Socially Distancing or Saving the World

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Every day when I wake up I literally drag myself out of bed because it’s another 12 hour of work, travel etc and once I reach out for Coffee the energy levels soar directly from the initial 25% to 100%. After 6 days in which we feel doubly tired than God did when he created this world comes the 7th Day when we rest like never before, all alarms shut off, all coffee packets away and the whole day goes away in bed and out just chilling and cuddling and after opening the pandora of messages on your WhatsApp group catching up on some shows on the numerous streaming shows available to us.

These precious 24 hours go away quicker than the entire week and on Monday we becomes the mules of money, work, time and for some of us our passions and catch the flights to office to return back to our utopia a week later. These weeks have turned into months, which have turned into years and we have got those promotions and paid those essential bills but despite those expensive spa therapies are we really connected inside out?

The answer is NO. I meditate after every Reading session, spend time with my family after I come from work, try to catch up on those shows till I fall asleep and on Sundays, call my friends and make plans to cancel some later due to work commitments but here I am today looking at a Lockdown which God knows will last how long but is extremely essential for us to Survive.

The COVID 2019 came upon us unsuspectingly, though we didn’t get a warning like Noah and weren’t able to build a boat but we do have an option and if we are lucky enough to be able to be a part of this lockdown in this huge population then darlings you are already blessed so quit acting like cry babies and for once for the sake of humanity stay in and be safe as this what you can do.

Even though it’s not the way we wanted our ME time, we have got it, so suck it up and use it. There are so many things you can you do and trust me the time you spend on your phone using social media is too much so you are left with very less time to spare and in that time there are countless of things you can do, I am sure you do have a list but here is a list of things you can do if this social distancing is boring you:

A) The most easiest is to actually make good on the money you spend on Netflix, Amazon Prime and the numerous web streaming services you have paid for and actually watch shows and movies, trust me there are a hell lot of good shows and movies which you might have not seen even if you are movie/tv buff. If confused take suggestions from your friends and start streaming.

B) All the bookworms complaining about how we lost our passion for reading once we started working because we didn’t have time well get those books out old and new and start reading, this is the perfect time to complete that I read __ books challenge on Goodreads.

C) Let’s come to hobbies now when was the last time you painted, wrote a poem or a short story. played the guitar or ukulele, knitted something, made an origami? There are numerous indoor activities we were fond of while growing up which we stopped pursuing because of time constraints. Let the muse strike and get going.

D) After all this if you are still bored, call your friends and talk to them and repair those fractured relationships that you let crack over these years because you didn’t find time or couldn’t prioritise. Talk to your parents, in these troubled times they are feeling more anxiety than we do as our moms are cooking, dads are providing for us so just sit with them for a while, it will surely put a smile on their faces. Help your mom around the house as she doesn’t get a 25% less workload but with a Full House she is working extra hard.

E) Meditation really helps and there are numerous apps which help you step by step to meditate so download them and try it as you need to be mentally healthy and Meditation is the best tool for this.

These all things which I have mentioned are very less few compared to what we can do when we put our minds to but all we are thinking about is how we are at home and bored. This sentence itself is so negative that we should reframe it as I am at home and have all the time right now to do all that I was missing on and see how it changes truly for you.

I do know some people are having trouble as the gym is closed but there are fantastic videos on YouTube which tell you how to workout at home. Working out is important but so is staying alive. 

If you are getting to stay at home know that you are lucky as there are numerous health workers, cleaners, police personnel, grocery vendors, Govt employees, Bankers etc who do not have this luxury to stay at home and work, so what can we do for them? We can stay at home and not contaminate the society.

Now let’s get to the part where some people are escaping isolation, I know they must be scared but to act so irresponsibly and put the lives of numerous others at risk is a shameful act, if you see such a person then report them asap to the nearest municipal corporation and contact police if required.

Maybe the isolation wards are bad but this is what we have and escaping it by beating medical staff is as bad a crime as keeping it dirty. Accept it that we are not USA or UK, we do have 5 and 7 Star Hospitals but none of them are coming forward and helping by setting up quarantine wards or offering some incentives. Only the Govt Hospitals are helping us through this situation and for crying out loud this is a quarantine facility and you are recuperating from a disease not on a Holiday that you will get a pool and mojitos served by the bar.

Your money is not going to save you from this. You common sense is. Some people have to quarantine themselves in hospitals because they are too sick to stay at home or don’t have big houses to self isolate themselves.

It is imperative to follow medical protocol right now and help yourself and others and if you don’t do that then you are not a HUMAN but an ASSHOLE.

The last thing I would like to urge you’ll to do is follow the curfew on 22nd March as it’s essential. You might not be a fan of the PM and the Govt but this is for you and if you don’t do it just to teach a lesson to Mr Modi then you are an idiot of the highest order as you are screwing it up not just for yourself and everyone.

Also I don’t know if the clap thing works or no but if not for our PM we can do this for our Dr’s as a gesture to applaud the constant efforts that they are putting in to cope with this. Claps create a positive frequency and I would like to do that as a gesture to uplift the energy levels and of course as my way of saluting the people who keep our community growing.

The last time you said that the economic status is screwed up but what can we do something about this only if we get through this and for us to do that get this Country back where it is we need to beat this Corona by being smart, staying safe, listening to medical professionals and spreading love and kindness virtually as this world needs it most.

Also a sincere request to all my spiritual friends and light-workers, create energy chains and pass them on and pray as much as you can, this world needs light and those who can should give their 100%.

Together we can and together we will. Use this indoor to be creative and spread love.


Daily Card Reading-13th January 2017


The card for today is Three of Cups. Threes in a reading generally denote that there is more than one person involved in a situation and also that there might be period of suspended activity before future success is realised. The suit of cups primarily deals with emotions and feelings and this card denotes that you have to accept yourself and others as they are. There might have been some events which made you react in a certain way which you never thought you were capable of, some qualities would have surfaced which you never knew you had, all you have to do it honour these and accept yourself the way you are and others as well as the situation is a two way one.

Work looks very positive today. There is going to be a positive outcome for something on which you have been working for a long time. Also those working in a team will hear really great news and know that this success is collectively because of the efforts that everyone has put in the group. If you are looking to start a collaborative venture, today is a really good day and it will be really good and successful in the future so go ahead full steam with it. Those of you who have applied for new jobs you will hear positive news about it today. It’s going to be a celebratory day at work.

For committed couples it’s time to share what you feel for each other with your family and friends. It’s that day to actually put ‘Meet the Parents’ in effect. You have gone through all phases together and you have come out okay so it’s time to share your love and think about celebration. Singles you are hearing that great news soon which you have been expecting.

Like I have mentioned above that some events will lead to certain findings about oneself or others and today is all about acceptance. You just need to accept the positive traits and strength of others as well as your own. If you have had any problems with a friend or a partner due to difference of opinion this is a great time to call them, talk about it and resolve your differences. This exercise is more for you than them as once things are resolved you will heal and it will encourage your spiritual goodwill. This activity is for your soul and essential.

Today is a very very good day. You are definitely going to her that good news for which you have been waiting, just keep yourself centered and think positive thoughts.Good times have just started. There will be a celebration soon 🙂 . At this point what you need to do is be positive and only think about happiness and joy as these will attract all good things in your life as it’s meant to be. It’s a very positive time so use it well for your manifestations will be immediate.

The message for today is to be happy, celebrate, learn to accept yourself and others and to think only positive thoughts to attract happiness.

Daily Card Reading-10th January 2017


The card for today is Maitraya. I love love love this card.The literal meaning of the card is the Power of Joy. Maitraya/Hotai/Laughing Buddha/Lord Buddha lived as a Buddhist Monk who was very well known for his passion and generosity. Some people even believed that he is the “future buddha” who will succeed Siddhartha Gautama as the next Buddha.

The pictorial depiction shows Hotai laughing and holding a rainbow in both of his hands. You can see that the background is made up of yellow and orange colour. Just looking at the picture will bathe you in happiness and glow. As you can see Hotai is creating this not for himself but for others so that there is happiness in everyone’s life. Also there is a light emitting from Hotai, the whole reason for this is because he spreads so much happiness and he is a lightworker it’s helping him as well.

At work if you are feeling that your job is really boring and you are just doing this for money and if your financial situation was better you wouldn’t be doing this at all. Concentrate on this feeling and find out what work you would be doing if you did not have to work for money, the first hobby that comes to your mind is your calling, do a bit of research and start working on that hobby as it’s gonna strike the cord of happiness and it’ll add the fun back in your life. You can also refurbish your work desk a bit today, add certain things which remind you of happiness, if you like you can also keep a rose quartz geode on your desk as it’s a brilliant crystal formation to have around.

Relationships will be full of joy and happiness. Do something for your partner today which makes them realise that the passion and joy which you’ll shared when you’ll were a new couple still exists. Take your partner out for dinner or surprise them while they are leaving work and take them for a coffee. Remember it’s all about sharing happiness and love today. A simple I love you text at an odd time will fill your partner’s day with happiness and the response from them will make yours as well. Singles if there is someone potential around go on a date today and see how magical it becomes. Other singles be you happy and exuberant self and see how very soon you attract the person of your dreams in your life.

You have no idea how much the power of joy helps you. When you are happy being happy that is what you will get. Enjoy the process while you are working towards your goal as this happiness which you feel while doing what you doing will create amazing positive vibes and make sure that your desires outcome is manifested as early as possible.

Today is all about being happy and spreading joy :). You need to stay positive for your desired outcome to manifest. If you have trouble being happy invoke Maitraya and he will help you with that.Keep smiling throughout the day. Happiness has a lot of power it affects you as well as the people around. Being someone’s rainbow in the storm feels really good so a phone call or a text message or a in person talk with a friend/colleague who is feeling a bit blue can actually help them get back on track and what will it do for you? Always remember that you do comes back to you 3x so imagine how much happy you will be.The Universe always gives us back what we give it to it and if we keep on being a happy person then we will always get happiness. Surround yourself with happy people, yes help those who are unhappy get back on the track but don’t ever be around negative people, especially not today as it’s a great day and you don’t need those kind of energies around you. As mentioned earlier about the light around Hotai helping him as well, you need to keep on spreading happiness in people’s life as these deeds are helping you a lot than you can see. All my fellow lightworkers, keep spreading love, peace and light and keep working towards your life purpose which is spreading happiness.

The message for today is to be happy,spread happiness,stay positive to manifest your dreams into reality and believe in the power of joy.

You need to wake up as otherwise waking up will become a horror for us


I am born and brought up in Mumbai. I never got along with my extended family members because of their rotten and narrow mind made me want to vomit right from when I was a child. As I am the second daughter they thought I was nothing but a burden on my parents. But because of God’s grace my parents never thought of it this way.They raised me to be a strong independent women. My brothers loved me but they never treated me as someone of the inferior sex, they treated me like an equal, made me strong. I grew up and finished high school and wanted to study law in London. After a lot of brainstorming I decided to stay in India close to my friends and family in a secured environment.I did not want to go to a new country with unknown people.

I loved India and I still do but in the past few years India has changed, it’s not safe and secure anymore and it’s not because of the Country it’s because of the people who make the Country what it is and especially the people of the fairer sex who think that a woman is nothing but a toy to have sex with and produce kids. If a woman wants to study, work and have a career she should get to do all these things and if she wants to stay at home and be a homemaker she should get to do that. It’s all about choice, women are created by the same God who created men with equal status and rights. So why do we need permission to study and work?I am a devout feminist but I have never hated men as real feminism is Gender Equality and not Superiority.

I have stopped reading the newspaper because everyday there is a report about a woman getting molested or raped followed by some shit arse comment by a politician as how women call for what they are getting. I just cannot take this anymore and I feel like going and beheading guys who say such nonsense. If your daughter or sister gets raped will you be passing the same comments? No you will be out exhibiting the theory of an eye for an eye. Then why can’t you do the same when someone else’s daughter or sister gets raped? All you do is open your mouth and throw poop out of it.

Women get raped and molested because they show their skin, talk to men. This is the most crappiest thing I have heard in my life. The other day there was a woman with me who was wearing a saree and a douchebag came from the other side and brushed her shoulder. What does your bull crap logic say about this?

Indians are adopting western cultures and choosing short dresses over ghoonghats, going with men on dates and that’s why they are getting raped. Hello you short sighted, close minded moron the western people wear these kind of outfits from ages, go with men on dates and yet they feel safe and even if they get molested or raped the whole country stands for them and against the man who did this horrendous act. In sync with the incident I mentioned in the paragraph about this what needs to change is the mindset of certain men and the wardrobe of women.

Indians are leaving traditions behind and becoming modern like western people. You know what you don’t know anything about Indian Tradition. Tradition doesn’t mean wearing a saree, Indian Tradition means loving your family, being responsible and helping everyone. You target people and victimise them more when they are in a crisis so if anyone has left behind tradition and humanity it’s you and not that girl in the short skirt and shirt who goes to work everyday so she can provide medical aid for her old retired parents and pay fees of her brother and sister’s towards education. This girl’s act makes her as big as any man and your words make you a gutless, shameless monster.

Women who go on dates get molested as they are making themselves available, if this is the mindset even the man is available, does a woman rape him then? And this is because of the mindset of woman, she respects men and will never do such a thing with him . These molestations are not limited to dates. Working women stay up late at the office due to deadline and commitments and so many of these women get molested while going home from work. What’s the solution for this? Stay at home ? So we should study and stay at home, waste our education and not work,help support our family because if we go out we will get raped. And if we don’t work and earn bucks no guy will marry us because all arrange marriages which happen these days do on the basis of a women’s salary.

So I have a better idea why don’t all men stay at home and are forbidden to go out. Sounds barbaric right but it’s all right for you pumpkin heads to say that a woman should stay at home if she wants to be safe. If she does stay at home isn’t that life like a jail sentence to her? And what’s to guarantee that these people won’t come in her house and rape or molest her? Can you give me a guarantee this won’t happen? You won’t right; so shut the fuck up about what you don’t understand and keep on living on your miserable life.

The entire world of a woman comes crashing down when she is raped or molested and when she is going through this crisis what does the society do? They shun her, make her feel responsible for what has happened and over night from the victim she becomes the prostitute. Shame on you. Shame on us. Shame on everyone. Instead of teaching the bastard who did this to her a lesson which will make him shudder even if he thinks about doing anything like that in the future with anyone we make the woman who went through this want to kill herself.

Men who rape women should be castrated in public. Mere sentence in jail is not enough for them. If there is a criminal who uses a gun and shoots people you take it away from him right so take this arsehole’s dick which he thinks is a weapon and who dares to use it on a woman without her will.

I wake up everyday and get scared that maybe me or my friend or my sister might get raped or molested today while out for work or while going out and about our life. I am scared to wake up because I know the nation is sleeping and if it doesn’t wake up soon then the entire female race will cease to exist. So no Mothers,Sisters,Wives and Girlfriends. The Country would succeed without women right? Men would be able to take care of everything on their own. So what if there is no family, so what if there is no mother or sister you can deal with your problems alone. And when all of you die the country will cease to exist because without a woman how will you create life?

Goddess Durga I ask you to give me and my fellow sisters all the strength required to battle these stupid allegations. I am not going without a fight. I will not allow any man to touch me without my permission. I will slap anyone who comments about my clothes or about they way I live my life. I am a flesh and blood person created by God and I have a right to live my life the way I feel is right.

I can do this but I urge all the men to come forward and support me. I need your support to create a better future for everyone’s mothers, sisters,daughters,girlfriends and wives. United we stand a better chance at winning.

A small request to my friends in media, you know who these people are and what are their views so please don’t interview them about these happenings. They just want publicity and that is why they do such stunts. When we chose them to be our representatives we thought that they would help make our Country a better place to live in but instead they are just making life more difficult for us. So for us to live in peace and happier I urge you’ll to not give any importance to such comments and views and dismiss them and throw them in the trash.

Blessed Be

Love and Light

Sheetal Virat


The Mickey of my Life 

After spending a lot of time involved in cartoons and fictional characters even after growing up some people laughed on me and said why do you invest your time on someone who doesn’t exist? 
I laughed and replied: Invest now that’s a really interesting choice of a word! We invest only to gain something out of it right? I invested my time watching Mickey Mouse spread happiness,Harry Potter fighting evil,Hermione always being there for her friends, Ariel putting everything she has on the table for love etc because these people though not real to you have always taught me more and improved my life more than anyone. 

I learnt happiness,joy,love,laughter,friendship,loyalty,bravery and a lot of other qualities from these people! So yes I have invested my time in good people who have given me nothing but goodness and happiness in return! 

Reflections on what I did or doing are not gonna make your life better. Instead check the people in your life you might be having more of them than I so but see what they bring to your life. Are they worth for you to give them a part of your life? 

Time once gone can never come back,it’s very precious so invest it on someone who doesn’t bring you misery and sadness! We invest our money to get more money back so that we can live a good life then why can’t we invest in good relationships? Trust me lavish things give u a good life but amazing people give u a great life!  

Always remember in Relationships quality always matters than quantity! Quantity is nothing but emptiness which looks from outside to impress others to show how many people surround you!

Live and Let Live! 

Love and Lots of Light 

Shiningstylista 🌞✨