Daily Card Reading-7th October 2017



I’m sorry I have been on a break with my daily card readings but from today I am going to start posting them again. Hope they help you :). Blessed Be 🙂

The card for today is the Judgment. It’s the 20th card of the Major Arcana. At the outset the Judgment card signifies Conclusions, Rewards, Second Chances and Evidence. Lately the energy has been mixed and thus we are all wondering as to whether the path we are on is the right one or have we come a long way for nothing. Today is all about answers regarding the flux you are in.

The Judgment card is the penultimate card of the Tarot Deck as it signals a summing up of events before starting your journey in the world. In every aspect of life today signals making choices. Decision making regarding finances will take you away from the regular path you have been following but that will set the financial future in stone for you. Work wise if you have been contemplating to change your job today is the day to put a notice down or to take steps in relation to this decision. Those who have been thinking of changing their career path altogether well this card is a green signal for that, the only thing you have to do is choose wisely as what you do today will have far reaching implications in your future as well. Relationships will require a close look at what is happening. Ethical issues might make your neck turn and you will realise your partner was/is not completely the way you thought they were. Post this revelation you need to make a decision if it makes sense to be in this relationship or to quit it as this decision will affect your association with every relationship you have in the future. Singles it’s time for you’ll to think,sit and jot down all that you are looking for as a new relationship will be knocking on your door soon and you cannot lose this relationship because you have no idea what you are looking for cuz this relationship is a reward for all those prayers you have been doing for years.

Today is the day to quit contemplating and make decisions. Whatever choice you make know that heaven will completely support you and you will be elevated to your highest good. The angel blows the trumpet of the final call and assures that things are turning in your favour. This transition which you are going through is essential and this will help you change as a person. Make the necessary changes 🙂

Blessed Be

Love & Light


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