The Mickey of my Life 

After spending a lot of time involved in cartoons and fictional characters even after growing up some people laughed on me and said why do you invest your time on someone who doesn’t exist? 
I laughed and replied: Invest now that’s a really interesting choice of a word! We invest only to gain something out of it right? I invested my time watching Mickey Mouse spread happiness,Harry Potter fighting evil,Hermione always being there for her friends, Ariel putting everything she has on the table for love etc because these people though not real to you have always taught me more and improved my life more than anyone. 

I learnt happiness,joy,love,laughter,friendship,loyalty,bravery and a lot of other qualities from these people! So yes I have invested my time in good people who have given me nothing but goodness and happiness in return! 

Reflections on what I did or doing are not gonna make your life better. Instead check the people in your life you might be having more of them than I so but see what they bring to your life. Are they worth for you to give them a part of your life? 

Time once gone can never come back,it’s very precious so invest it on someone who doesn’t bring you misery and sadness! We invest our money to get more money back so that we can live a good life then why can’t we invest in good relationships? Trust me lavish things give u a good life but amazing people give u a great life!  

Always remember in Relationships quality always matters than quantity! Quantity is nothing but emptiness which looks from outside to impress others to show how many people surround you!

Live and Let Live! 

Love and Lots of Light 

Shiningstylista 🌞✨