Where did my dreams go?

I’m writing this article 2 1/2 months away from my 30th Birthday. When I think about this I have two words eating and feeding my brain WHOO & WHOA!!!

The WHOO is because it’s been 3 decades I have been living on this planet and it has given and taken so much for and from me and yet I know there is more out there to achieve, give and take. I am looking forward to living and experiencing life post 30’s.

Now let’s get to the WHOA which is the eating part which is obviously facilitated by the parasites who make up the society. Normally I wouldn’t put stock into what these people say but God has put 1% devil into our hearts and so these dark thoughts have an impact on me sometimes. So basically the bacteria is concerned about our weddings, our ticking biological clocks, our kids, their kids and even their biological clocks yada yada yada.

All of us love the Whoo and despise the Whoa but we have to live with both. Support and criticism are both essential to make us who we are but if these two factors are out of balance they even bring the best people down.

When I told my parents that I want to pursue Tarot Card Reading, Blogging and Writing as my profession thus ditching the academic degree of law which I had obtained they were skeptical but never the less supported me as they knew how important it is for me to do what I love. They gave me their full support but also told me that at the end of the day you should be able to fill your own plate and not be dependant on anyone which was a very good thing because that statement made me realise you should take risks but there should always be some calculation in that cuz if you fall them no one else is going to repair your teeth you will be left to fend for yourself. The support from my parents  fed my brain and I had the audacity to go for my dreams.

As everyone knows a coin is two sided I got a lot of negative reception from some of my relatives. She is trading a 50K salary, a corporate position, a legacy for what to carry a cloth bag and go door to door with a manuscript. Honestly I don’t care about their opinion but some young people who will read this I want to write about them for their benefit because when you are going to hit those blocks these words will keep on coming to you and I want you to remember that this will give you the necessary anger to convert that cloth bag into a LOUIS VUITTON and that face on the door to theirs who are knocking at your house to see if you are done with the bag and if they can have it.

Always remember if you love what you do you will never dread the week. These people are not going to be there on your Mondays and on your hard week. It’s your arse which is going to be on the line so better make sure your heart accompanies your butt. The people who love you will be with you no matter what and they and their opinions are what matters as when they criticise they actually want you to improve but when bacteria criticises they want you to quit as they know well you have the ability to succeed and don’t want to see you high up there.

Initially I used to get pissed off on these people a lot but I realised they are not worth any of my emotion. The time I put into being angry on them is the time I waste which I can actually utilise towards the attainment of my dream. I channeled my anger into writing. Every time I feel angry towards these people I start writing and end up creating a masterpiece. So remember that channel your anger into doing something for which you got criticised and that will actually make your spit reach your haters face.

Now after this comes the most beaten up topic Wedding and I personally feel that a girls/women has to face the brunt of this more than boys/men. Men face it too but the degree is lesser compared to women.

Let’s take my example. As I said I’m nearing my 30’s and according to some people my age for marriage has long gone and my batteries are dead too. As for me I’m at a stage where I am seeing someone for a couple of years and the bond which I have with him is no less than any married couple or probably even more in comparison to some cases. We respect each other a lot, are each other’s support systems professionally as well as personally and most importantly are madly in love with each other. To be honest for me this is marriage nothing gets more pure and committing than what I share with my boyfriend and I don’t care if I haven’t signed a paper or taken pheras. The people who matter to me are happy with what I have and they know this is what I want. Now the ones who have questions, you will see when I get married I am not sharing details with you because I don’t consider you close enough to even give you a sneak peek in my life.

When I was 26 years old I had lost all hope of finding love because I had been through a bad relationship and given up on love completely. Resigned to the fact that to fit in this society I have to get married, produce babies and inflict the miseries of this world on them so I decided to get register for marriage. At this point in life I met by now boyfriend and my world and life completely changed. I needed some time and after explaining about him and the way I feel about him to my parents they gave me all the time in the world because they knew my happiness lied in this person and a life with him. Today in my parents and my would be in laws life I am married. If the wouldn’t have given us the time we required then we would have lost the love of our lives.

The last 4 years ever since I am seeing my boyfriend have been very demanding for me professionally and I did not get married because personally knowing my capacities and abilities I wouldn’t have been able to handle marriage and work together as I believe in balance and I wouldn’t have been able to achieve that thus failing and not giving justice to either. My parents and would be in laws saw this and dint give any age bar to us but just helped and supported us achieve our dreams.

Now I am not saying that choose marriage over work or work over marriage. Just learn to balance and do only what you can handle. Never do anything because of fear or judgment of others as marriage doesn’t stop them from doing what they are. Once you are married they will keep on asking about kids, their education, their work, their marriage, their kids yada yada yada. People will talk and if you really want to shut them up keep on doing what you want to do.

There was a point in my life where I was about to give up everything because of the criticism and judgment and I shudder to think the life I would have had if I would have given up. Criticism I feel is healthy as I think it gives you a push to prove a point and that’s how we should take it instead of dwelling in it and drowning in a pool of misery.

I did not give up and so MY DREAMS WENT ON TO BE FULFILLED. A dream adds meaning to your life and we all know a life without meaning is not really a life so never give up meaning of your life for a certain sector of cretins. Rise above and conquer it all so that every time when someone asks you where did you dreams go you should have a smile and look upwards.


PS: My ideologies will hurt or annoy some people but know that I am not here to please you neither to hurt you so peace out and let us all live as we feel fit.