlling them as control makes a person doubt his own abilities and that stops them from becoming who they are destined to be. Let go off your children, this is their life, let them make their decisions, commit mistakes and be independent as only then they will figure out what they want and what they need to do for that. You love them and that is great but remember you should be supporting them and not controlling them. If they fall be there to pick them up but don’t tell them that don’t do this again, encourage them to try again and be there to pick them again if they fall but don’t limit them. A child comes out of both the parents but don’t determine his future mapped on your decisions and mistakes. Maybe they can do what you failed at, understandable that you don’t want them to go through the pain you went when you failed, but remember they are not you so don’t judge their capacity based on their own, let them fly and figure things at their own pace. To grown ups whose parents still treat them like kids, it’s about time you put your foot down and in a gentle way let your parents know that you are no longer children even if they will treat you like one forever which is great but you can think for yourself now, be responsible and take care of yourself so what you are looking for is a little freedom and lot of support.

This card in our reading signifies that we need to embrace ourselves completely to create the world we dream of. No one is completely good, even the brightest person has a spot on darkness in them and we need to accept that as if we don’t then the dark spot will keep on increasing and extinguish all our light but if we accept that we have darkness inside us as well we can use those qualities for making someone’s and our own life better thus turning it into a weapon and make sure that our light shines brighter. Today you need to accept the soft and tough qualities and use both of them to get what you want to achieve.

Another message I would like to give today is don’t judge others based on their appearance. Get to know them and they might completely surprise you. Like in the picture the girl is sitting at peace next to a tiger and he is happy to have her around and protect her. So know that even the strongest people need help and even the softest people can control them. Make today all about helping others as no matter what is happening in this world it can be cured by love, peace and unity. Help all and don’t leave anyone alone based on their caste,creed and ethnicity. As a child we saw the beauty in everyone and spoke to all and wanted goof things to happen to everyone, we need to think like a child today and wish the same the way we did when we were children.We are all beautiful people created by God and he wants us to be humans, embrace and accept each other for our uniqueness and create a beautiful path- this is God’s true message as opposed to what you have been hearing from other who have weird agendas under God’s name. I follow this path and I urge you to follow it as well as only together we can create a peaceful world.

The message for today to be in touch with your inner self, listen to your intuition, be a leader, be strong, accept and help others no matter who they are. Merge all of these together today to get the best day.