Daily Card Reading-7th October 2017



I’m sorry I have been on a break with my daily card readings but from today I am going to start posting them again. Hope they help you :). Blessed Be 🙂

The card for today is the Judgment. It’s the 20th card of the Major Arcana. At the outset the Judgment card signifies Conclusions, Rewards, Second Chances and Evidence. Lately the energy has been mixed and thus we are all wondering as to whether the path we are on is the right one or have we come a long way for nothing. Today is all about answers regarding the flux you are in.

The Judgment card is the penultimate card of the Tarot Deck as it signals a summing up of events before starting your journey in the world. In every aspect of life today signals making choices. Decision making regarding finances will take you away from the regular path you have been following but that will set the financial future in stone for you. Work wise if you have been contemplating to change your job today is the day to put a notice down or to take steps in relation to this decision. Those who have been thinking of changing their career path altogether well this card is a green signal for that, the only thing you have to do is choose wisely as what you do today will have far reaching implications in your future as well. Relationships will require a close look at what is happening. Ethical issues might make your neck turn and you will realise your partner was/is not completely the way you thought they were. Post this revelation you need to make a decision if it makes sense to be in this relationship or to quit it as this decision will affect your association with every relationship you have in the future. Singles it’s time for you’ll to think,sit and jot down all that you are looking for as a new relationship will be knocking on your door soon and you cannot lose this relationship because you have no idea what you are looking for cuz this relationship is a reward for all those prayers you have been doing for years.

Today is the day to quit contemplating and make decisions. Whatever choice you make know that heaven will completely support you and you will be elevated to your highest good. The angel blows the trumpet of the final call and assures that things are turning in your favour. This transition which you are going through is essential and this will help you change as a person. Make the necessary changes 🙂

Blessed Be

Love & Light


Where did my dreams go?

I’m writing this article 2 1/2 months away from my 30th Birthday. When I think about this I have two words eating and feeding my brain WHOO & WHOA!!!

The WHOO is because it’s been 3 decades I have been living on this planet and it has given and taken so much for and from me and yet I know there is more out there to achieve, give and take. I am looking forward to living and experiencing life post 30’s.

Now let’s get to the WHOA which is the eating part which is obviously facilitated by the parasites who make up the society. Normally I wouldn’t put stock into what these people say but God has put 1% devil into our hearts and so these dark thoughts have an impact on me sometimes. So basically the bacteria is concerned about our weddings, our ticking biological clocks, our kids, their kids and even their biological clocks yada yada yada.

All of us love the Whoo and despise the Whoa but we have to live with both. Support and criticism are both essential to make us who we are but if these two factors are out of balance they even bring the best people down.

When I told my parents that I want to pursue Tarot Card Reading, Blogging and Writing as my profession thus ditching the academic degree of law which I had obtained they were skeptical but never the less supported me as they knew how important it is for me to do what I love. They gave me their full support but also told me that at the end of the day you should be able to fill your own plate and not be dependant on anyone which was a very good thing because that statement made me realise you should take risks but there should always be some calculation in that cuz if you fall them no one else is going to repair your teeth you will be left to fend for yourself. The support from my parents  fed my brain and I had the audacity to go for my dreams.

As everyone knows a coin is two sided I got a lot of negative reception from some of my relatives. She is trading a 50K salary, a corporate position, a legacy for what to carry a cloth bag and go door to door with a manuscript. Honestly I don’t care about their opinion but some young people who will read this I want to write about them for their benefit because when you are going to hit those blocks these words will keep on coming to you and I want you to remember that this will give you the necessary anger to convert that cloth bag into a LOUIS VUITTON and that face on the door to theirs who are knocking at your house to see if you are done with the bag and if they can have it.

Always remember if you love what you do you will never dread the week. These people are not going to be there on your Mondays and on your hard week. It’s your arse which is going to be on the line so better make sure your heart accompanies your butt. The people who love you will be with you no matter what and they and their opinions are what matters as when they criticise they actually want you to improve but when bacteria criticises they want you to quit as they know well you have the ability to succeed and don’t want to see you high up there.

Initially I used to get pissed off on these people a lot but I realised they are not worth any of my emotion. The time I put into being angry on them is the time I waste which I can actually utilise towards the attainment of my dream. I channeled my anger into writing. Every time I feel angry towards these people I start writing and end up creating a masterpiece. So remember that channel your anger into doing something for which you got criticised and that will actually make your spit reach your haters face.

Now after this comes the most beaten up topic Wedding and I personally feel that a girls/women has to face the brunt of this more than boys/men. Men face it too but the degree is lesser compared to women.

Let’s take my example. As I said I’m nearing my 30’s and according to some people my age for marriage has long gone and my batteries are dead too. As for me I’m at a stage where I am seeing someone for a couple of years and the bond which I have with him is no less than any married couple or probably even more in comparison to some cases. We respect each other a lot, are each other’s support systems professionally as well as personally and most importantly are madly in love with each other. To be honest for me this is marriage nothing gets more pure and committing than what I share with my boyfriend and I don’t care if I haven’t signed a paper or taken pheras. The people who matter to me are happy with what I have and they know this is what I want. Now the ones who have questions, you will see when I get married I am not sharing details with you because I don’t consider you close enough to even give you a sneak peek in my life.

When I was 26 years old I had lost all hope of finding love because I had been through a bad relationship and given up on love completely. Resigned to the fact that to fit in this society I have to get married, produce babies and inflict the miseries of this world on them so I decided to get register for marriage. At this point in life I met by now boyfriend and my world and life completely changed. I needed some time and after explaining about him and the way I feel about him to my parents they gave me all the time in the world because they knew my happiness lied in this person and a life with him. Today in my parents and my would be in laws life I am married. If the wouldn’t have given us the time we required then we would have lost the love of our lives.

The last 4 years ever since I am seeing my boyfriend have been very demanding for me professionally and I did not get married because personally knowing my capacities and abilities I wouldn’t have been able to handle marriage and work together as I believe in balance and I wouldn’t have been able to achieve that thus failing and not giving justice to either. My parents and would be in laws saw this and dint give any age bar to us but just helped and supported us achieve our dreams.

Now I am not saying that choose marriage over work or work over marriage. Just learn to balance and do only what you can handle. Never do anything because of fear or judgment of others as marriage doesn’t stop them from doing what they are. Once you are married they will keep on asking about kids, their education, their work, their marriage, their kids yada yada yada. People will talk and if you really want to shut them up keep on doing what you want to do.

There was a point in my life where I was about to give up everything because of the criticism and judgment and I shudder to think the life I would have had if I would have given up. Criticism I feel is healthy as I think it gives you a push to prove a point and that’s how we should take it instead of dwelling in it and drowning in a pool of misery.

I did not give up and so MY DREAMS WENT ON TO BE FULFILLED. A dream adds meaning to your life and we all know a life without meaning is not really a life so never give up meaning of your life for a certain sector of cretins. Rise above and conquer it all so that every time when someone asks you where did you dreams go you should have a smile and look upwards.


PS: My ideologies will hurt or annoy some people but know that I am not here to please you neither to hurt you so peace out and let us all live as we feel fit. 






Nineteen Years Later

Nineteen Years Later= 1st September 2017!

Harry,Ron and Hermione see off their kids at #KingsCross and here we are still patiently waiting for our letters or in some cases even Hagrid’s job just to enter the #WizardingWorld and experience it’s magic which goes to show how magical #HarryPotter is. Harry Potter is not just any fandom to us but it’s something which touched,changed our lives,shaped us,gave us friends for life and made our life what it is.

#JKRowling I really really can’t thank you enough for writing the Harry Potter series and changing millions of lives out there. In this dull world your work made it possible for us to re-ignite the spark and go for what we want no matter what the world 🗺 thinks about us! Friendship,loyalty,love all existed but for me the meaning to these things was added by Harry Potter! I owe you my life as it’s cuz of HP I met the best people I know today ❤️!

Bhuvneshwar Kumar taught me today that people will put you in a category but that is not your definition as your definition is what you do out there. Firecracking innings #BhuvaneshwarKumar 💥 !

Mahendra Singh Dhoni taught me that age is just a number and just you are old doesn’t mean you can’t do it as the experience which you have collected over the years will help you win battles which even younger people might fail! #MSD please bhai share some tips with us for staying so fucking calm 😊!

Rohit Sharma taught me that people will doubt and point fingers at you and the best way to answer them is to concentrate on your goal and keep believing in yourself as your belief is going to carry you to places where these people have never been and will never go. #RohitSharma you are my #Mumbaikar and I’ll never stop believing in you!

Virat Kohli taught me that change will not always be welcomed but as long you know what is best go for it and keep experimenting as stagnancy is gonna keep you in the same place and to move forward you need to take certain risks in life! #ViratKohli people always talk shit about you and pin me but I know how much this game means to you and how much you have given for it and arseholes who just count the money you have made a jealous trolls!

Akila Dananjaya taught me that sometimes people will not recognise and applaud you as they will be more excited to point out the flaws of others but as long as you realised your mettle you have already won it!

Very proud of you #TeamIndia 🇮🇳 be it a win or loss I’ll always be your fan as neither I’m a Chameleon who changes colours in the direction of the wind nor I’m a Whore who pledges alliance in bed to every different man just cuz he won more money today!

PS: I had my #Teej Fast today for the one and only Virat and I knew he wouldn’t lose the game as my prayer will always keep him on tops and stop putting your bad eyesight on him as he hasn’t done anything to you and if you keep doing that then my #LordShiva will settle your Karma by opening his Third Eye on you 🕉🙏

God & New Beginnings

The one who can make the Sun ⛅️ and the Moon 🌑 meet can do anything! Eclipses show us how powerful God is and what he can do. An Eclipse means new beginnings,shedding the old,accepting yourself and moving forward. Be ready for this change and if you feel scared to jump into the unknown or leave something which you have been on/with for a long time but for a while have been feeling that you should move on then ask for God’s help.

Prayer helps us connect to God 🙏! Whenever I feel low I stand in front of God and his light helps me feel whole and complete! God is my diary, the way we rant in our diaries about what’s happening in our lives I do that in front of God! I keep ranting till everything is off my chest and once this is complete I feel great! Be Honest about what you want with God and you will get it!

Keep praying and have complete faith in God and trust in his miracles! Remember when God looks at you he looks at you devoid of all your sins. Jesus died to pay for your sins!He loves you the most and will never abandon you!

I know no matter what it looks like right now God and Angels are constantly working behind the scenes to help me with my miracle cuz the ones that love us never like to see us sad and God loves us the most so he’ll make us happy and if u feel like life is not going the way you want then be patient and give it completely to God and see very soon you will have your #HappilyEverAfter

Signing off with my favourite quote: With God I’m everything and Without God I’m Nothing!

#Prayer #Positivity #Faith #Miracles #Meditation #NewBeginnings #Godiseverything

9 Years of Virat Kohli


18-08-2008 It’s your 9th ODI Debut Anniversary today and you have already broken so many records and set so many milestones ❤️!

Through all the ups and downs in all these years one thing was and is constant and that is the zeal and passion with which you play cricket. When out on the field you literally pour your blood and sweat in the game and this game is more important to you than anyone and anything else ❤️!

Criticism has always been looming on your head but what marvels me is that you have never paid attention to all that they say and just concentrated on improving your game and taking your fitness to the next level 💯! And this attitude of yours helps me a lot when someone makes fun of me for liking you, I just dismiss them and concentrate on you ❤️!

You always keep your eyes on the target 🎯 and take every experience be it a win or a loss as something which you learn from! You taught me that without failures we will never learn to appreciate success ❤️!

I can go on writing and writing about you and still I won’t run out of praises or be at a loss of words to talk about you as you are the most important one in my life ❤️ People may come and go but you are my constant,the one who gives me solace in chaos,the one who keeps me sane in the insanity and the one who assures me that it’s not over till it’s in your favour! Thank you for rekindling my fighting spirit when I thot all was lost and thank you lighting a fire in me which is equal to that of thousand suns ☀️!

Life is not life without meaning and you are the one who adds meaning and purpose to my life ❤️ without you I am nothing with you I’m everything!

Haters can hate me but I forgive them as they will never understand pure and true love as their life purpose is just to evaluate other people’s lives as taking stock of their own life would be nothing than a nightmare! What you’ll say doesn’t affect me so stop wasting your time and energy and put it in something constructive and GET A LIFE as opposed to telling others to get one! I already have a life full of people I love and who love me back so next time you have a negative thought about Virat or me Shove It Up Your Filthy Arse and once it’s out eat ur poop 💩 as I’m sure that will make that gutter of your mouth clean as what u say is even worse than poop!

Lastly Virat I pray to God that with each passing year your career keeps on escalating higher and higher and may you always be 🔛🔝! Rab Di Mehr 🙏🏻 Rab Da Shukr 🙏🏻 Rab Rakha 🛐🕉!

Virat- Always & Forever-V.XI.LXVIII



My mother always taught me one thing that no matter many problems your loved one faces you never ever leave his hand and his side in tough times.

Growing up I saw my dad handling a very critical case which bought him lot of fame but with that came the insults,criticism and jealousy. Very often my mother was a scapegoat too and she was at the pinnacle of dad’s career told by some of our building people only that Dad will never get elevated as a Justice . After this she came down and prayed to God and said that my husband has served the just and it’s your responsibility to take care of him and his future. The rest of the story I’ll not write here as all of you’ll know what happened next to my father and the ones who pinned him 🤗🤗

When India lost to Pakistan yesterday a fair few so called friends texted me abusing Virat and claimed that he is not a good cricketer, a bad captain blah blah even going to the extent of being called unlucky for Team India. I really wish the first time their parents failed at something in life they should have blamed them for bringing bad luck into family but since those little fuckers dint get that they grew up to be dicks who can’t stomach someone’s success and so when they fail they blame them. I don’t really have anything to say to them as what Virat has achieved maybe they won’t achieve that in their whole lifetime.

You want to know what I did after we lost I got myself engraved with permanent tattoos. I’ll explain them a bit here
One says Virat Always and Forever in Gurumukhi since Virat is a Punjabi selected this font and I also wear a kada in that particular hand. What I feel for Virat is not based on any of the matches he win or loses, the no of endorsements he bags or the amount of money he makes. My soul is attached to him and since our soul never dies even after our body stops working my love for him is Always and Forever ❤️ and I’ll love him even after I am dead not only in this life but all those lives I’ll get as he deserves this kind of love for being so great and pure.
Another tattoo is Goddess Durga’s eyes with Virat’s Birthdate engraved in Roman Numbers below them. The reason I chose Goddess Durga is because when certain worms text me horrid stuff about Virat she is the one who holds me back from going and putting a Trident up your throats. I have combined the birthday and the eyes because I want the Goddess to always grant him happiness and success and to keep me compassionate,loyal and devout towards Virat. Virat’s birthday is bigger than any festival or day for me and it’s a very very special feeling to have it engraved on me 😁.

I know many fans out there are disappointed and feeling betrayed but always remember that these boys are the ones who have failed how horrid they must be feeling so please go easy and don’t make any memes about anyone’s family members 🙏 it’s a request as we wouldn’t want our family members abused for our failures and neither do they so please show some respect.

I felt bad, shed my tears but I prepared myself somewhere in between till the match was over because I kept on thinking that this team has won so many cups and matches for us that if we are true fans we’ll stand with them and not abuse them as what’s done is done and I’m sure the boys will prove their mettle and come back stronger in other tours.

No matter what I know how much this game means to Virat and how much hard work and passion he puts into it and the disappointment he suffers when we lose hurts him heaps even before he was captain it hurt him and even now it does but he had to speak professionally yesterday and had to appreciate Pakistan cuz they played well. I am sorry on behalf of Virat to everyone out there who feels hurt and betrayed.

As for me I couldn’t be prouder of you Virat as out of the total 6 tattoos I have 4 are dedicated to you and I’m sure there would be more too once inspiration strikes me. I have no complaints and regrets about loving you as you are the best thing that happened to me and nothing more better than you can happen to me. Even if they cut me into pieces and I’m a writhing mass of blood and flesh I’ll ooze love for you till I die. Thank you for being everything that you are ❤️ and always know that you give everything that you have and go out there and prove your worth. I love you Virat and that is based on your heart and not your achievements know that even when the whole world is against you one person will be beside you Always and Forever. I know my God and I love him and he’ll always take care of you and your future and I’ll never leave your side.

My apology is only to cricket fans who were genuinely interested in the game and for those who just have fun in bringing me down or making fun of me cuz I love Virat well know that I have the balls to love one man for my entire life as like some of you’ll I am not married to someone and just cuz my life is boring I don’t betray my husband and have a passionate love affair for sex. I pity you that instead of mending the pieces of your broken life you want to crash mine but know that I’m stronger than you and I have my God who know that my love is true and my heart is pure.

And lastly like you’ll came after me last time I forgave and forgot because I know Karma will serve you for hurting me when all that I wanted for you was the best but come after Virat and I promise I’ll not wait till Karma serves but I’ll destroy you with everything I’ve got against you as I’m even more insane than The Joker when it comes to Virat and certainly not an enemy you want to have so back off for your own good before I fuck you for the worst.



I woke up today feeling so good because yesterday was proof for me that God answers your prayers when Virat received his Padmashri Award.

Everyday I pray for this man because so many people out there keep on abusing him for so many things which they feel he is doing which is absolutely ridiculous. Guess what all those curses are not going to work as he has God with him and he really hasn’t done anything to you’ll so when you are abusing him what you are really doing is creating a vortex of negativity which is going to pull you inside further. I direct my anger, negative feelings, anxiety, stress into prayer which asks only for one thing and that is the happiness and success of Virat Kohli.

After the Australian media debacle I got a lot of texts from my so called friends telling me that Virat is childish. I ignored them as I have seen them when someone abused them, if they are judging Virat on how he retorted to those who abused him then what they have done in similar situation qualifies an insult to Satan if I call them Satan.

Virat is not a saint, he is out there to play good cricket. If you are looking for 12 steps on how to lead your life there are lot of writers/yogi who can help you that so instead of abusing Virat for the way he leads a life go read these books and even if that doesn’t work then go see a therapist. And as far as the judging goes he doesn’t really care about what you said about him as no matter what is in the papers it doesn’t stop him from going out there and working his arse off.

And all those who keep on texting me as to why I should not love Virat well I’m a stubborn, headstrong woman who doesn’t even listen to her parents when she makes her mind about something right and Virat for me is not right but the best thing that ever happened to me and I will never ever stop feeling for him the way I do. I’ll always choose him over everyone else and if you are against him then I’m always against you.

I feel sorry for you when you don’t understand what I feel for Virat because your souls are not elevated enough to understand love in it’s most pure and true form. I’m done explaining myself so when on WhatsApp my display picture and status suddenly disappears know that I have blocked you for good.

Virat I have no words to express how proud I am. I have really done some great deeds in my life that I got this amazing feeling of being in love with you. I hope that you get more successful with each passing day and you get all that you desire. You can keep on working hard and I’ll keep on praying for you.

I love you Always and Forever

29, still unmarried and damn happy and proud of it!!!!



Hi for all those who don’t know me I’m going to write a few details about myself in this paragraph so those who know me can skip and start reading from where they will my bio ends. I’m a 29 year old woman living in Bombay. I’m a Tarot Card Reader by profession and I aspire to become a writer someday. I have also studied law from one of the most prestigious college in India and I have also complete 2 levels of Company Secretary.This all is not important because all people see when they look at me is she is 29 years old and still unmarried.

To be honest it doesn’t bother me and if I had my way I would gouge their eyeballs out but then again I do not want to even touch such people and make myself dirty. I’m writing this post today for all the unmarried women out there who face the same criticism as me and my friends do for not being married and not having babies before we hit our 30’s. This post by no means is meant to insult anyone who is married and has babies as I respect every woman on this planet and the choices that she makes but I do have a problem with the so called society which points fingers at us. 

They have so many questions about us that sometimes I wonder if they see us as humans or as  machines. A few of those ridiculous questions are she is losing her fertility when will she have babies, is she sexually active with others that she doesn’t need a husband cuz her hormones would have started acting ages ago, is he a lesbian etc etc. these all questions make me feel sad for your daughters as if you are talking this way about us then what would you would have done to them when you saw they were thinking out of the box. I’m sure you would have cut the roots of something which could have become a beautiful tree as fitting in the box was more important to you than allowing them to grow up in their own shape.

Now let’s talk about sexual activity. It might be hard to believe but I’m 29 years old and I’m not having sex with anyone because my mind and body just doesn’t live to eat,sleep and have sex. Besides I am pretty good so crossing 30 is not going to affect my sexual appetite and performance but probably all those married couples out there are already bored and despite not being 30 and are already dreading sex and we can talk about them too  but it’s none of our business like our sexual lives are none of ours but then again we  intend to create a life for ourselves and don’t want to just live it the way others decide is right because it’s our  life and these are our struggles and we know best how to take it forward and up so please stop worrying about our sex lives.

Now I will tell you about love please try to understand as the frame fitters might not understand such a pure concept but I promise I’ll try my best to keep it simple. I’m in love with this incredible guy for the past couple of years who doesn’t tell me what to wear, don’t do this or don’t do that but all he does is love me with everything he has got and I’m so lucky to have this one in my life that I’m sure the day I met him the leprechauns must have pooled all their luck together and put it on me that I found him. Now you will say that everyone has someone who loves them then why I feel so lucky. The reason for this is because when in love you need to get love and no restrictions and boundaries and that is what I am getting if I needed rules I would get checked in a hostel and the warden would be my perfect mate. I feel I’m lucky because I have got love when I was looking for love and I’m being loved when I’m loving. When I told my boyfriend that I needed time to get married he or his parents did not give me a lecture but what he said incredibly moved me I love you with all my heart and marriage or no marriage I already consider you my soulmate so a paper or a circle around a fire is not the validation I require from you, my validation is your happiness and comfort so whenever you feel marriage will give you these two things only and only then we will get married” Now all of my fellow minded people will understand the luck and leprechaun example. Maybe your ideal married couple doesn’t have this kind of love or maybe they do but again it’s none of our business and so our love should be none of your business. For us love is not a contract which if not signed will die it’s an eternal relationship with no expiration date.

Let’s talk about loyalties now I know so many married people who are having affairs not just one or two but multiple. I don’t know the reasons for this but it’s their life and they can whatever they want and it’s none of my business but please I request you don’t give me examples of dedication and loyalty because they are married, half of the women want to jab a knife in their husband’s throats because they cheat daily on them all cuz of the lame excuses like they are not the same anymore, they have become boring, they are fat etc etc. This is not loyalty this is pressure and force to stay with the douchebag who bangs hot chicks for fun despite having a wife and children at home because this douchebag is a chauvinist pig and if this girl leaves him the world will look at her like she is a criminal.  And so I prefer my loyalty wherein despite being in a long distance relationship I don’t spread my legs in front of anyone just because I’m hormonal. Cheating on someone is the most disgusting thing ever and we don’t cheat ever on anyone because despite you thinking that since we are unmarried we are not loyal which is a farce we work on emotions so peace out.

Now onto my favourite topic babies. Because we don’t have babies we don’t qualify as maternal and feminine is the biggest pile of crap I have ever heard. Have you seen women with babies out there who are miserable because they had children early and because of that they neglect the child and their life is screwed. We are much better than those women because if we have not decided to have babies till we feel we can take their responsible then I think that makes us sensible as opposed to heartless as you feel. Another thing don’t worry about our fertility because even if we are not able to make babies tomorrow we will surely adopt some and give a nice home, safe environment and great parenting to some kid who couldn’t have it all.

Now the last thing which is very important. I always wanted to become a writer but due to some other plans I got enrolled to study law and somewhere in between I thought that this profession is not going to allow me to help people in a way I would like to and I started developing a spiritual interest in Tarot which as of today is my profession. After studying for a professional degree course when I told my parents that I wanted to do something for a higher calling they did not shout on me but told me do what you love and their incredible support had made me who I am today. At that point if I was married maybe my husband wouldn’t have supported me in this decision because somewhere in the corner of his mind he would have had financial concerns and that is completely okay but my parents did cuz they love me for who I am and the reason I have waited for a marriage is because I want to marry someone who loves me for the way I am without any expectations like my parents do and I’ll love him with the same passion always and forever.

There are many things which people will taunt you about girls but don’t listen to them as these narrow minded bunch of losers don’t know your struggles and are not elevated enough to understand your dreams.Marry when you find the right person and not because someone is pressurising you because tomorrow if your marriage doesn’t work out these monkeys will be there again with new essays on how you failed to be a perfect wife, either ways you have to have energy so use to create the life you want and not the one these people are designing for you.

Go live the life you want, marry when you want, have babies when you feel you can handle the responsibility because your life doesn’t need to start and end in a box, you need to create a shape of your choice which will be unique and beautiful. Fitting in that box will only take you till a certain point but creating your own shape will mark your space and will take you places no one has ever been to before. 

To end this post I would like to say my own quote: Marriage should be out of love and not social obligation”. 


It’s all about my choice! 

I’m a Princess not only cuz my Daddy is a King and I love to dress up but also cuz when the time comes I defend my Kingdom and Win Wars for it! Being a stay at home mother or a working mother is a woman’s choice,both of them are equally strong. 
I love to cook but I also love to read and talk and discuss and stress my opinions on issues so how are you going to generalise me? You can’t right cuz you don’t have a right to do that if I decide to cook it’s my choice and if I decide to talk and discuss my views it’s my choice too so just stop this generalisation and let me and my sisters live.
We Feminists fight so that we get to make a choice and not be treated like a machine whose process is set on the buttons you press. We fight so our sisters get equal rights and opportunities.
My mother is a housewife and she is a great woman and I’m proud of her.My sister is a working woman and tomorrow even after she becomes a mother she’ll continue working but that doesn’t mean she’ll love my niece/nephew any less than my mom loves me.
Stop labelling women, we need to stand together and support each other as we know the struggles other women go to and instead of calling them Nazis or Wannabe rulers we should respect them like they respect us! 
Lastly please those who feel Feminism aims at gender superiority you have not understood it at all as Feminism is equality of sexes as we feel every person born on this planet should have the same rights,wages,opportunities and chances irrespective of the genders.
Ending this post I would like to say that I love Housewives and I love Working Women too,each of them have had their share of ups and downs and I respect them immensely!