Virat- Always & Forever-V.XI.LXVIII



My mother always taught me one thing that no matter many problems your loved one faces you never ever leave his hand and his side in tough times.

Growing up I saw my dad handling a very critical case which bought him lot of fame but with that came the insults,criticism and jealousy. Very often my mother was a scapegoat too and she was at the pinnacle of dad’s career told by some of our building people only that Dad will never get elevated as a Justice . After this she came down and prayed to God and said that my husband has served the just and it’s your responsibility to take care of him and his future. The rest of the story I’ll not write here as all of you’ll know what happened next to my father and the ones who pinned him 🤗🤗

When India lost to Pakistan yesterday a fair few so called friends texted me abusing Virat and claimed that he is not a good cricketer, a bad captain blah blah even going to the extent of being called unlucky for Team India. I really wish the first time their parents failed at something in life they should have blamed them for bringing bad luck into family but since those little fuckers dint get that they grew up to be dicks who can’t stomach someone’s success and so when they fail they blame them. I don’t really have anything to say to them as what Virat has achieved maybe they won’t achieve that in their whole lifetime.

You want to know what I did after we lost I got myself engraved with permanent tattoos. I’ll explain them a bit here
One says Virat Always and Forever in Gurumukhi since Virat is a Punjabi selected this font and I also wear a kada in that particular hand. What I feel for Virat is not based on any of the matches he win or loses, the no of endorsements he bags or the amount of money he makes. My soul is attached to him and since our soul never dies even after our body stops working my love for him is Always and Forever ❤️ and I’ll love him even after I am dead not only in this life but all those lives I’ll get as he deserves this kind of love for being so great and pure.
Another tattoo is Goddess Durga’s eyes with Virat’s Birthdate engraved in Roman Numbers below them. The reason I chose Goddess Durga is because when certain worms text me horrid stuff about Virat she is the one who holds me back from going and putting a Trident up your throats. I have combined the birthday and the eyes because I want the Goddess to always grant him happiness and success and to keep me compassionate,loyal and devout towards Virat. Virat’s birthday is bigger than any festival or day for me and it’s a very very special feeling to have it engraved on me 😁.

I know many fans out there are disappointed and feeling betrayed but always remember that these boys are the ones who have failed how horrid they must be feeling so please go easy and don’t make any memes about anyone’s family members 🙏 it’s a request as we wouldn’t want our family members abused for our failures and neither do they so please show some respect.

I felt bad, shed my tears but I prepared myself somewhere in between till the match was over because I kept on thinking that this team has won so many cups and matches for us that if we are true fans we’ll stand with them and not abuse them as what’s done is done and I’m sure the boys will prove their mettle and come back stronger in other tours.

No matter what I know how much this game means to Virat and how much hard work and passion he puts into it and the disappointment he suffers when we lose hurts him heaps even before he was captain it hurt him and even now it does but he had to speak professionally yesterday and had to appreciate Pakistan cuz they played well. I am sorry on behalf of Virat to everyone out there who feels hurt and betrayed.

As for me I couldn’t be prouder of you Virat as out of the total 6 tattoos I have 4 are dedicated to you and I’m sure there would be more too once inspiration strikes me. I have no complaints and regrets about loving you as you are the best thing that happened to me and nothing more better than you can happen to me. Even if they cut me into pieces and I’m a writhing mass of blood and flesh I’ll ooze love for you till I die. Thank you for being everything that you are ❤️ and always know that you give everything that you have and go out there and prove your worth. I love you Virat and that is based on your heart and not your achievements know that even when the whole world is against you one person will be beside you Always and Forever. I know my God and I love him and he’ll always take care of you and your future and I’ll never leave your side.

My apology is only to cricket fans who were genuinely interested in the game and for those who just have fun in bringing me down or making fun of me cuz I love Virat well know that I have the balls to love one man for my entire life as like some of you’ll I am not married to someone and just cuz my life is boring I don’t betray my husband and have a passionate love affair for sex. I pity you that instead of mending the pieces of your broken life you want to crash mine but know that I’m stronger than you and I have my God who know that my love is true and my heart is pure.

And lastly like you’ll came after me last time I forgave and forgot because I know Karma will serve you for hurting me when all that I wanted for you was the best but come after Virat and I promise I’ll not wait till Karma serves but I’ll destroy you with everything I’ve got against you as I’m even more insane than The Joker when it comes to Virat and certainly not an enemy you want to have so back off for your own good before I fuck you for the worst.



I woke up today feeling so good because yesterday was proof for me that God answers your prayers when Virat received his Padmashri Award.

Everyday I pray for this man because so many people out there keep on abusing him for so many things which they feel he is doing which is absolutely ridiculous. Guess what all those curses are not going to work as he has God with him and he really hasn’t done anything to you’ll so when you are abusing him what you are really doing is creating a vortex of negativity which is going to pull you inside further. I direct my anger, negative feelings, anxiety, stress into prayer which asks only for one thing and that is the happiness and success of Virat Kohli.

After the Australian media debacle I got a lot of texts from my so called friends telling me that Virat is childish. I ignored them as I have seen them when someone abused them, if they are judging Virat on how he retorted to those who abused him then what they have done in similar situation qualifies an insult to Satan if I call them Satan.

Virat is not a saint, he is out there to play good cricket. If you are looking for 12 steps on how to lead your life there are lot of writers/yogi who can help you that so instead of abusing Virat for the way he leads a life go read these books and even if that doesn’t work then go see a therapist. And as far as the judging goes he doesn’t really care about what you said about him as no matter what is in the papers it doesn’t stop him from going out there and working his arse off.

And all those who keep on texting me as to why I should not love Virat well I’m a stubborn, headstrong woman who doesn’t even listen to her parents when she makes her mind about something right and Virat for me is not right but the best thing that ever happened to me and I will never ever stop feeling for him the way I do. I’ll always choose him over everyone else and if you are against him then I’m always against you.

I feel sorry for you when you don’t understand what I feel for Virat because your souls are not elevated enough to understand love in it’s most pure and true form. I’m done explaining myself so when on WhatsApp my display picture and status suddenly disappears know that I have blocked you for good.

Virat I have no words to express how proud I am. I have really done some great deeds in my life that I got this amazing feeling of being in love with you. I hope that you get more successful with each passing day and you get all that you desire. You can keep on working hard and I’ll keep on praying for you.

I love you Always and Forever


The reason I wear this jersey is because there is someone who wears this with the highest honour and my honour is honour!




We have but one life as a human and in that life we go through all the beautiful human experiences. In these experiences the most serene one is finding someone whom you love. Having a boyfriend/husband is something totally different than having a soulmate. A Soulmate is one with whom you have a connection directly from your heart, it’s more on a spritual plane than on the human plane. Very few people find soulmates and the ones who do so are extremely lucky. I always thought I am God’s favourite child because he had given me everything in life (material + non-material). But there came a point in my life where I was bestowed with something so amazing by God and that is when I received proof that I am really loved by God. He bestowed upon me the honour of finding and loving a soulmate and that is what Virat Kohli means to me. He is a person with whom I don’t have any boundaries or normal expectations. To be loved is indeed an honour but to love someone with everything you have is the most fantastic feeling in the world and I am really lucky to have had this feeling in life with Virat.

I heard a lot of  negative comments from people about Virat and my love for him. The most surprising were my friends whom I thought made my world making fun of me because I was loving someone who dint know of my existence. They kept on trolling Virat and me simultaneously and it hurt me a lot initially. Later came a time when their comments stopped affecting me in any way as I put to my heart the most famous quote of Eleanor Roosevelt: No one can make you feel inferior without your consentI realized that this is hurting me because I’m allowing it to hurt me. I drew upon energy from Archangel Michael to dismiss these shallow comments and remarks and the moment I stopped caring about them I felt a huge negative energy leaving my life. Virat and I are made in the likeness of God and no one has the power to say what we are as whatever indvidually we have achieved in our life is because of our hard-work and dedication we have put in our respective personal and professional life.

Moving on I started feeling bad for those people because they dint deserve my anger as it was not their fault that they were blind on a spiritual level. I really feel sorry for those who trolled and made fun of me and my deepest sympathies are with them along with the hope that may they become better human beings before departing from this world. One last piece of advice Save your souls from eternal damnation and the only way to do that is by attaining some level of humanity!

Also for all those who have supported and applauded my love for Virat here are a few things I would like to share with you about my feelings for Virat. I would also like to thank you all for being so supportive, may God bless you all with immense happiness and all that you desire in life.

For all those asking what’s so special about Virat for me,here it is:

❤️ I have a heart but it pumps and is functional because of Virat!

❤️ I have dreams and the inspiration to achieve them is Virat!

❤️ I have a life and the zest to live it is Virat!

❤️ I have happiness and the smile which makes me happy is Virat!

❤️ I have courage and the strength to that is Virat!

❤️ I have optimism and the positivity in that is Virat!

❤️ I have light and the sunshine in that is Virat!

❤️ I have peace and the moonlight in that peace is Virat

❤️ I have organs but the adrenaline which makes them work is Virat!

❤️ I have eyes but my capability to see is Virat!

❤️I know love and the reason for that is only Virat!

❤ I have existence and that is because of Virat! 

I would like to end this post once again by thanking God for bestowing upon me the honour of loving a pure soul like Virat. Thank you. Amen. Blessed Be!!!

Love and Light