Real Happiness


Everything happens so quickly and fast now-a-days that we really don’t have time to fathom why we did that or why he should we do this? 

Let’s say that I have a lot of time to contemplate since I’m not employed full time! My work occupies 5% of my brain and the remaining 95% is devoted to thinking about almost everything! 

In one of my brain storming sessions I got a thought about how we do something for someone only because we are getting something in return! I’m not blaming a certain class of people for this behaviour,infact even I have done this many times. 

But this needs to change,we need to change cuz only if we do then the World will be a better place to live in! 

A housewife cooks for her husband and tries to equate with him paying at home and vice-a-versa! 

Why can’t he think that he pays because he likes to take care of her? Why can’t she think that she cooks because she wants to feed him to take care of him?  

Two people in love have forgotten to concentrate on their feelings and are instead concentrating on their own sacrifices! News flash everyone makes sacrifices but if you even once feel that what you are doing is for love then even these daily activities won’t be a burden! 

My guy gets me a bouquet of flowers not a diamond everytime not because he cannot afford them but because he knows that I prefer roses to diamonds! In relationships it’s not about flaunting riches it’s about the small things which together make it big and beautiful! 

Those who associate happiness with brands don’t know what Happiness is! 

A parent educates his child so that they can grow up have respectable jobs and get double the money of what their parents spent on them! I personally don’t agree with this! 

Educate your children because you want to see them grow not because you want all the money you spent on them with interest back! Don’t forget they are your children not Fixed Deposit Accounts! 

Our main problem is that we “expect“! For once try doing something for someone without expecting anything in return and trust me the feeling you get is worth all the hard work!

I don’t know if it’s Christmas spirit which made me write this post today or something else but I just wanted everyone to remember that relationships are not about give and take,they are about feelings and if you respect them you’ll never feel sad or alone! 

It’s very difficult to see past all of the pretences and think selflessly, all you need to do is find your trigger and you are good to go! 

For me Virat Kohli is that trigger! After I fell for him I realised how beautiful it is to do something without expecting anything in return! 

He inspired me to live,actually live and not just exist! Because of him I experienced unconditional love,the art of giving without expecting,smiling,small joys etc! 

This unconditional love gave me the taste of real happiness!! 

I urge you to do the same! Instead of treasuring your LV’s and Mont Blancs treasure people and see how beautiful life is! It’s not much right?? 

If you gave human beings a place in your heart than those bags and pens imagine what you can get in return! Afterall the bags won’t love you back but people can and at the end of the day all the facade that we maintain is so that people like us right! 

Stay Blessed

Love and Light ❤️🌞