My Daddy Strongest!!!


F- Fond

A- Affectionate

T- Towards

H- Her

E- Every time


The above full form is what I feel a father is. I am the second daughter in my family and the day I was born all my relatives made scrawny faces saying it’s a daughter. My parents were very happy because unlike some of my dimwitted,shallow shelled, pea brained relatives they feel that a daughter is a boon!!!

A mother is always happy when she gives birth no matter which gender her child is but we have seen many cases where father is gender biased. But in my case I am lucky as my father never treated me like a girl or a boy but like a Child. He loved me,nurtured me instilling good values in me and teaching me to be a good human irrespective of my gender.

Both my parents have been a huge source of inspiration for me. I didn’t have to look outside for idols when I have the biggest idol of inspiration right in my house- MY DAD!!! 

Ever since I was a kid I always wanted to become a lawyer. I still remember I use to wear the band and my dad’s shoes and waltz in the house. I wanted to become a lawyer not because the law intrigued me but I saw my dad who was The Asst Public Prosecutor Thane then doing such good work that I wanted to become him. So I took admission in law and I made sure that I got enrolled in the college from where he had done his Law.

My father was assigned as Special Judge in the 1993 Bombay BombBlasts case. This happened when I was studying in primary school. I have had security cover even before I could understand what hurting someone meant. Many people were jealous that they have cops around and they roam in amber lamp cars. This was all a showbiz for them. But what they didn’t know that it was a Crown but a Crown of Thorns. All they saw was the press,the social status, the fawning. At this point many people wanted to befriend me because I was a famous person’s daughter but my dad had told me one thing about making friends A Friend is someone who wants to be with you because of who you are and not because of who your parents are. Following this principle I was able to make friends for my life. People who stand beside me because of who I am and not because of who my Dad is.

Another thing which I learned from him was Never Let Fame Get To Your Head!!! He always taught me that your work should talk for you. Fame is temporary but work is permanent. Do as much as you can to change this world and you will be remembered with love and respect.

Presiding over the the longest criminal trial in the history of Indian Law all I saw in this man when he was at home was a Father and not a Judge. He loved his work and he loved being buried in work. But never once I remember did he tell me or my sister that I have too much pressure it’s not a good time to talk. He has always been there for us attending PTA’s, teaching us to ride bikes, taking us to parks. It’s hard for people believe but we have had a pretty simple and normal childhood. We did all the fun things we were supposed to do with parents. Despite handling work of 10 people alone he was never an absentee Dad. This is what made me learn Balancing!!!

He has always been so strong. In the 1993 blasts case the convicts were mostly terrorists but I never even remember one instance where he was scared of them. He always said “Fear should never stop you from doing your work”. 

There are so many things I have learned from him which are hard to pen down in one blog-post but all I would like to say here is my life motto is based on the values he has taught me.

People ask me often was your life different?

Yes my life was different. I was not able to enjoy certain social liberties completely. I had to make sure that people are not befriending me to contact my Dad. I was not able to have private moments with my boyfriend because I always had a security guy with me.

This use to be little unsettling to me when I was a kid but when I grew up I realized that you have make sacrifices for the greater good.

I don’t have any regrets of certain things that I lost because I am glad that my Dad was able to put people behind bars. Seeing this people who had terrorized our nation pay for their crime made it worthwhile.

Dad you have always been for an inspiration to me. All I wish is that I could become even 1% like you. I won’t be able to make a huge difference in the society but I promise that I will never deviate from the principles which you taught. Thank you for being you. I love you the most in this world!!!


My Superhero


For me life started with a man who taught me that not all men are cheaters. He is the reason I am today what I am. He is the one because of whom I have totally not given up on men. He is the one who has taught me not every man breaks a woman’s heart but treasures her.

This is my 2nd post on the blog and its about the most important man in a girl’s life. We call them as Father, Dad, Papa, Pop, Baba etc. No matter how old we are, we always are our daddy’s little princess throughout life.

My relationship with my father is very straightforward and simple. I discuss everything with him right from the weather to boys. Yes that is right, I do discuss about boys with my Dad. Its very plain who can give you a better opinion about men than the best man in your life. I have never felt awkward in telling him that dad I like this guy and his response has also always been very friendly. An open relationship with my father is what has helped me become independent in life. We have always been more like friends than child and parent. Yes he always given me the stick when it comes to being an authority but the friend in him has always asked me to take decisions with my own pace.

One thing my dad has always taught me is to follow rules. I still remember, in SSC I scored 74% . I wanted to get admission in HR College for which the cut-off was 78% but my dad with his contacts could have easily secured me a seat. When I asked him to help me he plainly said no. When asked he said that in life you will always be pointed as one having nepotism but if you don’t ever use my name and do everything on your own merit then those remarks won’t ever hurt your conscience. I felt angry at that time but later when I saw people actually saying that “Isko kya hain iska baap toh iske liye sab easy kar dega” it din’t hurt me at all because I knew that whatever I had achieved was with my own hardwork. I went home and thanked my Dad he made  me proud of him on many occasions but that day I felt proud of myself having followed his advice.

I have always lived with my parents. But in 2008 my dad got transferred and there came the moment for I had to be separated from him for the first time in 21 years of my life. I cried a lot but he told me to be strong and followed suit. The only time we could spend with him was on weekends and it was not at all sufficient. But I use to tell myself everyday that he is staying there all alone atleast I have mom and sis with me. I was still studying then. One fine day I remember calling him for a petty thing that’s when he told me you do what you feel is right. I retorted saying but this is big, I don’t think I know what to do. He told me that whatever decision you take I will support you and I have utter and complete faith in you. He said that you should be able to take your own decisions now, I won’t be there forever. Yes I would always be there is advisory capacity but you have to do what you feel. You need to know how your solutions look when applied. You won’t know how it feels to rise till you fall. And in those 2 years I learnt everything for which I was earlier dependant on others. It was a great feeling to do certain things on your own. It felt superb when everyone told me I am a responsible human and a very good daughter. Again here I would like t thank my dad to help me become responsible.

I have seen a lot of super hero movies in my life to deduce that Superman is the one who helps others and saves you when in peril. For me there is one man who has been like that to me and that is no one else but my Dad. He is my superhero and a unique one at that as he first lets me try my best and if I don’t succeed he swoops in the at the last moment and saves me but doesn’t let me fail.

I shudder to think of the day when I will get married and leave my Dad behind. Life definitely won’t be the same without him. Yes I will be fulfilling a bigger role then as sumone’s wife, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law and sometime later a mother but I am sure I would miss him heaps everyday. And one thing is for sure that no matter wherer I go, whom I spend my life with, Dad you will always be my Superman, The First Man I Ever Loved and The Most Important Man In My Life.

Thank you for allowing me to run and picking me when I fell. Thank you for teaching me its okay to take the left instead of right sometimes. Thank you for teaching me that trust is a two way thing, you get it only if you give it. And lastly thank you for loving me unconditonally the way I am.

I am blessed and I am God’s favourite child as he gave me a father like you. I love you the most Dad to infinity and beyond, Forever and Always.