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Hello peeps. It’s my first blogversary!!! First I would like to thank all my readers for their unconditional love and support. I really appreciate all of you!

Now since it’s my Blogversary I kept on wondering what I should do today or more like what I should blog about today! So I went on a limb and decided to answer questions about me. I emailed/Whatsapp’d and also put a Facebook status asking people for their questions and I got a lot of questions via Whatsapp so am gonna answer 25 questions in  all.

  1. You are such a happy and exuberant person, what is the secret of that?


A. This is one of my most favorite question and there are several reasons for my happiness. First I am happy because I believe in living in the present, there are a lot of mistakes in my past too but I learn from them and move on. I don’t allow them to shadow my present and future. Another thing which makes me happy is that I believe a lot, I believe that we are all a part of  a great story happening and everyone is going to get their happy share so why to be sad and glum for all that is temporary as something beautiful waits for you round the corner so take a leap and fly. And lastly keep smiling and never give up!!!

2. Do you believe in God?


A. YES!!! Firstly when I look around at the trees,the birds,the sky, the sea and of course all of us human beings it’s impossible to believe that one person could create such beauty but in truth that is what happened and a mere human cannot do all of this alone so yes the one who created our beautiful universe is God! Secondly I have experienced God all of those times when I couldn’t pull through and I did because of my faith in him I have actually seen him next to me supporting me,pushing me to get to that safety net and that finishing line. Thirdly all religions and religious scriptures direct us to connect with humanity and that is a principle I live on so if God has said that then of course I believe in him!

3. A cause which is very close to my heart?

image1 (10)

A. There are many causes which are close to my heart but the most closest one is FEMINISM. I feel that it’s a right of every person born on this earth to study, work and more importantly live the way they want to. There should not be any gender bias when it comes to education, pay and work. I would really love to see men and women walk together as equals!

4. My take on fashion?


A. Fashion is what you feel comfortable in. I never copy anyone’s style, yes I get inspired by celebrities like Emma Watson, Blake Lively and Sonam Kapoor but I never copy them. You should create your own style. When dressing up Comfort is the most important aspect for me!

5. My favorite clothing brand?


A. Again I am not a brand freak, I will wear anything and everything that appeals me.

6. Which phone I am currently using?


A. Now the apples which I pay for are not the only ones I eat! iPhone 6!

7. What do I always carry in my bag?


A. Sunglasses, Wet Wipes/Sanitiser, Keys, Lipstick, Compact, Wallet, Diary and a Pen!

8. My most to-go outfit?


A. One pieces

9. My take on accessories?

image3 (2)

A. Accessories to clothing are like bullets to a gun.

10. My most favorite make up product?


A. A red lipstick!!! Currently am crushing on Chanel and Lancome Red Lipsticks!!!

11.Lipstick or Lip Gloss?


A. Lipstick but if the gloss gives an effect like a lipstick then I don’t mind it like the Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss(19 Pirate) which I am currently crushing on <3<3 !

12. How many lipsticks do I own?


A. 26 and out of them 21 are red!

13.  Favorite Perfume?


A. Tresor Midnight Rose by Lancome and Touch by Burberry!

14. Which brand lipsticks do I own?


A. Chanel, Lancome, Bobbi Brown,Nars, Mac, Lakme, Maybelline, Loreal, Revlon, Oriflame and Colourbar

15. Favorite Accessory?


A. Earrings, they can make even the most boring outfit alluring! Right now I am crushing on my Kendall Jenner Coin Earrings, they go well both with Indian and Western Outfits!

16. Favorite Song?


A. I like any music that makes me cheerful or inspires me. Currently am listening to Let It Go (Idina Menzel) and Hunger (Ross Copperman) on a loop. If I have to pick one all time favorite then that would be Nothing’s Gonna Change my Love for You!

17. 5 Favorite Books?


A. Harry Potter Series, The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, Lone Eagle by Danielle Steel, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and Rage of Angels by Sidney Sheldon.

18. Mention 5 things from your bucket list


A. There are a lot of things which I want to do but my most first important thing is That I wanna live my life happily, I want to spend a Christmas in New York, Skydive, Write a novel and Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter(WWOHP)

19. My current relationship status?


A. I am in a serious relationship .He is the most wonderful guy I have ever met. He loves me a lot and respects me. These are the only details I wish to share for now as when you are in a relationship it’s not just about you it’s about the other person as well. Soon I will be publicly announcing about it 🙂

20. When were you heartbroken the most?


A. I have been truly heartbroken only twice. First when my grandfather died. Second time I was heartbroken and felt stabbed when certain people made my relationship with my ex their ego issue and it put a terrible strain on me and my relationship. I never thought the ones I love will hurt me so much but they did. Any way I am going to take that also as a learning experience and now I know who my true allies are 🙂 .

21. Whom do I love the most?


A. I love all of my friends and some of my relatives too 😉 but the people I love most are Virat Kohli, My Parents, My Sister and Arinjai ❤ !

22. Why do I love Virat Kohli?


A. This was the most interesting question. Have you ever questioned why you love your parents? No you haven’t, same is my case. I cannot question why I love him, it’s natural for me it goes with living life. I myself don’t know when,how and why I fell in love with him. It’s a very huge and important part of my life.It’s like his love is tattooed on my heart. He is the reason I wake up in the morning and falling in love with him is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

23. You say you love Virat so much would you throw yourself in front of a bus to save him?


A. YES,YES & A 1000 TIMES YES. I would throw myself in front of a bus, walk on coals, give that floating plank in a sea, pitch myself off a tower to save Virat Kohli! And this is not just because of the love I feel for him it’s because I am selfish and my entire world revolves around him, there is no world for me if there is no Virat in that world and so for my existence Virat needs to exist too!

24. Where did I learn Tarot from?

image1 (14)

A. I did not learn Tarot from any teacher or classes. My friend gifted me an Oracle Deck and we started doing it together as we were Indigo Children we quickly learnt the art ourselves!

25. What do I love most about life?


A. I love life itself and yes of course VIRAT KOHLI too!!!

I had so much fun writing this blog. I hope you enjoy reading it too. For those whose questions were not included I am personally gonna email you the answer of those questions.

Thank you for so much overwhelming response and I really and truly appreciate all of you.

Take Care

Keep Shining and Loving!!!

From Weddings With Love


A wedding is the most important day in a bride’s life!!! Ah cut the crap a wedding is the most important day in every girl’s life who attends a wedding 😉 . It’s more important because this is one day be its a friend’s,brother’s or even an acquaintances wedding you can dress up the way you like. A bride has to take into consideration many pros and cons before deciding her wedding outfit and she can hardly experiment or go over board. So girlies experiment as much you can in other weddings and by the time you get married you have so many perfect looks to choose from that you really can Rock on your own wedding day!!!

The kind of shopping which I did in my brother’s and close friend’s wedding was almost equal to a bride’s trousseau. I wanted to write about this from a very long time as I haven’t shared anything about how to dress yourself in a Wedding or our most favorite Indian look.

First I am going to start with my good friend’s wedding. She is a Maharashtrian and had opted for the big fat Marathi wedding.




Yellow,Green and Gold are my to go favorites when it comes to Maharashtrian weddings. The saree which I am wearing is a Paithani which is the Queen of Sarees and a must have for every saree lover.

I decided to go heavy on the jewelry and adorned a gold choker necklace and kundan+pearl jhumkas. Hairstyle was a simple bun with just one string of flowers. Too many gajras is not my style but if you like it you can use them in your hairstyle as with traditional outfits they indeed look beautiful. Also I opted for a white gajra as my outift was yellow and orange would horribly clash with it but if you are wearing any other colour outfit like Red or Orange you can choose orange gajras too, they blend in very well with your outfit colour.

Despite it being a wedding and having hired a make-up artist I did not drop my mantra of just highlighting one feature on your face. I went with the dark lipstick as my highlighted feature and rest of the make up was in light shades of Gold and Nude.

Since it was a day time function I decided to use more bold colours!!! I am a fan of bright colours and tend to include more of them in my wardrobe. Few other bright colours which will work in an Indian wedding are Bottle Green, Orange and Red. Styling them with the right jewellery and perfect make-up will make people eye you even more than the bride!!!

Continuing this if you don’t want to wear a saree which I didn’t want to in my best friend’s wedding as I wanted to dance in the baraat and I feel more comfortable dancing in a Salwar here is how you can style yourself if you don’t wanna wear a saree.




So you want to wear a dress and yet want to stand out. Will the brocade do the trick? No it won’t you will get lost in other hundreds who wear a Brocade Salwar/Saree, Then how to stand out?

Rule 1: Do the opposite of what you do while choosing a saree colour. Keep the same base dark but ditch the Green,Red and Yellow as they are Brocade favorites instead go for colours added with Electric shades Pink,Orange and Golden.

Rule 2: Accessorize heavily as your dress cannot be as heavy as a saree and even if it is the accessories will make it look more beautiful.

Rule 3: Footwear should either be  in Gold,Silver or Copper. Don’t try to match your outfit with you footwear instead match it with the embroidery or the lining. This will give a nice mismatched look and will make you stand out. Too much matching creates a horrendous look when it comes to electric colours.

Rule 4: What applies for the footwear is exactly opposite for the make up. Electric coloured outfits call for heavy make up which means highlight your cheeks, eyes and lips in co-ordination with your outfit. Reason- if you opt for pale make up you will look uncomfortable without actually being it.

I have styled a Purple/Pink Velvet and Net dress with pearl earrings and lots of bangles. Since my dress has a gold lace I am wearing strapped Gold heels. As for my make-up I have highlighted my lips,cheeks and eyes the way I have told before. I had to deviate from my to go lipcolour here and use purple’s and pink’s instead.

So don’t worry girls you can look beautiful and rock it even while wearing Salwars!!!

Every girl who wears red isn't essentially a Bride!!!
Every girl who wears red isn’t essentially a Bride!!!

Before I start blogging about this look, I wanna clear a myth ” Red is only a bride’s colour” this statement might have applied before but it’s of no truth when it comes to today’s bride.

Weddings have totally changed. Right from the food that is served to the clothes that the bride and groom wear. Earlier Red was a staple colour when it came to bridal clothing but now that has changed bride’s are seen sporting sister shades of Red namely Orange and Coral. Also with change comes confidence today’s woman doesn’t care if a girl in the same room is wearing a similar shade outfit(at least my friends and me don’t).

So it’s okay to wear Red even if you are not the bride!!!


image2 (5)

This is the dress which I wore in my brother’s main wedding. Red Lehenga with Gold and Green Work. Yes I am a sucker for these colours.

I paired a Choker necklace with this outfit as the Blouse which I am wearing has a simple U neckline and the neckpiece goes in perfect symmetry with it. The earrings are my most to go earrings on any Indian outfit that’s why I chose them. While making a bangle set I mixed studded and pearl bangles keeping in mind the colour of my outfit.

I do not like overdoing hairstyles on Lehengas so I went for a simple mid puff with sleek and straight hair. You can use hair accessories if you like them but I like to keep my hair simple and without any accessories. But if you use hair accessories make sure they are not too blingy and shiny otherwise it can clash horribly with your outfit.


In all this don’t forget to smile because at the end of the day the best accessory a woman has is her smile!!!

Now I am moving on to discuss evening looks which we can keep in mind for Sangeets and Reception.


This 7 1/2 Kg Aqua Lehenga is what I wore for my brother’s sangeet ceremony. Its a beautiful net piece with gold embroidery and red,green velvet flowers.

My reason for choosing this particular colour is that it’s one of the most beautiful shade in the family of Blue and yet it’s used very less. I reserve bright colours for main weddings.

Always wear evening outfits with more work/embroidery having subtle fabric colours!!! Evening time is to shine so its more about being blingy than bright. The reflection which your diamonds cast on the floor when you twirl is priceless!!!


Avoid loud makeup as the extra lighting will not only make your face look overdone but it will also spoil all your pictures completely.

I have just worn studded blue and clear bangles. Earrings are crystal clear chandeliers though they are not completely visible you can get a glimpse of them but for your reference I am uploading a picture of the earrings.

image1 (13)

Many people tell me we cannot wear a lehenga and dance. Is it okay if we wear a dress?



You can absolutely wear a dress for sangeet. Just make sure that you don’t go for too flashy colours. Make sure that your dress has net at least 1% as it looks beautiful in those perfect evening lights. Also it would be more perfect if it has gold or silver in it (: !!!

Now let’s move on to the reception. Yes we can wear a saree,lehenga or even a salwar suit in a reception too, but what if we have already exhausted the use of these three outfits? What if we want to wear something different and yet keep it within the fashion circle? I have the perfect outfit for that!




The Indo-Western Gown is the answer to our prayers!!! Yes we could wear a normal gown but would the fun and allure of the look be the same in an Indian wedding? No it won’t.

The concept of Indo Western gowns is so fresh that you will be talk of the function if you wear it.

The gown which I am wearing is in pastel colours except for the front sash which is hot pink. I asked the designer to make the sash in a dark colour as it creates perfect contrast and make it look even more sexy!!!

I went for a half straight and half curly hair do because I wanted to create that Athena style Goddess look and yes I pretty much nailed it. You can go for a bun also but if you want to break a stereotype go for something different like this.Buns and Gowns are pretty old school now.


At last what matters is how you carry yourself!!! A classic woman has style and grace. Never forget that!!!

I had so much fun writing about this and I hope you enjoy when you read it too.



Yes we are Fashionistas and we do think

image1 (2)

Hello peeps. Hope everyone is having a fabulous month. I am surely enjoying the weather by excess tea drinking and lots of reading. As far as seasons go Monsoons are my favorite but they are also the hardest months of dressing.

Monsoons are totally a no-jeans month for me. I just cannot tolerate that mud and muck on my pants. I love all my dresses but carrying the same style for quite sometime doesn’t sit well with me. So when I was standing in front my wardrobe little bored an idea came to my mind let’s play dress up. When I was a kid I use to take all sarees of my mom and just drape them around myself creating a mix-match but a mind satisfying effect 😉 . Then I grew up and things got complicated so I started playing less and worrying more. But I thought why not try mix matching again, why not play dress up again.

I had picked a beautiful striped short fitting skirt from Bossini but had never worn it as there was nothing in my wardrobe which matched it. I wanted to wear to it so badly that I decided if I am trying why not try something with this particular skirt. After trying few long tops on it (which looked good but not good enough) I came across my black dress and decided to try that with the skirt and the effect was Voila.

I just tucked the dress in the skirt and tied the belt (which is a part of the dress) in the front in a bow shape. It simply looks beautiful and chic. Much better than any crop top or tank top would look with it. And to be honest I am not a fan of crop tops unless they are in a set or oh-so-not-casual. I paired the dress with platform heeled shoes but you can wear stilettos too, my reason for wearing platforms were my leg sprain, but hey they look good. I am sure people who are reading this post must not be doing this but fair warning never ever carry a sling bag with this kind of outfit. The best bag that you can pair with it is a tote. Also avoid hobos they tend to look plain casual and even if this outfit is casual its downright sexy, so please don’t cause a disaster by carrying a hobo/sling with it. You can carry a purse but since I carry a lot of stuff while I go out ( as my boyfriend says my bag is the atlantic ocean) I need to carry a tote. Another pointer when you are wearing a monochrome outfit don’t try contrast colour bags as they totally kill your outfit. The only contrast you need to try here is with your make up. Discard the browns and go with the reds and pink. I simply love red so I am wearing a Revlon Red Lipstick here and a basic N42 Compact by Mac (which sums up my make up). You can try wearing collar jewelry with this outfit it adds the right amount of dash (I am not wearing any as my purpose that day was casual). All this and you are ready.

I have written a short blog today because I just wanted to highlight that fashionistas use their brain too. It’s not just wearing anything that comes in front of your eyes.

Fashion is about using your brains and thinking out of the box. Don’t copy your favorite fashionistas, instead take inspiration from them, add your own style statement and create an absolutely fabulous look 🙂 . Also you don’t need to always go shopping to create an amazing outfit, every fashionistas wardrobe is awesome so out of those if you put two super outfits together the effect will be fantabulous.

You were born original. If you copy someone you can only achieve less than what they have but remember a Woman who doesn’t follow anyone and takes that left turn actually is leading to Discovery. 

Love and Light