As a person who has been born and always lived in Bombay its no wonder that I never wanna leave this city. There is everything over here. I don’t remember that I ever had to go to some other city because I needed something. This is my first blog post and I thought what better topic than to start writing about my own city.

Bombay known to people as Mumbai now has always given me a sense of comfort. I feel super safe here like those safe zones in games and alike. Its very easy to dream here. We have mastered the right use of Bhaiya ek sookha poori dena to Sir, please extend my deadline for another two days. Life is as simple as complicated here. We learn everything here from boarding a full local train to surviving. This city offers you love,hate, life lessons and to live life.

I have not been to many places but have been to a fair few to get a hang of the living life but I have never been mesmerized by any other city. Call it madness or devotion but this city is heaven for me. Eating Corn on The Cob while the wind whistles in my ear on Marine Drive sounds more appealing to me than sipping a coffee in Starbucks. I have had the times of my life with my friends on the streets of Churchgate. Nothing relaxed me more than cutting chai at 5 pm after a long study session in the college library. Lords might be the home of cricket but for us Mumbaikars there is nothing better than Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s helicopter shot at Wankhede Stadium.

I have seen the hustle bustle and the quiet in this city. I have seen bravery when post the horrible 26/11 terror attack everyone picked up their briefcases and went to work. I have seen hope in the eyes of a guy who gazes at Shahrukh Khan’s Mannat dreaming of being the biggest superstar of the millennium. I have seen a 5 year old kid selling roses on Sion signal with a smile which says that she is the happiest in this world. I have seen a girl and guy shielding themselves with a jacket against the rain on Nariman Point. I have seen love,life,hope,dream and out and about everything here.

A special of mention of Mumbai Police in this post is very essential. It is because of 1000 of cops who don’t sleep and patrol the city in the night we can sleep safe and sound in our beds. I owe to it the cops to keep us safe. Mumbai is nothing without you guys and we are forever indebted for the service you provide us and you are truly as we call you ‘MAMAS’ as you take care of our city like family.10592910_10152291014915994_3102239065098219822_n

This city inspires me to dream and hope. I have seen innumerable here make it through. I have Mumbai, I have hope. I won’t trade living here for anywhere else not even London or Paris. It taught me the right amount of hard-work will help you achieve anything you desire. Determination driven person is unstoppable is something which I learned from this city.

I have many dreams and yes I have learned in Mumbai that if you haven’t dreamed you haven’t lived at all.