Daily Card Reading-28th January 2017



The card for today is Healer of Thought. The Healer of Thought according to traditional tarot is the Queen of Swords.

Thoughts in a reading represent our perception, the ways in which we manage our personal truth, our concerns and actions to fights for truth and justice. Our thoughts are our biggest weapon and the use of them in the right way makes us get our goal. We have to use our mind as the powerful tool that it is in a very hopeful and optimistic approach which allows the Law of Attraction to give us our dreams. This suit also tells us to keep tab on our communication skills with others meaning when you are talking to others always remember that they are also human beings so adopt a tone with them which you approve off if someone was talking to you.Not everyone in this world is smart and everyone cannot be on the same wavelength so if there comes a time when you have to explain something to others be patient and do it also when the time to tell someone to back off do it in a very gentle and subtle way.

Work will be all about opening up. You need to talk and let them know what you want, even if they are your boss they need a gentle reminder as to what are your expectations. If you feel trapped at work free yourself as this trap is an illusion and you can very well get out of it using your intellect. If you have any new ideas or change or direction about a certain project then don’t be afraid to discuss about it with your boss as it’s a great idea and you will get only appreciation for this. If you feel your subordinates are not doing all the work given to them or they are reckless you need to remind them that their primary goal here should to be work. You need to exercise more control at work. Today also organise your desk and get rid of unnecessary clutter. Those looking for new jobs try applying for jobs in the communication and information sector and you will definitely get a positive response. Finances should be good if you take control of all financial matters at hand today. Don’t get involved in questionable dealings today cuz something which promises good money but is unethical no matter how good it looks will result in losses. Before getting into any financial deals make sure you have all the information and knowledge about that particular investment, if need be take the advice of someone who knows about finances.

Relationships will be all about being truthful. For the last couple of days I have been seeing  that there a lot of problems in everyone’s relationships and no one is ready to talk about this with their significant other. Remember that more than 70% problems occur in relationships when you are not honest and truthful with each other. Speak up about what you want from you partner. The Healer of thought signifies that you/your significant other are either too aloof or too controlling and you need to address this issue. You need to talk it with each other and come to a conclusion as these issues are bothering you’ll a lot, a lot more than you would care to admit. It’s great to be in a relationship but it’s greater to be in a rightful relationship. A relationship is a beautiful feeling between two people, it’s not about one person giving more or one person controlling the other. Being in such kins of relationships is very toxic and if you are going through this you need to break it up to your partner, don’t worry you can still save the relationship but if you continue this toxic pattern of hiding your emotions and true feelings then it would be catastrophic in the future. Singles you need to take a beat and think through if you are ready to be in a relationship, don’t get into one just cuz you are the only single one in your group or society says you should be in a relationship at your age. Figure out what you want and then only go into it as being single is better than being in a relationship for the wrong reasons. Some singles out there who are thinking of adoption well this is the perfect time for you to do it, don’t think about what others say just know that you will make a wonderful single parent.

The Healer of Thought signifies an intelligent, forthright woman who is very clear in what she wants but she can be detached and cold at times. Today know that your goals will be yours by using your intellect and by being honest but you should be careful in your communication and make sure that you are not too aloof or controlling. Achieve what you want but don’t be selfish instead be more rational and fair-minded. You might meet someone who has been through a lot and are lost in life, help them, they need guidance and help. Helping such individuals is a way to connect with your soul and it’s the best way to stop yourself from becoming detached as I have written earlier. But we wary as to whom you help cuz some people are not worth our help and their toxic energy just washes away all our positivity. Stay away from such people.

The message for today is to take control of your life, use your intellect for your goals and to clear all the negative things and people who just add misery to your life.


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