Daily Card Reading-31st January 2017



The card for today is Three of Water. In traditional tarot Three of Water is Three of Cups.

The suit of water represents our feelings, the depth of our emotions and our nurturing qualities. This suit is mainly related with love,romance, relationships,family,dreams and desires. The suit of water encompasses the depth of our psychic and intuitive abilities. It asks you to go deep inside and find out about what your real desires and dreams are as opposed to what you feel on the surface.

The pictorial depiction shows two dolphin swimming in the deep sea and in between them are three cups resting on a rock. If you observe the waves they are are quite chaotic but the dolphins are at peace, the dolphins represents us they tell us that no matter how hard it looks on surface once u connect with yourself and go deep inside to the unexplored parts of your soul you will get everything you desire. Water in a reading indicates that our actions will be around our emotions. Being emotional is not a sign of weakness infact it’s a sign that you are human and you are in touch with your humanity. Emotions heal our soul and this healing is essential for you as after this only you will be able to fully receive what is coming your way. You need to whole to celebrate your success and happiness with others. This card indicates that you are going to receive some great news today 🙂 so be ready.

Water in work signifies group work. Whatever you are working on it should result in a positive outcome today. If you are part of a group in a project know that everyone’s collective effort will ensure success. Some of you will get a reason to celebrate at work, when you do share your success with those who have always been there for you. Whatever you get today share it with others especially your family, community or for humanitarian purposes. Collective ventures and collaborations are going to give you amazing success so if you are planning to start some small scale business you have a green light to go ahead with it today.

Relationships will be all about joy and love and sharing it with others. After all the chaos that has happened if you have sorted it then know that you have come out as new people in your relationship. Your relationship has elevated to the next level and there is renewed affection between you and your significant other. If you relationship was a secret till today then now you are ready to share it with family, friends and kindred spirits. It’s a very good day to pop the question if you were thinking about it and don’t worry about the response as you will definitely get a positive one. Singles be super happy as you will get to celebrate love. You have worked towards this for a very long time and a positive response from them makes you go all gaga. The person you have dreamed about is now in reality with you.Love is in the air and it’s to stay so don’t get swayed just get ready to swept of your feet. Your happily every after is here.

Three of Water tells us to accept what others are offering to us and to share what we have with them. It’s a great day to resolve differences and encourage spiritual goodwill. Forgiving someone is more essential for us than for the other person as it makes our soul whole. If you carry hate or enmity for someone who wronged you in your heart for a very long time then it affects you as a person. So please follow what Martin Luther King Jr said- I choose love because hate is too big a burden to bear. Don’t put yourself under this burden, forgive them and move on. You don’t need to taint your pure soul with such hatred.

Keep the focus today on accepting yourself and others. No one is perfect and everyone is flawed including you but accepting someone with their flaws is the start of a lifelong beautiful relationship, do that today and you will find some people who will be with you for your life. Today is going to be a problem free day and all the issues that were bothering you will get solved. Celebrate go out with friends and have fun.Get in touch with your inner self and use the light of your soul on your journey forward.

The Three of Cups at the outset signifies perfection, victory, merriment, celebration, fulfilment,solace and healing. So the message for today is to know that you deserve this victory as you have worked a lot towards it, to forgive those who have wronged you for the healing of your soul, to find peace and to celebrate with your close ones about your achievements.