Daily Card Reading-27th January 2017


The card for today is  The Magician. Before I start getting into the details let me tell you that I love the magician and I wish that this card comes in all of my personal readings because this care tells that no matter what the situation you have it in you to succeed. I’m a self made person and like to do my work by myself and this card tells that you need to and can do it all alone.So your day is gonna be very productive and you will put all your skills into action.

The Magician card is the number 1 card in the Major Arcana and ones in a reading indicate new beginnings and change. The magician at the outset signifies skill,diplomacy,subtlety, self-confidence and will. The pictorial depiction shows here a creature wearing a fool’s hat and everything around him is swirling which shows that he has the power to change anything by his will but the hat signifies his treachery and ability to fool anyone. In Traditional Tarot the magician is depicted to stand at the table which has all the four suits of the Minor Arcana(Cups,Pentacles,Wands and Swords) and there is a infinity symbol on his head. The elements on the table signify that the magician has everything that he requires for his success and the infinity symbol signifies the immense will power he has which he can use for his success.

Work is all about you claiming your personal power. You are the magician and you have everything you need for your success plus the skill to achieve so why depend on others? There is a lot happening behind the scenes at work with certain people so don’t trust the suspicious ones and make sure you don’t reveal any of your plans or secrets to them as some of them might try to manipulate you and use your information/secrets for their advantage. You need to watch your back.Do not get caught in power struggles, just put your head high and keep on doing your work as your success is guaranteed and you need to do everything individually. Use your talents for your gain today and wise application assures a cash inflow. Creative professionals start working on what you left midway as you have the touch today which makes you complete that project and reap the rewards of it. Another pointer for my creative friends- do not I repeat do not share your work with someone untrustworthy as they might use it for their own benefit or take something from that and create their own work by just copying yours.

Relationships are still complicated if you have not been able to set aside your ego. As I keep on telling you relationships are a two way road there is no point in controlling and manipulating your significant other. They have their own mind and you messing with it or telling them to do everything according to your likenesses is plain stupid. Get a robot instead of a partner if you want someone to follow all you say and agree on every point. Set aside your ego and try to find a common ground to solve your issues, this is not business and you should stop trying to gain advantage over the other, instead seek a win-win situation.If you feel that your partner is constantly manipulating you or if you feel that they are just using you for their benefit then connect with yourself and ask your heart what needs to be done, you will get the right answer.Singles it’s a good day for you to manifest what you want so if there is anyone you wanted to ask out go forward and ask them out.

The Magician has the power to uncover the aspects of a situation so connect with yourself and ask yourself what’s happening in a certain situation.Brainstorming will give you a detailed analysis and you will know how you can deal with the situation.  You have the right skill and diplomacy required to win in this situation so move forward with confidence. You have immense strength and that strength will help you change you the situation the way you want.

You need to stay away from those treacherous people as they are simply manipulating you and using you for their advantage. Stay away from even the tiniest bit of gossip today. You are what you are because of your own struggle,hardwork and determination and you have a long and successful life ahead, so you don’t need someone whispering negative things in your ear. You are an innately powerful person and you don’t need anyone controlling you and if you allow them to do that then you are not going to get the best which you are destined to get by working by yourself. Your alignment should only be with God and the divine as they will rightfully guide you at crossroads and help you arrive safely at your destination, this is the kind of guidance you need. Take control of your own life and make the necessary changes required for your success. Tap into your inner self, develop your psych and once the universe is with you see the magic that happens in your life.

Remember you are the magician and you have everything you need at your disposal which you can use with your immense power to manifest what you want.

The message for today is to use your skills, diplomacy for your success, completely remove the influence of controlling and manipulative people from your life, get in touch with your inner self and benefit from your newly developed psychic powers, tap in with the universe,manifest your dreams and be one with God.