Nineteen Years Later

Nineteen Years Later= 1st September 2017!

Harry,Ron and Hermione see off their kids at #KingsCross and here we are still patiently waiting for our letters or in some cases even Hagrid’s job just to enter the #WizardingWorld and experience it’s magic which goes to show how magical #HarryPotter is. Harry Potter is not just any fandom to us but it’s something which touched,changed our lives,shaped us,gave us friends for life and made our life what it is.

#JKRowling I really really can’t thank you enough for writing the Harry Potter series and changing millions of lives out there. In this dull world your work made it possible for us to re-ignite the spark and go for what we want no matter what the world 🗺 thinks about us! Friendship,loyalty,love all existed but for me the meaning to these things was added by Harry Potter! I owe you my life as it’s cuz of HP I met the best people I know today ❤️!