Yes we are Fashionistas and we do think

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Hello peeps. Hope everyone is having a fabulous month. I am surely enjoying the weather by excess tea drinking and lots of reading. As far as seasons go Monsoons are my favorite but they are also the hardest months of dressing.

Monsoons are totally a no-jeans month for me. I just cannot tolerate that mud and muck on my pants. I love all my dresses but carrying the same style for quite sometime doesn’t sit well with me. So when I was standing in front my wardrobe little bored an idea came to my mind let’s play dress up. When I was a kid I use to take all sarees of my mom and just drape them around myself creating a mix-match but a mind satisfying effect 😉 . Then I grew up and things got complicated so I started playing less and worrying more. But I thought why not try mix matching again, why not play dress up again.

I had picked a beautiful striped short fitting skirt from Bossini but had never worn it as there was nothing in my wardrobe which matched it. I wanted to wear to it so badly that I decided if I am trying why not try something with this particular skirt. After trying few long tops on it (which looked good but not good enough) I came across my black dress and decided to try that with the skirt and the effect was Voila.

I just tucked the dress in the skirt and tied the belt (which is a part of the dress) in the front in a bow shape. It simply looks beautiful and chic. Much better than any crop top or tank top would look with it. And to be honest I am not a fan of crop tops unless they are in a set or oh-so-not-casual. I paired the dress with platform heeled shoes but you can wear stilettos too, my reason for wearing platforms were my leg sprain, but hey they look good. I am sure people who are reading this post must not be doing this but fair warning never ever carry a sling bag with this kind of outfit. The best bag that you can pair with it is a tote. Also avoid hobos they tend to look plain casual and even if this outfit is casual its downright sexy, so please don’t cause a disaster by carrying a hobo/sling with it. You can carry a purse but since I carry a lot of stuff while I go out ( as my boyfriend says my bag is the atlantic ocean) I need to carry a tote. Another pointer when you are wearing a monochrome outfit don’t try contrast colour bags as they totally kill your outfit. The only contrast you need to try here is with your make up. Discard the browns and go with the reds and pink. I simply love red so I am wearing a Revlon Red Lipstick here and a basic N42 Compact by Mac (which sums up my make up). You can try wearing collar jewelry with this outfit it adds the right amount of dash (I am not wearing any as my purpose that day was casual). All this and you are ready.

I have written a short blog today because I just wanted to highlight that fashionistas use their brain too. It’s not just wearing anything that comes in front of your eyes.

Fashion is about using your brains and thinking out of the box. Don’t copy your favorite fashionistas, instead take inspiration from them, add your own style statement and create an absolutely fabulous look 🙂 . Also you don’t need to always go shopping to create an amazing outfit, every fashionistas wardrobe is awesome so out of those if you put two super outfits together the effect will be fantabulous.

You were born original. If you copy someone you can only achieve less than what they have but remember a Woman who doesn’t follow anyone and takes that left turn actually is leading to Discovery. 

Love and Light

Jumpsuits a girl’s best friend

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Firstly I would like to apologize for being MIA for so long. I was having a very good time chilling at Disneyland and post that I caught a bug so now am still recovering from sickness. But I miss blogging a lot so here today while having Coffee I just couldn’t resist and had to switch on my laptop and start writing.

I am a dress person, be it a short,midi or maxi the first clothing choice that comes to my mind while going out is a dress. I am very comfortable wearing dresses and comfort is the first thing I look for while dressing up. But this summer when I had a travelling plan which included going to 2 adventure parks I hit a bit of snag. My sister immediately packed her Jeans and T shirts for those 3 days as that’s her to go outfit. I pondered a lot and decided that I wanna experiment outside the range of jeans and shorts this time so while out for shopping I picked one jumpsuit and a play suit.

At first I was skeptical about wearing one because I am more on the line of Audrey style dresses so wasn’t sure if I would be able to carry it and also be comfortable at the same time. But to my surprise on a scale of 1-10 my comfort level was 11 and my Style Meter was 12. Also no matter what size you are it simply looks killer on you.

Now to the point as to why they are our best friend’s and most to go outfits. I am a nature person and also I like to take a lot of breaks while walking which means that I can feel like lying on the grass or sitting on the pavement at any point of time and this time I didn’t even have to take care of fluttering or pulling down.

Second are those rides in adventure parks where they make you go full 360 degrees on a roller-coaster, in that moment I wanted to experience the sheer thrill and the adrenaline coursing through my body than worrying about any wardrobe malfunction.

Thirdly it solved my question of what to wear on a surprise date. My boyfriend being the sporty type has a lot of adventure dates on his mind. As I remember my first surprise date was an utter fiasco as I turned up wearing a dress thinking it’s a candle light dinner which turned out to be para-sailing. On my second date which was surprise too I wore a jeans and a casual t shirt to be safe but ended up looking oh so very casual,so instead of enjoying the hike I was too perplexed about my appearance. Now I can look good and also be sporty and ready for all those surprises with a huge smile on my face.

Jumpsuits and Play-suits are trendsetting too. Personally I like to set my own trends but for those who are very cautious and like to wear something which is worn by the population this covers your problem too.

Now to answering the myth. Jumpsuits don’t look feminine. This is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. All the jumpsuits which I have seen are in patterns which have flowers, mesh, net and embroidery which when I last checked were still in the feminine category. My style is very feminine and personally I feel jumpsuits are a mixture of feminine style + rebellious fashion and that is why I fell in love with them instantly (I love Rebel 😛 ) . So all my rebellious girlies out there this is the best for you.

A friend of mine very recently asked me how to style your jumpsuit? Is there any specific footwear or accessory which goes best with it? For that I will say what I always advice people on style, accessorize your look with whatever you feel comfortable in. Because maybe what I have worn might seem hideous to you. Always style yourself according to your likes and not according to what the world wants to see you as. Be Original and comfortable and people will actually start following you and copying your looks.

I am going to put up two pictures one in a Jumpsuit and one in a Play-Suit for reference.



So I paired my Floral Play-suit with Checkered Slip-on’s,sling bag, heart shaped sunglasses and an animal print hair band.

You can go for stilettos or wedges as your footwear, I chose slip-on’s as there was a lot walking for me that day.

A tote or a hobo will look great with a play-suit but I chose a sling since I wanted to carry less weight but hey all my essentials( sunglasses,lipstick,compact,wet tissues,passport,hair brush and wallet) were well accommodated in it, so that was great too.

One little tip I would like to give about Sunglasses is that no matter which outfit you wear choose your eye-gear according to your face size. I wanted to add little spunk so I chose the heart shaped Sunglasses.

The belt is an add-on. Its from my another dress which I just experimented with and the look was Viola.

Lastly the hairband was an addition because of a really bad hair day plus experimentation of using two parallel prints at the same time i.e : Animal Print and Floral.


Black Jumpsuit with light net and embroidery

Not carrying a bag since it was not allowed in the adventure rides.

I am wearing black basic Hawaiian Sandals with Gold straps (Gold because they match with my sun glass stick) as they are among my most favorite to-go flats (yes I call them flats as I am more of a stiletto person) . Couldn’t wear slip-on’s as the height of the jumpsuit is little longer and I wouldn’t be able to walk freely.

I am obsessed with Oversize Sunglasses so I chose them but you can also wear Black Ray bans as the sex appeal would be the same in both.

The floral Hairband is to add a little feminine touch and summery feel. A low ponytail along with the hairband looks classy too.


I like to highlight only one feature for a normal day make-up and since I love dark lipsticks those get preference always . In all my pictures I am just wearing a compact (Mac Studio Fix NC 42) and Bobbi Brown Lip Colour ( Red 10 ).

I had so much fun writing and I hope you enjoy while reading it as well.

Sending loads of love and light.

Stay Blessed and Keep Shining!!!