Daily Card Reading-17th January 2017



The card for today is Archangel Raphael. Raphael means “it is God who heals” and “God will heal”. Archangel Raphael is one who heals us mind, body and spirit. He helps us on our journeys physical as well as mental, guiding us by filtering our path and taking care of us by watching over till our journey is complete.

The pictorial depiction shows a beautiful woman who is moving forward, she has wings and there are butterflies in her hair. This tells us that we have to keep on moving, we are going to get all the resources we need on journey we just need to move and remember because of the wings that we have the ability to fly so if we remain stagnant we just allow our best to be buried. As you can see she is surrounded by nature, there is a tree which grows from the ground which covers her entire heart chakra and a butterfly is sitting on her shoulder. This tells us to open our hearts only to fill it with positivity and love as fear and negativity just pulls you back from receiving what you are meant to get and today it’s all about moving forward so fill your heart only with positive thoughts. The tree in the heart also tells us that certain people might have wronged you in the past and it was completely their fault but you need to forgive them as it’s essential for you to move forward, holding a grudge against them is not worth it,know that Karma will take it’s course and you just need to forgive them as only then you can heal your heart completely.You can go out for a walk in a park and absorb all the beautiful energy which nature offers which will help you detox. Just looking at this picture makes me feel so good and positive and I am sure you’ll feel it to. Life is beautiful and we unnecessary fill it with negative thoughts and fear. I know no human in this world is completely free of fear and it is rational to be afraid at times but don’t let the fear rule you and don’t let it decide what’s going to happen and what is not. The power of positive thinking can help us a lot, a lot more than you can imagine and it helps you manifest your reality faster so do it.So heal yourself mind,body and soul with the positive thoughts.

At work you will notice that you have to move at a horse’s pace to get some things done before the deadline but if anyone can do this you can and this is the attitude you should have at work today, I can do whatever comes my way and that too in time. You’ll have to be cautious of certain foxes as they do love to destroy what others created with their hard work. The world is a beautiful place and I love the balanced side so know that where there are foxes there will be butterflies around and it’s always good to be around them as the colours of a butterfly, their flight in the sky and their ability to sit on beautiful flowers and suck the nectar inspires us that everything around is a resource and it can be used for our benefit.It’s a good day for healers and doctors, those who are thinking of pursuing a career in healing you are on the right path so it’s safe to get enrolled today in a course which educates you about healing. Lightworkers you need to know that you are on the right path and you need to keep on healing the world and people around you with your beautiful light and positivity.The world needs your cheerful contagious attitude and your inspiration.Some of you might be required to travel for work and even if you little skeptical about travelling for work you need to do it this time as this journey is essential for your professional life. Don’t worry about how things will go as Archangel Raphael is always with you taking care of things every step of the way. Just keep the foxes away and the butterflies closer.

Relationships are the most beautiful and every person should experience them. Today dwell on the beauty part, is your relationship really beautiful, is it adding colour to your life, does it make you happy? You need to think things through as what I can see is some of you’ll are just in relationships because you’ll don’t want to stay single. It is not right, it’s better to stay single than be in a relationship which sucks the life out of you. Remember the first person you should love is yourself and if you are putting yourself in a relationship out of fear and not love then you are not really loving yourself. If you are making too many compromises ask yourself is it worth staying and making the effort? You have all the answers. Just fill your head with positive thoughts and listen to your heart as therein lies the answer. Singles you need to detoxify your thoughts about love, the message from yesterday continues, yes you deserve love, know that even if it’s taking time it will come to you. The best deserve the best and that’s why God has made you wait but not any longer as he has healed you and prepared you for this beautiful relationship so you need not worry how to handle it when it comes and all you’ll have to do is fall in love and be loved.

The message for today is to heal yourself with positivity, surround yourself with good people who inspire you, fill your and other’s life with colours, forgiving those who wronged you and to believe in yourself and God.


Daily Card Reading-10th January 2017


The card for today is Maitraya. I love love love this card.The literal meaning of the card is the Power of Joy. Maitraya/Hotai/Laughing Buddha/Lord Buddha lived as a Buddhist Monk who was very well known for his passion and generosity. Some people even believed that he is the “future buddha” who will succeed Siddhartha Gautama as the next Buddha.

The pictorial depiction shows Hotai laughing and holding a rainbow in both of his hands. You can see that the background is made up of yellow and orange colour. Just looking at the picture will bathe you in happiness and glow. As you can see Hotai is creating this not for himself but for others so that there is happiness in everyone’s life. Also there is a light emitting from Hotai, the whole reason for this is because he spreads so much happiness and he is a lightworker it’s helping him as well.

At work if you are feeling that your job is really boring and you are just doing this for money and if your financial situation was better you wouldn’t be doing this at all. Concentrate on this feeling and find out what work you would be doing if you did not have to work for money, the first hobby that comes to your mind is your calling, do a bit of research and start working on that hobby as it’s gonna strike the cord of happiness and it’ll add the fun back in your life. You can also refurbish your work desk a bit today, add certain things which remind you of happiness, if you like you can also keep a rose quartz geode on your desk as it’s a brilliant crystal formation to have around.

Relationships will be full of joy and happiness. Do something for your partner today which makes them realise that the passion and joy which you’ll shared when you’ll were a new couple still exists. Take your partner out for dinner or surprise them while they are leaving work and take them for a coffee. Remember it’s all about sharing happiness and love today. A simple I love you text at an odd time will fill your partner’s day with happiness and the response from them will make yours as well. Singles if there is someone potential around go on a date today and see how magical it becomes. Other singles be you happy and exuberant self and see how very soon you attract the person of your dreams in your life.

You have no idea how much the power of joy helps you. When you are happy being happy that is what you will get. Enjoy the process while you are working towards your goal as this happiness which you feel while doing what you doing will create amazing positive vibes and make sure that your desires outcome is manifested as early as possible.

Today is all about being happy and spreading joy :). You need to stay positive for your desired outcome to manifest. If you have trouble being happy invoke Maitraya and he will help you with that.Keep smiling throughout the day. Happiness has a lot of power it affects you as well as the people around. Being someone’s rainbow in the storm feels really good so a phone call or a text message or a in person talk with a friend/colleague who is feeling a bit blue can actually help them get back on track and what will it do for you? Always remember that you do comes back to you 3x so imagine how much happy you will be.The Universe always gives us back what we give it to it and if we keep on being a happy person then we will always get happiness. Surround yourself with happy people, yes help those who are unhappy get back on the track but don’t ever be around negative people, especially not today as it’s a great day and you don’t need those kind of energies around you. As mentioned earlier about the light around Hotai helping him as well, you need to keep on spreading happiness in people’s life as these deeds are helping you a lot than you can see. All my fellow lightworkers, keep spreading love, peace and light and keep working towards your life purpose which is spreading happiness.

The message for today is to be happy,spread happiness,stay positive to manifest your dreams into reality and believe in the power of joy.

The Mickey of my Life 

After spending a lot of time involved in cartoons and fictional characters even after growing up some people laughed on me and said why do you invest your time on someone who doesn’t exist? 
I laughed and replied: Invest now that’s a really interesting choice of a word! We invest only to gain something out of it right? I invested my time watching Mickey Mouse spread happiness,Harry Potter fighting evil,Hermione always being there for her friends, Ariel putting everything she has on the table for love etc because these people though not real to you have always taught me more and improved my life more than anyone. 

I learnt happiness,joy,love,laughter,friendship,loyalty,bravery and a lot of other qualities from these people! So yes I have invested my time in good people who have given me nothing but goodness and happiness in return! 

Reflections on what I did or doing are not gonna make your life better. Instead check the people in your life you might be having more of them than I so but see what they bring to your life. Are they worth for you to give them a part of your life? 

Time once gone can never come back,it’s very precious so invest it on someone who doesn’t bring you misery and sadness! We invest our money to get more money back so that we can live a good life then why can’t we invest in good relationships? Trust me lavish things give u a good life but amazing people give u a great life!  

Always remember in Relationships quality always matters than quantity! Quantity is nothing but emptiness which looks from outside to impress others to show how many people surround you!

Live and Let Live! 

Love and Lots of Light 

Shiningstylista 🌞✨