The reason I wear this jersey is because there is someone who wears this with the highest honour and my honour is honour!




We have but one life as a human and in that life we go through all the beautiful human experiences. In these experiences the most serene one is finding someone whom you love. Having a boyfriend/husband is something totally different than having a soulmate. A Soulmate is one with whom you have a connection directly from your heart, it’s more on a spritual plane than on the human plane. Very few people find soulmates and the ones who do so are extremely lucky. I always thought I am God’s favourite child because he had given me everything in life (material + non-material). But there came a point in my life where I was bestowed with something so amazing by God and that is when I received proof that I am really loved by God. He bestowed upon me the honour of finding and loving a soulmate and that is what Virat Kohli means to me. He is a person with whom I don’t have any boundaries or normal expectations. To be loved is indeed an honour but to love someone with everything you have is the most fantastic feeling in the world and I am really lucky to have had this feeling in life with Virat.

I heard a lot of  negative comments from people about Virat and my love for him. The most surprising were my friends whom I thought made my world making fun of me because I was loving someone who dint know of my existence. They kept on trolling Virat and me simultaneously and it hurt me a lot initially. Later came a time when their comments stopped affecting me in any way as I put to my heart the most famous quote of Eleanor Roosevelt: No one can make you feel inferior without your consentI realized that this is hurting me because I’m allowing it to hurt me. I drew upon energy from Archangel Michael to dismiss these shallow comments and remarks and the moment I stopped caring about them I felt a huge negative energy leaving my life. Virat and I are made in the likeness of God and no one has the power to say what we are as whatever indvidually we have achieved in our life is because of our hard-work and dedication we have put in our respective personal and professional life.

Moving on I started feeling bad for those people because they dint deserve my anger as it was not their fault that they were blind on a spiritual level. I really feel sorry for those who trolled and made fun of me and my deepest sympathies are with them along with the hope that may they become better human beings before departing from this world. One last piece of advice Save your souls from eternal damnation and the only way to do that is by attaining some level of humanity!

Also for all those who have supported and applauded my love for Virat here are a few things I would like to share with you about my feelings for Virat. I would also like to thank you all for being so supportive, may God bless you all with immense happiness and all that you desire in life.

For all those asking what’s so special about Virat for me,here it is:

❤️ I have a heart but it pumps and is functional because of Virat!

❤️ I have dreams and the inspiration to achieve them is Virat!

❤️ I have a life and the zest to live it is Virat!

❤️ I have happiness and the smile which makes me happy is Virat!

❤️ I have courage and the strength to that is Virat!

❤️ I have optimism and the positivity in that is Virat!

❤️ I have light and the sunshine in that is Virat!

❤️ I have peace and the moonlight in that peace is Virat

❤️ I have organs but the adrenaline which makes them work is Virat!

❤️ I have eyes but my capability to see is Virat!

❤️I know love and the reason for that is only Virat!

❤ I have existence and that is because of Virat! 

I would like to end this post once again by thanking God for bestowing upon me the honour of loving a pure soul like Virat. Thank you. Amen. Blessed Be!!!

Love and Light