Daily Card Reading-30th January 2017


The card for today is Page of Ariel. In tradition tarot the Page of Ariel is the Page of Pentacles.

The suit of ariel deals with the material world. It focuses on our daily lives, physical conditions and practical concerns. The Page of Ariel is associated with the astrological sign of Capricorn. You know a certain situation is taking form. The page is a messenger so the focus is on receiving news.

Page at work signifies that you need to do a little extra training and develop your skills to make it better. Some people might feel that their job is mundane and doesn’t offer much excitement, this might be true but know that your job offers financial security and that is much better than glamour. At this point money and stability is very important to you so know that making any reckless decisions is just not gonna sit well for your future. You will be offered a very excellent opportunity which will work really well for you, grab it, there might be a little study,research,skill polishing required in it but you can do this so do everything in your power for this opportunity and keep your unwavered focus on it. Those looking for jobs try applying in support positions as the response will be positive and it’ll help you, remember what I told about stability over glamour, your work might feel regular but it offers your stability and that is what you need for a comfortable life. Today also be careful about signing contracts or while getting into negotiations, thoroughly go through the documents and analyse them carefully. Adopt a practical approach at work today and make sure your emotions don’t come in the way.

Page is relationships signify sincerity.Some of you are feeling that your relationship has lost all the excitement and there is no romance left. When you feel that way in a relationship some of you go off track and get into another relationships, but know that this is bad if you feel that this relationship is no longer what you wanted then walk out of it rather than hurting your partner by being in a fling. You can get your relationships back on track by trying to re-ignite the passion and romance you felt once for each other. Adopt a very uncomplicated approach in relationships. Singles you will expect really good news about your love life. If you are meeting someone today know that they are very clever and intelligent so don’t be afraid to show off your skills and smartness either. If they feel like a challenge know that you have it in you to participate and succeed.

Today is all about dealing with practical matters and sorting out the everyday details of your life. You have been working really hard for something you want and it’s on it’s way but probably you need to know a few more details before getting into it,it’s a good time to research and make few changes based on the revelations if you desire to do so. If someone offers you some advice take it cuz what they say might be the one thing which leads you to the answer you were looking for. If you feel suddenly interest in a new activity or feel like pursuing a hobby do that.

You need to add balance in you life as working out too much has strained you and is stressing you out. Your journey has been tough and you have done everything beautifully it’s time to relax and look around and appreciate how far you’ve come and know that you made it this far and God knows the challenges you had to face till here so he is gonna make sure you reach till the end and get your happily ever after. In the meantime concentrate on yourself, take care of your health and spend time with your friends and family and this focus on achieving your dream has somewhat made you a loner and today is the day to change that. Out of these conversations with your friends/family you might see that they need your help and once you help them you will realise that this was more for you than for them and some of you from conversations will gain excellent advice and find solutions you had been searching for quite long. Make your life as simple as you can today and cut all the parts and people which complicate and make it negative.

Open your heart and accept the good that is waiting for you as your journey is going to be an inspiration to others. The Page of Ariel at the outset represents in application,study,scholarship,reflection,news and messages. The message for today is to apply new ideas if you get any, go through your current plans and see if any changes are required, be open to receiving good news and accepting that you deserve all the good and happiness as you have earned it.