From #MeToo till #BeTheChange


Sakshi donned the red dupatta which her brother had gifted her on rakhi. She placed her dupatta covering her breasts thus adding another cover and left for college.

Ira was so excited to wear the little black dress which her mother had bought for the fresher’s party. She admired her long legs in the mirror and left for college.

Sakshi and Ira crossed paths in the lifts exchanged a couple of words and left for different directions.

A man brushed past Sakshi turned, faced her and asked Chalti hain kya Randi? Losing her mind and strength she crumpled on the ground clutching the dupatta and cried hopelessly.

In the next lane two boys riding a bike abruptly stopped next to Ira. They got down and said Would you like us to remove that little piece of cloth you have on yourself so we can admire you completely?

Ira’s mind went blank and she crumpled on the ground tears flowing relentlessly through her eyes. One of the boy tried to touch her but something slammed across his face and hearing that noise Ira looked up to see Sakshi banging her bag on the boy’s face. The boys sat on their bike and sped away.

Sakshi sat down hugging Ira. Ira hugged her back and said Thank You Sakshi, I shouldn’t have worn this dress and walked on the street. Sakshi wiped Ira’s tears, held her shoulders, looked her in the eye and said don’t do you dare blame yourself for a moment. Look at me not even an inch of my skin is seen and yet a man called me a Randi and asked me to come with him. Ira looked at Sakshi, wiped her tears and hugged her for a long time.


I love wearing one pieces and jeans more than salwar suits because I feel comfortable in them. If that makes me a Randi or easily available in your mind, remember then that if anything needs to be torn off or needs a makeover is your dirty brain. And if you come at me I’ll tear you to shreds. 

I think there should be therapists to change the mindset of such people who look at women and see nothing except a piece of ass to bang. We should hang a placard in their necks saying I HARASS WOMEN, I AM SICK so that the society actually knows these FUCKTARDS and we have a system to filter them which is much better than how they filter us based on clothes. 

Just because a women wears revealing clothes she is a slut and she sleeps with everyone. If that was the case why didn’t Ira go with those boys? Why did she cry? And why did that man called Sakshi a whore? If clothes determine a Woman’s character then Sakshi wasn’t wearing any revealing outfit, so why? 

WHY- Because some men feel entitled to sleep with any woman they want. They feel the sole purpose a woman has in life is to submit to me. They feel is a woman wears short clothes she becomes a whore, who can be touched and hit on by anyone at any time. But trust me the problem is not with clothes it’s with the mindset of these men as even if they see a woman in Salwars/Sarees they will sexually harass/assault them. They don’t differentiate Sakshi’s and Ira’s they just look at them as objects made for their fun and enjoyment. Shame on them and shame on this society who nurtures them and shame the poor woman who has suffered such a terrible ordeal. 

I think these people are sick and they need our help so let’s help them if we see them in the road harassing others by being witnesses and reporting the crime to cops.



Sarah married her childhood sweetheart. She got along well with his parents and that is what her excited her more about this marriage that now she would have two sets of parents. The next day after her wedding she woke up and decided to surprise her in laws and her husband with a huge spread for breakfast including all of their favourite items. She cooked and cooked not realising she was all sweaty and gross as food played Splash Em with her. But when she set the table and filled the coffee pot she smiled as she imagined her in laws and husband’s reaction as they would wake up to the waft of their favourite delicacies and the warm smile on their faces as they dug in.

Everyone came out and saw a lavish spread on the table. Sarah was cleaning the kitchen counter when she heard her husband call out to her. She walked out in the dining room smiling. He took one look at her and said Sar what are you wearing? Just go change and wear a Kurta or a Saree, my parents won’t appreciate you wearing a night dress. Just then Sarah’s in laws came out and inquired about what was happening.

Sarah told them everything how she made breakfast to surprise them and how her husband told her about their dislikes towards western clothes. Mom Dad I know you’ll since I am a baby and I have come in this house so many times even wearing hot pants, why dint you tell me then, she asked them?

Sarah’s mother-in-law smiled sauntering forward and said but Beta you weren’t married to our son then. You are our daughter-in-law now and what you do speaks for our entire family. We can’t allow people to call you names because of your inappropriate clothing and neither we can allow them to point fingers at us.

Sarah smiled and said I called you Mom and Dad because I thought marriage gave me another set of parents to be responsible towards and to love. If my clothes were really determined who I was and if you really loved me why didn’t you tell me this before? You know me since my birth, you knew your son is the only man I loved and would eventually marry, then why didn’t you consider me as your daughter as if this was a bad habit why dint you tell me to get rid off it before?

The smile fell off her mother in law’s face and she couldn’t give any answer to Sarah.

Mom my Maa always loved me for who I was. While growing up she taught me to love everyone, be compassionate and kind, she told me to never hurt or harm anyone. These were the values I grew up with and never once did she mention that I will be a bad person or people will judge me or them over my clothes. My mother is a wonderful human being and I don’t think she would teach me anything wrong, but I love you like I love her and if you feel that I am wrong then I will change and adapt just for you. But just tell me one thing will you tell the same thing to Didi as well? You love Didi for who she is then why not me?

Sarah’s mother in law had tears in her eyes and she hugged Sarah and said, I don’t care what you wear as I was wearing a mask over my eyes which was harmful and you helped me get it off. Western clothes or Indian Clothes you have a heart of gold and it will always shine and that is the kind of person I need my son to be around.


If you want your daughter in law to treat you like her parents then make sure you accept and love her like you would your own daughter. 



Ashima checked her watch and realised it was way past 1:30 so she called herself a cab and told her friends that she had to go home. A couple of drinks later she had started feeling groggy. She went out of the restaurant and was resting her head on the wall when two hands grabbed her. She opened her eyes in shock to see a man pushing himself against her. With all her strength she started pushing him away. To her shock he said you smell of booze and you are all alone here weren’t you looking for sex.

She successfully pushed him away and yelled what is wrong with you. You go in a fancy restaurant like that, you look like a decent person and you think in this way? He smiled a very creepy smile and pushed her against the wall one more time and this time no matter how much she pushed, fought back and screamed nothing could stop the horrific act which was happening with her.

In her mind she thought that if I hadn’t gotten drunk probably I wouldn’t be in this peril. Every time he pushed himself against her she could hear a piece of her soul shattering. After he had had his fun he threw her next to the dumpster and simply left without even glancing at her. After what felt like ages she was able to get up. She decided to go and report what had happened to her. A couple of questions from the cops which made her go into the details of the traumatising act and dirty glances from them for her despite being a lady and getting drunk she left for her house.

After scrubbing herself to the point of bleeding to death she still couldn’t let go off the thought that had she not been drunk this wouldn’t have happened to her. Days turned into weeks which turned into months. People started looking at her with disgusting glances and stares, they judged her for staying late out of the house and drinking, many even told her to take her complain back as it would get her nothing except misery. Ashima did nothing of that sort and decided to fight for justice.

A year later she was still fighting but hadn’t forgiven herself for getting drunk and staying out late. She opened the newspaper and what she read horrified her to an extent which she thought was not possible as every bad feeling which existed in this world had washed her on that horrible night but this piece of news shattered and pierced her soul even more than it had done that night. A 3 year old girl was raped by a 50 year old man. The news said that the man was their neighbour and under the pretext of playing with her he raped her.

Ashima slid from the sofa to the floor and started crying and asked herself what could have that small girl done as she was within the safety of her own house? She had followed all the rules,stayed at home, hadn’t partied,hadn’t done any drugs, she simply had done nothing.She found renewed strength cursing the man to the fiery pit of Hades. This incident had given her like a bolt in her hand which told her to make sure to right the wrong done to her. Because today truly she found out that no matter what she would/wouldn’t have done that horrific night would have happened as the reason it had happened was not her but the man. With a heavy heart she closed the newspaper but a weight lifted off her chest as she finally was able to forgive herself as she held herself no longer responsible for what was done to her.


Rape in all situations is wrong. No man should force himself upon a Woman under any circumstance or any relation. A woman who was raped goes through hell and the society blames her for what has happened to her. Instead of standing by her and putting the man down who did this to her we start degrading the woman. 

Rape can stop only and only when men learn that they don’t have a right to do this to any woman. Just because you go 90 Degrees seeing someone is and will never be an acceptable reason for the horror you committed. Rape is a crime and I hope our society starts grilling the Rapist more than the Victim otherwise soon the Victim will have to be her own Kali and Durga and get her Justice. 


Priti was ecstatic to see the + on the home pregnancy kit. She took a picture of the strip and shared it via WhatsApp with her husband. He texted her back saying please meet me at 7 pm today near my office.

Priti got dressed in her powder blue dress which her husband adored and hailed a cab to his office. He was standing near the pavement, expecting to be hugged or swept off her feet all Priti got was a signal to come and sit in the car. Still she looked up smiling and saw a mask of tension on her husband’s face. She asked him if everything was okay and his words through that composed mask shook her completely. Yes everything is okay my darling just taking you to a doctor friend of mine to check if we are having a boy as to be honest I cannot handle having a girl child in the family and nor have I ever wanted one.

She wanted to say a lot of things but apparently her tongue had lost it’s ability to move. The car stopped but her thoughts were still running a relay race. She did not move. When her husband came to her side to check why she wasn’t getting out she told him I do not want to go through with this, I want a child and I want it irrespective of it’s sex. He tried to force her but no matter she wouldn’t budge. She got off the car and took a cab to her parents house.

Priti told her parents everything that had happened. They were horrified at their son-in-law’s behaviour but what they told Priti horrified her even more. Beta this child is already doomed and only you can save it by keeping your pride aside. Call your husband and apologise and go for the test, if it’s a boy keep it, maybe that will help you get your husband’s forgiveness.If it’s a girl get is aborted. It’s not easy being separated from your husband while pregnant. People will make many stories and you won’t be able to raise this child alone. Keeping their hand on her head they left the room.

Priti’s tears had dried up but there was a fire burning her from inside out. She got up and opened the window sucked in some fresh air, took a deep breath and thought no one would allow her to live in peace. She climbed on the ledge and jumped off from the 20th Floor.


Pregnant ladies go through hell without all this and what do such narcissistic people do they kill them. Yes such deaths are not suicides but you practically guide them to that ledge and push them. The hypocrisy of this society is that they want females to cook,clean,earn and fuck but they don’t want to raise girls. If this continues soon Women will disappear from the face of this earth. Stop killing us as women are essential for the survival of man. 


These are not the only problems women face. There are more issues apart from this like marital rape, dowry deaths etc which kill a woman while alive. She literally becomes a zombie. Many of us have lived these stories and those who have come out of it and are fighting it I want to tell you’ll that I am really proud of you and all of the sisters who weren’t able to make it I apologise sincerely because I wish I could have done something to help you all. 

If you can see the sufferer in all these stories is a Woman. I don’t have problem with all Men but yes Men who harass Women I hate them but if that makes me a NAZI I don’t care as what these men do to these woman is as bad as what NAZIS did but if you can’t see that there is no point in explaining my point of view to you as you have closed your eyes and ears and are okay with everything that is happening around you. 

When a person is harassed mentally they go through a very tough time and all they need is some support. It really helps to just listen and talk to them as they are so exhausted and tired of being shunned and shamed that one person also can light a spark of hope in them and get them out of their hopeless situation. Be that spark to someone, it’s better than doing all that you do under the name of religion as helping people and being a good human being is what pleases God the most. 

The only remedy to this situation is to be the change .Teach your daughters to fight injustice instead of succumbing to it. Teach them to give a damn about society and do what their gut and intuition tells them. Teach your sons to respect women. Teach your sons to ear a love of a woman than her body. Teach your children equality of sexes. 

Teach your children to be good people that is more important than moulding them in the tray of NORMAL which this stupid society has created. 

You want to see the change then be the change. #TOSEETHECHANGEBETHECHANGE 



You need to wake up as otherwise waking up will become a horror for us


I am born and brought up in Mumbai. I never got along with my extended family members because of their rotten and narrow mind made me want to vomit right from when I was a child. As I am the second daughter they thought I was nothing but a burden on my parents. But because of God’s grace my parents never thought of it this way.They raised me to be a strong independent women. My brothers loved me but they never treated me as someone of the inferior sex, they treated me like an equal, made me strong. I grew up and finished high school and wanted to study law in London. After a lot of brainstorming I decided to stay in India close to my friends and family in a secured environment.I did not want to go to a new country with unknown people.

I loved India and I still do but in the past few years India has changed, it’s not safe and secure anymore and it’s not because of the Country it’s because of the people who make the Country what it is and especially the people of the fairer sex who think that a woman is nothing but a toy to have sex with and produce kids. If a woman wants to study, work and have a career she should get to do all these things and if she wants to stay at home and be a homemaker she should get to do that. It’s all about choice, women are created by the same God who created men with equal status and rights. So why do we need permission to study and work?I am a devout feminist but I have never hated men as real feminism is Gender Equality and not Superiority.

I have stopped reading the newspaper because everyday there is a report about a woman getting molested or raped followed by some shit arse comment by a politician as how women call for what they are getting. I just cannot take this anymore and I feel like going and beheading guys who say such nonsense. If your daughter or sister gets raped will you be passing the same comments? No you will be out exhibiting the theory of an eye for an eye. Then why can’t you do the same when someone else’s daughter or sister gets raped? All you do is open your mouth and throw poop out of it.

Women get raped and molested because they show their skin, talk to men. This is the most crappiest thing I have heard in my life. The other day there was a woman with me who was wearing a saree and a douchebag came from the other side and brushed her shoulder. What does your bull crap logic say about this?

Indians are adopting western cultures and choosing short dresses over ghoonghats, going with men on dates and that’s why they are getting raped. Hello you short sighted, close minded moron the western people wear these kind of outfits from ages, go with men on dates and yet they feel safe and even if they get molested or raped the whole country stands for them and against the man who did this horrendous act. In sync with the incident I mentioned in the paragraph about this what needs to change is the mindset of certain men and the wardrobe of women.

Indians are leaving traditions behind and becoming modern like western people. You know what you don’t know anything about Indian Tradition. Tradition doesn’t mean wearing a saree, Indian Tradition means loving your family, being responsible and helping everyone. You target people and victimise them more when they are in a crisis so if anyone has left behind tradition and humanity it’s you and not that girl in the short skirt and shirt who goes to work everyday so she can provide medical aid for her old retired parents and pay fees of her brother and sister’s towards education. This girl’s act makes her as big as any man and your words make you a gutless, shameless monster.

Women who go on dates get molested as they are making themselves available, if this is the mindset even the man is available, does a woman rape him then? And this is because of the mindset of woman, she respects men and will never do such a thing with him . These molestations are not limited to dates. Working women stay up late at the office due to deadline and commitments and so many of these women get molested while going home from work. What’s the solution for this? Stay at home ? So we should study and stay at home, waste our education and not work,help support our family because if we go out we will get raped. And if we don’t work and earn bucks no guy will marry us because all arrange marriages which happen these days do on the basis of a women’s salary.

So I have a better idea why don’t all men stay at home and are forbidden to go out. Sounds barbaric right but it’s all right for you pumpkin heads to say that a woman should stay at home if she wants to be safe. If she does stay at home isn’t that life like a jail sentence to her? And what’s to guarantee that these people won’t come in her house and rape or molest her? Can you give me a guarantee this won’t happen? You won’t right; so shut the fuck up about what you don’t understand and keep on living on your miserable life.

The entire world of a woman comes crashing down when she is raped or molested and when she is going through this crisis what does the society do? They shun her, make her feel responsible for what has happened and over night from the victim she becomes the prostitute. Shame on you. Shame on us. Shame on everyone. Instead of teaching the bastard who did this to her a lesson which will make him shudder even if he thinks about doing anything like that in the future with anyone we make the woman who went through this want to kill herself.

Men who rape women should be castrated in public. Mere sentence in jail is not enough for them. If there is a criminal who uses a gun and shoots people you take it away from him right so take this arsehole’s dick which he thinks is a weapon and who dares to use it on a woman without her will.

I wake up everyday and get scared that maybe me or my friend or my sister might get raped or molested today while out for work or while going out and about our life. I am scared to wake up because I know the nation is sleeping and if it doesn’t wake up soon then the entire female race will cease to exist. So no Mothers,Sisters,Wives and Girlfriends. The Country would succeed without women right? Men would be able to take care of everything on their own. So what if there is no family, so what if there is no mother or sister you can deal with your problems alone. And when all of you die the country will cease to exist because without a woman how will you create life?

Goddess Durga I ask you to give me and my fellow sisters all the strength required to battle these stupid allegations. I am not going without a fight. I will not allow any man to touch me without my permission. I will slap anyone who comments about my clothes or about they way I live my life. I am a flesh and blood person created by God and I have a right to live my life the way I feel is right.

I can do this but I urge all the men to come forward and support me. I need your support to create a better future for everyone’s mothers, sisters,daughters,girlfriends and wives. United we stand a better chance at winning.

A small request to my friends in media, you know who these people are and what are their views so please don’t interview them about these happenings. They just want publicity and that is why they do such stunts. When we chose them to be our representatives we thought that they would help make our Country a better place to live in but instead they are just making life more difficult for us. So for us to live in peace and happier I urge you’ll to not give any importance to such comments and views and dismiss them and throw them in the trash.

Blessed Be

Love and Light

Sheetal Virat


What I Strive For!!!

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Today am not blogging about Fashion or Tarot but I am blogging about living. Living life is very easy for us we work,eat,sleep,pray,party and so on. In this busy schedule we forget there are certain basic fundamental rights conferred upon us. We forget this because we don’t have to fight for them or maybe we have to but we just don’t want to.

I can’t change the society alone but if I can definitely come out of the closet and speak about what I want to change. Maybe 10 people will read what I write, 5 people will get inspired and 2 people will actually start talking about the changes they are looking for. It might be on a small scale but it will be a start. I just cannot sit idly and let the world pass by because if I keep complaining and not doing anything then am no different than the people who cause damage to the society!!!

So today I am blogging about some issues which I feel need to change. This is purely what I feel and has nothing to do with feelings/sentiments/religious beliefs of other people.



HELLO!!! We have a name just like you do, so why do you address us with lame pick-up lines and cheesy names? It’s very embarrassing when we are called by such weird names. We are human beings not weapons and honestly if you want us to be a weapon you will have cower behind enemy lines. Just imagine if we start calling you by names such as Grenade etc how will you feel, forget your feelings the society will say what a shameless woman!!! Don’t turn a woman into a weapon dude seriously you won’t be able to handle us!!!



Wow I admire your spirit, how can you be so smart and cool at the same time? This is something which people tell a lot to me. To be honest I don’t really do anything different. I am just living my life. I always give my opinions and take my stand on issues for which they say that You are such a Feminist!!! 

I live my life according to my rules. My parents have taught me to be a good person and have a good karma and that is my life motto. When I do something I just think if its good or bad not if its female inappropriate! God gave us all equal rights he didn’t qualify things as male/female appropriate its humans who have done all this in the name of religion!!

What is feminist in giving your opinions? I means yes if living my life the way I want to without thinking what others feel about me is BEING FEMINIST then I am one for my life.



What was my mistake? I did everything my parents asked. Never drove the car when I was drunk, never went off the speed limit to show off my driving skills. I respected the rules my parents set because I thought no I knew they would keep me safe but in the end it just wasn’t enough.

I am sorry Mom I wish I could have done more, Dad I wish someone had taught the person to drive responsibly the way you taught me. 

Do we really have enough traffic laws to avoid accidents? Is our law strict enough to scare people off drunken driving? Personally I don’t sympathize at all with people who drive under the influence of Alcohol. Yes they need to be subjected to a fair trial but once proven guilty they shouldn’t be given any benefits. They shouldn’t be let off by just paying a fine, their punishment should be more strict. They should think twice before committing such a crime in the future.

These people don’t care even if someone dies below their vehicle. They just feel that since they have enough money either they can bribe their way off by paying a cop or give a fine and get off easily. This needs to change and it needs to change immediately!!!



They say girls are a burden. Did you ever think that maybe they weren’t good parents, had poor parenting skills and that is why they thought she was a burden. Don’t believe them. They are in no position to make declarations. A girl always inspires you. She nurtures you as a mother, makes your life fun as a sister, is there for you as a girlfriend and leaves everything she has and gives you your own family as a wife!!! Do you think if she does so much she can be qualified as a burden? If there is no one to do the above mentioned things no matter how many assets you possess your life will be empty!!!

Girls are an asset. Don’t kill them in the womb. If people are asking you to do that in the name of religion its horseshit. God never asks for anyone’s life, he has given chances even to demons, do you really think he will ask you to kill an unborn child? Release these myths. They are all man-made. Rise above it. Be a good human being and SAVE THE GIRL CHILD!!!



Ever thought of a world without women? Who will cook for you, who will be at the short end of the stick when your boss yells at you, who will take care of you when you are sick, who will make sure your clothes are ironed, who will hold your hand and tell you everything will be okay,who will have sex with you when you are aroused? There are so many things that women do for you and there are so many roles that they play in your life!!! But we are getting killed and soon we are gonna be extinct like those tropical birds and you will have to make do without us.If hearing this seems horrible then just imagine what would living in a world like this would be!!!

If not for us then at least for yourself SAVE THE GIRL CHILD!!! 




Feminism means advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of “EQUALITY OF SEXES”

Those who feel that feminism is women trying to prove that they are superior to men know crap about feminism. This is wrong, we just wanna be equals. God gave rights and liabilities to human beings not just to a certain sex. Equality is God’s gift who the hell is the society to deny it to me because am not a man?

Feminism is not about hating men. It’s about women trying to fight for basic rights like education,equal pay etc. I am not wrong if I feel that I should be paid equally as men for a same job, my sex should be of no relevance here. I am not wrong if I want to pursue photography as a profession, again here my sex is irrelevant.

This can be achieved if man and woman work as a team. The society will be harmonious if we team up. Help us we are not trying to say we are better than you all we need is a chance to walk shoulder to shoulder with you.



Marriage is a big step in a woman’s life. She changes her lifestyle, leaves her family and her entire old life behind to start a new life with you. She is the one making sacrifices her. All that happens to you is gain, you get a wife, your parents get a daughter-in-law, your sister gets a sister-in-law. She takes care of your family, is a confidante to your sister, she loves you and her entire married life revolves around you. You treat her as a commodity and you know the best part is you don’t even pay her.

Despite all this why do you expect her parents to pay? Do you pay her parents because you are taking away their child? No you don’t so why do her parents have to pay you?


Countless of our fellow sisters get burned because their parents cannot pay the in-laws. They are set free and the poor girl loses her life and even if she lives the society doesn’t accept her as she was dumped by her husband. Shame on all of us for letting this go on for so long.




Oh my God you are 27 and not married yet. Your biological clock is ticking, you will have problems having a baby. She just crossed 30 I am sure there is some fault in her birth chart and that’s why she is not getting married. Holy Cow so many assumptions!!!

She is 27 and not married well newsflash it’s her life. If she doesn’t have a baby she can adopt again her life. The girl who is 30 and you thought has issues in her birth chart because of which her marriage is getting delayed is 10 times more successful in her career than your son.

Marriage is a beautiful union of two people in love. Don’t screw it up for others. Let them get married in their own time. And even if they don’t want to then let them be it’s their life.

You never say that a 27 year old guy who is unmarried will have issues then why to a girl? Especially this when said by Women about Women is more shocking.




A person who feels rape is justified should be put behind bars immediately!!! If he thinks that way then he won’t think twice before committing rape. He is a threat and shouldn’t be allowed to live freely in society.

I saw her thighs and got turned on so I raped her. She was freely roaming in short clothes. These things don’t mean that Rape is justified. She doesn’t deserve to be raped just because she was wearing modern clothes.How many times you raped your sister when she wore a shorts in front of you? If you can be responsible towards your sister then why not towards women in general, they are someone’s sisters too!!!

A rapist is an arsehole who forces his will on someone and doesn’t care how much he is hurting them. Rapists deserve fair trials but once proven guilty they need to be punished in such a way that due to fear of the punishment Rape becomes totally non-existent.



One thing that annoys me to no end is judging people by their clothing. How can you judge a book by its cover? All classic books have single colour covers with just titles, does that mean they are plain? Hell no classic books have the richest grammar and the best stories.

Just because she wore a skirt doesn’t mean she is a slut, pal she fasts on every Tuesday and Saturday and never leaves the house without praying to God. Just because she wore a salwar she is not a behenji dude she speaks English more better than you and is a Masters in Mass Communication.

Women started hating men because of their attitude towards them. We are treated like commodities and trashed in public.

I am not saying all women all bullied and subjected to injustice. But those who are can we please help them out.

I am asking all Women who are being treated badly to come forward. You are a victim because of your own choice. Don’t do this rise, be your own superhero. Its your choice what you want to become in your own story A VICTIM OR A HERO?

I am requesting all men who feel that what I have said is right and needs to be changed to come forward and help us make a change in the society. Let’s show them that man and women are equal and they can work wonders when they are a TEAM.

Feminist For Life


Feminism– a word which has become a taboo even before people have known the real meaning of it.

The dictionary meaning to the word FEMINISM is the advocacy of Women’s rights on the ground of the equality of sexes.

Many people feel that feminism is nothing but hating men. That is absolutely wrong. All we feminists plead for is same rights as men socially and professionally .For instance: If I am a lawyer working in a firm with the same amount of experience and intelligence as a co male colleague of mine is it right if I am paid less only because I am a woman and there are some preconceived notions about my abilities? I am taking care of my house as well as I am working isn’t that proof enough that I can balance my life? How many men do that? I am not asking you to treat me higher than men all I am demanding is the same respect.

Another issue is a girl’s in laws not allowing her to work because they feel that she won’t take care of the house properly. That is utter rubbish. I have seen so many people, even some of them my relatives working and taking care of their houses beautifully. I mean for crying out loud you are getting a daughter-in-law not a serving girl. I know a girl is suppose to take care of her family post-marriage but that should be out of love not force. Love a woman and see she will even lay down her life for you. Don’t kill someone’s ambitions. Its okay for your son to dream then why not extend the same courtesy to your daughter-in-law? If you really want her to you to treat her the way your daughter does then you should also be her father and mother than her in laws and then see how much she will love you.

This post-marriage work issue has led to a lot of divorces and even deaths of women and girls because of which the ugly head of the issue of Female Foeticide is blossoming. Parents are killing their babies in the wombs when they realize its a girl child. Nothing can be more unfortunate and horrific than killing your own child even before its born. Its ironic that in some countries A girl is considered to be Goddess Laxmi but yet at the same time they consider her to be cursed too and kill her.Now how can you be happy and prosper in life if you slay a Goddess, that makes you nothing but a hideous monster. You should be proud of her and raise her the way you father in law raise your wife, if they wouldn’t have would you have had a wife in the first place? It makes me sad that our entire life is shaped by a woman in many forms- a mother, a sister, a wife and a daughter ; yet we choose to kill them. Why? What have they done to you? If you are killing them because you are afraid to raise them then I guess its speaks about you being an asshole than a girl child being a burden.

In my family we are two sisters but never have even once my parents complained about the absence of a son. They love and cherish us. My father despite being a man is proud of me. He makes me take my own decisions, asks me for help if he is unable to do something, he doesn’t feel ashamed taking help from a woman. The smile which he gives me when I give a simple solution to the problem which he is having proves it to me how much he is proud of me. That is the mark of a real man. A real man doesn’t hit a woman but he makes sure to break the head of the one who abuses a woman. Now its your decision if you want to be a real man or no.

Another issue which irritates me is the hype people create over women’s clothes. Technically when we are born we are all naked, clothes are part that came into being through civilization. No one ever questions a man when he goes out shirtless but if a woman is wearing a bikini people will look at her like she is a whore. Its my body, I am supposed to decide what to wear. Who the hell are you to deduce about my character on the kind of clothes that I wear? Like that was not enough Rape is justified by men saying that she was wearing clothes which turned me on. I am asking you horny bastard will you rape your mother if she is wearing sexy clothes? Will you wolf-whistle at your sister? Will you sing cheap songs for your daughter? No you won’t then why not respect other women too. She is also someone’s daughter, sister and wife. Don’t look at women like they are sexual objects.Its okay for you to show the border of your boxer through your jeans because some actor you follow did that, then why am I looked upon at like a Slut if I wear a mini skirt which my favorite actress adorned? How will you feel if I say your boxer turned me on? Of course you would spare no time in telling your friends that she is an easy go and she wants to sleep with me? Damn your logic, your parents should have taught you some manners instead of wasting all those years of education on you as apparently nothing has filled that Melon head of yours.

In today’s world lots of women are coming out and standing up for their rights. They are understanding and embracing feminism. But we will be able to end Gender Inequality only when Men stand up with us and support feminism. Its okay for a man to show emotions too but he thinks that if he does so he will be bullied by fellow men. That is wrong as men before being men are humans and humans have emotions. God created all men and women alike with his own hands. We are all the same sculpted by the almighty, then why not be humans first? So am asking all men to come forward and be understanding. Its for your sake too. A mother is considered the most important in one’s life but according to me a father is important too. A child needs both his parents to be around him while growing up. Logically the society needs man and woman to work together as equals for harmony. Accept it and embrace it.

No matter how much I write about the issue of Feminism, I won’t be done with everything. So as an ending to this I would like to quote a few points from Emma Watson’s Speech at UN which touched my heart

1) If men don’t have to be aggressive in order to be accepted women won’t feel compelled to be submissive.

2) If men don’t have to control women won’t have to be controlled.

3) It is time that we all perceive Gender on a spectrum instead of two sets of opposing ideals.

4) If we start defining each other by what we are not and start defining us by who we are, we can all be free.

5) I want men to take this mantle so that not only their daughters,sisters and wives can be free from prejudice but also their sons can be vulnerable and human.

6) If not me then who? If not now, when? If you have similar doubts when presented with similar opportunities I hope these words will be helpful.

I so agree with Emma. Let’s all stand together and end Gender Inequality for once and all. I am proud to be woman are you?