Padmaavat- A Magnum Opus in every sense!

Just saw the paid preview of Padmaavat and I have to say that this movie glorifies the courage,valour and loyalty of Rajputs . Shahid Kapoor and Deepika Padukone are the perfect Rajasa Ranisa and no one else could have such poise and elegance as them.

We have already seen and complimented Deepika’s beauty right from Om Shanti Om to Bajirao Mastani, she has slayed it in every look.

Shahid Kapoor’s cuteness in Dil Maange More/ Jab We Met and his rougher looks in Udta Punjab have shown us his good looks as well.

But in Padmaavat it’s not just about beautiful costumes and jewellery as we have already seen them before but this is completely about their eyes and the emotions and feelings which they convey through them.

Shahid as Maharwal Ratan Singh taps exactly at point 0 where we see him portray a doting and a loving husband and king but when the time comes he stands up as a Rajput King would and keeps on fighting till his last breath for his Kingdom.

Deepika as Rani Padmini is not that Queen who is just beautiful and decks up and sits whole day in her Quarters but she is one strong woman who doesn’t hesitate to voice her opinions for the betterment of her Kingdom even to her Husband whom she subtly but firmly reminds that she is not just his Wife but the Queen too. Yes her beauty captivates us from the minute that she is on the screen but what makes us respect and love her even more is the intelligence and the wit which she uses in dark times which eventually saves the King and even after that the Speech about Jauhar and the act itself takes it to another level.

You will hate Khilji but your love and respect for RanveerSingh will break every ceiling of limits as to play a character so evil you have to tap deep down in that dark hole which itself is very difficult but Ranveer doesn’t just tap into it but brings that devil alive which is what very few people could achieve and I never thought I would say this but yes but he is the closest any bollywood star could come to Johnny Depp 💜!

You don’t need someone whispering in your ear as to do what needs to be done so go watch it as Shahid,Deepika and Ranveer have given their career best performances and that’s saying something as we have already seen them as Guddu/Charlie+Haider+Tommy Singh, Veronica+Meena+Leela+Mastani, Kabir+Ram+Bajirao which were all epic and this is even better!

The costumes,set,dialogues,music and action is always top notch as when it comes from Sanjay Leela Bhansali from Padmaavat is truly a MagnumOpus 👏🏻 Every person associated with this movie has given their best and I’m really glad that the SC ruled in it’s favour as it celebrates culture and tradition of Rajputs and the way it’s painted on the Silver Screen is simply brilliant.

Rani Padmini is all about how strong a woman is and how strong she can be in times of adversity. She teaches us to uphold our honour and take charge and keep fighting.

Maharwal Ratan Singh shows us that a king need not be ruthless and go on killing people to conquer lands and kingdoms.

Alauddin Khilji shows us that when a person becomes a monster he will never find true happiness as his greed becomes his undoing.

These 3 characters along with other characters are portrayed in the movie just as they are in History. There has been no distortion of facts in the movie. A movie like Padmaavat is neither made in a day nor with the snap of two fingers it takes the blood,sweat and hard work of thousands of people who have put everything they have on the table and have given us the best. We need to appreciate this beautiful movie and watch it as not watching it is our loss as much as it is of the filmmaker because this takes Hindi Cinema to a complete different level.

While ending this small review I feel sad about all that has happened and is happening because this movie was given a green signal for it’s release. All protests were for the honour of culture and tradition but which culture honours to attack children? Which culture promotes vandalising public property?

The man that you are against,he was shown in his true colours in the movie and trust me when people will see him and his acts they will remember you as all that you are doing now in the name of honour and tradition is what Alauddin Khilji would have done if he existed in this time. Your acts and deeds are doing nothing but tarnishing the image of Rajputs who have fought so hard. Khilji did not find peace but I hope you change and find it otherwise even after you pass away the air will linger with your spirit and make this world more polluted than it already is.

Jai Bhavani 🙏🏻🙏🏻 May the Goddess help you!