And they lived Happily Ever After <3 !!



Once Upon A Time there was a girl named Sheetal who was very happy. She believed that being happy is something which gives you everything in life. Her life was good, full of people who loved her and respected her. Still she felt like something was missing in her life as the world she lived in was very different from that one which existed in typical fairytales. This world was full of people who had lots of ways to interact with each other, here distance did not matter for Friendship and relationships. But still many relationships lacked meaning and were just full of exterior shine. There was no transparency and the relationships were pretentious. The walls of distance were made less by technology and innovation but there were many walls put up in relationships. People felt a need to keep these walls, they did not want any one person to know everything about them so they kept a lot of things even from their best friends. And that is how relationships and life became complex.

Sheetal did not like this world but had no option to go anywhere else because this is where she was born and no matter how dysfunctional it was this was her home. She knew it that if she wanted her Fairytale she would have to achieve her happiness in this world itself. But like every other heroine in the story Sheetal had had her fair share of heartbreaks and so like everyone she had put up her own walls. She had lost faith in people and so she kept her concept of her Happily Ever After in her head. But she had always kept the hope alive that one day her life would change and till then she kept on believing.

One day in the midst of all the chaos that was happening Sheetal met someone a guy named Simba and she immediately hated him. She thought he was a pompous arse who only thought about himself. But gradually things changed and they became friends. Oops sorry if you thought something romantic was happening there was Romance but the most purest and the truest romance to ever exist in this world that of the Love between Two Friends. What started off as a casual Friendship bloomed into a Friendship for a lifetime. He challenged every belief she had but he also supported every crazy idea she presented. He loved her without expecting any change and taught her that people who love you truly don’t laugh at you for being broken but they put all your pieces back together, make you whole and love you the way you are. He was not related by blood to her but he became her veins because of which the blood flows in her system. Her life canvas was filled with colour because he was the palette of colours. He was the missing piece of the puzzle that was her life and he made things great for her.


Days passed and their friendship strengthened with time. They had created their world in the crazy world. Their world made them happy and kept them sane. They needed each other’s friendship more than anything else. But like every good story has a villain their had evil in it’s fate too. There were certain people in the girl’s life who were jealous and they tried to break her friendship with him. She kept on wondering why are they doing this to me? Their life is good, they have people who love them then why is my Friendship bothering them? This made her restless so immediately she called Simba and told him of everything. He told her that the only reason that they are doing this is because your happiness hurts them, makes them sad. She was surprised and she felt sad and hurt that the people who were close to me were sad because I was happy? This incident took a toll on her relationship with everyone as she was not sure whom to trust and whom to not. She felt betrayed and stupid as she thought there was some glitch in her which made her susceptible to such plots. She wanted to be alone. Her trust was completely broken. But in this dark time there was one person who kept the light shining in her life, one person who made sure she did not completely collapse, one person who nursed her back to the loving kind warm hearted girl that she was, one person who broke all the walls and made her heart beat again and that was Simba. She was very happy that he never left her and realized that the fault was not with her but with the others who had an issue with her happiness.Together they slayed the demons and the villains in their story. She became strong and decided that she would not let such people influence her thoughts of love and friendship. What is true love and friendship was defined for her by the man who stood by her through thick and thin and not by pretentious chameleons.

Simba was her Happily Ever After. He was not her Prince Charming but he added charm in her life. The love that they shared was platonic but the intimacy levels of their relationship were way higher than of those in a sexual relationship. They dint love each other as a couple but their hearts were of two halves beating together as one.

Yes I found my Fairytale in my best friend. A Happily Ever After is not a one in which a girl marries a guy and they live in their castle ruling over their Kingdom. Happily Ever After’s are stories with people who add meaning to your life by loving you the way you are. Happily Ever After’s are with those best friends who make your everyday happy,happier and happiest.

You friends are an eternal part of your life. No one understands you the way your friends do. No matter what happens these people will be there for you unconditionally. Never let go of them cuz a true friend lost causes damage as much as a person’s death does.

This post is dedicated to my best friend Ro and here are a few words which I would like to say about him

There are best friends and then there is this one 👫!  My absolutely crazy and insane love 👦🏻! The one who ‘Always’ has my back and the one who supports me unconditionally irrespective of how crazy my endeavors are! And then when I feel a lil sad when life is not going the way it’s supposed to or when I feel the pace has become slow he silently packs something and sends me a reminder which makes me jump on my Happy 🚋 again!

Ro you’ve been in my life for about 2 years but they have been the most magical years of my life 💫!
Earlier people tried to break us apart and I kept wondering 🤔why are they so jealous of our friendship,don’t they have best friends too?Then I realised that they are not pure so they’ll never know a soul like you😇!
Ro what we share is so special that I don’t even share this kind of relationship with my boyfriend! You have nourished and nurtured my soul,taken crazy rides with me which only besties get a ticket for,you have supported me like a pillar the way a person’s parents do,scolded me and put me on the right path when I went astray like an elder brother,taught me life lessons like a teacher,been my tissue when I needed to wipe my tears,been that high five when I felt fiery joy and wanted to celebrate, the list goes on! As dysfunctional as life gets I know even in the craziest sense you will always be my Family,my Support System,My Confidante,My Lover,My Happiness and my Best Friend Forever ❤️!

I owe a lot to you and no matter what I do for you it’ll always be pale in comparison to what you have done for me! All I can say is that I’ll be your Friend Always and Forever!

We might not meet everyday but we make up for that with the incessant phone calls,Facetime Calls,WhatsApp Message and even iMessage( as you wanna show off that you have an iPhone 😜) but no matter how far we are or how less we talk (impossible) you are closest person in this entire world to me and you are always in my heart ❤️!I promise I’ll never sing songs with anyone except you because we add a beautiful rhythm to each other’s life. I promise I’ll never discuss with anyone except you about how unfair this world is and how will we save our kids from demons respectively. I promise you that there will be no other friend except you whom I’ll call at 3 am in the night to say something crazy. Above all I promise you that no matter who comes in my life I’ll never ever give your place to anyone!
Lastly thank you for this amazing #OnceUponATime pendant, the beautiful earrings and the Once in a Lifetime Woman phone cover I’ll sure be flaunting them soon and showing off to everyone that my bestie gave it to me! On an ending note I just wanna say I love you and also I hate you (reasons known 😉) and I’m very grateful and blessed to have a friend like you.



Know Me!!!


Hello peeps. It’s my first blogversary!!! First I would like to thank all my readers for their unconditional love and support. I really appreciate all of you!

Now since it’s my Blogversary I kept on wondering what I should do today or more like what I should blog about today! So I went on a limb and decided to answer questions about me. I emailed/Whatsapp’d and also put a Facebook status asking people for their questions and I got a lot of questions via Whatsapp so am gonna answer 25 questions in  all.

  1. You are such a happy and exuberant person, what is the secret of that?


A. This is one of my most favorite question and there are several reasons for my happiness. First I am happy because I believe in living in the present, there are a lot of mistakes in my past too but I learn from them and move on. I don’t allow them to shadow my present and future. Another thing which makes me happy is that I believe a lot, I believe that we are all a part of  a great story happening and everyone is going to get their happy share so why to be sad and glum for all that is temporary as something beautiful waits for you round the corner so take a leap and fly. And lastly keep smiling and never give up!!!

2. Do you believe in God?


A. YES!!! Firstly when I look around at the trees,the birds,the sky, the sea and of course all of us human beings it’s impossible to believe that one person could create such beauty but in truth that is what happened and a mere human cannot do all of this alone so yes the one who created our beautiful universe is God! Secondly I have experienced God all of those times when I couldn’t pull through and I did because of my faith in him I have actually seen him next to me supporting me,pushing me to get to that safety net and that finishing line. Thirdly all religions and religious scriptures direct us to connect with humanity and that is a principle I live on so if God has said that then of course I believe in him!

3. A cause which is very close to my heart?

image1 (10)

A. There are many causes which are close to my heart but the most closest one is FEMINISM. I feel that it’s a right of every person born on this earth to study, work and more importantly live the way they want to. There should not be any gender bias when it comes to education, pay and work. I would really love to see men and women walk together as equals!

4. My take on fashion?


A. Fashion is what you feel comfortable in. I never copy anyone’s style, yes I get inspired by celebrities like Emma Watson, Blake Lively and Sonam Kapoor but I never copy them. You should create your own style. When dressing up Comfort is the most important aspect for me!

5. My favorite clothing brand?


A. Again I am not a brand freak, I will wear anything and everything that appeals me.

6. Which phone I am currently using?


A. Now the apples which I pay for are not the only ones I eat! iPhone 6!

7. What do I always carry in my bag?


A. Sunglasses, Wet Wipes/Sanitiser, Keys, Lipstick, Compact, Wallet, Diary and a Pen!

8. My most to-go outfit?


A. One pieces

9. My take on accessories?

image3 (2)

A. Accessories to clothing are like bullets to a gun.

10. My most favorite make up product?


A. A red lipstick!!! Currently am crushing on Chanel and Lancome Red Lipsticks!!!

11.Lipstick or Lip Gloss?


A. Lipstick but if the gloss gives an effect like a lipstick then I don’t mind it like the Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss(19 Pirate) which I am currently crushing on <3<3 !

12. How many lipsticks do I own?


A. 26 and out of them 21 are red!

13.  Favorite Perfume?


A. Tresor Midnight Rose by Lancome and Touch by Burberry!

14. Which brand lipsticks do I own?


A. Chanel, Lancome, Bobbi Brown,Nars, Mac, Lakme, Maybelline, Loreal, Revlon, Oriflame and Colourbar

15. Favorite Accessory?


A. Earrings, they can make even the most boring outfit alluring! Right now I am crushing on my Kendall Jenner Coin Earrings, they go well both with Indian and Western Outfits!

16. Favorite Song?


A. I like any music that makes me cheerful or inspires me. Currently am listening to Let It Go (Idina Menzel) and Hunger (Ross Copperman) on a loop. If I have to pick one all time favorite then that would be Nothing’s Gonna Change my Love for You!

17. 5 Favorite Books?


A. Harry Potter Series, The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, Lone Eagle by Danielle Steel, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and Rage of Angels by Sidney Sheldon.

18. Mention 5 things from your bucket list


A. There are a lot of things which I want to do but my most first important thing is That I wanna live my life happily, I want to spend a Christmas in New York, Skydive, Write a novel and Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter(WWOHP)

19. My current relationship status?


A. I am in a serious relationship .He is the most wonderful guy I have ever met. He loves me a lot and respects me. These are the only details I wish to share for now as when you are in a relationship it’s not just about you it’s about the other person as well. Soon I will be publicly announcing about it 🙂

20. When were you heartbroken the most?


A. I have been truly heartbroken only twice. First when my grandfather died. Second time I was heartbroken and felt stabbed when certain people made my relationship with my ex their ego issue and it put a terrible strain on me and my relationship. I never thought the ones I love will hurt me so much but they did. Any way I am going to take that also as a learning experience and now I know who my true allies are 🙂 .

21. Whom do I love the most?


A. I love all of my friends and some of my relatives too 😉 but the people I love most are Virat Kohli, My Parents, My Sister and Arinjai ❤ !

22. Why do I love Virat Kohli?


A. This was the most interesting question. Have you ever questioned why you love your parents? No you haven’t, same is my case. I cannot question why I love him, it’s natural for me it goes with living life. I myself don’t know when,how and why I fell in love with him. It’s a very huge and important part of my life.It’s like his love is tattooed on my heart. He is the reason I wake up in the morning and falling in love with him is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

23. You say you love Virat so much would you throw yourself in front of a bus to save him?


A. YES,YES & A 1000 TIMES YES. I would throw myself in front of a bus, walk on coals, give that floating plank in a sea, pitch myself off a tower to save Virat Kohli! And this is not just because of the love I feel for him it’s because I am selfish and my entire world revolves around him, there is no world for me if there is no Virat in that world and so for my existence Virat needs to exist too!

24. Where did I learn Tarot from?

image1 (14)

A. I did not learn Tarot from any teacher or classes. My friend gifted me an Oracle Deck and we started doing it together as we were Indigo Children we quickly learnt the art ourselves!

25. What do I love most about life?


A. I love life itself and yes of course VIRAT KOHLI too!!!

I had so much fun writing this blog. I hope you enjoy reading it too. For those whose questions were not included I am personally gonna email you the answer of those questions.

Thank you for so much overwhelming response and I really and truly appreciate all of you.

Take Care

Keep Shining and Loving!!!

Gold is not Old it is Beautiful and Bold

image3 (4)

I am a very impatient person, so indeed when I purchase something new I just cannot wait to start flaunting it. Such was my last week, I went on a statement jewelry shopping spree and came with my hands full.

There is something about the colour Golden which attracts me a lot when it comes to jewelry and I am the last person you will see sporting white gold! The baubles in the above picture were styled and carried by me on the very same day. Yes they looked classic and sexy and no I did not attend a wedding. I had styled myself for a dinner!!

image2 (11)

Step one was choosing a basic dress. Since it was Independence Day I wanted to wear something colourful and that is the reason why I chose this dress. It’s a very simple dress in Brown,Orange and Green colour. The belt is an addition, it does not come with the dress, I just wanted add some spunk and flash to an old outfit. Wearing a simple outfit when you have blingy accessories is very important. The most you can experiment is with the colouring. Wear an outfit with 2-3 colours if plain is not your style.

I have a carried a basic LV purse as since I was heading out for dinner I just needed to carry my keys and my to go thing i.e. compact and lipstick which easily fit into this beauty. The colour of the purse is also very important. We do not want to carry those flashy clutches,let the jewelry make a statement 😉 . I chose my favourite to go peep toes in a shade of beige and mustard. Please make sure to not wear gold sandals when flaunting too many baubles.

image3 (2)

Now getting to my best and most favourite part of this look. As I was wearing a dress with a prominent neckline I chose a statement necklace. This beauty is a cluttered collection of Gold Maple Leaves which dominates my neckline prominently. You can also try a gold rope necklace for a similar outfit. Now the basic question why not any statement necklace and why the gold one? Well since I was wearing a basic outfit with no detailing or work, the gold adds a spunk to the otherwise bland look, a statement necklace in co-ordination with your outfit colour will look good but my objective is to always STAND OUT.

The round earrings collided perfectly with the Maple Leaves. Also next to the necklace they look like beautiful about to bloom buds. Never ever wear tassels when you wear a prominent gold neckpiece as it will look too flashy. If you want to go for some function/party and want to wear tassels then choose earrings in accordance with your outfit colour with just a dash of gold, this will look nice on your outfit and you get a hint of gold too!!!

Handcuffs are very much in vogue now-a-days and choosing the right one is almost as important as deciding if or not to wear that LBD again. I chose this one for the Gold colour and the brilliant red floral detailing. Another reason for choosing this particular one was because the floral theme of the cuff matched my necklace. It’s almost fitting to match leaves and flowers 🙂 .

Now below is the fun part ❤

image1 (20)

I love playing with open backs and here is what I did I styled my regular flower pendant and put it at the back instead of front. This will definitely turn those heads!!!

image1 (19)

I played with my lip shades a bit. A red colour loyalist generally but this time I went with the autumn theme and went for Coral Lips. In the above image I have used Maybelline Colour Show Orange Icon Lipstick and Lancome Gloss in Love Coral Shade. On my face I have used my regular MAC Studio Fix Compact.

And here is how it looked with red lips!!!

image1 (22)

I am wearing Maybelline Colour Show Red Lipstick in the above image!!!

image2 (12)

image2 (13)

This is how I had styled my hair. Since I was having a bad hair day I kept it at one side for sometime and then little on both sides but you can try a ponytail too.

Well that is it for all gold lovers out there. Be bold and be beautiful!!!