Flower Power

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Oh My God she is wearing such a beautiful floral maxi, is what you thought when that girl passed by on the street. You know you can easily look as beautiful as her, all you need to do is style your florals effectively.

In the above image I am wearing a Body con floral dress with wired wedges, the reason that I am wearing wired wedges is that in monsoons I feel more comfortable wearing wedges than Stilettos. The reason that I chose light coloured wedges is because my dress has a lot of green and red so wearing bright coloured shoes would have been too loud.

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In both the looks I am wearing floral earrings to complement the dress.The earrings in the first image are pure Brass Floral earrings by FancyPants The Store and the second ones are Enamel Studs with spikes by Amrapali Tribal (Chandrika Collection). If you pair floral earrings with a floral outfit they will bring out the dress even more beautifully but make sure that they are not too big. Also take care of the colour as in avoid electrical or neon earrings. The Chandrika earrings which I am sporting are dull pink in colour.

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Sunglasses are my most favourite essentials when I go out. Here in one look I am sporting Brown RayBans. I opted for a brown colour RayBan because a green,orange or blue one would have clashed with my dress and killed the beauty of both. Also the rim of my sunglasses was gold and I was wearing brass earrings so I opted for a RayBan.If you are wearing a floral dress which doesn’t have a white base then you can easily pair it with a Green or Orange RayBan.

In the second picture I am wearing Black Oversized Sunglasses. I wanted to try this because the colour Black always when paired with multicolours creates a mind boggling effect.

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The make up I am wearing is my usual. Please do not put loads of make-up on floral outfits it looks trashy. I have worn a Red Lipstick from the Loreal Star Collection (Pure Scarleto) the shade which Blake Lively has sported and Mac Compact Shade 42.

You can also try using a pink or orange lipstick on a floral outfit as since you are highlighting only aspect of make-up a cheering colour will do the perfect trick.

I went ¬†little overboard and sported a Floral Wood Cover too!! But that’s me I like to co-ord my phone cover with my dresses!!! If you like it you can buy it from http://www.bewakoof.com

So I guess you know now how easy it is to dress up in florals!!! Just few basics to remember and yes you will be that girl whom you noticed!!!!