Ye Mera India 

  My India is where a Maharashtrian spends Guru Nanak Jayanti by dressing up like I do on Ganesh Jayanti! 
My India is where I visited the Guru Dwara to pray to Babaji the way I pray to Lord Shiva for fulfilling my dreams! 

My India is where in the Gurudwara Langar a Maharashtrian sat to do Seva with a Sikh and a Gujrati to apply Ghee on rotis cooked by a Muslim! 

Pretty Incredible right? 

I prayed to Waheguru asking him to make people realise that don’t define a Country as something because of some people! 

Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti! 

गुरूपुरब दि लाख लाख वधाईया! वाहेगुरु दा खालसा वाहेगुरु दि फतेह 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Be a Sun and Shine 🌞😊

  A kind deed never goes unpaid (: 
You put one smile on someone’s face and God will make you laugh! 

Buy a popsicle for someone you will have money to eat a Cornetto everyday! 

Help solve someone’s problem and you will be to solve your own probs fruitfully! 

Why is the 🌞 so bright because he lights up so many lives! 

Passing on the light only makes our world more brighter! We need to fight the darkness together and rid it completely! 

Let’s make this world a more bright place! 

Try being someone’s Sun and see how you will shine as well 😊😊

From Dragons to Unicorns! 

Today am writing a very brief post! We always feel that God tests us but trust me he tests only the best of us!  
Life is an exam, we will always be tested! When God keeps on testing us it means that at the end of the test there is a big reward for us! 
It means that if you keep on trying then your dreams will come true! 

If you can use the lemons to take tequila shots then why can’t you tame a dragon and use him to fire up your dreams but fly when required and create rainbows like Unicorns! 

Don’t lose faith no matter what you face as God will never give you something you cannot handle! He is not your enemy, he loves you, he only gives you all these challenges to make you realise what your potential is so that once you master the difficult situation you realise what you are capable of! 

So people never give up! 

Love and Light ❤️🌞

Sheetal VK (shiningstylista)