Monthly Reading March 2018




The 7th Card of the Major Arcana, the Chariot at the outset depicts Travel, Progress, Success and Determination. The pictorial depiction shows a lady standing in a Chariot in complete control of the bridle of both the white and the black horse, in the background can be seen mountains and two eagles soaring high in the sky. The black and the white horse represent our good and bad side and the good and bad times we have endured but the bridle changes the whole game as our rider is seen in total control of it holding it with just one hand which signifies that March will be about victories which are a result of our self-confidence and determination. If you observe closely one of the eagle is seen clearly while the other hovers in the background, this signifies that we have already succeeded but there is more to come and achieve and there is going to be public recognition for all your hard work. In terms of finances if you have had any person looking after your books it’s time you put your head in that and check if they are doing a good job and actually helping you save some money, also since March is a tax filing month you need to have a check-on about your CA as well, putting your head together with them can help you progress much better than you were doing before as it’s your time to take charge. If a certain investment is not giving dividends and profits as you predicted it will,so don’t worry as even if it’s taking time it will give you rich dividends some time in the future. At work you can let your guard a bit down as all the hard work you have put in so far has been paid off and you will receive recognition for that. This is the time to relax and notice a bit about your surroundings, learn and then apply whatever you have learnt for future situations. Since The Charioteer is in a position to be a leader remember that you need to set a good example to your juniors by stressing the importance of self-discipline and determination in achieving your goals so it might be time to give an easy pep talk in the office. There also is a possibility that someone higher in authority above you might pull a few strings to keep you on your toes, at such a time know that you have it in control and no matter what your boss throws at you it’ll be caught and it won’t harm/hurt you. Relationships will take a back seat because the Chariot is all about focusing on your individuality and it might leave you little time to be with your partner. But here I would like to differ a bit from traditional tarot meanings and I would suggest that since Chariot indicates travel as well so you should take a small break with your partner and re-kindle the flame. Singles know that you are destined for a soulmate so just for the sake of being in a relationship don’t hesitate to pull a red flag on those bad dates. The right person will come to you soon. For your personal growth since The Chariot is all about taking control of the black and white and co-existing with it so if you are in a position of power do not let it corrupt your soul also if someone in power tries to abuse you fight back as you have the strength and reserves to rise above the situation. Direct and use your power constructively.

Monthly Reading February 2018



The suit of wands is primarily concerned with the element of fire which revolves around creativity, action, willpower, enthusiasm, spirituality and self-confidence. The pictorial depiction shows a Queen with a free flowing dress carrying a staff with a glowing orange stone, in her background are high mountains and beside her there is a Lion sitting while an eagle flows above in the sky, also around her you can see almost dying candles and bubbles. Like the Queen we will be strong, ready to overcome any challenge we face, the staff represents our creativity and also it’s a weapon of a kind to defend all that we have and those we have. The Lion and The Eagle are our familiars which show that we will be immensely strong this month like the Lion and we will also soar high like the Eagle and be admired by many. The bubbles depict that there is Clarity about the direction we want to go in and the dying candles represent that our confidence will always give us the light we need to keep on moving forward and achieve our goals. It’s a fire power month. In matters of Finance it is clear that if you do what you love and let your creative side flow freely you will earn money and prosper, you do not need to be shackled in a job which you took just for money, if you think this is the right time to move on to something which you’ve loved or were passionate about this is the exact time to go for it without carrying any financial stress. Work will be great as you are ready to put in the hard work required to achieve the goal you have set your mind to. You will need to stand up for what you believe in, be assertive and direct. Co-workers and colleagues will be inspired by you and your confidence will give them the necessary push to prosper themselves. Relationships will be all about passion, deep feelings and clarity about which stage to develop to next but the only problem might be a little jealousy which I’m presuming might be because the other partner’s career is more sorted and successful. I have presumed professional success being reason of the jealousy because the Queen of Wands in relationships factors loyalty, ardor and devotion so you are covered personally. Even though the jealousy exists work around it but preserve your relationship as this is what is a part of who you are now and you need it. In this month you will meet someone who is very outspoken, passionate and dramatic too, this will definitely be a woman and she is going to inspire you to do your best. Take all the inspiration that you need from her but do not expect her to be emotional as even though she is caring she is necessary not everyone’s cup of tea. For your personal growth this month remember that no matter what never give up on your dreams, keep following them. This month is all about getting inspired from others but deep down you have to follow what you feel. Don’t let others tell you what to do as you know what’s best for you.