You need to wake up as otherwise waking up will become a horror for us


I am born and brought up in Mumbai. I never got along with my extended family members because of their rotten and narrow mind made me want to vomit right from when I was a child. As I am the second daughter they thought I was nothing but a burden on my parents. But because of God’s grace my parents never thought of it this way.They raised me to be a strong independent women. My brothers loved me but they never treated me as someone of the inferior sex, they treated me like an equal, made me strong. I grew up and finished high school and wanted to study law in London. After a lot of brainstorming I decided to stay in India close to my friends and family in a secured environment.I did not want to go to a new country with unknown people.

I loved India and I still do but in the past few years India has changed, it’s not safe and secure anymore and it’s not because of the Country it’s because of the people who make the Country what it is and especially the people of the fairer sex who think that a woman is nothing but a toy to have sex with and produce kids. If a woman wants to study, work and have a career she should get to do all these things and if she wants to stay at home and be a homemaker she should get to do that. It’s all about choice, women are created by the same God who created men with equal status and rights. So why do we need permission to study and work?I am a devout feminist but I have never hated men as real feminism is Gender Equality and not Superiority.

I have stopped reading the newspaper because everyday there is a report about a woman getting molested or raped followed by some shit arse comment by a politician as how women call for what they are getting. I just cannot take this anymore and I feel like going and beheading guys who say such nonsense. If your daughter or sister gets raped will you be passing the same comments? No you will be out exhibiting the theory of an eye for an eye. Then why can’t you do the same when someone else’s daughter or sister gets raped? All you do is open your mouth and throw poop out of it.

Women get raped and molested because they show their skin, talk to men. This is the most crappiest thing I have heard in my life. The other day there was a woman with me who was wearing a saree and a douchebag came from the other side and brushed her shoulder. What does your bull crap logic say about this?

Indians are adopting western cultures and choosing short dresses over ghoonghats, going with men on dates and that’s why they are getting raped. Hello you short sighted, close minded moron the western people wear these kind of outfits from ages, go with men on dates and yet they feel safe and even if they get molested or raped the whole country stands for them and against the man who did this horrendous act. In sync with the incident I mentioned in the paragraph about this what needs to change is the mindset of certain men and the wardrobe of women.

Indians are leaving traditions behind and becoming modern like western people. You know what you don’t know anything about Indian Tradition. Tradition doesn’t mean wearing a saree, Indian Tradition means loving your family, being responsible and helping everyone. You target people and victimise them more when they are in a crisis so if anyone has left behind tradition and humanity it’s you and not that girl in the short skirt and shirt who goes to work everyday so she can provide medical aid for her old retired parents and pay fees of her brother and sister’s towards education. This girl’s act makes her as big as any man and your words make you a gutless, shameless monster.

Women who go on dates get molested as they are making themselves available, if this is the mindset even the man is available, does a woman rape him then? And this is because of the mindset of woman, she respects men and will never do such a thing with him . These molestations are not limited to dates. Working women stay up late at the office due to deadline and commitments and so many of these women get molested while going home from work. What’s the solution for this? Stay at home ? So we should study and stay at home, waste our education and not work,help support our family because if we go out we will get raped. And if we don’t work and earn bucks no guy will marry us because all arrange marriages which happen these days do on the basis of a women’s salary.

So I have a better idea why don’t all men stay at home and are forbidden to go out. Sounds barbaric right but it’s all right for you pumpkin heads to say that a woman should stay at home if she wants to be safe. If she does stay at home isn’t that life like a jail sentence to her? And what’s to guarantee that these people won’t come in her house and rape or molest her? Can you give me a guarantee this won’t happen? You won’t right; so shut the fuck up about what you don’t understand and keep on living on your miserable life.

The entire world of a woman comes crashing down when she is raped or molested and when she is going through this crisis what does the society do? They shun her, make her feel responsible for what has happened and over night from the victim she becomes the prostitute. Shame on you. Shame on us. Shame on everyone. Instead of teaching the bastard who did this to her a lesson which will make him shudder even if he thinks about doing anything like that in the future with anyone we make the woman who went through this want to kill herself.

Men who rape women should be castrated in public. Mere sentence in jail is not enough for them. If there is a criminal who uses a gun and shoots people you take it away from him right so take this arsehole’s dick which he thinks is a weapon and who dares to use it on a woman without her will.

I wake up everyday and get scared that maybe me or my friend or my sister might get raped or molested today while out for work or while going out and about our life. I am scared to wake up because I know the nation is sleeping and if it doesn’t wake up soon then the entire female race will cease to exist. So no Mothers,Sisters,Wives and Girlfriends. The Country would succeed without women right? Men would be able to take care of everything on their own. So what if there is no family, so what if there is no mother or sister you can deal with your problems alone. And when all of you die the country will cease to exist because without a woman how will you create life?

Goddess Durga I ask you to give me and my fellow sisters all the strength required to battle these stupid allegations. I am not going without a fight. I will not allow any man to touch me without my permission. I will slap anyone who comments about my clothes or about they way I live my life. I am a flesh and blood person created by God and I have a right to live my life the way I feel is right.

I can do this but I urge all the men to come forward and support me. I need your support to create a better future for everyone’s mothers, sisters,daughters,girlfriends and wives. United we stand a better chance at winning.

A small request to my friends in media, you know who these people are and what are their views so please don’t interview them about these happenings. They just want publicity and that is why they do such stunts. When we chose them to be our representatives we thought that they would help make our Country a better place to live in but instead they are just making life more difficult for us. So for us to live in peace and happier I urge you’ll to not give any importance to such comments and views and dismiss them and throw them in the trash.

Blessed Be

Love and Light

Sheetal Virat



What I really want!!!

Hello peeps. I have been MIA for really long. TBH I was off in the hills clearing my head off. Nature works wonders for me 🙂 After refreshing and recharging my mind,body and soul I really thought to write about something which has been bothering me for really long. It’s a serious issue but is very important for me so this blog post is very special for me.


Somebody asked me what I want?
Immediately a lot of things came to my mind material tbh but I thought in some way I have all of these so I sat and pondered as to deep down really what I want and here it is!

1) I want that no man should force himself upon any woman! Rape should not be tolerated no matter what the excuse! You being drunk,excited or whatever it is does not justify rape,plain and simple ! How about we have Anti Rape classes in school so that every man who goes to school learns when he can grasp that Rape is Wrong!!!

2) I want dowry and dowry and dowry deaths to be extinct! I don’t want just a boy’s parents to stop demanding money but a girl’s parents to also stop fulfilling these outrageous demands. Please report if such things occur you might be saving someone’s life it’s not about image it’s about killing a horrible concept.If your daughter died a dowry death don’t say case karne se meri beti wapas ayegi kya?  File a case, go the media make those devil’s identities public and shame them. Your daughter  won’t come back but someone else’s daughter will be saved from slaughter!

3) I want every girl to get an education of her choice and if her parents don’t have enough resources to fulfil her wish there should be a foundation which helps her achieve her dream! Forget blaming the Govt how about we donate a certain amount every month toward’s such a girl’s education it would be nice right! I don’t mind investing a few starbucks coffee cups money towards someone’s education. Surely the coffee will clear my head but a girl getting educated will clear my conscience and at the end of the day it’s all about having a clean soul!

4) I want girls to marry when they want to get married. There should be no societal rules as to when a girl should marry. She should marry when she feels she can shoulder that kind of  responsibility and wants to have her new family. Please shut this nonsense she is 30 and unmarried means isme khot hain🙈🙈🙈🙈. It’s her life who the hell are you to set norms?

5) I want the water and hunger problem to end. Save water and don’t waste food. What’s extra for you is a necessity for someone. Be kind if there is loads of extra food in your house instead of throwing it in the trash give it to someone who hasn’t had a meal.
I’m getting water why should I be worried? Guys money won’t buy water it’s a natural resource! So if water is over all the rich and poor are gonna die! Nature’s wrath doesn’t classify classes!

6) I want a clean society and green society!
I threw only one empty chip packet and the street was dirty is just a start. If all of us stop throwing trash this problem can end completely. Also plant trees they don’t give us money but they give us oxygen, which is required to live!!! Sort out your priorites guys
So many diseases spread due to this trash and who is getting affected? US and nobody else. So if not for anyone start doing this for yourself!

7) I want human trafficking to end. Imagine going on a camp for two days without all your home comforts! It was hell for us!
What about these girls? They are away from home used and abused without their permission! And the day their sexual abuse days are over their body parts are sold? In which universe is this right? Nobody deserves this treatment! Let’s put an end to this!

8) I want Female Foeticide to end! You kill your daughters because it’s difficult to raise a daughter, what shit is this? Have you ever thought of killing people who are unjust to your daughters? No you haven’t! Killing doesn’t solve a problem it only intensifies it! If you want your daughters to be appreciated by everyone first appreciate them yourself! Save the girl child 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

9) Lastly I want things which are really harmful to be banned instead of discussions about whether beef ban is right or wrong! Why doesn’t the Govt ban Alcohol? Because they earn a hell lot of amount from Liquor taxes and corruption money taken from Liquor Mafias. All the bans are just effecting the gap caused on the basis of religion to expand more and more!

We to go foreign countries and say India is bad but let me tell you the country is not bad,the people have made it bad! We don’t have a right to blame the Govt if we are not doing our bit! You say politics is dirty but trust me if you get that chair you will be dirtier than that Minister!

Maybe some people will point my flaws after reading this status and that is where we go wrong! Instead of working together for the benefit of a greater cause we point the flaws of the person trying to perpetrate a change. A person went wrong once somewhere that doesn’t mean he needs to be pinned about it all the time. If something good is happening participate in it, if you don’t want to just shut up and live your life you will understand what needed to be done when you face a crisis!

Let us all come together and help India and help mankind!

Stay Blessed


Let’s take baby steps and do our bit! What I want maybe feels like climbing the Mt Everest for a non hiker today but it’s not impossible right? It will take time but I am not giving up cuz I believe that willpower has the ability to change anything even if you are alone. So am gonna keep on doing my bit and wait for my Utopia as till I don’t get what I want it’s not really an ending!