Daily Card Reading-25th January 2017


The card for today is Four of Thought. The Four of Thought is the Four of Swords according to traditional tarot.

The suit of thoughts deal with communication, intellectual pursuits, reason, ideas and analysis. The suit of thoughts tells us that our mind is the most powerful tool of all which can either work for us or against us and this depends on whether we fill it with positive thoughts and belief or fear and pessimism. The Law of Attraction tells us that we attract what we are and you are what your thoughts are so good things will come to you only if you direct your thoughts in that way. The suit of thought in a reading signifies that we need to gather our thoughts together and connect with ourselves for the answers we are looking for. The number of the card is four and Four’s in a reading indicate the completion and realisation of one’s goals. Today the focus is on retreat and contemplation.

Work will be hectic and you will feel burned out today. The message from yesterday about taking time off for yourself continues. You need to recharge your batteries by relaxing as only by that you can clear all that stress and confusion. There will be some people in your workplace who will just emotionally drain you, avoid them at all costs. You need to physically and emotionally withdraw yourself till you regain your balance and clear your head. You don’t need others whispering in your ear about your capabilities, you know how much hard work you put into your job and that’s that, no one else has a right to judge to you and you better let them know that today in a kind but clear way.

Relationships continue to be stressful.If all the advice and guidance from the previous cards has not worked for you then you need to withdraw from this situation. By withdraw I don’t mean a break up but a small break. Being together is just causing you stress and the amount of quarrels you are having just leave you drained and exhausted. You need to spend some time alone to gain clarity and objectivity as after that only you can understand what you need to do with this relationship. Singles you need to rest and relax and stop being stressful, know that you have done everything you could and now you just need to be open to receiving all the blessings that are coming your way.

Yesterday told you to relax and take some time off for yourself and today tells you the same only with the addition of thinking and understanding. You have done everything you could do and now it’s time to just sit back,relax and wait for the reward.Alone time works wonders for us and only when we are alone and we connect with ourselves we can hear our deepest thoughts and ideas.If you have been feeling sick,honour that as even a machine needs oiling to run back at it’s full potential. You need to take care of your health, eat healthy food and cover your sleep. Do not get back to the daily routine if you are feeling sick, take a little extra time off. Be kind in your communication today and when you are talking to others talk to them the way you would want them to talk to you.Today is not the day to fight with the outer world but today is a day to tend to your inner self fight with your ego and fears and seek out answers through rest,meditation and spiritual connect. The answers you seek are in your heart and not out there in the world.

Spiritually connect with whichever deity you believe and pray to and you will see that the perfect answer comes to you very easily. You are in situations which are messy because of the melodrama created by others ask God for the strength to speak up and to remove yourself from this situation. Once you connect with yourself and allow yourself to listen to God’s messages you will know that your prayer is answered.

The message for today is to take a break,sit in solitude and get an epiphany, find your spiritual connect and get answers through that and believe and trust in the almighty.