Till emotions do us part!!All hail in the name of the Emperor!

दूर व्हा…
दूर व्हा सगळ्यांनी…
जो आपल्या जागा ठामपणे उभा आहे तो मी आहे
ज्युलियस सीझर…मी आहे प्रताप राव…मी आहे आॅथेलो…
सुधाकर आणि हॅमलेट आणि
मी आहे गणपत रामचंद्र बेलवरकर…नटसम्राट!!!!


Go away all, go away all of you . The one who is standing firm on his ground with his head held high I am that Julius Caesar! I am Prataprao!I am Othello! Sudhakar and Hamlet and I am Ganpat Ramchandra Belvalkar…NATSAMRAT!!!

My typical Saturday is not watching a marathi movie! Yesterday when my neighbour Deepa came over and asked me to watch a movie after hearing it’s Natsamrat I said yes because I have always been a fan of Nanaji! Also I knew that Natsamrat is loosely based on Shakespeare’s King Lear and I wouldn’t pass an opportunity to watch a Shakespearean adaptation even on my death bed as to a budding writer and a lover of arts it’s like porn to a teenage boy!!

The story of the movie is a typical modern day tale we can relate to where children after growing up become so absorbed in their life that they make their parents live in evil boulevard. There is a major split from the regular arc here wherein even the daughter is not so great with her parents. The director deviates from the stereotype of  just showing the son and daughter-in-law as baddies but also incorporates the trust issues which even daughters have with their parents after they grow up and start their own family.

Ganpatrao is not a King like King Lear but he is the King of Theatre and after devoting a certain part of his life to the beloved art he decides to retire and spend his remaining time with his wife Kaveri whom he fondly refers to as Sarkar and his family. In a typical middle class fatherly fashion he splits his property between his son and daughter thereby not keeping anything for himself except the undying trust that his children will look after him if any tragedy befalls.


For a while it’s all rosy. Ganpatrao is a doting grandfather who takes really good care of his granddaughter and spends a lot of time with her by doing simple daily activities like dropping her off to school etc. Their bond is so strong that the little one even sleeps in the nights with her grandparents as she loves the stories her grandfather narrates to her. Two simple incidents shock the foundation of the house or at least the daughter in law feels that there is a rip in the bond they share and that they should start living separately. Poor Ganpatrao takes this blow heavily to his heart but doesn’t get angry on his son instead he applauds him for speaking like a man for once in his life and reminds them that the house is theirs and if anyone has to leave it’ll be Ganpatrao and his wife. The daughter in law smiles like the vixen she is for the first time as her ploy to throw her in laws and keep the house to herself works flawlessly. When Ganpatrao is leaving his granddaughter runs after the taxi to stop her grandfather from leaving but the mother pulls her away without thinking about their emotions for even one second. The look on Ganpatrao’s face when his grandchild is taken away is the pain which we will experience if a piece of our heart is cut and the remaining portion is left without any healing potion! 

Ganpatrao shifts the next era of his life to his daughter’s house where all works well for while.


In midst of all this he loses touch with his best friend who has lost his wife and doesn’t know how to live without her. One fine day Ganpatrao remembers him and pays a visit and the encounter is just like how a best friend would react if left out or alone for too long with a tight slap and a reminder that I have always been there for you. But friendship is weird one hug erases all the anger and rekindles the light of love again. But despite being in the company of his friend Rambhau misses his wife terribly and has lost all will to live and he is dying, in the midst of all this both friends start reciting a dialogue between Karna and Krishna and in that scene you realise why Nanaji and Vikramji are the two finest actors in the industry. I wished this scene could have gone on and on but I wouldn’t get bored because the dialogue delivery and the expressions would give the finest broadway actors a run for their money. Each expression right from the raising of the eyebrows to the twitching of the lips is so good tht even the word perfect wouldn’t do justice to the brilliance and beauty of it! But we lose Rambhau and the story moves on!

Happiness is short-lived what faces Ganpatrao is cruelty to the last point of humanity! After seeing a wad of cash in her father’s trunk on the pretext of finding her sewing needles after losing some cash from her house the daughter blatantly blames them for stealing the money. Whatever part of Ganpatrao’s bleeding heart was left the daughter takes it and chops it into little-little pieces and throws it in the trash can not even thinking once that this was the same man who mended the irreparable pieces of her favourite broken doll in the childhood just to put that smile back on her face! 

Hurt more than angered at the daughter’s accusations the couple leave the house in the middle of the night despite the doors being locked they stage their escape from the windows which is a pretty bad ass move which he sights as THE GREAT ESCAPE!!

After that they decide to trace back their roots by returning to their village and a start a happy and busy life there. Amidst the what to do discussion Ganpatrao tells his wife that he has not told her something in ages and there in the back of the truck in a stormy night he confesses to her that he loves her a lot, that moment made my heart beat ten times faster than it’s normal pace and I felt like that is a man who even after been evicted from his own house and starting a life with nothing tells his wife he loves her! Bonus points to Nanaji who despite being depicted as old delivered the lines with the emotion and love like a boy asking out the love of his life to stay with him forever! 


Just when we thought Ganpatrao and his Sarkar will start their new chapter happily, Sarkar is wrenched out his arms by the angel of death whilst they had stopped for a nap before catching a bus for their beloved village. I had mixed emotions when Kaveri Belvalkar died I was sad that she died and left Ganpatrao alone as she was the only confidante and loved one he had but I was happy because she died peacefully after her husband sang for her the previous night and they shared a blanket and slept peacefully after months on the bank of a river. That one night even if on the road was a heaven to Sarkar as she was carefree and there were no walls of claustrophobia around her, she was out in the open world but she felt safest because her safety net Ganpatrao was with her. Kaveri’s role in her husband’s life is the most important of all. The solidarity and the loyalty with which she stands with Ganpatrao is literally his spine as after her death he collapses in a never ending abyss. He just lives on because his body is still there but his soul Kaveri took it away with her the day she died.


The part which follows doesn’t have as many great dialogues by Nanaji as THE KUNI GHAR DETA KA GHAR!  but even when just sitting as a man on the road doing his daily work interacting with others who stay near him show us the class and brilliance which sets Nanaji apart from the rest!


The last sequence of the movie is the most heart wrenching and it sums up the paragraph which I wrote at the start of the blog. All people who surround Ganpatrao whilst he is narrating his life story to a theatre loving disciple Siddhartha whom we met whilst living on the street are the ones who are responsible for killing him piece by piece. His family surrounds him asking for his forgiveness but he has eyes only for Raja the Shoe Polish guy who took care of him just because he wanted to take care of him and not expecting anything in return.

How did they family ask for his forgiveness? How could he forgive them?

Often the people we love the most are the ones who rip us apart limb to limb and even when we are a writhing mass of blood and flesh they still expect us to do something for them!Guess they make us live the phrase we will even give our life to our loved one! 

I am not saying that parents should not give anything to their children or children should always listen to what their parents say. A family is like a clock the hands are not same but for it to work smoothly we should work in synchronization. 

All we need to know is that our views will always be different from the generation before and after us but for your ego please don’t let the love in a relation die. Change is essential but not at the cost of eliminating your loved ones!

Yes we have seen movies like Avtaar,Baghban etc before which traced the issue of parental abandonment but Natsamrat blows us into a million pieces, puts us back and cleanses our soul!!!

I was on the edge of my seat with moist eyes, a swelled heart and a bleeding soul when the movie got over but I knew that this movie has made a mark in my heart which will be engraved in it FOREVER! I thank Mr Mahesh Manjrekar for making this brilliant masterpiece and re-instating my faith in cinema, making me believe that movies can be made by emotions and dreams and not just by stealing and getting influenced by Hollywood rip-offs!

Nanaji my vocabulary is not extensive enough to do justice to your acting skills but all I would like to say is that the on point dialogue delivery, the poise, the voice command and the soliloquies were enough to make me feel all emotions humanly possible in a mere span of 2hrs and 38 mins! I don’t know if this movie will be nominated for Oscars or no but trust me as GANPATRAO BELVALKAR you have won the Oscars from each and every person’s heart and soul who saw this movie. I wouldn’t call the movie but I would certainly call you a ‘MASTERPIECE’!!! 

When I left the theatre, I forgot a piece of my heart in the movie but I dint feel empty as Nanaji’s performance is now in place of that missing piece and trust me my heart works better than before!

A sweater is woven by many threads each contributing to the beauty of it. It protects us in many winters but also sometimes the cold is much more than the warmth it offers us! Be grateful to the threads that protected us, thank the threads that weren’t enough to offer us warmth as they made us tough to face any situation. But the most important thing to remember is that your life wasn’t what it was because of the Sweater but because of the person wearing it. Honour yourself and love yourself no matter what because in the end your best chance is YOU!!

What I really want!!!

Hello peeps. I have been MIA for really long. TBH I was off in the hills clearing my head off. Nature works wonders for me 🙂 After refreshing and recharging my mind,body and soul I really thought to write about something which has been bothering me for really long. It’s a serious issue but is very important for me so this blog post is very special for me.


Somebody asked me what I want?
Immediately a lot of things came to my mind material tbh but I thought in some way I have all of these so I sat and pondered as to deep down really what I want and here it is!

1) I want that no man should force himself upon any woman! Rape should not be tolerated no matter what the excuse! You being drunk,excited or whatever it is does not justify rape,plain and simple ! How about we have Anti Rape classes in school so that every man who goes to school learns when he can grasp that Rape is Wrong!!!

2) I want dowry and dowry and dowry deaths to be extinct! I don’t want just a boy’s parents to stop demanding money but a girl’s parents to also stop fulfilling these outrageous demands. Please report if such things occur you might be saving someone’s life it’s not about image it’s about killing a horrible concept.If your daughter died a dowry death don’t say case karne se meri beti wapas ayegi kya?  File a case, go the media make those devil’s identities public and shame them. Your daughter  won’t come back but someone else’s daughter will be saved from slaughter!

3) I want every girl to get an education of her choice and if her parents don’t have enough resources to fulfil her wish there should be a foundation which helps her achieve her dream! Forget blaming the Govt how about we donate a certain amount every month toward’s such a girl’s education it would be nice right! I don’t mind investing a few starbucks coffee cups money towards someone’s education. Surely the coffee will clear my head but a girl getting educated will clear my conscience and at the end of the day it’s all about having a clean soul!

4) I want girls to marry when they want to get married. There should be no societal rules as to when a girl should marry. She should marry when she feels she can shoulder that kind of  responsibility and wants to have her new family. Please shut this nonsense she is 30 and unmarried means isme khot hain🙈🙈🙈🙈. It’s her life who the hell are you to set norms?

5) I want the water and hunger problem to end. Save water and don’t waste food. What’s extra for you is a necessity for someone. Be kind if there is loads of extra food in your house instead of throwing it in the trash give it to someone who hasn’t had a meal.
I’m getting water why should I be worried? Guys money won’t buy water it’s a natural resource! So if water is over all the rich and poor are gonna die! Nature’s wrath doesn’t classify classes!

6) I want a clean society and green society!
I threw only one empty chip packet and the street was dirty is just a start. If all of us stop throwing trash this problem can end completely. Also plant trees they don’t give us money but they give us oxygen, which is required to live!!! Sort out your priorites guys
So many diseases spread due to this trash and who is getting affected? US and nobody else. So if not for anyone start doing this for yourself!

7) I want human trafficking to end. Imagine going on a camp for two days without all your home comforts! It was hell for us!
What about these girls? They are away from home used and abused without their permission! And the day their sexual abuse days are over their body parts are sold? In which universe is this right? Nobody deserves this treatment! Let’s put an end to this!

8) I want Female Foeticide to end! You kill your daughters because it’s difficult to raise a daughter, what shit is this? Have you ever thought of killing people who are unjust to your daughters? No you haven’t! Killing doesn’t solve a problem it only intensifies it! If you want your daughters to be appreciated by everyone first appreciate them yourself! Save the girl child 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

9) Lastly I want things which are really harmful to be banned instead of discussions about whether beef ban is right or wrong! Why doesn’t the Govt ban Alcohol? Because they earn a hell lot of amount from Liquor taxes and corruption money taken from Liquor Mafias. All the bans are just effecting the gap caused on the basis of religion to expand more and more!

We to go foreign countries and say India is bad but let me tell you the country is not bad,the people have made it bad! We don’t have a right to blame the Govt if we are not doing our bit! You say politics is dirty but trust me if you get that chair you will be dirtier than that Minister!

Maybe some people will point my flaws after reading this status and that is where we go wrong! Instead of working together for the benefit of a greater cause we point the flaws of the person trying to perpetrate a change. A person went wrong once somewhere that doesn’t mean he needs to be pinned about it all the time. If something good is happening participate in it, if you don’t want to just shut up and live your life you will understand what needed to be done when you face a crisis!

Let us all come together and help India and help mankind!

Stay Blessed


Let’s take baby steps and do our bit! What I want maybe feels like climbing the Mt Everest for a non hiker today but it’s not impossible right? It will take time but I am not giving up cuz I believe that willpower has the ability to change anything even if you are alone. So am gonna keep on doing my bit and wait for my Utopia as till I don’t get what I want it’s not really an ending!

Know Me!!!


Hello peeps. It’s my first blogversary!!! First I would like to thank all my readers for their unconditional love and support. I really appreciate all of you!

Now since it’s my Blogversary I kept on wondering what I should do today or more like what I should blog about today! So I went on a limb and decided to answer questions about me. I emailed/Whatsapp’d and also put a Facebook status asking people for their questions and I got a lot of questions via Whatsapp so am gonna answer 25 questions in  all.

  1. You are such a happy and exuberant person, what is the secret of that?


A. This is one of my most favorite question and there are several reasons for my happiness. First I am happy because I believe in living in the present, there are a lot of mistakes in my past too but I learn from them and move on. I don’t allow them to shadow my present and future. Another thing which makes me happy is that I believe a lot, I believe that we are all a part of  a great story happening and everyone is going to get their happy share so why to be sad and glum for all that is temporary as something beautiful waits for you round the corner so take a leap and fly. And lastly keep smiling and never give up!!!

2. Do you believe in God?


A. YES!!! Firstly when I look around at the trees,the birds,the sky, the sea and of course all of us human beings it’s impossible to believe that one person could create such beauty but in truth that is what happened and a mere human cannot do all of this alone so yes the one who created our beautiful universe is God! Secondly I have experienced God all of those times when I couldn’t pull through and I did because of my faith in him I have actually seen him next to me supporting me,pushing me to get to that safety net and that finishing line. Thirdly all religions and religious scriptures direct us to connect with humanity and that is a principle I live on so if God has said that then of course I believe in him!

3. A cause which is very close to my heart?

image1 (10)

A. There are many causes which are close to my heart but the most closest one is FEMINISM. I feel that it’s a right of every person born on this earth to study, work and more importantly live the way they want to. There should not be any gender bias when it comes to education, pay and work. I would really love to see men and women walk together as equals!

4. My take on fashion?


A. Fashion is what you feel comfortable in. I never copy anyone’s style, yes I get inspired by celebrities like Emma Watson, Blake Lively and Sonam Kapoor but I never copy them. You should create your own style. When dressing up Comfort is the most important aspect for me!

5. My favorite clothing brand?


A. Again I am not a brand freak, I will wear anything and everything that appeals me.

6. Which phone I am currently using?


A. Now the apples which I pay for are not the only ones I eat! iPhone 6!

7. What do I always carry in my bag?


A. Sunglasses, Wet Wipes/Sanitiser, Keys, Lipstick, Compact, Wallet, Diary and a Pen!

8. My most to-go outfit?


A. One pieces

9. My take on accessories?

image3 (2)

A. Accessories to clothing are like bullets to a gun.

10. My most favorite make up product?


A. A red lipstick!!! Currently am crushing on Chanel and Lancome Red Lipsticks!!!

11.Lipstick or Lip Gloss?


A. Lipstick but if the gloss gives an effect like a lipstick then I don’t mind it like the Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss(19 Pirate) which I am currently crushing on <3<3 !

12. How many lipsticks do I own?


A. 26 and out of them 21 are red!

13.  Favorite Perfume?


A. Tresor Midnight Rose by Lancome and Touch by Burberry!

14. Which brand lipsticks do I own?


A. Chanel, Lancome, Bobbi Brown,Nars, Mac, Lakme, Maybelline, Loreal, Revlon, Oriflame and Colourbar

15. Favorite Accessory?


A. Earrings, they can make even the most boring outfit alluring! Right now I am crushing on my Kendall Jenner Coin Earrings, they go well both with Indian and Western Outfits!

16. Favorite Song?


A. I like any music that makes me cheerful or inspires me. Currently am listening to Let It Go (Idina Menzel) and Hunger (Ross Copperman) on a loop. If I have to pick one all time favorite then that would be Nothing’s Gonna Change my Love for You!

17. 5 Favorite Books?


A. Harry Potter Series, The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, Lone Eagle by Danielle Steel, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and Rage of Angels by Sidney Sheldon.

18. Mention 5 things from your bucket list


A. There are a lot of things which I want to do but my most first important thing is That I wanna live my life happily, I want to spend a Christmas in New York, Skydive, Write a novel and Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter(WWOHP)

19. My current relationship status?


A. I am in a serious relationship .He is the most wonderful guy I have ever met. He loves me a lot and respects me. These are the only details I wish to share for now as when you are in a relationship it’s not just about you it’s about the other person as well. Soon I will be publicly announcing about it 🙂

20. When were you heartbroken the most?


A. I have been truly heartbroken only twice. First when my grandfather died. Second time I was heartbroken and felt stabbed when certain people made my relationship with my ex their ego issue and it put a terrible strain on me and my relationship. I never thought the ones I love will hurt me so much but they did. Any way I am going to take that also as a learning experience and now I know who my true allies are 🙂 .

21. Whom do I love the most?


A. I love all of my friends and some of my relatives too 😉 but the people I love most are Virat Kohli, My Parents, My Sister and Arinjai ❤ !

22. Why do I love Virat Kohli?


A. This was the most interesting question. Have you ever questioned why you love your parents? No you haven’t, same is my case. I cannot question why I love him, it’s natural for me it goes with living life. I myself don’t know when,how and why I fell in love with him. It’s a very huge and important part of my life.It’s like his love is tattooed on my heart. He is the reason I wake up in the morning and falling in love with him is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

23. You say you love Virat so much would you throw yourself in front of a bus to save him?


A. YES,YES & A 1000 TIMES YES. I would throw myself in front of a bus, walk on coals, give that floating plank in a sea, pitch myself off a tower to save Virat Kohli! And this is not just because of the love I feel for him it’s because I am selfish and my entire world revolves around him, there is no world for me if there is no Virat in that world and so for my existence Virat needs to exist too!

24. Where did I learn Tarot from?

image1 (14)

A. I did not learn Tarot from any teacher or classes. My friend gifted me an Oracle Deck and we started doing it together as we were Indigo Children we quickly learnt the art ourselves!

25. What do I love most about life?


A. I love life itself and yes of course VIRAT KOHLI too!!!

I had so much fun writing this blog. I hope you enjoy reading it too. For those whose questions were not included I am personally gonna email you the answer of those questions.

Thank you for so much overwhelming response and I really and truly appreciate all of you.

Take Care

Keep Shining and Loving!!!

Gold is not Old it is Beautiful and Bold

image3 (4)

I am a very impatient person, so indeed when I purchase something new I just cannot wait to start flaunting it. Such was my last week, I went on a statement jewelry shopping spree and came with my hands full.

There is something about the colour Golden which attracts me a lot when it comes to jewelry and I am the last person you will see sporting white gold! The baubles in the above picture were styled and carried by me on the very same day. Yes they looked classic and sexy and no I did not attend a wedding. I had styled myself for a dinner!!

image2 (11)

Step one was choosing a basic dress. Since it was Independence Day I wanted to wear something colourful and that is the reason why I chose this dress. It’s a very simple dress in Brown,Orange and Green colour. The belt is an addition, it does not come with the dress, I just wanted add some spunk and flash to an old outfit. Wearing a simple outfit when you have blingy accessories is very important. The most you can experiment is with the colouring. Wear an outfit with 2-3 colours if plain is not your style.

I have a carried a basic LV purse as since I was heading out for dinner I just needed to carry my keys and my to go thing i.e. compact and lipstick which easily fit into this beauty. The colour of the purse is also very important. We do not want to carry those flashy clutches,let the jewelry make a statement 😉 . I chose my favourite to go peep toes in a shade of beige and mustard. Please make sure to not wear gold sandals when flaunting too many baubles.

image3 (2)

Now getting to my best and most favourite part of this look. As I was wearing a dress with a prominent neckline I chose a statement necklace. This beauty is a cluttered collection of Gold Maple Leaves which dominates my neckline prominently. You can also try a gold rope necklace for a similar outfit. Now the basic question why not any statement necklace and why the gold one? Well since I was wearing a basic outfit with no detailing or work, the gold adds a spunk to the otherwise bland look, a statement necklace in co-ordination with your outfit colour will look good but my objective is to always STAND OUT.

The round earrings collided perfectly with the Maple Leaves. Also next to the necklace they look like beautiful about to bloom buds. Never ever wear tassels when you wear a prominent gold neckpiece as it will look too flashy. If you want to go for some function/party and want to wear tassels then choose earrings in accordance with your outfit colour with just a dash of gold, this will look nice on your outfit and you get a hint of gold too!!!

Handcuffs are very much in vogue now-a-days and choosing the right one is almost as important as deciding if or not to wear that LBD again. I chose this one for the Gold colour and the brilliant red floral detailing. Another reason for choosing this particular one was because the floral theme of the cuff matched my necklace. It’s almost fitting to match leaves and flowers 🙂 .

Now below is the fun part ❤

image1 (20)

I love playing with open backs and here is what I did I styled my regular flower pendant and put it at the back instead of front. This will definitely turn those heads!!!

image1 (19)

I played with my lip shades a bit. A red colour loyalist generally but this time I went with the autumn theme and went for Coral Lips. In the above image I have used Maybelline Colour Show Orange Icon Lipstick and Lancome Gloss in Love Coral Shade. On my face I have used my regular MAC Studio Fix Compact.

And here is how it looked with red lips!!!

image1 (22)

I am wearing Maybelline Colour Show Red Lipstick in the above image!!!

image2 (12)

image2 (13)

This is how I had styled my hair. Since I was having a bad hair day I kept it at one side for sometime and then little on both sides but you can try a ponytail too.

Well that is it for all gold lovers out there. Be bold and be beautiful!!!



From Weddings With Love


A wedding is the most important day in a bride’s life!!! Ah cut the crap a wedding is the most important day in every girl’s life who attends a wedding 😉 . It’s more important because this is one day be its a friend’s,brother’s or even an acquaintances wedding you can dress up the way you like. A bride has to take into consideration many pros and cons before deciding her wedding outfit and she can hardly experiment or go over board. So girlies experiment as much you can in other weddings and by the time you get married you have so many perfect looks to choose from that you really can Rock on your own wedding day!!!

The kind of shopping which I did in my brother’s and close friend’s wedding was almost equal to a bride’s trousseau. I wanted to write about this from a very long time as I haven’t shared anything about how to dress yourself in a Wedding or our most favorite Indian look.

First I am going to start with my good friend’s wedding. She is a Maharashtrian and had opted for the big fat Marathi wedding.




Yellow,Green and Gold are my to go favorites when it comes to Maharashtrian weddings. The saree which I am wearing is a Paithani which is the Queen of Sarees and a must have for every saree lover.

I decided to go heavy on the jewelry and adorned a gold choker necklace and kundan+pearl jhumkas. Hairstyle was a simple bun with just one string of flowers. Too many gajras is not my style but if you like it you can use them in your hairstyle as with traditional outfits they indeed look beautiful. Also I opted for a white gajra as my outift was yellow and orange would horribly clash with it but if you are wearing any other colour outfit like Red or Orange you can choose orange gajras too, they blend in very well with your outfit colour.

Despite it being a wedding and having hired a make-up artist I did not drop my mantra of just highlighting one feature on your face. I went with the dark lipstick as my highlighted feature and rest of the make up was in light shades of Gold and Nude.

Since it was a day time function I decided to use more bold colours!!! I am a fan of bright colours and tend to include more of them in my wardrobe. Few other bright colours which will work in an Indian wedding are Bottle Green, Orange and Red. Styling them with the right jewellery and perfect make-up will make people eye you even more than the bride!!!

Continuing this if you don’t want to wear a saree which I didn’t want to in my best friend’s wedding as I wanted to dance in the baraat and I feel more comfortable dancing in a Salwar here is how you can style yourself if you don’t wanna wear a saree.




So you want to wear a dress and yet want to stand out. Will the brocade do the trick? No it won’t you will get lost in other hundreds who wear a Brocade Salwar/Saree, Then how to stand out?

Rule 1: Do the opposite of what you do while choosing a saree colour. Keep the same base dark but ditch the Green,Red and Yellow as they are Brocade favorites instead go for colours added with Electric shades Pink,Orange and Golden.

Rule 2: Accessorize heavily as your dress cannot be as heavy as a saree and even if it is the accessories will make it look more beautiful.

Rule 3: Footwear should either be  in Gold,Silver or Copper. Don’t try to match your outfit with you footwear instead match it with the embroidery or the lining. This will give a nice mismatched look and will make you stand out. Too much matching creates a horrendous look when it comes to electric colours.

Rule 4: What applies for the footwear is exactly opposite for the make up. Electric coloured outfits call for heavy make up which means highlight your cheeks, eyes and lips in co-ordination with your outfit. Reason- if you opt for pale make up you will look uncomfortable without actually being it.

I have styled a Purple/Pink Velvet and Net dress with pearl earrings and lots of bangles. Since my dress has a gold lace I am wearing strapped Gold heels. As for my make-up I have highlighted my lips,cheeks and eyes the way I have told before. I had to deviate from my to go lipcolour here and use purple’s and pink’s instead.

So don’t worry girls you can look beautiful and rock it even while wearing Salwars!!!

Every girl who wears red isn't essentially a Bride!!!
Every girl who wears red isn’t essentially a Bride!!!

Before I start blogging about this look, I wanna clear a myth ” Red is only a bride’s colour” this statement might have applied before but it’s of no truth when it comes to today’s bride.

Weddings have totally changed. Right from the food that is served to the clothes that the bride and groom wear. Earlier Red was a staple colour when it came to bridal clothing but now that has changed bride’s are seen sporting sister shades of Red namely Orange and Coral. Also with change comes confidence today’s woman doesn’t care if a girl in the same room is wearing a similar shade outfit(at least my friends and me don’t).

So it’s okay to wear Red even if you are not the bride!!!


image2 (5)

This is the dress which I wore in my brother’s main wedding. Red Lehenga with Gold and Green Work. Yes I am a sucker for these colours.

I paired a Choker necklace with this outfit as the Blouse which I am wearing has a simple U neckline and the neckpiece goes in perfect symmetry with it. The earrings are my most to go earrings on any Indian outfit that’s why I chose them. While making a bangle set I mixed studded and pearl bangles keeping in mind the colour of my outfit.

I do not like overdoing hairstyles on Lehengas so I went for a simple mid puff with sleek and straight hair. You can use hair accessories if you like them but I like to keep my hair simple and without any accessories. But if you use hair accessories make sure they are not too blingy and shiny otherwise it can clash horribly with your outfit.


In all this don’t forget to smile because at the end of the day the best accessory a woman has is her smile!!!

Now I am moving on to discuss evening looks which we can keep in mind for Sangeets and Reception.


This 7 1/2 Kg Aqua Lehenga is what I wore for my brother’s sangeet ceremony. Its a beautiful net piece with gold embroidery and red,green velvet flowers.

My reason for choosing this particular colour is that it’s one of the most beautiful shade in the family of Blue and yet it’s used very less. I reserve bright colours for main weddings.

Always wear evening outfits with more work/embroidery having subtle fabric colours!!! Evening time is to shine so its more about being blingy than bright. The reflection which your diamonds cast on the floor when you twirl is priceless!!!


Avoid loud makeup as the extra lighting will not only make your face look overdone but it will also spoil all your pictures completely.

I have just worn studded blue and clear bangles. Earrings are crystal clear chandeliers though they are not completely visible you can get a glimpse of them but for your reference I am uploading a picture of the earrings.

image1 (13)

Many people tell me we cannot wear a lehenga and dance. Is it okay if we wear a dress?



You can absolutely wear a dress for sangeet. Just make sure that you don’t go for too flashy colours. Make sure that your dress has net at least 1% as it looks beautiful in those perfect evening lights. Also it would be more perfect if it has gold or silver in it (: !!!

Now let’s move on to the reception. Yes we can wear a saree,lehenga or even a salwar suit in a reception too, but what if we have already exhausted the use of these three outfits? What if we want to wear something different and yet keep it within the fashion circle? I have the perfect outfit for that!




The Indo-Western Gown is the answer to our prayers!!! Yes we could wear a normal gown but would the fun and allure of the look be the same in an Indian wedding? No it won’t.

The concept of Indo Western gowns is so fresh that you will be talk of the function if you wear it.

The gown which I am wearing is in pastel colours except for the front sash which is hot pink. I asked the designer to make the sash in a dark colour as it creates perfect contrast and make it look even more sexy!!!

I went for a half straight and half curly hair do because I wanted to create that Athena style Goddess look and yes I pretty much nailed it. You can go for a bun also but if you want to break a stereotype go for something different like this.Buns and Gowns are pretty old school now.


At last what matters is how you carry yourself!!! A classic woman has style and grace. Never forget that!!!

I had so much fun writing about this and I hope you enjoy when you read it too.



What I Strive For!!!

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Today am not blogging about Fashion or Tarot but I am blogging about living. Living life is very easy for us we work,eat,sleep,pray,party and so on. In this busy schedule we forget there are certain basic fundamental rights conferred upon us. We forget this because we don’t have to fight for them or maybe we have to but we just don’t want to.

I can’t change the society alone but if I can definitely come out of the closet and speak about what I want to change. Maybe 10 people will read what I write, 5 people will get inspired and 2 people will actually start talking about the changes they are looking for. It might be on a small scale but it will be a start. I just cannot sit idly and let the world pass by because if I keep complaining and not doing anything then am no different than the people who cause damage to the society!!!

So today I am blogging about some issues which I feel need to change. This is purely what I feel and has nothing to do with feelings/sentiments/religious beliefs of other people.



HELLO!!! We have a name just like you do, so why do you address us with lame pick-up lines and cheesy names? It’s very embarrassing when we are called by such weird names. We are human beings not weapons and honestly if you want us to be a weapon you will have cower behind enemy lines. Just imagine if we start calling you by names such as Grenade etc how will you feel, forget your feelings the society will say what a shameless woman!!! Don’t turn a woman into a weapon dude seriously you won’t be able to handle us!!!



Wow I admire your spirit, how can you be so smart and cool at the same time? This is something which people tell a lot to me. To be honest I don’t really do anything different. I am just living my life. I always give my opinions and take my stand on issues for which they say that You are such a Feminist!!! 

I live my life according to my rules. My parents have taught me to be a good person and have a good karma and that is my life motto. When I do something I just think if its good or bad not if its female inappropriate! God gave us all equal rights he didn’t qualify things as male/female appropriate its humans who have done all this in the name of religion!!

What is feminist in giving your opinions? I means yes if living my life the way I want to without thinking what others feel about me is BEING FEMINIST then I am one for my life.



What was my mistake? I did everything my parents asked. Never drove the car when I was drunk, never went off the speed limit to show off my driving skills. I respected the rules my parents set because I thought no I knew they would keep me safe but in the end it just wasn’t enough.

I am sorry Mom I wish I could have done more, Dad I wish someone had taught the person to drive responsibly the way you taught me. 

Do we really have enough traffic laws to avoid accidents? Is our law strict enough to scare people off drunken driving? Personally I don’t sympathize at all with people who drive under the influence of Alcohol. Yes they need to be subjected to a fair trial but once proven guilty they shouldn’t be given any benefits. They shouldn’t be let off by just paying a fine, their punishment should be more strict. They should think twice before committing such a crime in the future.

These people don’t care even if someone dies below their vehicle. They just feel that since they have enough money either they can bribe their way off by paying a cop or give a fine and get off easily. This needs to change and it needs to change immediately!!!



They say girls are a burden. Did you ever think that maybe they weren’t good parents, had poor parenting skills and that is why they thought she was a burden. Don’t believe them. They are in no position to make declarations. A girl always inspires you. She nurtures you as a mother, makes your life fun as a sister, is there for you as a girlfriend and leaves everything she has and gives you your own family as a wife!!! Do you think if she does so much she can be qualified as a burden? If there is no one to do the above mentioned things no matter how many assets you possess your life will be empty!!!

Girls are an asset. Don’t kill them in the womb. If people are asking you to do that in the name of religion its horseshit. God never asks for anyone’s life, he has given chances even to demons, do you really think he will ask you to kill an unborn child? Release these myths. They are all man-made. Rise above it. Be a good human being and SAVE THE GIRL CHILD!!!



Ever thought of a world without women? Who will cook for you, who will be at the short end of the stick when your boss yells at you, who will take care of you when you are sick, who will make sure your clothes are ironed, who will hold your hand and tell you everything will be okay,who will have sex with you when you are aroused? There are so many things that women do for you and there are so many roles that they play in your life!!! But we are getting killed and soon we are gonna be extinct like those tropical birds and you will have to make do without us.If hearing this seems horrible then just imagine what would living in a world like this would be!!!

If not for us then at least for yourself SAVE THE GIRL CHILD!!! 




Feminism means advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of “EQUALITY OF SEXES”

Those who feel that feminism is women trying to prove that they are superior to men know crap about feminism. This is wrong, we just wanna be equals. God gave rights and liabilities to human beings not just to a certain sex. Equality is God’s gift who the hell is the society to deny it to me because am not a man?

Feminism is not about hating men. It’s about women trying to fight for basic rights like education,equal pay etc. I am not wrong if I feel that I should be paid equally as men for a same job, my sex should be of no relevance here. I am not wrong if I want to pursue photography as a profession, again here my sex is irrelevant.

This can be achieved if man and woman work as a team. The society will be harmonious if we team up. Help us we are not trying to say we are better than you all we need is a chance to walk shoulder to shoulder with you.



Marriage is a big step in a woman’s life. She changes her lifestyle, leaves her family and her entire old life behind to start a new life with you. She is the one making sacrifices her. All that happens to you is gain, you get a wife, your parents get a daughter-in-law, your sister gets a sister-in-law. She takes care of your family, is a confidante to your sister, she loves you and her entire married life revolves around you. You treat her as a commodity and you know the best part is you don’t even pay her.

Despite all this why do you expect her parents to pay? Do you pay her parents because you are taking away their child? No you don’t so why do her parents have to pay you?


Countless of our fellow sisters get burned because their parents cannot pay the in-laws. They are set free and the poor girl loses her life and even if she lives the society doesn’t accept her as she was dumped by her husband. Shame on all of us for letting this go on for so long.




Oh my God you are 27 and not married yet. Your biological clock is ticking, you will have problems having a baby. She just crossed 30 I am sure there is some fault in her birth chart and that’s why she is not getting married. Holy Cow so many assumptions!!!

She is 27 and not married well newsflash it’s her life. If she doesn’t have a baby she can adopt again her life. The girl who is 30 and you thought has issues in her birth chart because of which her marriage is getting delayed is 10 times more successful in her career than your son.

Marriage is a beautiful union of two people in love. Don’t screw it up for others. Let them get married in their own time. And even if they don’t want to then let them be it’s their life.

You never say that a 27 year old guy who is unmarried will have issues then why to a girl? Especially this when said by Women about Women is more shocking.




A person who feels rape is justified should be put behind bars immediately!!! If he thinks that way then he won’t think twice before committing rape. He is a threat and shouldn’t be allowed to live freely in society.

I saw her thighs and got turned on so I raped her. She was freely roaming in short clothes. These things don’t mean that Rape is justified. She doesn’t deserve to be raped just because she was wearing modern clothes.How many times you raped your sister when she wore a shorts in front of you? If you can be responsible towards your sister then why not towards women in general, they are someone’s sisters too!!!

A rapist is an arsehole who forces his will on someone and doesn’t care how much he is hurting them. Rapists deserve fair trials but once proven guilty they need to be punished in such a way that due to fear of the punishment Rape becomes totally non-existent.



One thing that annoys me to no end is judging people by their clothing. How can you judge a book by its cover? All classic books have single colour covers with just titles, does that mean they are plain? Hell no classic books have the richest grammar and the best stories.

Just because she wore a skirt doesn’t mean she is a slut, pal she fasts on every Tuesday and Saturday and never leaves the house without praying to God. Just because she wore a salwar she is not a behenji dude she speaks English more better than you and is a Masters in Mass Communication.

Women started hating men because of their attitude towards them. We are treated like commodities and trashed in public.

I am not saying all women all bullied and subjected to injustice. But those who are can we please help them out.

I am asking all Women who are being treated badly to come forward. You are a victim because of your own choice. Don’t do this rise, be your own superhero. Its your choice what you want to become in your own story A VICTIM OR A HERO?

I am requesting all men who feel that what I have said is right and needs to be changed to come forward and help us make a change in the society. Let’s show them that man and women are equal and they can work wonders when they are a TEAM.

Flower Power

image1 (9)

image2 (2)

Oh My God she is wearing such a beautiful floral maxi, is what you thought when that girl passed by on the street. You know you can easily look as beautiful as her, all you need to do is style your florals effectively.

In the above image I am wearing a Body con floral dress with wired wedges, the reason that I am wearing wired wedges is that in monsoons I feel more comfortable wearing wedges than Stilettos. The reason that I chose light coloured wedges is because my dress has a lot of green and red so wearing bright coloured shoes would have been too loud.

image1 (5)

image1 (8)

In both the looks I am wearing floral earrings to complement the dress.The earrings in the first image are pure Brass Floral earrings by FancyPants The Store and the second ones are Enamel Studs with spikes by Amrapali Tribal (Chandrika Collection). If you pair floral earrings with a floral outfit they will bring out the dress even more beautifully but make sure that they are not too big. Also take care of the colour as in avoid electrical or neon earrings. The Chandrika earrings which I am sporting are dull pink in colour.

image1 (3)

image2 (1)

Sunglasses are my most favourite essentials when I go out. Here in one look I am sporting Brown RayBans. I opted for a brown colour RayBan because a green,orange or blue one would have clashed with my dress and killed the beauty of both. Also the rim of my sunglasses was gold and I was wearing brass earrings so I opted for a RayBan.If you are wearing a floral dress which doesn’t have a white base then you can easily pair it with a Green or Orange RayBan.

In the second picture I am wearing Black Oversized Sunglasses. I wanted to try this because the colour Black always when paired with multicolours creates a mind boggling effect.

image1 (6)

image2 (3)

The make up I am wearing is my usual. Please do not put loads of make-up on floral outfits it looks trashy. I have worn a Red Lipstick from the Loreal Star Collection (Pure Scarleto) the shade which Blake Lively has sported and Mac Compact Shade 42.

You can also try using a pink or orange lipstick on a floral outfit as since you are highlighting only aspect of make-up a cheering colour will do the perfect trick.

I went  little overboard and sported a Floral Wood Cover too!! But that’s me I like to co-ord my phone cover with my dresses!!! If you like it you can buy it from http://www.bewakoof.com

So I guess you know now how easy it is to dress up in florals!!! Just few basics to remember and yes you will be that girl whom you noticed!!!!

Yes we are Fashionistas and we do think

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Hello peeps. Hope everyone is having a fabulous month. I am surely enjoying the weather by excess tea drinking and lots of reading. As far as seasons go Monsoons are my favorite but they are also the hardest months of dressing.

Monsoons are totally a no-jeans month for me. I just cannot tolerate that mud and muck on my pants. I love all my dresses but carrying the same style for quite sometime doesn’t sit well with me. So when I was standing in front my wardrobe little bored an idea came to my mind let’s play dress up. When I was a kid I use to take all sarees of my mom and just drape them around myself creating a mix-match but a mind satisfying effect 😉 . Then I grew up and things got complicated so I started playing less and worrying more. But I thought why not try mix matching again, why not play dress up again.

I had picked a beautiful striped short fitting skirt from Bossini but had never worn it as there was nothing in my wardrobe which matched it. I wanted to wear to it so badly that I decided if I am trying why not try something with this particular skirt. After trying few long tops on it (which looked good but not good enough) I came across my black dress and decided to try that with the skirt and the effect was Voila.

I just tucked the dress in the skirt and tied the belt (which is a part of the dress) in the front in a bow shape. It simply looks beautiful and chic. Much better than any crop top or tank top would look with it. And to be honest I am not a fan of crop tops unless they are in a set or oh-so-not-casual. I paired the dress with platform heeled shoes but you can wear stilettos too, my reason for wearing platforms were my leg sprain, but hey they look good. I am sure people who are reading this post must not be doing this but fair warning never ever carry a sling bag with this kind of outfit. The best bag that you can pair with it is a tote. Also avoid hobos they tend to look plain casual and even if this outfit is casual its downright sexy, so please don’t cause a disaster by carrying a hobo/sling with it. You can carry a purse but since I carry a lot of stuff while I go out ( as my boyfriend says my bag is the atlantic ocean) I need to carry a tote. Another pointer when you are wearing a monochrome outfit don’t try contrast colour bags as they totally kill your outfit. The only contrast you need to try here is with your make up. Discard the browns and go with the reds and pink. I simply love red so I am wearing a Revlon Red Lipstick here and a basic N42 Compact by Mac (which sums up my make up). You can try wearing collar jewelry with this outfit it adds the right amount of dash (I am not wearing any as my purpose that day was casual). All this and you are ready.

I have written a short blog today because I just wanted to highlight that fashionistas use their brain too. It’s not just wearing anything that comes in front of your eyes.

Fashion is about using your brains and thinking out of the box. Don’t copy your favorite fashionistas, instead take inspiration from them, add your own style statement and create an absolutely fabulous look 🙂 . Also you don’t need to always go shopping to create an amazing outfit, every fashionistas wardrobe is awesome so out of those if you put two super outfits together the effect will be fantabulous.

You were born original. If you copy someone you can only achieve less than what they have but remember a Woman who doesn’t follow anyone and takes that left turn actually is leading to Discovery. 

Love and Light

Jumpsuits a girl’s best friend

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Firstly I would like to apologize for being MIA for so long. I was having a very good time chilling at Disneyland and post that I caught a bug so now am still recovering from sickness. But I miss blogging a lot so here today while having Coffee I just couldn’t resist and had to switch on my laptop and start writing.

I am a dress person, be it a short,midi or maxi the first clothing choice that comes to my mind while going out is a dress. I am very comfortable wearing dresses and comfort is the first thing I look for while dressing up. But this summer when I had a travelling plan which included going to 2 adventure parks I hit a bit of snag. My sister immediately packed her Jeans and T shirts for those 3 days as that’s her to go outfit. I pondered a lot and decided that I wanna experiment outside the range of jeans and shorts this time so while out for shopping I picked one jumpsuit and a play suit.

At first I was skeptical about wearing one because I am more on the line of Audrey style dresses so wasn’t sure if I would be able to carry it and also be comfortable at the same time. But to my surprise on a scale of 1-10 my comfort level was 11 and my Style Meter was 12. Also no matter what size you are it simply looks killer on you.

Now to the point as to why they are our best friend’s and most to go outfits. I am a nature person and also I like to take a lot of breaks while walking which means that I can feel like lying on the grass or sitting on the pavement at any point of time and this time I didn’t even have to take care of fluttering or pulling down.

Second are those rides in adventure parks where they make you go full 360 degrees on a roller-coaster, in that moment I wanted to experience the sheer thrill and the adrenaline coursing through my body than worrying about any wardrobe malfunction.

Thirdly it solved my question of what to wear on a surprise date. My boyfriend being the sporty type has a lot of adventure dates on his mind. As I remember my first surprise date was an utter fiasco as I turned up wearing a dress thinking it’s a candle light dinner which turned out to be para-sailing. On my second date which was surprise too I wore a jeans and a casual t shirt to be safe but ended up looking oh so very casual,so instead of enjoying the hike I was too perplexed about my appearance. Now I can look good and also be sporty and ready for all those surprises with a huge smile on my face.

Jumpsuits and Play-suits are trendsetting too. Personally I like to set my own trends but for those who are very cautious and like to wear something which is worn by the population this covers your problem too.

Now to answering the myth. Jumpsuits don’t look feminine. This is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. All the jumpsuits which I have seen are in patterns which have flowers, mesh, net and embroidery which when I last checked were still in the feminine category. My style is very feminine and personally I feel jumpsuits are a mixture of feminine style + rebellious fashion and that is why I fell in love with them instantly (I love Rebel 😛 ) . So all my rebellious girlies out there this is the best for you.

A friend of mine very recently asked me how to style your jumpsuit? Is there any specific footwear or accessory which goes best with it? For that I will say what I always advice people on style, accessorize your look with whatever you feel comfortable in. Because maybe what I have worn might seem hideous to you. Always style yourself according to your likes and not according to what the world wants to see you as. Be Original and comfortable and people will actually start following you and copying your looks.

I am going to put up two pictures one in a Jumpsuit and one in a Play-Suit for reference.



So I paired my Floral Play-suit with Checkered Slip-on’s,sling bag, heart shaped sunglasses and an animal print hair band.

You can go for stilettos or wedges as your footwear, I chose slip-on’s as there was a lot walking for me that day.

A tote or a hobo will look great with a play-suit but I chose a sling since I wanted to carry less weight but hey all my essentials( sunglasses,lipstick,compact,wet tissues,passport,hair brush and wallet) were well accommodated in it, so that was great too.

One little tip I would like to give about Sunglasses is that no matter which outfit you wear choose your eye-gear according to your face size. I wanted to add little spunk so I chose the heart shaped Sunglasses.

The belt is an add-on. Its from my another dress which I just experimented with and the look was Viola.

Lastly the hairband was an addition because of a really bad hair day plus experimentation of using two parallel prints at the same time i.e : Animal Print and Floral.


Black Jumpsuit with light net and embroidery

Not carrying a bag since it was not allowed in the adventure rides.

I am wearing black basic Hawaiian Sandals with Gold straps (Gold because they match with my sun glass stick) as they are among my most favorite to-go flats (yes I call them flats as I am more of a stiletto person) . Couldn’t wear slip-on’s as the height of the jumpsuit is little longer and I wouldn’t be able to walk freely.

I am obsessed with Oversize Sunglasses so I chose them but you can also wear Black Ray bans as the sex appeal would be the same in both.

The floral Hairband is to add a little feminine touch and summery feel. A low ponytail along with the hairband looks classy too.


I like to highlight only one feature for a normal day make-up and since I love dark lipsticks those get preference always . In all my pictures I am just wearing a compact (Mac Studio Fix NC 42) and Bobbi Brown Lip Colour ( Red 10 ).

I had so much fun writing and I hope you enjoy while reading it as well.

Sending loads of love and light.

Stay Blessed and Keep Shining!!!