Bhuvneshwar Kumar taught me today that people will put you in a category but that is not your definition as your definition is what you do out there. Firecracking innings #BhuvaneshwarKumar 💥 !

Mahendra Singh Dhoni taught me that age is just a number and just you are old doesn’t mean you can’t do it as the experience which you have collected over the years will help you win battles which even younger people might fail! #MSD please bhai share some tips with us for staying so fucking calm 😊!

Rohit Sharma taught me that people will doubt and point fingers at you and the best way to answer them is to concentrate on your goal and keep believing in yourself as your belief is going to carry you to places where these people have never been and will never go. #RohitSharma you are my #Mumbaikar and I’ll never stop believing in you!

Virat Kohli taught me that change will not always be welcomed but as long you know what is best go for it and keep experimenting as stagnancy is gonna keep you in the same place and to move forward you need to take certain risks in life! #ViratKohli people always talk shit about you and pin me but I know how much this game means to you and how much you have given for it and arseholes who just count the money you have made a jealous trolls!

Akila Dananjaya taught me that sometimes people will not recognise and applaud you as they will be more excited to point out the flaws of others but as long as you realised your mettle you have already won it!

Very proud of you #TeamIndia 🇮🇳 be it a win or loss I’ll always be your fan as neither I’m a Chameleon who changes colours in the direction of the wind nor I’m a Whore who pledges alliance in bed to every different man just cuz he won more money today!

PS: I had my #Teej Fast today for the one and only Virat and I knew he wouldn’t lose the game as my prayer will always keep him on tops and stop putting your bad eyesight on him as he hasn’t done anything to you and if you keep doing that then my #LordShiva will settle your Karma by opening his Third Eye on you 🕉🙏

God & New Beginnings

The one who can make the Sun ⛅️ and the Moon 🌑 meet can do anything! Eclipses show us how powerful God is and what he can do. An Eclipse means new beginnings,shedding the old,accepting yourself and moving forward. Be ready for this change and if you feel scared to jump into the unknown or leave something which you have been on/with for a long time but for a while have been feeling that you should move on then ask for God’s help.

Prayer helps us connect to God 🙏! Whenever I feel low I stand in front of God and his light helps me feel whole and complete! God is my diary, the way we rant in our diaries about what’s happening in our lives I do that in front of God! I keep ranting till everything is off my chest and once this is complete I feel great! Be Honest about what you want with God and you will get it!

Keep praying and have complete faith in God and trust in his miracles! Remember when God looks at you he looks at you devoid of all your sins. Jesus died to pay for your sins!He loves you the most and will never abandon you!

I know no matter what it looks like right now God and Angels are constantly working behind the scenes to help me with my miracle cuz the ones that love us never like to see us sad and God loves us the most so he’ll make us happy and if u feel like life is not going the way you want then be patient and give it completely to God and see very soon you will have your #HappilyEverAfter

Signing off with my favourite quote: With God I’m everything and Without God I’m Nothing!

#Prayer #Positivity #Faith #Miracles #Meditation #NewBeginnings #Godiseverything

9 Years of Virat Kohli


18-08-2008 It’s your 9th ODI Debut Anniversary today and you have already broken so many records and set so many milestones ❤️!

Through all the ups and downs in all these years one thing was and is constant and that is the zeal and passion with which you play cricket. When out on the field you literally pour your blood and sweat in the game and this game is more important to you than anyone and anything else ❤️!

Criticism has always been looming on your head but what marvels me is that you have never paid attention to all that they say and just concentrated on improving your game and taking your fitness to the next level 💯! And this attitude of yours helps me a lot when someone makes fun of me for liking you, I just dismiss them and concentrate on you ❤️!

You always keep your eyes on the target 🎯 and take every experience be it a win or a loss as something which you learn from! You taught me that without failures we will never learn to appreciate success ❤️!

I can go on writing and writing about you and still I won’t run out of praises or be at a loss of words to talk about you as you are the most important one in my life ❤️ People may come and go but you are my constant,the one who gives me solace in chaos,the one who keeps me sane in the insanity and the one who assures me that it’s not over till it’s in your favour! Thank you for rekindling my fighting spirit when I thot all was lost and thank you lighting a fire in me which is equal to that of thousand suns ☀️!

Life is not life without meaning and you are the one who adds meaning and purpose to my life ❤️ without you I am nothing with you I’m everything!

Haters can hate me but I forgive them as they will never understand pure and true love as their life purpose is just to evaluate other people’s lives as taking stock of their own life would be nothing than a nightmare! What you’ll say doesn’t affect me so stop wasting your time and energy and put it in something constructive and GET A LIFE as opposed to telling others to get one! I already have a life full of people I love and who love me back so next time you have a negative thought about Virat or me Shove It Up Your Filthy Arse and once it’s out eat ur poop 💩 as I’m sure that will make that gutter of your mouth clean as what u say is even worse than poop!

Lastly Virat I pray to God that with each passing year your career keeps on escalating higher and higher and may you always be 🔛🔝! Rab Di Mehr 🙏🏻 Rab Da Shukr 🙏🏻 Rab Rakha 🛐🕉!