Virat- Always & Forever-V.XI.LXVIII



My mother always taught me one thing that no matter many problems your loved one faces you never ever leave his hand and his side in tough times.

Growing up I saw my dad handling a very critical case which bought him lot of fame but with that came the insults,criticism and jealousy. Very often my mother was a scapegoat too and she was at the pinnacle of dad’s career told by some of our building people only that Dad will never get elevated as a Justice . After this she came down and prayed to God and said that my husband has served the just and it’s your responsibility to take care of him and his future. The rest of the story I’ll not write here as all of you’ll know what happened next to my father and the ones who pinned him 🤗🤗

When India lost to Pakistan yesterday a fair few so called friends texted me abusing Virat and claimed that he is not a good cricketer, a bad captain blah blah even going to the extent of being called unlucky for Team India. I really wish the first time their parents failed at something in life they should have blamed them for bringing bad luck into family but since those little fuckers dint get that they grew up to be dicks who can’t stomach someone’s success and so when they fail they blame them. I don’t really have anything to say to them as what Virat has achieved maybe they won’t achieve that in their whole lifetime.

You want to know what I did after we lost I got myself engraved with permanent tattoos. I’ll explain them a bit here
One says Virat Always and Forever in Gurumukhi since Virat is a Punjabi selected this font and I also wear a kada in that particular hand. What I feel for Virat is not based on any of the matches he win or loses, the no of endorsements he bags or the amount of money he makes. My soul is attached to him and since our soul never dies even after our body stops working my love for him is Always and Forever ❤️ and I’ll love him even after I am dead not only in this life but all those lives I’ll get as he deserves this kind of love for being so great and pure.
Another tattoo is Goddess Durga’s eyes with Virat’s Birthdate engraved in Roman Numbers below them. The reason I chose Goddess Durga is because when certain worms text me horrid stuff about Virat she is the one who holds me back from going and putting a Trident up your throats. I have combined the birthday and the eyes because I want the Goddess to always grant him happiness and success and to keep me compassionate,loyal and devout towards Virat. Virat’s birthday is bigger than any festival or day for me and it’s a very very special feeling to have it engraved on me 😁.

I know many fans out there are disappointed and feeling betrayed but always remember that these boys are the ones who have failed how horrid they must be feeling so please go easy and don’t make any memes about anyone’s family members 🙏 it’s a request as we wouldn’t want our family members abused for our failures and neither do they so please show some respect.

I felt bad, shed my tears but I prepared myself somewhere in between till the match was over because I kept on thinking that this team has won so many cups and matches for us that if we are true fans we’ll stand with them and not abuse them as what’s done is done and I’m sure the boys will prove their mettle and come back stronger in other tours.

No matter what I know how much this game means to Virat and how much hard work and passion he puts into it and the disappointment he suffers when we lose hurts him heaps even before he was captain it hurt him and even now it does but he had to speak professionally yesterday and had to appreciate Pakistan cuz they played well. I am sorry on behalf of Virat to everyone out there who feels hurt and betrayed.

As for me I couldn’t be prouder of you Virat as out of the total 6 tattoos I have 4 are dedicated to you and I’m sure there would be more too once inspiration strikes me. I have no complaints and regrets about loving you as you are the best thing that happened to me and nothing more better than you can happen to me. Even if they cut me into pieces and I’m a writhing mass of blood and flesh I’ll ooze love for you till I die. Thank you for being everything that you are ❤️ and always know that you give everything that you have and go out there and prove your worth. I love you Virat and that is based on your heart and not your achievements know that even when the whole world is against you one person will be beside you Always and Forever. I know my God and I love him and he’ll always take care of you and your future and I’ll never leave your side.

My apology is only to cricket fans who were genuinely interested in the game and for those who just have fun in bringing me down or making fun of me cuz I love Virat well know that I have the balls to love one man for my entire life as like some of you’ll I am not married to someone and just cuz my life is boring I don’t betray my husband and have a passionate love affair for sex. I pity you that instead of mending the pieces of your broken life you want to crash mine but know that I’m stronger than you and I have my God who know that my love is true and my heart is pure.

And lastly like you’ll came after me last time I forgave and forgot because I know Karma will serve you for hurting me when all that I wanted for you was the best but come after Virat and I promise I’ll not wait till Karma serves but I’ll destroy you with everything I’ve got against you as I’m even more insane than The Joker when it comes to Virat and certainly not an enemy you want to have so back off for your own good before I fuck you for the worst.



I woke up today feeling so good because yesterday was proof for me that God answers your prayers when Virat received his Padmashri Award.

Everyday I pray for this man because so many people out there keep on abusing him for so many things which they feel he is doing which is absolutely ridiculous. Guess what all those curses are not going to work as he has God with him and he really hasn’t done anything to you’ll so when you are abusing him what you are really doing is creating a vortex of negativity which is going to pull you inside further. I direct my anger, negative feelings, anxiety, stress into prayer which asks only for one thing and that is the happiness and success of Virat Kohli.

After the Australian media debacle I got a lot of texts from my so called friends telling me that Virat is childish. I ignored them as I have seen them when someone abused them, if they are judging Virat on how he retorted to those who abused him then what they have done in similar situation qualifies an insult to Satan if I call them Satan.

Virat is not a saint, he is out there to play good cricket. If you are looking for 12 steps on how to lead your life there are lot of writers/yogi who can help you that so instead of abusing Virat for the way he leads a life go read these books and even if that doesn’t work then go see a therapist. And as far as the judging goes he doesn’t really care about what you said about him as no matter what is in the papers it doesn’t stop him from going out there and working his arse off.

And all those who keep on texting me as to why I should not love Virat well I’m a stubborn, headstrong woman who doesn’t even listen to her parents when she makes her mind about something right and Virat for me is not right but the best thing that ever happened to me and I will never ever stop feeling for him the way I do. I’ll always choose him over everyone else and if you are against him then I’m always against you.

I feel sorry for you when you don’t understand what I feel for Virat because your souls are not elevated enough to understand love in it’s most pure and true form. I’m done explaining myself so when on WhatsApp my display picture and status suddenly disappears know that I have blocked you for good.

Virat I have no words to express how proud I am. I have really done some great deeds in my life that I got this amazing feeling of being in love with you. I hope that you get more successful with each passing day and you get all that you desire. You can keep on working hard and I’ll keep on praying for you.

I love you Always and Forever

29, still unmarried and damn happy and proud of it!!!!



Hi for all those who don’t know me I’m going to write a few details about myself in this paragraph so those who know me can skip and start reading from where they will my bio ends. I’m a 29 year old woman living in Bombay. I’m a Tarot Card Reader by profession and I aspire to become a writer someday. I have also studied law from one of the most prestigious college in India and I have also complete 2 levels of Company Secretary.This all is not important because all people see when they look at me is she is 29 years old and still unmarried.

To be honest it doesn’t bother me and if I had my way I would gouge their eyeballs out but then again I do not want to even touch such people and make myself dirty. I’m writing this post today for all the unmarried women out there who face the same criticism as me and my friends do for not being married and not having babies before we hit our 30’s. This post by no means is meant to insult anyone who is married and has babies as I respect every woman on this planet and the choices that she makes but I do have a problem with the so called society which points fingers at us. 

They have so many questions about us that sometimes I wonder if they see us as humans or as  machines. A few of those ridiculous questions are she is losing her fertility when will she have babies, is she sexually active with others that she doesn’t need a husband cuz her hormones would have started acting ages ago, is he a lesbian etc etc. these all questions make me feel sad for your daughters as if you are talking this way about us then what would you would have done to them when you saw they were thinking out of the box. I’m sure you would have cut the roots of something which could have become a beautiful tree as fitting in the box was more important to you than allowing them to grow up in their own shape.

Now let’s talk about sexual activity. It might be hard to believe but I’m 29 years old and I’m not having sex with anyone because my mind and body just doesn’t live to eat,sleep and have sex. Besides I am pretty good so crossing 30 is not going to affect my sexual appetite and performance but probably all those married couples out there are already bored and despite not being 30 and are already dreading sex and we can talk about them too  but it’s none of our business like our sexual lives are none of ours but then again we  intend to create a life for ourselves and don’t want to just live it the way others decide is right because it’s our  life and these are our struggles and we know best how to take it forward and up so please stop worrying about our sex lives.

Now I will tell you about love please try to understand as the frame fitters might not understand such a pure concept but I promise I’ll try my best to keep it simple. I’m in love with this incredible guy for the past couple of years who doesn’t tell me what to wear, don’t do this or don’t do that but all he does is love me with everything he has got and I’m so lucky to have this one in my life that I’m sure the day I met him the leprechauns must have pooled all their luck together and put it on me that I found him. Now you will say that everyone has someone who loves them then why I feel so lucky. The reason for this is because when in love you need to get love and no restrictions and boundaries and that is what I am getting if I needed rules I would get checked in a hostel and the warden would be my perfect mate. I feel I’m lucky because I have got love when I was looking for love and I’m being loved when I’m loving. When I told my boyfriend that I needed time to get married he or his parents did not give me a lecture but what he said incredibly moved me I love you with all my heart and marriage or no marriage I already consider you my soulmate so a paper or a circle around a fire is not the validation I require from you, my validation is your happiness and comfort so whenever you feel marriage will give you these two things only and only then we will get married” Now all of my fellow minded people will understand the luck and leprechaun example. Maybe your ideal married couple doesn’t have this kind of love or maybe they do but again it’s none of our business and so our love should be none of your business. For us love is not a contract which if not signed will die it’s an eternal relationship with no expiration date.

Let’s talk about loyalties now I know so many married people who are having affairs not just one or two but multiple. I don’t know the reasons for this but it’s their life and they can whatever they want and it’s none of my business but please I request you don’t give me examples of dedication and loyalty because they are married, half of the women want to jab a knife in their husband’s throats because they cheat daily on them all cuz of the lame excuses like they are not the same anymore, they have become boring, they are fat etc etc. This is not loyalty this is pressure and force to stay with the douchebag who bangs hot chicks for fun despite having a wife and children at home because this douchebag is a chauvinist pig and if this girl leaves him the world will look at her like she is a criminal.  And so I prefer my loyalty wherein despite being in a long distance relationship I don’t spread my legs in front of anyone just because I’m hormonal. Cheating on someone is the most disgusting thing ever and we don’t cheat ever on anyone because despite you thinking that since we are unmarried we are not loyal which is a farce we work on emotions so peace out.

Now onto my favourite topic babies. Because we don’t have babies we don’t qualify as maternal and feminine is the biggest pile of crap I have ever heard. Have you seen women with babies out there who are miserable because they had children early and because of that they neglect the child and their life is screwed. We are much better than those women because if we have not decided to have babies till we feel we can take their responsible then I think that makes us sensible as opposed to heartless as you feel. Another thing don’t worry about our fertility because even if we are not able to make babies tomorrow we will surely adopt some and give a nice home, safe environment and great parenting to some kid who couldn’t have it all.

Now the last thing which is very important. I always wanted to become a writer but due to some other plans I got enrolled to study law and somewhere in between I thought that this profession is not going to allow me to help people in a way I would like to and I started developing a spiritual interest in Tarot which as of today is my profession. After studying for a professional degree course when I told my parents that I wanted to do something for a higher calling they did not shout on me but told me do what you love and their incredible support had made me who I am today. At that point if I was married maybe my husband wouldn’t have supported me in this decision because somewhere in the corner of his mind he would have had financial concerns and that is completely okay but my parents did cuz they love me for who I am and the reason I have waited for a marriage is because I want to marry someone who loves me for the way I am without any expectations like my parents do and I’ll love him with the same passion always and forever.

There are many things which people will taunt you about girls but don’t listen to them as these narrow minded bunch of losers don’t know your struggles and are not elevated enough to understand your dreams.Marry when you find the right person and not because someone is pressurising you because tomorrow if your marriage doesn’t work out these monkeys will be there again with new essays on how you failed to be a perfect wife, either ways you have to have energy so use to create the life you want and not the one these people are designing for you.

Go live the life you want, marry when you want, have babies when you feel you can handle the responsibility because your life doesn’t need to start and end in a box, you need to create a shape of your choice which will be unique and beautiful. Fitting in that box will only take you till a certain point but creating your own shape will mark your space and will take you places no one has ever been to before. 

To end this post I would like to say my own quote: Marriage should be out of love and not social obligation”. 


It’s all about my choice! 

I’m a Princess not only cuz my Daddy is a King and I love to dress up but also cuz when the time comes I defend my Kingdom and Win Wars for it! Being a stay at home mother or a working mother is a woman’s choice,both of them are equally strong. 
I love to cook but I also love to read and talk and discuss and stress my opinions on issues so how are you going to generalise me? You can’t right cuz you don’t have a right to do that if I decide to cook it’s my choice and if I decide to talk and discuss my views it’s my choice too so just stop this generalisation and let me and my sisters live.
We Feminists fight so that we get to make a choice and not be treated like a machine whose process is set on the buttons you press. We fight so our sisters get equal rights and opportunities.
My mother is a housewife and she is a great woman and I’m proud of her.My sister is a working woman and tomorrow even after she becomes a mother she’ll continue working but that doesn’t mean she’ll love my niece/nephew any less than my mom loves me.
Stop labelling women, we need to stand together and support each other as we know the struggles other women go to and instead of calling them Nazis or Wannabe rulers we should respect them like they respect us! 
Lastly please those who feel Feminism aims at gender superiority you have not understood it at all as Feminism is equality of sexes as we feel every person born on this planet should have the same rights,wages,opportunities and chances irrespective of the genders.
Ending this post I would like to say that I love Housewives and I love Working Women too,each of them have had their share of ups and downs and I respect them immensely!


#TVDFinale has not offered any closure nor any happiness to me! I feel cheated and betrayed by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec because:

1. Stefan dint deserve to die. He was the best character ever but all he got was pain.

2. This series starts with “For over a century I’ve lived in secret,hiding in the shadows,alone in the world. Until now.I am a Vampire and this is my story-Stefan Salvatore” this is literally his story but the funeral he gets was like that we would give a poor animal whom we saw meet with an accident on the road and decided to say goodbye to it.

3. Stefan will always love Caroline and she can understand that the sacrifice he made was for family and friends but these characters had already been through so much heartbreak was it necessary to get them married for one day and then kill Stefan? Honestly Kev Julie do you have hearts? 

4. Bonnie is living the life that Enzo wanted her to live which as I gathered and correct me if I’m mistaken is just travelling the world alone. To be honest it’s all cool and fun for a while but then that can’t be the purpose of your life.

5. There was no need to get Katherine back, the whole plot seemed very stupid and gullible and I honestly wish I had the Bennet witches on my side so I could perform a spell and add some sense into Julie and Kevin’s brain.

6. Stefan tells Elena to tell Caroline how much he loves her but this is Vampire Diaries and if Matt can feel Vickie moved on and found peace with Tyler why can’t Stefan find a way to give a damn message to his wife whom he left to be a martyr for the greater good(a stupid concept) 

7. I don’t know if there would be a spin-off series including the Salvatore Boarding School but getting Jeremy just so that Caroline could hand him that bow and he could smile was stupid. His sister was semi-dead for 2 years and his ex Bonnie with whom he never had proper closure who had died and come back whom he never met,wasn’t that scene necessary? 

8. Even though Damon and Elena get to be together and grow old and have a life the scenes dint to justice to that ship as well but we are just happy as at least we got to see one couple together.

I’m not even gonna be happy about the #Klaroline letter because this is a plot by Julie and Kevin to raise our hopes and crush them again.

You might feel that this is a series and why I’m so upset but I invested 8 years of my life in this series and grew up with it’s characters, it became crap but I kept on watching as I had hope that everything will be okay one day but it got worse and horrible and ended like crap. So RIP TVD

I wish I could write more but I feel like my brain has just died after watching this stupid finale 

Daily Card Reading-3rd February 2017


The card for today is Queen of Fire. The Queen of Fire in the traditional tarot is the Queen of Wands.

The suit of Fire represents  our ideas and inspirations. It centers around our passions through which set out towards achieving our dreams and goals. Fire tells us that we have all that we need to succeed in life we need to center ourself and find out that inspiration and get going. We should not worry about resources as when the suit of fire comes in a reading it means that there is magical assistance each step of the way.

The Queen of Fire shows that there is a lot going on in your mind. She tells you that is no longer the time to dawdle, it’s the time to spread your wings and fly. You need to use that confidence of yours and march towards your goal. You have been underestimating yourself a lot lately, it’s time to believe in yourself and accomplish what your heart is set on.

Queen of Fire tells you to put all your energy and enthusiasm into your work as only then you will get the fruit of hard labour. She assures success at work but that is only if you take direct and assertive measures. You need to stand up for what you believe in and once you do that you will see that a lot of people were encouraged because of you. The people you encouraged will be there to assist you whenever you require. Today is not just about helping yourself but it’s also about helping others prosper.If someone needs help or assistance in a matter at work which has bamboozled them do not hesitate to help them. Today apply your talents and imagination productively and you will see that once you do that prosperity will follow you. Remember you are strong, a lot stronger than you know use that strength to put everything into your work and soon you will be basking in the glory of success.

Queen of Fire in relationships signifies a passionate romance wherein feelings are openly expressed. You and your partner need to be open with each other about what you feel and what you want as putting the truth on the table will light the spark of love in your relationship. You are very loyal, passionate and devoted in this relationship but you also get jealous very quickly. Now a little bit of jealousy is there in every relationship, infact I feel it makes our partner realise we are afraid to lose them but here what I can see is your or your partner’s jealousy can be a problem for your relationship if not curbed. Remember the most important factor in any relationship is trust and if you trust your partner you can stomp out the jealousy. Singles be ready to be swept off your feet, someone who is very passionate,  loyal and devoted is about you enter your life and you are gonna be in a rocking romance quicker than you thought.

Today is all about following your dreams. Take advice from others but make sure that they don’t tell you that these are your limits as they don’t know what you are capable of. Dig deeper and listen to your intuition you will realise that you can accomplish everything that you have dreamed of. Be a good friend today and no matter what happens always be loyal to your friend. Queen of Fire also is a muse so inspire others when they are lost and help them to get back on track to achieve their best. Your words will have a life changing impact on them so please guide anyone who comes asking for help today.

The pictorial depiction shows us a woman taming a dragon, we can also see a sword which is literally made out of fire and I’m guessing since it’s so close to the dragon that her sword is forged in the dragon’s breath thus making it the most powerful in the whole world. This woman is us and the sword represents our mind(intellect,creativity,passion etc), if we can tame a dragon and our brain is a sword forged in dragon’s breath imagine what you can do if you tune out all the chaos and take action. Your brain is the biggest weapon in your arsenal and the dragon here represents fiery nature and iconic imagination so use this to get what you want.You can do it remember Inside is Everything you need.

The message for today is to be confident and fierce,assert your independence and creativity, imagine and move forward to achieve your dreams.


You need to wake up as otherwise waking up will become a horror for us


I am born and brought up in Mumbai. I never got along with my extended family members because of their rotten and narrow mind made me want to vomit right from when I was a child. As I am the second daughter they thought I was nothing but a burden on my parents. But because of God’s grace my parents never thought of it this way.They raised me to be a strong independent women. My brothers loved me but they never treated me as someone of the inferior sex, they treated me like an equal, made me strong. I grew up and finished high school and wanted to study law in London. After a lot of brainstorming I decided to stay in India close to my friends and family in a secured environment.I did not want to go to a new country with unknown people.

I loved India and I still do but in the past few years India has changed, it’s not safe and secure anymore and it’s not because of the Country it’s because of the people who make the Country what it is and especially the people of the fairer sex who think that a woman is nothing but a toy to have sex with and produce kids. If a woman wants to study, work and have a career she should get to do all these things and if she wants to stay at home and be a homemaker she should get to do that. It’s all about choice, women are created by the same God who created men with equal status and rights. So why do we need permission to study and work?I am a devout feminist but I have never hated men as real feminism is Gender Equality and not Superiority.

I have stopped reading the newspaper because everyday there is a report about a woman getting molested or raped followed by some shit arse comment by a politician as how women call for what they are getting. I just cannot take this anymore and I feel like going and beheading guys who say such nonsense. If your daughter or sister gets raped will you be passing the same comments? No you will be out exhibiting the theory of an eye for an eye. Then why can’t you do the same when someone else’s daughter or sister gets raped? All you do is open your mouth and throw poop out of it.

Women get raped and molested because they show their skin, talk to men. This is the most crappiest thing I have heard in my life. The other day there was a woman with me who was wearing a saree and a douchebag came from the other side and brushed her shoulder. What does your bull crap logic say about this?

Indians are adopting western cultures and choosing short dresses over ghoonghats, going with men on dates and that’s why they are getting raped. Hello you short sighted, close minded moron the western people wear these kind of outfits from ages, go with men on dates and yet they feel safe and even if they get molested or raped the whole country stands for them and against the man who did this horrendous act. In sync with the incident I mentioned in the paragraph about this what needs to change is the mindset of certain men and the wardrobe of women.

Indians are leaving traditions behind and becoming modern like western people. You know what you don’t know anything about Indian Tradition. Tradition doesn’t mean wearing a saree, Indian Tradition means loving your family, being responsible and helping everyone. You target people and victimise them more when they are in a crisis so if anyone has left behind tradition and humanity it’s you and not that girl in the short skirt and shirt who goes to work everyday so she can provide medical aid for her old retired parents and pay fees of her brother and sister’s towards education. This girl’s act makes her as big as any man and your words make you a gutless, shameless monster.

Women who go on dates get molested as they are making themselves available, if this is the mindset even the man is available, does a woman rape him then? And this is because of the mindset of woman, she respects men and will never do such a thing with him . These molestations are not limited to dates. Working women stay up late at the office due to deadline and commitments and so many of these women get molested while going home from work. What’s the solution for this? Stay at home ? So we should study and stay at home, waste our education and not work,help support our family because if we go out we will get raped. And if we don’t work and earn bucks no guy will marry us because all arrange marriages which happen these days do on the basis of a women’s salary.

So I have a better idea why don’t all men stay at home and are forbidden to go out. Sounds barbaric right but it’s all right for you pumpkin heads to say that a woman should stay at home if she wants to be safe. If she does stay at home isn’t that life like a jail sentence to her? And what’s to guarantee that these people won’t come in her house and rape or molest her? Can you give me a guarantee this won’t happen? You won’t right; so shut the fuck up about what you don’t understand and keep on living on your miserable life.

The entire world of a woman comes crashing down when she is raped or molested and when she is going through this crisis what does the society do? They shun her, make her feel responsible for what has happened and over night from the victim she becomes the prostitute. Shame on you. Shame on us. Shame on everyone. Instead of teaching the bastard who did this to her a lesson which will make him shudder even if he thinks about doing anything like that in the future with anyone we make the woman who went through this want to kill herself.

Men who rape women should be castrated in public. Mere sentence in jail is not enough for them. If there is a criminal who uses a gun and shoots people you take it away from him right so take this arsehole’s dick which he thinks is a weapon and who dares to use it on a woman without her will.

I wake up everyday and get scared that maybe me or my friend or my sister might get raped or molested today while out for work or while going out and about our life. I am scared to wake up because I know the nation is sleeping and if it doesn’t wake up soon then the entire female race will cease to exist. So no Mothers,Sisters,Wives and Girlfriends. The Country would succeed without women right? Men would be able to take care of everything on their own. So what if there is no family, so what if there is no mother or sister you can deal with your problems alone. And when all of you die the country will cease to exist because without a woman how will you create life?

Goddess Durga I ask you to give me and my fellow sisters all the strength required to battle these stupid allegations. I am not going without a fight. I will not allow any man to touch me without my permission. I will slap anyone who comments about my clothes or about they way I live my life. I am a flesh and blood person created by God and I have a right to live my life the way I feel is right.

I can do this but I urge all the men to come forward and support me. I need your support to create a better future for everyone’s mothers, sisters,daughters,girlfriends and wives. United we stand a better chance at winning.

A small request to my friends in media, you know who these people are and what are their views so please don’t interview them about these happenings. They just want publicity and that is why they do such stunts. When we chose them to be our representatives we thought that they would help make our Country a better place to live in but instead they are just making life more difficult for us. So for us to live in peace and happier I urge you’ll to not give any importance to such comments and views and dismiss them and throw them in the trash.

Blessed Be

Love and Light

Sheetal Virat


Daily Card Reading-4th January 2016


The card for today is Epona. Epona is a Fairy-Queen Goddess who oversees and protects horses. As you can see in the picture she rides on a Unicorn carrying a heap of crystals which is covered by a rainbow, in the background you can see that two fairies a male and a female are celebrating her arrival.

Those who are in a relationship expect your relationship to deepen. There will be further thought of commitment today. Some of you might even be thinking of popping the question do and if you are go ahead and do it as the response is gonna guarantee a celebration. Singles you’ll be happy to know that you have attracted that relationship you have been dreaming about and all your efforts are getting rewarded.

Today will be a financially stable day. You don’t need to worry about your finances as Epona signifies abundance on every level. If you had had any financial worries it’s time to set them aside as heaven is taking care of you and you are looked after.

Work might be a little tedious but all that extra effort which you took will be appreciated and it’ll give you a greater abundance. You might require to hone your skills a bit to get work done more efficiently. Some of you’ll might get a urge to start practising that creative hobby which you’ll had and which over time you gave up. Do it.

The arrival of Epona also means that you need to get in touch with your inner child. We all have become so logical that we have shed our child like fantasies completely, even if we are grown-ups we need to think like children once in a while and that day is today as it’s always said that sometimes the most complex problems have the most simple answers.

Parents you’ll need to spend some time with your children. I know all of you have busy schedules but family time is important as well. Take your children out and not to those malls but to a beach or a park where you can actually play with them and connect with nature.This will help you relax and rejuvenate.

Epona asks us to connect with ourselves as day to day we are going farther away from our souls as we are buried in work. If you can carry crystals around with you as their positive energy will help you a lot. I would personally recommend an Amethyst and a Lapis Lazuli as they always help keep me centered and the positive energy which they exude is brilliant.

Today is all about being clear in your thoughts, conversations and demands. Be Positive and only thing about good and positive things. Appreciate your surroundings and connect with nature and yourself.

2017- A Year In Tarot


2017!!! It’s finally here. The year of the Star. Now this year numerals when added create- 2+0+1+7= 10 which further added becomes 1. If you take the last two digits they are 17 and if you add them we get an 8. So here in sync with the Major Arcana we get 10-The Wheel Of Fortune, 1-The Magician, 17- Star and 8- Justice. In short this whole year is gonna be all about Beginnings and Endings, Dreams, New Opportunities, Creative Endeavours, Action, Confidence, Travel, Hope, Good Fortune, Faith,Happiness, Imagination, Balance, Wisdom and Fairness.Wow this definitely sounds like an amazing, power packed and happy year ahead . It’s definitely gonna be a magical year ahead 🙂 . So let’s see what the Tarot tells us about each month. I have used my Liz Dean Tarot Deck for this reading as it’s my very first deck which I used when started Tarot and I connect with this deck the best. So let’s see what each month holds for us
Month corresponding with the cards

January- Ten of Pentacles/Coins

February- King of Wands

March- Six of Cups

April- Four of Cups

May – Five of Swords

June- Knight of Swords

July- The Hermit

August- Justice

September -The Lovers

October – Three of Swords

November- Judgment

December- Ace of Swords

Detailed Analysis


My favourite card 🙂 that too in the very first month of the year. Now the suit of coins is associated with realisation of one’s goals, material well being and rewards for hard work. The month of January is going to be a prosperous month for everyone. There is a strong chance of inheritance or you might actually get money from some of your family member which you needed for a while. It’s a good time to invest in large scale projects or philanthropic ventures. It’s a very good month to connect and help people out because material well being can affect your spirituality and you need to stay connected with the earth and your inner self. Relationships will be happy, you will feel secured and fulfilled. Your partner will support you in your ventures and provide the help needed to develop it. Singles looking for marriage will marry into a family with money/status. Marriage is huge on cards for everyone this month so if you are waiting to pop the question to your partner there could be no perfect time. Also if you are thinking about having babies it’s a good time to start towards extension of your family. Your family will be very supportive and your personal growth will be on top priority. At the end of the month you will find yourself more strong, opinionated and you will start valuing yourself more.



The suit of wands as we know is associated with thoughts, inspirations, desires and identification of your goals. The King of Wands signifies confidence, optimism, fair-mindedness, capacity to motivate others and power. Now either you might meet a man who will have all these qualities or all of these qualities inside you will come to the surface. If you are starting any venture know that it’ll require a lot of hard work and complete dedication. You will get the necessary resources needed for your venture and if you are thinking about getting a partner overboard you can go ahead as you will find someone whom you can trust. This month you will need to hold the mantle of leadership as your efforts will be recognised. You need to be courageous, decisive and creative. Your relationship will grow more but always remember loyalty is very important. February is all about exuding confidence, living life with passion and treating others with respect and loyalty which you will get in return.


The suit of cups is associated with emotions, feelings and spiritual experiences. So this month you will be preoccupied with relationships and spiritual experiences. There is a huge chance of your past flowing in and affecting your present. Finances will be stable. You will get rewarded for your past actions. Co-operation of your co-workers will increase, there will be sharing of profits and expenses. You need to accept what has happened and use the experience to better your present. There will be renewed joy and affection in an existing relationship. Some of your past relationship might make an entrance in your life. Singles all the obstacles which existed previously for you’ll will disappear. March is all about enjoying simple pleasure of life, expressing clarity and being receptive.



April will be again about emotions, feelings and spiritual experiences. You need a fresh start this month. You need to re-evaluate. You will feel that the challenging element from your work is missing and so you will feel stuck.At this point you might feel like changing your work maybe to move over to something completely creative, go ahead with it as expressing yourself in a different way and changing your work environment will pave a way for your future success. Relationships will look perfect from outside but from inside you will feel a lack of excitement and growth. The patterns which the relationship has put you in might the reason for your happiness. April is not a bad month it’s more about soul searching and finding you what you really need as opposed to what you felt you needed.



The suit of swords is associated with action, conflict and struggle. Swords predict arguments and disputes but don’t be disheartened as even though arguments are negative these arguments which you will be having will lead to something positive. Indecision and confusion are the base for all of these happenings, once you have a clear head and decide which route to take things will fall in place for you. If people try to push you aside then be firm and have your opinion out on the table. But don’t be over argumentative as you have limitations too and sometimes if things are not going your way it’s better to accept setbacks with dignity. In relationships don’t make any decisions in hate, even if there has been a certain discord or confusion don’t make any major moves or changes. It’s important to listen to yourself but in a relationship it’s essential to try and see the other person’s point of view also. Relationships are all about two people don’t try to be too independent. Singles don’t dismiss a person too quickly if you think you’ll don’t have much in common, after all if you like different things there is much to explore 🙂 . May is all about gaining firm ground, making decisions, accepting your limitations, setting your ego aside and gain knowledge before setting out.



The Knight of Swords arrival heralds that a stagnant situation will soon change. The Knight in the tarot means a Prince. A prince is very active and smart but at the same time he is very impulsive, self-righteous, arrogant and can be reckless. The Prince here might be you yourself or some person you meet in the month of June. If you meet someone who matches these qualities know that even if this person’s will always want good for you he gets easily bored as well. If you do not match his wavelength he’ll be bored and leave you alone in search of another adventure and person. Work might get boring and you will feel the need to accept new challenges and have a job change, but we wary of the job offers as they also signify the Prince and will fuzz out more quickly than you anticipated. So think about those offers, you might feel some stagnancy in your current job but know that you have been there for a while and it makes no sense leaving the current safe environment for something which just looks tempting, a change of attitude will help you regain your footing and be happy in your current job. Some of you’ll might need to travel for work or you’ll might get a job which involves travel. Relationships might run through the mill, harsh words might be exchanged and they might end for good. It all depends on what you want if you want to save your relationship try not to be too critical towards your partner instead be more flexible and co-operative. Singles you might be blown away by the arrival of someone new but do your homework and research before committing your heart to it as this person doesn’t stay for long. June is all about resolving conflict, having a new perspective, being flexible and stable by creating a balance.



The first card from the Major Arcana. The Hermit is the 9th card of the Tarot Deck and nines generally mean completion of events. The Hermit focuses on an important situation in one’s life. You are ready to progress to the next stage but you have to remember that you need to remove all the difficulties before this progressions happens. In short you don’t need to carry any baggage of the past to the next step. You need to face up the imperfections as it’s essential to do this for development. The Hermit is journeying in the dark alone but he carries a lamp which illuminates his way which ensures that he will be able to complete his journey. Financially you will need to be independent. You will take a break from being materialistic as a Hermit’s journey signifies soul searching. If you are working for someone and are tired of being someone’s employee then it’s a great time for you to freelance or be self-employed. You might not get great support but remember that you need only yourself to succeed this time. The Hermit actually signals you to take a beat and step back from the chaos and people and he wants you to look inward. You need to discover yourself and the only way to do this is by enforced solitude and simplification of one’s life. Relationships might suffer a bit as you might not want to spend time socialising or going out which will affect your relationship but it doesn’t mean a break up. You will just take some time off from everyone. Singles you might meet someone who is a bit of a loner, independent and self reliant. July is all about being independent, reconnecting with your soul, reflection, development and faith.



August heralds with a Major Arcana card-Justice which is the 8th card in the Tarot Deck.Some decks place the Justice card on number 11 but the deck which I have used places it on 8th so I’m referencing to number 8. Eight number in a reading is very positive and it indicates very positive changes. Justice card basically shows us that a decision needs to be made and it also shows up the options available to us. All those who are into legal battles know that a negotiation might solve your problem faster than actually fighting out the case, so a settlement is in order. You need to employ balance, fairness and honesty in your work area. There needs to be equitable division of labor and responsibility. The Justice card shows tensions abating which means that would be very much sorted.
Relationships will be all about adjustments. There might have been some issue in your relationship because of something you or your partner did but at this point if you want to save the relationship you need to be honest and you need to right the wrong adjusting your behaviour which will create balance and peace.The Justice card implies that what is rightfully yours will be yours during this time. If you know some person who mediates or is from the legal background this person can help you as he is very honest and fair-minded because he is able to put out his view points as well as listen to others. August is all about righting wrongs, adjusting your behaviour, being kind and selfless and achieving balance in all areas of your life.



So after waiting for 8 months we get the most loved card of the Major Arcana or more appropriately my favourite card The Lovers OCTOBER- THREE OF SWORDS


Three of Swords at the outset signifies a period of suspended activity before future successes are realised. There is gonna be a third person who is going to be the reason for your unhappiness. In September we discussed about thinking with your heart if you have failed to do that and been overly rational thus ignoring your intuition it’s gonna cost you a loss.The alienation and sadness which you feel is because you have allowed your mind to dominate all your decisions. Three of Swords will make you learn more about yourself allowing you take certain decisions which might seem distressing but they will pave the way for a positive outcome in the future. Money matters might make you do something which contradicts the values which you hold dear or it might be at someone else’s expense and this is where you heart over head policy plays an important role as you have to decide if hurting someone or sacrificing your values for the money you will get is worth it or no? Work might lose it’s lustre or you will realise that you don’t love what you are doing and because of this you will feel isolated and unhappy. You have to make a decision here and move forward as once a choice is made it’ll be more fulfilling than the stagnancy you are experiencing now no matter how secured it is. A special note for my creative friends out there-use this period to get inspired and produce art as melancholy always results in the creation of great art. Relationships at this time will be full of cracks and these cracks will lead to quarrels which might lead to a separation either temporary or even permanent. You or your partner might feel that there is a presence of a third person in the relationship and it’s not exclusive. At this point only understanding, compassion and honest communication can bridge the cracks in the relationship. You need to evaluate the relationship and check if it’s worth salvaging it as if it’s not and you keep on being in it later it might be more heartbreaking for you. Singles be wary of any new romantic proposals as there might be much potential in the relationship but don’t dismiss it completely as there might be a way around but through the battle of your heart. October is all about taking steps to nourish your soul, making decisions no matter how painful they might be and knowing that this is just temporary and once this phase is over you will feel a sense of well being and liberation.



Judgment card is the 20th card of the Major Arcana which boils down to 2+0= 2 . Twos in a reading represent gestation and anticipation of future successes. The pictorial depiction shows an angel blowing a trumpet which means he is making the call of the Last Judgment. The angel on the card is often said to be Archangel Michael who leads the forces of lightness against the darkness in the war of heaven. It shows that Archangel Michael is with you if you have been on the right side of the road and no matter what he is going to be there with you helping every step of the way.This card marks the completion of our Karmic cycle and we get rewards according to our actions in the past. Judgment card is dual so if you have performed negative deeds you’ll learn hard lessons and if you have performed positive deeds you’ll reap rewards for all your efforts. The Judgment card gives you a second chance to accept your past and start with a clean slate. It’s all about making peace with yourself, righting previous wrongs and moving forward with a positive attitude. You will be making a choice about money matters as well this month. This choice will change your life and the decision will not just affect your finances in the present but also in the future. For your work you will need to make a major decision. You might need to change your job or you might feel like completely changing your vocation. Don’t worry if you feel it’s too late to change your career as this will be long term but be wise in choosing as it’s gonna have far reaching implications. Relationships will be all about making decisions. Power, ethics and honesty will play a major role in your relationship. If you have committed some mistake which has let to certain issues in your relationship you might a get a clean slate to start afresh. You will have to assess your actions, beliefs and progress before you decide on your future. November is all about reviewing your life and checking how far you have come and what you have achieved, transition and personal development.



Aces in a reading indicate new beginnings as it’s the number one card. Ace of Swords signify our ability to think logically and act in a fair minded and responsible way. You need to master your emotions as they are very volatile at the moment. This is a period of your mental powers awakening but don’t get scared as even if it might feel chaotic initially this process is essential for your development. Forceful events are about to take you by storm and you will need the mental alacrity to withstand the pace. The conflict which is happening is essential because this will force you to look for new solutions for old problems. A new idea might occur in your head which will be very profitable for you. There might be a business or a venture involving communication. You will require intellect and communication skills for your project and in your work. Complete concentration without any distractions is essential for the completion of your goal. If you feel like taking a course or studying up for your project, go ahead and do it because that’s gonna help you a lot. At this point a Solo venture will benefit you more than a partnership.
Singles you will soon enter in a new relationship. You will be attracted to one of your friend who shares the same ideas. For existing relationships you will find out that your partner is mentally oriented and emotionally detached. You need to discuss your relationship openly with your partner. Once you master your emotions you will triumph and enjoy success. December is all about planning, decision making, mastering your emotions and being objective and rational.

Always remember that our efforts, dedication and faith makes anything possible. Tarot just tells you what will happen if you will do a certain thing or follow a path, your efforts and faith is of the utmost importance. 

Hope this reading helps you. Have an amazing 2017 ahead. Keep shining and spreading love and light.

Blessed Be
Love and Light
Sheetal Virat

Happiness can be found if only you want it

image1 (2)

Even though many people have not read Harry Potter, I am sure they know this statement made by Professor Dumbledore because it’s one of those which has been circulated more as a positivity statement than a Harry Potter dialogue.

After reading the words in the above image my fellow potterheads will point out that I have not written the statement correctly which is absolutely right but I have made this error knowingly because I wanted to re-frame what Dumbledore says. The original one goes as:” Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if only one knows how to turn on the lights”. Here Dumbledore says that even in the darkest periods of life there is hope if you know how to turn on the lights. But what I have said is that Happiness can be found if you want to turn on the lights because now-a-days people are so content in what they have that they have stopped chasing their dreams. Dreams make you happy. And because many people have stopped chasing their dreams they have lost their happiness. Now what makes us stop chasing our dreams? One: We don’t believe in ourselves, Second: We feel even if we achieve our dreams, people won’t be proud of us. I am going to talk here today about the second reason.

Let’s take a basic example. I always wanted to be a writer. So after I cleared my S.S.C examination I told my parents that I want to join the Arts stream. My mother’s first reply was why not Commerce? I told her that cuz I wanna be a writer I want to pursue English Major. Now after she heard a writer she was like OMG you wanna carry a cloth bag and roam here and there forever! God I was pissed, why do they feel writers are that? I left the room accepting defeat because I knew that no matter how great my argument was in front of the current audience it would be invalid. Next day a bitch friend of my mom told her that she is joining arts because her best friend is. What my mother dint realise was that I had scored more than my Best Friend and would definitely be joining another college. She just pushed me into Commerce because she wanted me to be an MBA OR CA OR CS(the only respectable profession according to Indian Parents and so they push children to choose commerce). I could not rebel at 16 the way I can today so I lost my dream and to please someone got admission in a respectable college offering me commerce. Everyone was happy, everyone except me. Here I knew to turn on the lights I needed to choose Arts but I just shut up seeing other’s happiness and dint turn on the lights.

Another example will help you gain more clarity on this issue as this is what we do frequently. Once you are of a certain age, you start dating. You meet guys, you like some of them and some you don’t. But you have to date! It’s like the rule of society, otherwise they say shit like she cannot find anyone or else she is lesbian etc all that recycled old tosh! So we date, even when we don’t want to because we want people to think we are normal. Some of these dates make us miserable but we go on doing that because it makes someone happy. But we are forgetting here is that our Happiness is deep buried.

The other day I went on a Self-Date . I love myself and more than that I love spending time with myself. But this Self-Date was something which happened because a friend stood me up for lunch at the last moment. Everyone told me go home, don’t be by yourself etc. But I was like hell forget it, I don’t need someone to show me a good time, I can do it myself. I ate lunch in a fancy restaurant alone, eating what I want, drinking what I want etc. This lunch was the best lunch of my life. I thought a lot while eating about what I want to do, what I want, where I am right now, where I wanna go in next 5 years etc without any interruption and Boy I made a huge progress. I realised that I am trying to find happiness in others when the person who can give me the best chance at it is myself.

We all think of these things very often but that is in the middle of all the daily chaos. This thinking is very important for us and we need to think about it in a proper way where there is nothing else on our mind except what we want to do. We go on so many dates which turn out to be crappy then why cannot we afford ourselves a self-date where the outcome will be happiness?

Now you must think what will people think when they see us dining alone? I would say who cares! We digest our food alone right so why so much stress if we eat alone? Let people think what they wanna think! What we have to think is what we want!

We feel happy when we do what others want us to do but that Happiness is an illusion. Real happiness is when we do something we want to and all of us should experience that at least once. We will be happy if we want to. There are a certain changes we need to do for that. If you want to be happy you should escape your comfort zone, you need not be afraid of anyone, be proud of yourself and yearn for your happiness.

I turned on the light, you can turn on yours too!So: Happiness can be found even in the darkest of time if only we want to turn on the lights!!

Love and Light ❤