Daily Card Reading-29th January 2017


The card for today is Page of Fire. In traditional tarot the Page of Fire is the Page of Wands. As I’m seeing the last couple of days we are getting a lot of wands in our readings and as we all know wands are associated with original ideas and inspirations we need to act on our ideas as soon as possible.

The Page of Fire primarily represents faithfulness, a postman, a lover, an envoy, a messenger, consistency and stability. A friend is going to be with you during your difficult time and they will help you gain a new perspective in a situation.

The suit of fire deals with our passion towards our dreams. We need to use our passion and mad skills to make our dreams come true. As you can see in the picture there is a Dragon standing behind a woman who is controlling things around her in a sphere, if you look closely then you will see that the wings look attached to the woman which means that the Dragon represents you and since we are all know Dragons are animals with fierce determination this tells us to be determined and keep working towards our dream. Dragons have a iconic place in one’s imagination and thus a dragon represents that you have what it takes to gain success in this situation. You don’t know the effect your confidence has on people so use it to optimum to gain what you desire.

Page in Work represents determination and self-confidence. You will be receiving a offer to work on a new project. There will  be a lot of people telling you that you cannot do this but this idea which came to you came when you were at best with your inner self and hence it’s a great idea, you know all that is required to put this in motion and you know what you need to do to make this success and only after a lot of work and consideration you are taking this step so don’t allow these whispers to bother or distract you from going for what you want. Those of you looking for a raise know that development of your skills will help you increase your income. You need to develop your talent and skills as they are essential for your progress. You know which direction you have to go and it’s the right one so take action and get moving. What you are doing at work has a lot of potential but you need to get if off the ground and put all that you’ve got into it.Be creative, be determined and exude confidence at work and in work related matters today.

Page is relationships represents optimism and honesty. Yesterday’s card told you to take care of control issues and being aloof, today tells you to be open and give yourself completely to your partner. You need to open your heart and be enthusiastic. Remember when you first started liking them, that feeling needs to be remembered as that passion will get your relationship back on track. A relationship is based on mutual affection and affection from you can work wonders. There will be petty problems but you need to kill them with optimism. Be open with your partner and talk to them about everything as talking helps you get closer and once all walls are down between you and your significant other there is a very slim chance of disagreements. Singles you are getting into a relationship anytime now so be ready to be swept off your feet and have some fun. You will receive some great news about the person you have been eyeing for a long time or some friend will give you news about a romantic proposal.This person you meet will be very passionate,mischevious, courageous and very busy. They love to have fun so don’t be serious emo type with them, open up as much as you can and it’ll be the greatest relationship you’ve ever had.

A page tells you to believe in yourself as what you need and what you are searching for is already inside you so connect with yourself and believe in yourself you will find all your answers and solutions. You need to be original, copying a person makes you go only this far but being yourself and embracing yourself will take you on a road no one’s ever been on before and you will have great success. The focus at this time is on receiving. You have done a lot and now is the time to tell yourself that you deserve happiness and rewards, the moment you do that you will start receiving good news and good things.

The message for today is to spend some time with your friends and family as having fun is the highlight of the day. You need to connect with the fun-loving side of yourself and wake your inner child.See the beauty in everything today and see how your life fills with hope and joy. You will receive what you have been waiting for but don’t get frazzled once you get it, you may feel it’s too much to handle but at that point believe in yourself as you can handle it and you deserve it. Be optimistic and dazzle people with your originality.


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