Depression- A call for help not an attention seeking stunt

As a Clinical Depression Survivor it breaks my heart each and every time a soul is lost to this terrible disease.
Yes Depression is a disease, it’s a call for help not an attention seeking stunt and a person suffering from this needs help and not condemnation.
I can never forget the sleepless nights, the exhaustion, the hole in my chest and the constant sadness and hopeless and helplessness that engulfed me.
During days I wore a mask of normalcy but every night my demons came out and for months I cried for the entire night and no matter what I couldn’t see a way out.
Did I contemplate suicide?
To Be Honest, Yes this thought crossed my mind many times as I just wanted to stop falling further in the abyss of the negativity that pulled me down daily in it’s pit.
The thought of my parents and their despair if they lost a child is what made me press pause on this thought but it was a pause not a stop, this thought kept on coming to my mind when it became unbearable.
Unfortunately not everyone can hold on to a reason and stop themselves like that so people go deep down and hit the bottom and never rise up again,some taking their life and some staying like that forever and the World just judges them.
Is This Judging Fair?
No the judging is not fair because till you haven’t been through that you will never ever understand how much depression eats you from inside like a monster you want to kill from your life.
Do I condone Suicide? No I don’t because nothing is more precious than the beautiful gift of life you are blessed with but sometimes negativity does erase the positivity and leaves you no option but to get away from it and some people are shunned so much that instead of taking help take their life away.
Taking your life is not the answer but I won’t Judge that person because sometimes nothing is enough and the wrong way seems the easy way out.
What Did I do to get out of it?
The reason I’m alive today is because my Best Friend literally held my hand like a newborn and made me see the world in all it’s glory and light.
I wish everyone has a Best Friend like Ro who tells them they are not crazy, they are loved, give them a ear and help them each step of the way holding their hand till the point where they can raise it up together and lead them to Victory and to a Life full of happiness again.
Unfortunately not everyone has a friend like that
So What they can do and what can we do?
Kindly don’t dismiss anyone who comes to talk to you, their problem might seem small/unimportant to you but please be sympathetic and hear them out, it goes a long way in helping someone.
To those going through depression it is okay to seek help from a Therapist it’s as normal as going to the Dr when you have a Flu, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
The best way to get through this is by sharing your story and seeking help, THIS IS HOW I SURVIVED AND THIS IS HOW YOU WILL TOO


And lastly remember

Behind some smiles there is a pain hidden oh so deep
Once try reaching to those who in open never weep
Hear the silent crying as for those depressed it is never prying
Help them for what they can’t deal with no matter how minor you feel it is as definitely for all this they don’t deserve dying

Socially Distancing or Saving the World

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Every day when I wake up I literally drag myself out of bed because it’s another 12 hour of work, travel etc and once I reach out for Coffee the energy levels soar directly from the initial 25% to 100%. After 6 days in which we feel doubly tired than God did when he created this world comes the 7th Day when we rest like never before, all alarms shut off, all coffee packets away and the whole day goes away in bed and out just chilling and cuddling and after opening the pandora of messages on your WhatsApp group catching up on some shows on the numerous streaming shows available to us.

These precious 24 hours go away quicker than the entire week and on Monday we becomes the mules of money, work, time and for some of us our passions and catch the flights to office to return back to our utopia a week later. These weeks have turned into months, which have turned into years and we have got those promotions and paid those essential bills but despite those expensive spa therapies are we really connected inside out?

The answer is NO. I meditate after every Reading session, spend time with my family after I come from work, try to catch up on those shows till I fall asleep and on Sundays, call my friends and make plans to cancel some later due to work commitments but here I am today looking at a Lockdown which God knows will last how long but is extremely essential for us to Survive.

The COVID 2019 came upon us unsuspectingly, though we didn’t get a warning like Noah and weren’t able to build a boat but we do have an option and if we are lucky enough to be able to be a part of this lockdown in this huge population then darlings you are already blessed so quit acting like cry babies and for once for the sake of humanity stay in and be safe as this what you can do.

Even though it’s not the way we wanted our ME time, we have got it, so suck it up and use it. There are so many things you can you do and trust me the time you spend on your phone using social media is too much so you are left with very less time to spare and in that time there are countless of things you can do, I am sure you do have a list but here is a list of things you can do if this social distancing is boring you:

A) The most easiest is to actually make good on the money you spend on Netflix, Amazon Prime and the numerous web streaming services you have paid for and actually watch shows and movies, trust me there are a hell lot of good shows and movies which you might have not seen even if you are movie/tv buff. If confused take suggestions from your friends and start streaming.

B) All the bookworms complaining about how we lost our passion for reading once we started working because we didn’t have time well get those books out old and new and start reading, this is the perfect time to complete that I read __ books challenge on Goodreads.

C) Let’s come to hobbies now when was the last time you painted, wrote a poem or a short story. played the guitar or ukulele, knitted something, made an origami? There are numerous indoor activities we were fond of while growing up which we stopped pursuing because of time constraints. Let the muse strike and get going.

D) After all this if you are still bored, call your friends and talk to them and repair those fractured relationships that you let crack over these years because you didn’t find time or couldn’t prioritise. Talk to your parents, in these troubled times they are feeling more anxiety than we do as our moms are cooking, dads are providing for us so just sit with them for a while, it will surely put a smile on their faces. Help your mom around the house as she doesn’t get a 25% less workload but with a Full House she is working extra hard.

E) Meditation really helps and there are numerous apps which help you step by step to meditate so download them and try it as you need to be mentally healthy and Meditation is the best tool for this.

These all things which I have mentioned are very less few compared to what we can do when we put our minds to but all we are thinking about is how we are at home and bored. This sentence itself is so negative that we should reframe it as I am at home and have all the time right now to do all that I was missing on and see how it changes truly for you.

I do know some people are having trouble as the gym is closed but there are fantastic videos on YouTube which tell you how to workout at home. Working out is important but so is staying alive. 

If you are getting to stay at home know that you are lucky as there are numerous health workers, cleaners, police personnel, grocery vendors, Govt employees, Bankers etc who do not have this luxury to stay at home and work, so what can we do for them? We can stay at home and not contaminate the society.

Now let’s get to the part where some people are escaping isolation, I know they must be scared but to act so irresponsibly and put the lives of numerous others at risk is a shameful act, if you see such a person then report them asap to the nearest municipal corporation and contact police if required.

Maybe the isolation wards are bad but this is what we have and escaping it by beating medical staff is as bad a crime as keeping it dirty. Accept it that we are not USA or UK, we do have 5 and 7 Star Hospitals but none of them are coming forward and helping by setting up quarantine wards or offering some incentives. Only the Govt Hospitals are helping us through this situation and for crying out loud this is a quarantine facility and you are recuperating from a disease not on a Holiday that you will get a pool and mojitos served by the bar.

Your money is not going to save you from this. You common sense is. Some people have to quarantine themselves in hospitals because they are too sick to stay at home or don’t have big houses to self isolate themselves.

It is imperative to follow medical protocol right now and help yourself and others and if you don’t do that then you are not a HUMAN but an ASSHOLE.

The last thing I would like to urge you’ll to do is follow the curfew on 22nd March as it’s essential. You might not be a fan of the PM and the Govt but this is for you and if you don’t do it just to teach a lesson to Mr Modi then you are an idiot of the highest order as you are screwing it up not just for yourself and everyone.

Also I don’t know if the clap thing works or no but if not for our PM we can do this for our Dr’s as a gesture to applaud the constant efforts that they are putting in to cope with this. Claps create a positive frequency and I would like to do that as a gesture to uplift the energy levels and of course as my way of saluting the people who keep our community growing.

The last time you said that the economic status is screwed up but what can we do something about this only if we get through this and for us to do that get this Country back where it is we need to beat this Corona by being smart, staying safe, listening to medical professionals and spreading love and kindness virtually as this world needs it most.

Also a sincere request to all my spiritual friends and light-workers, create energy chains and pass them on and pray as much as you can, this world needs light and those who can should give their 100%.

Together we can and together we will. Use this indoor to be creative and spread love.


Tarot and Romance Oracle for December 2018

So here it is. The last month of this year, the ultimate culmination of those 11 eye opening months. For me this year has been all about contemplation and letting go of things, patterns and people that no longer serve me and that is the reason as to why I have been MIA from blogging as well. But now I feel that the planets are aligning and progressing it’s the right time to do a reading as we are approaching the last New Moon of this year so we get a final idea as to what needs purging before this year ends and also what to expect in this last month of December!!!



The Card for December is Page/ Princess of Cups. In one line December asks you to move on from your past and the painful past experiences that this year or life has left on you as because you keep going back to it, it stops you from experiencing and receiving all the good things that life has in store for you. By going back to the past you are not opening old wounds but scratching them which have created a negative vacuum in your life and are not allowing yourself to live the life that you have dreamed of. Moving on and letting go off the past is hard but if it’s going to give you everything that you want then you can put yourself through little more pain right? Letting go and moving on is not as difficult as holding on to those wrong things, once you start this process you will realise that it’s very simple but making the decision is the hard part but I am sure you will make this decision as a great life full of love, happiness, new beginnings awaits you.

To specifics now

Finance: You need to start managing your finances better. If you do not have the necessary knowledge or skill to make better decisions regarding finances then you need to seek professional advice regarding them as it will be very beneficial for your future. What I can also see that someone is wary of taking advice from someone younger than them who has better knowledge about finances, don’t do this as even they are younger than you they are experts in this field and listening to them will be for your benefit only.

Work: Firstly what happens at work doesn’t determine the kind of person you are. I see a lot of people associating their self-worth with their job, this is extremely wrong as your work completely doesn’t define you and since you have been doing this it has personally got you down and that makes you take wrong decisions, trust wrong people and be too naive at work. You need to stand up for your yourself and stop allowing others to dominate the field. Stop being vulnerable and take charge.

Love: Painful experiences in the past have made you close your heart and feel real love. You need to get over this past hurt. It did not work in the past because it wasn’t meant to be but that doesn’t mean that you keep dwelling on that and cut off yourself from a loving relationship in the future. You need to accept your past and move on as beyond this waits a beautiful and loving relationship just the way you had envisioned. You are going to fall in love and be swept off your feet but for this to happen you need to move past the old hurt and to be honest it’s best right to move on from something that is rotten and dead and allow a beautiful future to bloom for you.

Self Growth: For your personal growth you need to find the balance within. What is happening with you is either you are giving all the time or receiving, this is not right giving and receiving should be balanced because this only sets a beautiful pattern for the long run. You need to stand up for yourself where required but also stand down where what someone else is saying makes sense but because of your ego you cannot accept that. Get over insecurity, be happy, don’t let your past define you and start living your life with that jovial attitude and happy vibe as you attract what you think and the way you behave.

December actually tells you to wrap up all the shit that has happened so far with you as a beautiful new journey awaits but only after you let go of all that has happened. I know it might be difficult but trust me what waits on the other side is worth it. So go for it.




There were two cards for this particular oracle as there was one falling card which was YOU DESERVE LOVE and the card which I pulled was RELIGIOUS FACTORS. 

Interpretation: The only reason that you are not in a relationship right now if you are willing to be in one is because you believe you are unworthy of love. First and foremost you need to get rid of this dark thought as this is what is causing a blockage for you to be in a relationship. The religious factors indicate that till you don’t purge this out a relationship will not come to you as even if it comes, this attitude of yours will not make sure it’s good and long lasting. Thus it’s not working because the Angels don’t want you going through another heartbreak and if you do no appreciate and accept your worth and enter a relationship it’s stamped with an expiration date from the moment it has entered your life.

Whatever has happened in your past was not your fault, what has happened doesn’t define you as a person, that happened because it was destined to be and you deserve better than all those relationships. What is truly yours will never pass you and no one can take it from you so let go of these conflicting thoughts, breathe, relax ,know that you deserve love and know that you haven’t missed your Soulmate/Twin Flame/True Love. A relationship full of love, support and happiness is waiting in the wings for you but this self-limiting and criticising outlook is delaying you from being in this beautiful relationship.

One more thing that I can see is some of you might be in love with someone but you are not pursuing then because you belong to different cultures/ religions. Please do not let this factor stop you from pursuing a relationship, this person(the first one that comes to your mind when you read this) is your Soulmate and you are meant to be in each other’s lives, learn about your different cultures and through all get influenced in a positive way which will be a major part of your growth. Do not let cultural differences stop you from merging with your Twin Flame!

Romance Angels are telling you to take the leap of faith this month and the risk will be worth it. You will get the rewards for all the hardwork you have put in so far and 2018 will indeed give you a miracle before bidding goodbye thus setting a high bar for 2019!!!



Date Diaries-Mr Inverted Asshole

June is the ultimate month of love they say and it so happened that when in June a certain gentleman came in my life and swept me off my feet I thought that this is my romance of a lifetime.

Like normal couples we went out on coffee,movie and drive dates. Everything was normal and cute as it is meant to be. I was on cloud nine that finally my romantic life has kickstarted and now there is no stopping.

After a few days came up the part of showing off your girl to your friends. I wore my best dress and went to meet his friends with him who were actually a bunch of really nice and cool guys. I immediately hit it off with them. A couple of minutes later I looked at my guy hoping to see him beaming (as all guys want their girlfriends and friends to get together) to see the opposite,he was furious and when I asked he refused to answer.

A few minutes later I got up and said bye to his friends so I could take a cab and go home. Mr Chivalrous got up and offered me a ride home which I didn’t refuse cuz I wanted to have a discussion with him as well but unfortunately one of his friend joined in.

I had decided I’m not going to speak to him because I had not done anything so I did not know how to remedy it. Whilst sitting next to me he started calling other girls and made plans to meet to them. Later I realised this was his trick to make me jealous. I silently sat there and got down at my destination,did not even say bye but uttered a polite thank you and walked off.

I weeped after coming home not because I was afraid of fights or or being ignored but because I couldn’t find a solution because I did not know what the problem itself was. Few moments later he called and apologised and when I asked him what was the problem he said that you were showing off in front of my friends. Appalled I told him that was not the case, I was just being my normal self but like a stupid lovestruck fool I apologised to him for God knows what.

Days after that our dates were normal(or at least I felt so). One day though we got into a very big fight over a very small issue and that day I had decided that even I’m not backing out because this guy never adjusts. 20 minutes into our fight I realised the reason of his erratic behaviour was that he was jealous of me. He knew if I opened my mouth,extended my hand of help,showed compassion then people would like me more and he tried well to shut me off but I did not as spreading light and love is my ultimate purpose on this Earth.

For days I was blaming myself,lowering my standards,letting him break me so that this works but his agenda was just to break me pieces and for what not for the greater good but so that he could feel better about himself!

It was time to end the fight, I simply told him I don’t want to talk to you as you do not know how to respect a woman,you just need a good looking intelligent woman with you to show off but the moment she opens her mouth it becomes too much for you, so better get a doll and parade her around. I felt sorry for him that instead of making his life better he wanted to demean someone else so he feels he is in charge. I hope he finds peace some day. I tried to fix him and help him out but that day I decided that he is not my pain and I don’t need to help him,maybe someone else will or they won’t but my journey with this person ends tonight. I tried a lot for him but he did not want to get better and it was best for me to get out otherwise I would become like him and that is one thing which was not at all needed. As today I write this post I have no hatred or require no closure about him.

The reason I’m writing this post today is so that many girls out there know that there will always be men who will be jealous of you but they will never directly show it to you instead they will use such twisted schemes to break your morale. Feel sorry for them but leave them be as no matter now good you are never try to fix them the way I did because they will never accept that there are issues with them and it’s best to leave a mad person alone who feels the world is mad and they are wise!! No matter what don’t lower your standards for them as the right man will never complain about your standards but he will raise them higher.

The most important thing I would like to tell you while I conclude this post is that don’t give up on Love. You will meet many MR INVERTED ASSHOLES on your journey but keep looking for LOVE as it’s real and it’s closer than you think!



Monthly Reading March 2018




The 7th Card of the Major Arcana, the Chariot at the outset depicts Travel, Progress, Success and Determination. The pictorial depiction shows a lady standing in a Chariot in complete control of the bridle of both the white and the black horse, in the background can be seen mountains and two eagles soaring high in the sky. The black and the white horse represent our good and bad side and the good and bad times we have endured but the bridle changes the whole game as our rider is seen in total control of it holding it with just one hand which signifies that March will be about victories which are a result of our self-confidence and determination. If you observe closely one of the eagle is seen clearly while the other hovers in the background, this signifies that we have already succeeded but there is more to come and achieve and there is going to be public recognition for all your hard work. In terms of finances if you have had any person looking after your books it’s time you put your head in that and check if they are doing a good job and actually helping you save some money, also since March is a tax filing month you need to have a check-on about your CA as well, putting your head together with them can help you progress much better than you were doing before as it’s your time to take charge. If a certain investment is not giving dividends and profits as you predicted it will,so don’t worry as even if it’s taking time it will give you rich dividends some time in the future. At work you can let your guard a bit down as all the hard work you have put in so far has been paid off and you will receive recognition for that. This is the time to relax and notice a bit about your surroundings, learn and then apply whatever you have learnt for future situations. Since The Charioteer is in a position to be a leader remember that you need to set a good example to your juniors by stressing the importance of self-discipline and determination in achieving your goals so it might be time to give an easy pep talk in the office. There also is a possibility that someone higher in authority above you might pull a few strings to keep you on your toes, at such a time know that you have it in control and no matter what your boss throws at you it’ll be caught and it won’t harm/hurt you. Relationships will take a back seat because the Chariot is all about focusing on your individuality and it might leave you little time to be with your partner. But here I would like to differ a bit from traditional tarot meanings and I would suggest that since Chariot indicates travel as well so you should take a small break with your partner and re-kindle the flame. Singles know that you are destined for a soulmate so just for the sake of being in a relationship don’t hesitate to pull a red flag on those bad dates. The right person will come to you soon. For your personal growth since The Chariot is all about taking control of the black and white and co-existing with it so if you are in a position of power do not let it corrupt your soul also if someone in power tries to abuse you fight back as you have the strength and reserves to rise above the situation. Direct and use your power constructively.

Monthly Reading February 2018



The suit of wands is primarily concerned with the element of fire which revolves around creativity, action, willpower, enthusiasm, spirituality and self-confidence. The pictorial depiction shows a Queen with a free flowing dress carrying a staff with a glowing orange stone, in her background are high mountains and beside her there is a Lion sitting while an eagle flows above in the sky, also around her you can see almost dying candles and bubbles. Like the Queen we will be strong, ready to overcome any challenge we face, the staff represents our creativity and also it’s a weapon of a kind to defend all that we have and those we have. The Lion and The Eagle are our familiars which show that we will be immensely strong this month like the Lion and we will also soar high like the Eagle and be admired by many. The bubbles depict that there is Clarity about the direction we want to go in and the dying candles represent that our confidence will always give us the light we need to keep on moving forward and achieve our goals. It’s a fire power month. In matters of Finance it is clear that if you do what you love and let your creative side flow freely you will earn money and prosper, you do not need to be shackled in a job which you took just for money, if you think this is the right time to move on to something which you’ve loved or were passionate about this is the exact time to go for it without carrying any financial stress. Work will be great as you are ready to put in the hard work required to achieve the goal you have set your mind to. You will need to stand up for what you believe in, be assertive and direct. Co-workers and colleagues will be inspired by you and your confidence will give them the necessary push to prosper themselves. Relationships will be all about passion, deep feelings and clarity about which stage to develop to next but the only problem might be a little jealousy which I’m presuming might be because the other partner’s career is more sorted and successful. I have presumed professional success being reason of the jealousy because the Queen of Wands in relationships factors loyalty, ardor and devotion so you are covered personally. Even though the jealousy exists work around it but preserve your relationship as this is what is a part of who you are now and you need it. In this month you will meet someone who is very outspoken, passionate and dramatic too, this will definitely be a woman and she is going to inspire you to do your best. Take all the inspiration that you need from her but do not expect her to be emotional as even though she is caring she is necessary not everyone’s cup of tea. For your personal growth this month remember that no matter what never give up on your dreams, keep following them. This month is all about getting inspired from others but deep down you have to follow what you feel. Don’t let others tell you what to do as you know what’s best for you.


Padmaavat- A Magnum Opus in every sense!

Just saw the paid preview of Padmaavat and I have to say that this movie glorifies the courage,valour and loyalty of Rajputs . Shahid Kapoor and Deepika Padukone are the perfect Rajasa Ranisa and no one else could have such poise and elegance as them.

We have already seen and complimented Deepika’s beauty right from Om Shanti Om to Bajirao Mastani, she has slayed it in every look.

Shahid Kapoor’s cuteness in Dil Maange More/ Jab We Met and his rougher looks in Udta Punjab have shown us his good looks as well.

But in Padmaavat it’s not just about beautiful costumes and jewellery as we have already seen them before but this is completely about their eyes and the emotions and feelings which they convey through them.

Shahid as Maharwal Ratan Singh taps exactly at point 0 where we see him portray a doting and a loving husband and king but when the time comes he stands up as a Rajput King would and keeps on fighting till his last breath for his Kingdom.

Deepika as Rani Padmini is not that Queen who is just beautiful and decks up and sits whole day in her Quarters but she is one strong woman who doesn’t hesitate to voice her opinions for the betterment of her Kingdom even to her Husband whom she subtly but firmly reminds that she is not just his Wife but the Queen too. Yes her beauty captivates us from the minute that she is on the screen but what makes us respect and love her even more is the intelligence and the wit which she uses in dark times which eventually saves the King and even after that the Speech about Jauhar and the act itself takes it to another level.

You will hate Khilji but your love and respect for RanveerSingh will break every ceiling of limits as to play a character so evil you have to tap deep down in that dark hole which itself is very difficult but Ranveer doesn’t just tap into it but brings that devil alive which is what very few people could achieve and I never thought I would say this but yes but he is the closest any bollywood star could come to Johnny Depp 💜!

You don’t need someone whispering in your ear as to do what needs to be done so go watch it as Shahid,Deepika and Ranveer have given their career best performances and that’s saying something as we have already seen them as Guddu/Charlie+Haider+Tommy Singh, Veronica+Meena+Leela+Mastani, Kabir+Ram+Bajirao which were all epic and this is even better!

The costumes,set,dialogues,music and action is always top notch as when it comes from Sanjay Leela Bhansali from Padmaavat is truly a MagnumOpus 👏🏻 Every person associated with this movie has given their best and I’m really glad that the SC ruled in it’s favour as it celebrates culture and tradition of Rajputs and the way it’s painted on the Silver Screen is simply brilliant.

Rani Padmini is all about how strong a woman is and how strong she can be in times of adversity. She teaches us to uphold our honour and take charge and keep fighting.

Maharwal Ratan Singh shows us that a king need not be ruthless and go on killing people to conquer lands and kingdoms.

Alauddin Khilji shows us that when a person becomes a monster he will never find true happiness as his greed becomes his undoing.

These 3 characters along with other characters are portrayed in the movie just as they are in History. There has been no distortion of facts in the movie. A movie like Padmaavat is neither made in a day nor with the snap of two fingers it takes the blood,sweat and hard work of thousands of people who have put everything they have on the table and have given us the best. We need to appreciate this beautiful movie and watch it as not watching it is our loss as much as it is of the filmmaker because this takes Hindi Cinema to a complete different level.

While ending this small review I feel sad about all that has happened and is happening because this movie was given a green signal for it’s release. All protests were for the honour of culture and tradition but which culture honours to attack children? Which culture promotes vandalising public property?

The man that you are against,he was shown in his true colours in the movie and trust me when people will see him and his acts they will remember you as all that you are doing now in the name of honour and tradition is what Alauddin Khilji would have done if he existed in this time. Your acts and deeds are doing nothing but tarnishing the image of Rajputs who have fought so hard. Khilji did not find peace but I hope you change and find it otherwise even after you pass away the air will linger with your spirit and make this world more polluted than it already is.

Jai Bhavani 🙏🏻🙏🏻 May the Goddess help you!

From #MeToo till #BeTheChange


Sakshi donned the red dupatta which her brother had gifted her on rakhi. She placed her dupatta covering her breasts thus adding another cover and left for college.

Ira was so excited to wear the little black dress which her mother had bought for the fresher’s party. She admired her long legs in the mirror and left for college.

Sakshi and Ira crossed paths in the lifts exchanged a couple of words and left for different directions.

A man brushed past Sakshi turned, faced her and asked Chalti hain kya Randi? Losing her mind and strength she crumpled on the ground clutching the dupatta and cried hopelessly.

In the next lane two boys riding a bike abruptly stopped next to Ira. They got down and said Would you like us to remove that little piece of cloth you have on yourself so we can admire you completely?

Ira’s mind went blank and she crumpled on the ground tears flowing relentlessly through her eyes. One of the boy tried to touch her but something slammed across his face and hearing that noise Ira looked up to see Sakshi banging her bag on the boy’s face. The boys sat on their bike and sped away.

Sakshi sat down hugging Ira. Ira hugged her back and said Thank You Sakshi, I shouldn’t have worn this dress and walked on the street. Sakshi wiped Ira’s tears, held her shoulders, looked her in the eye and said don’t do you dare blame yourself for a moment. Look at me not even an inch of my skin is seen and yet a man called me a Randi and asked me to come with him. Ira looked at Sakshi, wiped her tears and hugged her for a long time.


I love wearing one pieces and jeans more than salwar suits because I feel comfortable in them. If that makes me a Randi or easily available in your mind, remember then that if anything needs to be torn off or needs a makeover is your dirty brain. And if you come at me I’ll tear you to shreds. 

I think there should be therapists to change the mindset of such people who look at women and see nothing except a piece of ass to bang. We should hang a placard in their necks saying I HARASS WOMEN, I AM SICK so that the society actually knows these FUCKTARDS and we have a system to filter them which is much better than how they filter us based on clothes. 

Just because a women wears revealing clothes she is a slut and she sleeps with everyone. If that was the case why didn’t Ira go with those boys? Why did she cry? And why did that man called Sakshi a whore? If clothes determine a Woman’s character then Sakshi wasn’t wearing any revealing outfit, so why? 

WHY- Because some men feel entitled to sleep with any woman they want. They feel the sole purpose a woman has in life is to submit to me. They feel is a woman wears short clothes she becomes a whore, who can be touched and hit on by anyone at any time. But trust me the problem is not with clothes it’s with the mindset of these men as even if they see a woman in Salwars/Sarees they will sexually harass/assault them. They don’t differentiate Sakshi’s and Ira’s they just look at them as objects made for their fun and enjoyment. Shame on them and shame on this society who nurtures them and shame the poor woman who has suffered such a terrible ordeal. 

I think these people are sick and they need our help so let’s help them if we see them in the road harassing others by being witnesses and reporting the crime to cops.



Sarah married her childhood sweetheart. She got along well with his parents and that is what her excited her more about this marriage that now she would have two sets of parents. The next day after her wedding she woke up and decided to surprise her in laws and her husband with a huge spread for breakfast including all of their favourite items. She cooked and cooked not realising she was all sweaty and gross as food played Splash Em with her. But when she set the table and filled the coffee pot she smiled as she imagined her in laws and husband’s reaction as they would wake up to the waft of their favourite delicacies and the warm smile on their faces as they dug in.

Everyone came out and saw a lavish spread on the table. Sarah was cleaning the kitchen counter when she heard her husband call out to her. She walked out in the dining room smiling. He took one look at her and said Sar what are you wearing? Just go change and wear a Kurta or a Saree, my parents won’t appreciate you wearing a night dress. Just then Sarah’s in laws came out and inquired about what was happening.

Sarah told them everything how she made breakfast to surprise them and how her husband told her about their dislikes towards western clothes. Mom Dad I know you’ll since I am a baby and I have come in this house so many times even wearing hot pants, why dint you tell me then, she asked them?

Sarah’s mother-in-law smiled sauntering forward and said but Beta you weren’t married to our son then. You are our daughter-in-law now and what you do speaks for our entire family. We can’t allow people to call you names because of your inappropriate clothing and neither we can allow them to point fingers at us.

Sarah smiled and said I called you Mom and Dad because I thought marriage gave me another set of parents to be responsible towards and to love. If my clothes were really determined who I was and if you really loved me why didn’t you tell me this before? You know me since my birth, you knew your son is the only man I loved and would eventually marry, then why didn’t you consider me as your daughter as if this was a bad habit why dint you tell me to get rid off it before?

The smile fell off her mother in law’s face and she couldn’t give any answer to Sarah.

Mom my Maa always loved me for who I was. While growing up she taught me to love everyone, be compassionate and kind, she told me to never hurt or harm anyone. These were the values I grew up with and never once did she mention that I will be a bad person or people will judge me or them over my clothes. My mother is a wonderful human being and I don’t think she would teach me anything wrong, but I love you like I love her and if you feel that I am wrong then I will change and adapt just for you. But just tell me one thing will you tell the same thing to Didi as well? You love Didi for who she is then why not me?

Sarah’s mother in law had tears in her eyes and she hugged Sarah and said, I don’t care what you wear as I was wearing a mask over my eyes which was harmful and you helped me get it off. Western clothes or Indian Clothes you have a heart of gold and it will always shine and that is the kind of person I need my son to be around.


If you want your daughter in law to treat you like her parents then make sure you accept and love her like you would your own daughter. 



Ashima checked her watch and realised it was way past 1:30 so she called herself a cab and told her friends that she had to go home. A couple of drinks later she had started feeling groggy. She went out of the restaurant and was resting her head on the wall when two hands grabbed her. She opened her eyes in shock to see a man pushing himself against her. With all her strength she started pushing him away. To her shock he said you smell of booze and you are all alone here weren’t you looking for sex.

She successfully pushed him away and yelled what is wrong with you. You go in a fancy restaurant like that, you look like a decent person and you think in this way? He smiled a very creepy smile and pushed her against the wall one more time and this time no matter how much she pushed, fought back and screamed nothing could stop the horrific act which was happening with her.

In her mind she thought that if I hadn’t gotten drunk probably I wouldn’t be in this peril. Every time he pushed himself against her she could hear a piece of her soul shattering. After he had had his fun he threw her next to the dumpster and simply left without even glancing at her. After what felt like ages she was able to get up. She decided to go and report what had happened to her. A couple of questions from the cops which made her go into the details of the traumatising act and dirty glances from them for her despite being a lady and getting drunk she left for her house.

After scrubbing herself to the point of bleeding to death she still couldn’t let go off the thought that had she not been drunk this wouldn’t have happened to her. Days turned into weeks which turned into months. People started looking at her with disgusting glances and stares, they judged her for staying late out of the house and drinking, many even told her to take her complain back as it would get her nothing except misery. Ashima did nothing of that sort and decided to fight for justice.

A year later she was still fighting but hadn’t forgiven herself for getting drunk and staying out late. She opened the newspaper and what she read horrified her to an extent which she thought was not possible as every bad feeling which existed in this world had washed her on that horrible night but this piece of news shattered and pierced her soul even more than it had done that night. A 3 year old girl was raped by a 50 year old man. The news said that the man was their neighbour and under the pretext of playing with her he raped her.

Ashima slid from the sofa to the floor and started crying and asked herself what could have that small girl done as she was within the safety of her own house? She had followed all the rules,stayed at home, hadn’t partied,hadn’t done any drugs, she simply had done nothing.She found renewed strength cursing the man to the fiery pit of Hades. This incident had given her like a bolt in her hand which told her to make sure to right the wrong done to her. Because today truly she found out that no matter what she would/wouldn’t have done that horrific night would have happened as the reason it had happened was not her but the man. With a heavy heart she closed the newspaper but a weight lifted off her chest as she finally was able to forgive herself as she held herself no longer responsible for what was done to her.


Rape in all situations is wrong. No man should force himself upon a Woman under any circumstance or any relation. A woman who was raped goes through hell and the society blames her for what has happened to her. Instead of standing by her and putting the man down who did this to her we start degrading the woman. 

Rape can stop only and only when men learn that they don’t have a right to do this to any woman. Just because you go 90 Degrees seeing someone is and will never be an acceptable reason for the horror you committed. Rape is a crime and I hope our society starts grilling the Rapist more than the Victim otherwise soon the Victim will have to be her own Kali and Durga and get her Justice. 


Priti was ecstatic to see the + on the home pregnancy kit. She took a picture of the strip and shared it via WhatsApp with her husband. He texted her back saying please meet me at 7 pm today near my office.

Priti got dressed in her powder blue dress which her husband adored and hailed a cab to his office. He was standing near the pavement, expecting to be hugged or swept off her feet all Priti got was a signal to come and sit in the car. Still she looked up smiling and saw a mask of tension on her husband’s face. She asked him if everything was okay and his words through that composed mask shook her completely. Yes everything is okay my darling just taking you to a doctor friend of mine to check if we are having a boy as to be honest I cannot handle having a girl child in the family and nor have I ever wanted one.

She wanted to say a lot of things but apparently her tongue had lost it’s ability to move. The car stopped but her thoughts were still running a relay race. She did not move. When her husband came to her side to check why she wasn’t getting out she told him I do not want to go through with this, I want a child and I want it irrespective of it’s sex. He tried to force her but no matter she wouldn’t budge. She got off the car and took a cab to her parents house.

Priti told her parents everything that had happened. They were horrified at their son-in-law’s behaviour but what they told Priti horrified her even more. Beta this child is already doomed and only you can save it by keeping your pride aside. Call your husband and apologise and go for the test, if it’s a boy keep it, maybe that will help you get your husband’s forgiveness.If it’s a girl get is aborted. It’s not easy being separated from your husband while pregnant. People will make many stories and you won’t be able to raise this child alone. Keeping their hand on her head they left the room.

Priti’s tears had dried up but there was a fire burning her from inside out. She got up and opened the window sucked in some fresh air, took a deep breath and thought no one would allow her to live in peace. She climbed on the ledge and jumped off from the 20th Floor.


Pregnant ladies go through hell without all this and what do such narcissistic people do they kill them. Yes such deaths are not suicides but you practically guide them to that ledge and push them. The hypocrisy of this society is that they want females to cook,clean,earn and fuck but they don’t want to raise girls. If this continues soon Women will disappear from the face of this earth. Stop killing us as women are essential for the survival of man. 


These are not the only problems women face. There are more issues apart from this like marital rape, dowry deaths etc which kill a woman while alive. She literally becomes a zombie. Many of us have lived these stories and those who have come out of it and are fighting it I want to tell you’ll that I am really proud of you and all of the sisters who weren’t able to make it I apologise sincerely because I wish I could have done something to help you all. 

If you can see the sufferer in all these stories is a Woman. I don’t have problem with all Men but yes Men who harass Women I hate them but if that makes me a NAZI I don’t care as what these men do to these woman is as bad as what NAZIS did but if you can’t see that there is no point in explaining my point of view to you as you have closed your eyes and ears and are okay with everything that is happening around you. 

When a person is harassed mentally they go through a very tough time and all they need is some support. It really helps to just listen and talk to them as they are so exhausted and tired of being shunned and shamed that one person also can light a spark of hope in them and get them out of their hopeless situation. Be that spark to someone, it’s better than doing all that you do under the name of religion as helping people and being a good human being is what pleases God the most. 

The only remedy to this situation is to be the change .Teach your daughters to fight injustice instead of succumbing to it. Teach them to give a damn about society and do what their gut and intuition tells them. Teach your sons to respect women. Teach your sons to ear a love of a woman than her body. Teach your children equality of sexes. 

Teach your children to be good people that is more important than moulding them in the tray of NORMAL which this stupid society has created. 

You want to see the change then be the change. #TOSEETHECHANGEBETHECHANGE 



Daily Card Reading-7th October 2017



I’m sorry I have been on a break with my daily card readings but from today I am going to start posting them again. Hope they help you :). Blessed Be 🙂

The card for today is the Judgment. It’s the 20th card of the Major Arcana. At the outset the Judgment card signifies Conclusions, Rewards, Second Chances and Evidence. Lately the energy has been mixed and thus we are all wondering as to whether the path we are on is the right one or have we come a long way for nothing. Today is all about answers regarding the flux you are in.

The Judgment card is the penultimate card of the Tarot Deck as it signals a summing up of events before starting your journey in the world. In every aspect of life today signals making choices. Decision making regarding finances will take you away from the regular path you have been following but that will set the financial future in stone for you. Work wise if you have been contemplating to change your job today is the day to put a notice down or to take steps in relation to this decision. Those who have been thinking of changing their career path altogether well this card is a green signal for that, the only thing you have to do is choose wisely as what you do today will have far reaching implications in your future as well. Relationships will require a close look at what is happening. Ethical issues might make your neck turn and you will realise your partner was/is not completely the way you thought they were. Post this revelation you need to make a decision if it makes sense to be in this relationship or to quit it as this decision will affect your association with every relationship you have in the future. Singles it’s time for you’ll to think,sit and jot down all that you are looking for as a new relationship will be knocking on your door soon and you cannot lose this relationship because you have no idea what you are looking for cuz this relationship is a reward for all those prayers you have been doing for years.

Today is the day to quit contemplating and make decisions. Whatever choice you make know that heaven will completely support you and you will be elevated to your highest good. The angel blows the trumpet of the final call and assures that things are turning in your favour. This transition which you are going through is essential and this will help you change as a person. Make the necessary changes 🙂

Blessed Be

Love & Light

Where did my dreams go?

I’m writing this article 2 1/2 months away from my 30th Birthday. When I think about this I have two words eating and feeding my brain WHOO & WHOA!!!

The WHOO is because it’s been 3 decades I have been living on this planet and it has given and taken so much for and from me and yet I know there is more out there to achieve, give and take. I am looking forward to living and experiencing life post 30’s.

Now let’s get to the WHOA which is the eating part which is obviously facilitated by the parasites who make up the society. Normally I wouldn’t put stock into what these people say but God has put 1% devil into our hearts and so these dark thoughts have an impact on me sometimes. So basically the bacteria is concerned about our weddings, our ticking biological clocks, our kids, their kids and even their biological clocks yada yada yada.

All of us love the Whoo and despise the Whoa but we have to live with both. Support and criticism are both essential to make us who we are but if these two factors are out of balance they even bring the best people down.

When I told my parents that I want to pursue Tarot Card Reading, Blogging and Writing as my profession thus ditching the academic degree of law which I had obtained they were skeptical but never the less supported me as they knew how important it is for me to do what I love. They gave me their full support but also told me that at the end of the day you should be able to fill your own plate and not be dependant on anyone which was a very good thing because that statement made me realise you should take risks but there should always be some calculation in that cuz if you fall them no one else is going to repair your teeth you will be left to fend for yourself. The support from my parents  fed my brain and I had the audacity to go for my dreams.

As everyone knows a coin is two sided I got a lot of negative reception from some of my relatives. She is trading a 50K salary, a corporate position, a legacy for what to carry a cloth bag and go door to door with a manuscript. Honestly I don’t care about their opinion but some young people who will read this I want to write about them for their benefit because when you are going to hit those blocks these words will keep on coming to you and I want you to remember that this will give you the necessary anger to convert that cloth bag into a LOUIS VUITTON and that face on the door to theirs who are knocking at your house to see if you are done with the bag and if they can have it.

Always remember if you love what you do you will never dread the week. These people are not going to be there on your Mondays and on your hard week. It’s your arse which is going to be on the line so better make sure your heart accompanies your butt. The people who love you will be with you no matter what and they and their opinions are what matters as when they criticise they actually want you to improve but when bacteria criticises they want you to quit as they know well you have the ability to succeed and don’t want to see you high up there.

Initially I used to get pissed off on these people a lot but I realised they are not worth any of my emotion. The time I put into being angry on them is the time I waste which I can actually utilise towards the attainment of my dream. I channeled my anger into writing. Every time I feel angry towards these people I start writing and end up creating a masterpiece. So remember that channel your anger into doing something for which you got criticised and that will actually make your spit reach your haters face.

Now after this comes the most beaten up topic Wedding and I personally feel that a girls/women has to face the brunt of this more than boys/men. Men face it too but the degree is lesser compared to women.

Let’s take my example. As I said I’m nearing my 30’s and according to some people my age for marriage has long gone and my batteries are dead too. As for me I’m at a stage where I am seeing someone for a couple of years and the bond which I have with him is no less than any married couple or probably even more in comparison to some cases. We respect each other a lot, are each other’s support systems professionally as well as personally and most importantly are madly in love with each other. To be honest for me this is marriage nothing gets more pure and committing than what I share with my boyfriend and I don’t care if I haven’t signed a paper or taken pheras. The people who matter to me are happy with what I have and they know this is what I want. Now the ones who have questions, you will see when I get married I am not sharing details with you because I don’t consider you close enough to even give you a sneak peek in my life.

When I was 26 years old I had lost all hope of finding love because I had been through a bad relationship and given up on love completely. Resigned to the fact that to fit in this society I have to get married, produce babies and inflict the miseries of this world on them so I decided to get register for marriage. At this point in life I met by now boyfriend and my world and life completely changed. I needed some time and after explaining about him and the way I feel about him to my parents they gave me all the time in the world because they knew my happiness lied in this person and a life with him. Today in my parents and my would be in laws life I am married. If the wouldn’t have given us the time we required then we would have lost the love of our lives.

The last 4 years ever since I am seeing my boyfriend have been very demanding for me professionally and I did not get married because personally knowing my capacities and abilities I wouldn’t have been able to handle marriage and work together as I believe in balance and I wouldn’t have been able to achieve that thus failing and not giving justice to either. My parents and would be in laws saw this and dint give any age bar to us but just helped and supported us achieve our dreams.

Now I am not saying that choose marriage over work or work over marriage. Just learn to balance and do only what you can handle. Never do anything because of fear or judgment of others as marriage doesn’t stop them from doing what they are. Once you are married they will keep on asking about kids, their education, their work, their marriage, their kids yada yada yada. People will talk and if you really want to shut them up keep on doing what you want to do.

There was a point in my life where I was about to give up everything because of the criticism and judgment and I shudder to think the life I would have had if I would have given up. Criticism I feel is healthy as I think it gives you a push to prove a point and that’s how we should take it instead of dwelling in it and drowning in a pool of misery.

I did not give up and so MY DREAMS WENT ON TO BE FULFILLED. A dream adds meaning to your life and we all know a life without meaning is not really a life so never give up meaning of your life for a certain sector of cretins. Rise above and conquer it all so that every time when someone asks you where did you dreams go you should have a smile and look upwards.


PS: My ideologies will hurt or annoy some people but know that I am not here to please you neither to hurt you so peace out and let us all live as we feel fit.