Happiness can be found if only you want it

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Even though many people have not read Harry Potter, I am sure they know this statement made by Professor Dumbledore because it’s one of those which has been circulated more as a positivity statement than a Harry Potter dialogue.

After reading the words in the above image my fellow potterheads will point out that I have not written the statement correctly which is absolutely right but I have made this error knowingly because I wanted to re-frame what Dumbledore says. The original one goes as:” Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if only one knows how to turn on the lights”. Here Dumbledore says that even in the darkest periods of life there is hope if you know how to turn on the lights. But what I have said is that Happiness can be found if you want to turn on the lights because now-a-days people are so content in what they have that they have stopped chasing their dreams. Dreams make you happy. And because many people have stopped chasing their dreams they have lost their happiness. Now what makes us stop chasing our dreams? One: We don’t believe in ourselves, Second: We feel even if we achieve our dreams, people won’t be proud of us. I am going to talk here today about the second reason.

Let’s take a basic example. I always wanted to be a writer. So after I cleared my S.S.C examination I told my parents that I want to join the Arts stream. My mother’s first reply was why not Commerce? I told her that cuz I wanna be a writer I want to pursue English Major. Now after she heard a writer she was like OMG you wanna carry a cloth bag and roam here and there forever! God I was pissed, why do they feel writers are that? I left the room accepting defeat because I knew that no matter how great my argument was in front of the current audience it would be invalid. Next day a bitch friend of my mom told her that she is joining arts because her best friend is. What my mother dint realise was that I had scored more than my Best Friend and would definitely be joining another college. She just pushed me into Commerce because she wanted me to be an MBA OR CA OR CS(the only respectable profession according to Indian Parents and so they push children to choose commerce). I could not rebel at 16 the way I can today so I lost my dream and to please someone got admission in a respectable college offering me commerce. Everyone was happy, everyone except me. Here I knew to turn on the lights I needed to choose Arts but I just shut up seeing other’s happiness and dint turn on the lights.

Another example will help you gain more clarity on this issue as this is what we do frequently. Once you are of a certain age, you start dating. You meet guys, you like some of them and some you don’t. But you have to date! It’s like the rule of society, otherwise they say shit like she cannot find anyone or else she is lesbian etc all that recycled old tosh! So we date, even when we don’t want to because we want people to think we are normal. Some of these dates make us miserable but we go on doing that because it makes someone happy. But we are forgetting here is that our Happiness is deep buried.

The other day I went on a Self-Date . I love myself and more than that I love spending time with myself. But this Self-Date was something which happened because a friend stood me up for lunch at the last moment. Everyone told me go home, don’t be by yourself etc. But I was like hell forget it, I don’t need someone to show me a good time, I can do it myself. I ate lunch in a fancy restaurant alone, eating what I want, drinking what I want etc. This lunch was the best lunch of my life. I thought a lot while eating about what I want to do, what I want, where I am right now, where I wanna go in next 5 years etc without any interruption and Boy I made a huge progress. I realised that I am trying to find happiness in others when the person who can give me the best chance at it is myself.

We all think of these things very often but that is in the middle of all the daily chaos. This thinking is very important for us and we need to think about it in a proper way where there is nothing else on our mind except what we want to do. We go on so many dates which turn out to be crappy then why cannot we afford ourselves a self-date where the outcome will be happiness?

Now you must think what will people think when they see us dining alone? I would say who cares! We digest our food alone right so why so much stress if we eat alone? Let people think what they wanna think! What we have to think is what we want!

We feel happy when we do what others want us to do but that Happiness is an illusion. Real happiness is when we do something we want to and all of us should experience that at least once. We will be happy if we want to. There are a certain changes we need to do for that. If you want to be happy you should escape your comfort zone, you need not be afraid of anyone, be proud of yourself and yearn for your happiness.

I turned on the light, you can turn on yours too!So: Happiness can be found even in the darkest of time if only we want to turn on the lights!!

Love and Light ❤