How will the last 5 months of 2015 be for you?

2015 is almost over. I still feel like I was writing in my diary on 1st January like it was yesterday! Time flies. Soon we will be welcoming another year and saying goodbye to the current one. 2015 has been good to me so far and I hope it has been good to you all as well. But ever thought what these remaining 5 months would be like? That’s what I am writing about today. I have pulled out a card for each month and will explain in detail how each of our month is going to be!

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This time I have used a different deck. It’s The Guardian Angel Tarot Card Deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. It’s a very subtle yet accurate card deck.

The above 5 cards are one for each month and the 6th card is a falling card. Falling cards mean something that needs immediate attention in respect of the situation inquired about. As what lacks needs to be taken care of first I’m going to explain about the Falling card before I expand and move to the months.


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What is it that needs to be done? Will you succeed if you start something new?

The answer to all these questions have been in your mind all along. You know what to do. Implement it don’t have second thoughts. If you have done everything that was needed to be done then rest well and be patient your rewards will be in your life very soon!!!

Also if you have been afraid to start something new just relax, it’s the perfect next big thing for you. That work travel plan you have been avoiding for so long might just be the ticket to the top stair of your career.



image2 (7)

So this month is sort of the “nagging” type. Don’t worry this nagging is self caused due to frustration and worry. You feel like everything is coming at you from all directions and even small tasks seems like a challenge. How to go through this?

  1. Know that this is a learning phase and whatever you do be calm. Do not lose your temper this is what they have been looking for.

2. Your confidence is very important for you in all this. Always remember everything that you have been through the reason you are out of it is because you never stopped believing in yourself. Keep that up and see how wonderfully it works for you!

3. Life is too beautiful to fill it negative people. At this point your life is drama free and whatever drama you are encountering is because of the negative people you have included in your life. Get rid of them immediately They are doing nothing but causing trouble in your life!

Lastly if you are going through rough patches don’t forget to ask your angels for help. They are more than willing to help you. Angels respect your privacy and they don’t intervene in your life on their own. So if you need them then call for them.

August by the end will give you all your dreams and only then it will say goodbye!


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So the thing which you had been working upon is complete and the result is in your favor!!! Now what to do next? Don’t make haste. You have achieved so much till today and you have worked hard for it. Review and contemplate only then set the next goal.

It’s okay if you take this time to reflect on your choices but make sure you don’t dwell on the mistakes of the past. You are going through amazing changes and what happened was necessary to build this person whom you are today. Drop all judgments about other people and yourself too.

This month is the magical gate between what has been and what will be. You can do anything as long as you want. The out of box thinking and ideas which have been coming to you are perfect. Don’t worry what others will think if you do something.

A little pointer to all those committed couples. If you are contemplating a marriage date don’t rush into it, Do it at everyone’s convenience. Don’t worry that your partner will run away or evaporate they are with you because they love you and nothing is time bound.

This is your life and you have to live it according to you!


image2 (9)

To make those changes in your life the only tool you need is yourself.

You might feel trapped in a situation. But always remember even in a house where are there are no windows and doors you can break the walls and come out. One step at a time will pave your way to the future you want to create for yourself. This is something which you can do individually, no help is required.

If you feel unhappy in a situation just remove it from your life. So be it relationships, work if they make you feel constricted just delete them from your life. Don’t think about the sadness you will cause others. You need to be happy first only then can you make others happy!


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First thing to remember for this month is the power of positive thinking.

You want something? Then think that you are getting it. Worrying whether you will get it or not is just going to delay it. The Law of Attraction says that you get what you ask for. If you keep on worrying or releasing hopeless thoughts you will create a sphere of negativity around you and even if good things come to you they will not be able to reach to you because of that fear.

The solution: Ask your angels to reinstate your self-confidence and self-belief!

For those who fee over worked just take a break. Things happen when they are meant to be. It’s not healthy!


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Well the last month of the year is really going to be a huge receiving month!!! December is going to give you everything you wanted. This is the month where you will get to shine and where you can bask in everything that you have achieved.

For all those who want to make change this is the perfect month. What you say will not be just be heard but will also be followed. It’s perfect timing to start a business if that’s what you have been contemplating for some time now. You will be surprised at the amount of interested people.

That’s it for the remaining year!!! 

Hold on to those positive vibes. Keep Loving!!!

Blessed Be