Liebster Award Nomination

Hello peeps!!!

This is not my usual post. Today I am writing about The “Liebster Award” nomination for which I have been nominated by my favourite blogger Arpita . She has nominated me for this award because she likes my unique style of writing. I am really glad that you like my writing love.

The Liebster award is given to new bloggers by the Blogging Community.


Pointers for the Liebster Award Nomination:

  1. As you are nominated, Make a post thanking and linking the person who nominated you. Include the Liebster Award Sticker in your post.

2. Nominate 5-10 others bloggers who you feel should get this award . Let them know they are nominated by commenting on their post. You can nominate the person who has nominated you.

3. Make sure all the nominated bloggers have less than 200 followers.

4. Answer the 11 questions asked to you by the person who nominated you and make 11 questions of your own for your nominees or you may use the same ones.

5. Lastly copy these rules in your post.

These are my answers to Arpita’s questions.

What motivated you to start a blog? 

Writing is very close to my heart, be it on paper or computer I cherish writing a lot. As an aspiring writer I always thought blogging is practice writing. It’s a place where you can see if people are liking what you are writing. Another reason why I started writing a blog is because I love making new friends and what better way than to meet people of similar interests. And the last reason is that there is no better medium than the internet to make your voice heard 🙂

Which book are you currently reading?

A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? 

Making memories is very important to me and time is crucial for any memory so I would love a superpower which allows me to go back in time and change the past.

Your dream travel destination? 

There are many places I would love to travel to but if I have to pick one it would definitely be London. I am fascinated by everything British!!!

Your favourite food?

Difficult to choose since there are so many things I love to hog on, but what tops my list is Chicken Biryani!!!

If you could visit any past/future event, what it would be? 

To be honest I take life the way it goes so there is no past event which I wanna go to neither any future one which I would like to visit before it happens.

iPhone or Android? 

An android loyalist has become an Apple lover!

What did you want to be when you were growing up? 

I always wanted to be either a writer or a lawyer!!!

Your Favourite Movie?

There are many in the list to pick one but I will choose the one that changed my life ” THE HARRY POTTER SERIES”

Your Role Model? 

My Father!

If you could have tea with anyone in the world, who would it be and why? 

My late grandfather and I would wanna have tea with him just to show him whom I have grown up to be!!!

Okay enough with me now I have to nominate fellow bloggers whom I admire!

  1. Arpita I nominate her because she is one hell of a writer and every time I read her blogs I am transported in a different world!

2. Mirabili I simply love her takes on fashion

3. The Fashion Noob She is amazing!!!

4. Facecameraaction Her simplicity strikes me and her pictures literally talk!

Okay so here are my questions for my Nominees:

  1. What is your take on fashion?

2. Who is your inspiration?

3. What’s your dream?

4. One thing you would like to change about yourself?

5. Favourite Song?

6. Favourite Book?

7. One social cause which is closest to your heart?

8. What is more important to you Money or Fame?

9.. Do you believe in God, if yes why?

10. One quality which you admire about yourself?

Okay so I am pretty much done here. I would like to thank Arpita again for nominating me. Happy Blogging everyone.