Daily Card Reading-29th January 2017


The card for today is Page of Fire. In traditional tarot the Page of Fire is the Page of Wands. As I’m seeing the last couple of days we are getting a lot of wands in our readings and as we all know wands are associated with original ideas and inspirations we need to act on our ideas as soon as possible.

The Page of Fire primarily represents faithfulness, a postman, a lover, an envoy, a messenger, consistency and stability. A friend is going to be with you during your difficult time and they will help you gain a new perspective in a situation.

The suit of fire deals with our passion towards our dreams. We need to use our passion and mad skills to make our dreams come true. As you can see in the picture there is a Dragon standing behind a woman who is controlling things around her in a sphere, if you look closely then you will see that the wings look attached to the woman which means that the Dragon represents you and since we are all know Dragons are animals with fierce determination this tells us to be determined and keep working towards our dream. Dragons have a iconic place in one’s imagination and thus a dragon represents that you have what it takes to gain success in this situation. You don’t know the effect your confidence has on people so use it to optimum to gain what you desire.

Page in Work represents determination and self-confidence. You will be receiving a offer to work on a new project. There will  be a lot of people telling you that you cannot do this but this idea which came to you came when you were at best with your inner self and hence it’s a great idea, you know all that is required to put this in motion and you know what you need to do to make this success and only after a lot of work and consideration you are taking this step so don’t allow these whispers to bother or distract you from going for what you want. Those of you looking for a raise know that development of your skills will help you increase your income. You need to develop your talent and skills as they are essential for your progress. You know which direction you have to go and it’s the right one so take action and get moving. What you are doing at work has a lot of potential but you need to get if off the ground and put all that you’ve got into it.Be creative, be determined and exude confidence at work and in work related matters today.

Page is relationships represents optimism and honesty. Yesterday’s card told you to take care of control issues and being aloof, today tells you to be open and give yourself completely to your partner. You need to open your heart and be enthusiastic. Remember when you first started liking them, that feeling needs to be remembered as that passion will get your relationship back on track. A relationship is based on mutual affection and affection from you can work wonders. There will be petty problems but you need to kill them with optimism. Be open with your partner and talk to them about everything as talking helps you get closer and once all walls are down between you and your significant other there is a very slim chance of disagreements. Singles you are getting into a relationship anytime now so be ready to be swept off your feet and have some fun. You will receive some great news about the person you have been eyeing for a long time or some friend will give you news about a romantic proposal.This person you meet will be very passionate,mischevious, courageous and very busy. They love to have fun so don’t be serious emo type with them, open up as much as you can and it’ll be the greatest relationship you’ve ever had.

A page tells you to believe in yourself as what you need and what you are searching for is already inside you so connect with yourself and believe in yourself you will find all your answers and solutions. You need to be original, copying a person makes you go only this far but being yourself and embracing yourself will take you on a road no one’s ever been on before and you will have great success. The focus at this time is on receiving. You have done a lot and now is the time to tell yourself that you deserve happiness and rewards, the moment you do that you will start receiving good news and good things.

The message for today is to spend some time with your friends and family as having fun is the highlight of the day. You need to connect with the fun-loving side of yourself and wake your inner child.See the beauty in everything today and see how your life fills with hope and joy. You will receive what you have been waiting for but don’t get frazzled once you get it, you may feel it’s too much to handle but at that point believe in yourself as you can handle it and you deserve it. Be optimistic and dazzle people with your originality.


Daily Card Reading-28th January 2017



The card for today is Healer of Thought. The Healer of Thought according to traditional tarot is the Queen of Swords.

Thoughts in a reading represent our perception, the ways in which we manage our personal truth, our concerns and actions to fights for truth and justice. Our thoughts are our biggest weapon and the use of them in the right way makes us get our goal. We have to use our mind as the powerful tool that it is in a very hopeful and optimistic approach which allows the Law of Attraction to give us our dreams. This suit also tells us to keep tab on our communication skills with others meaning when you are talking to others always remember that they are also human beings so adopt a tone with them which you approve off if someone was talking to you.Not everyone in this world is smart and everyone cannot be on the same wavelength so if there comes a time when you have to explain something to others be patient and do it also when the time to tell someone to back off do it in a very gentle and subtle way.

Work will be all about opening up. You need to talk and let them know what you want, even if they are your boss they need a gentle reminder as to what are your expectations. If you feel trapped at work free yourself as this trap is an illusion and you can very well get out of it using your intellect. If you have any new ideas or change or direction about a certain project then don’t be afraid to discuss about it with your boss as it’s a great idea and you will get only appreciation for this. If you feel your subordinates are not doing all the work given to them or they are reckless you need to remind them that their primary goal here should to be work. You need to exercise more control at work. Today also organise your desk and get rid of unnecessary clutter. Those looking for new jobs try applying for jobs in the communication and information sector and you will definitely get a positive response. Finances should be good if you take control of all financial matters at hand today. Don’t get involved in questionable dealings today cuz something which promises good money but is unethical no matter how good it looks will result in losses. Before getting into any financial deals make sure you have all the information and knowledge about that particular investment, if need be take the advice of someone who knows about finances.

Relationships will be all about being truthful. For the last couple of days I have been seeing  that there a lot of problems in everyone’s relationships and no one is ready to talk about this with their significant other. Remember that more than 70% problems occur in relationships when you are not honest and truthful with each other. Speak up about what you want from you partner. The Healer of thought signifies that you/your significant other are either too aloof or too controlling and you need to address this issue. You need to talk it with each other and come to a conclusion as these issues are bothering you’ll a lot, a lot more than you would care to admit. It’s great to be in a relationship but it’s greater to be in a rightful relationship. A relationship is a beautiful feeling between two people, it’s not about one person giving more or one person controlling the other. Being in such kins of relationships is very toxic and if you are going through this you need to break it up to your partner, don’t worry you can still save the relationship but if you continue this toxic pattern of hiding your emotions and true feelings then it would be catastrophic in the future. Singles you need to take a beat and think through if you are ready to be in a relationship, don’t get into one just cuz you are the only single one in your group or society says you should be in a relationship at your age. Figure out what you want and then only go into it as being single is better than being in a relationship for the wrong reasons. Some singles out there who are thinking of adoption well this is the perfect time for you to do it, don’t think about what others say just know that you will make a wonderful single parent.

The Healer of Thought signifies an intelligent, forthright woman who is very clear in what she wants but she can be detached and cold at times. Today know that your goals will be yours by using your intellect and by being honest but you should be careful in your communication and make sure that you are not too aloof or controlling. Achieve what you want but don’t be selfish instead be more rational and fair-minded. You might meet someone who has been through a lot and are lost in life, help them, they need guidance and help. Helping such individuals is a way to connect with your soul and it’s the best way to stop yourself from becoming detached as I have written earlier. But we wary as to whom you help cuz some people are not worth our help and their toxic energy just washes away all our positivity. Stay away from such people.

The message for today is to take control of your life, use your intellect for your goals and to clear all the negative things and people who just add misery to your life.

Daily Card Reading-27th January 2017


The card for today is  The Magician. Before I start getting into the details let me tell you that I love the magician and I wish that this card comes in all of my personal readings because this care tells that no matter what the situation you have it in you to succeed. I’m a self made person and like to do my work by myself and this card tells that you need to and can do it all alone.So your day is gonna be very productive and you will put all your skills into action.

The Magician card is the number 1 card in the Major Arcana and ones in a reading indicate new beginnings and change. The magician at the outset signifies skill,diplomacy,subtlety, self-confidence and will. The pictorial depiction shows here a creature wearing a fool’s hat and everything around him is swirling which shows that he has the power to change anything by his will but the hat signifies his treachery and ability to fool anyone. In Traditional Tarot the magician is depicted to stand at the table which has all the four suits of the Minor Arcana(Cups,Pentacles,Wands and Swords) and there is a infinity symbol on his head. The elements on the table signify that the magician has everything that he requires for his success and the infinity symbol signifies the immense will power he has which he can use for his success.

Work is all about you claiming your personal power. You are the magician and you have everything you need for your success plus the skill to achieve so why depend on others? There is a lot happening behind the scenes at work with certain people so don’t trust the suspicious ones and make sure you don’t reveal any of your plans or secrets to them as some of them might try to manipulate you and use your information/secrets for their advantage. You need to watch your back.Do not get caught in power struggles, just put your head high and keep on doing your work as your success is guaranteed and you need to do everything individually. Use your talents for your gain today and wise application assures a cash inflow. Creative professionals start working on what you left midway as you have the touch today which makes you complete that project and reap the rewards of it. Another pointer for my creative friends- do not I repeat do not share your work with someone untrustworthy as they might use it for their own benefit or take something from that and create their own work by just copying yours.

Relationships are still complicated if you have not been able to set aside your ego. As I keep on telling you relationships are a two way road there is no point in controlling and manipulating your significant other. They have their own mind and you messing with it or telling them to do everything according to your likenesses is plain stupid. Get a robot instead of a partner if you want someone to follow all you say and agree on every point. Set aside your ego and try to find a common ground to solve your issues, this is not business and you should stop trying to gain advantage over the other, instead seek a win-win situation.If you feel that your partner is constantly manipulating you or if you feel that they are just using you for their benefit then connect with yourself and ask your heart what needs to be done, you will get the right answer.Singles it’s a good day for you to manifest what you want so if there is anyone you wanted to ask out go forward and ask them out.

The Magician has the power to uncover the aspects of a situation so connect with yourself and ask yourself what’s happening in a certain situation.Brainstorming will give you a detailed analysis and you will know how you can deal with the situation.  You have the right skill and diplomacy required to win in this situation so move forward with confidence. You have immense strength and that strength will help you change you the situation the way you want.

You need to stay away from those treacherous people as they are simply manipulating you and using you for their advantage. Stay away from even the tiniest bit of gossip today. You are what you are because of your own struggle,hardwork and determination and you have a long and successful life ahead, so you don’t need someone whispering negative things in your ear. You are an innately powerful person and you don’t need anyone controlling you and if you allow them to do that then you are not going to get the best which you are destined to get by working by yourself. Your alignment should only be with God and the divine as they will rightfully guide you at crossroads and help you arrive safely at your destination, this is the kind of guidance you need. Take control of your own life and make the necessary changes required for your success. Tap into your inner self, develop your psych and once the universe is with you see the magic that happens in your life.

Remember you are the magician and you have everything you need at your disposal which you can use with your immense power to manifest what you want.

The message for today is to use your skills, diplomacy for your success, completely remove the influence of controlling and manipulative people from your life, get in touch with your inner self and benefit from your newly developed psychic powers, tap in with the universe,manifest your dreams and be one with God.

Daily Card Reading-26th January 2017



The card for today is Ace of Pentacles.The Ace of Pentacles signify perfect contentment, ecstasy, gold, intelligence and joy. Pentacles in a reading signify that situations are taking form. Ace=1 and one’s in a reading signify new beginnings and realisation of goals.

You have been working towards something for a while and this card suggests your hard work is paid off. You will receive rewards for all your efforts so smile and welcome the day with positive vibes. The pictorial depiction shows a tree and it’s which signifies as you sow so shall you reap.

Work will be all about sowing seeds for future success today. Some of you will make the decision and start a new project/job or business today. If you are worried about finances for a new venture you have been planning then don’t worry your finances will be covered just trust your ideas and go ahead with them. You will have to put a lot of efforts at this stage but they are all gonna be worth it as when you reap the rewards of this project you will have it all. If you are thinking about investing money go ahead and do it as this will soon be a moneymaking opportunity. Work is all about planting a tree, watering it, nurturing it and then enjoying it’s fruit and shade.

Relationships will be about attraction today. All the problems you were having in your relationship till date will make you take a practical and down-to-earth approach in your relationship. All those discussions you had to make it work and all those pointers you had implement them in your relationship. Singles you will get strongly attracted to someone today and don’t just pass it off as physical attraction, get to know them and it could be a wonderful relationship. You are soon going to be in a wonderful relationship.

Good things are on the way and this is a very positive time. Be very clear in your intentions as the universe will give you what you ask for so be very specific. You are entering that phase of your life where you will only benefit. Move forward with all that you’ve got and you will get full support of God and Angels. In this phase you need to remember that there are a lot of people who don’t have a lot and you have come where you are with a lot of hard work so you need to honour that and not get carried away.

The message for today is to sow seeds for future success, be positive and know that you deserve it and once you do that your reward will be yours.

Daily Card Reading-25th January 2017


The card for today is Four of Thought. The Four of Thought is the Four of Swords according to traditional tarot.

The suit of thoughts deal with communication, intellectual pursuits, reason, ideas and analysis. The suit of thoughts tells us that our mind is the most powerful tool of all which can either work for us or against us and this depends on whether we fill it with positive thoughts and belief or fear and pessimism. The Law of Attraction tells us that we attract what we are and you are what your thoughts are so good things will come to you only if you direct your thoughts in that way. The suit of thought in a reading signifies that we need to gather our thoughts together and connect with ourselves for the answers we are looking for. The number of the card is four and Four’s in a reading indicate the completion and realisation of one’s goals. Today the focus is on retreat and contemplation.

Work will be hectic and you will feel burned out today. The message from yesterday about taking time off for yourself continues. You need to recharge your batteries by relaxing as only by that you can clear all that stress and confusion. There will be some people in your workplace who will just emotionally drain you, avoid them at all costs. You need to physically and emotionally withdraw yourself till you regain your balance and clear your head. You don’t need others whispering in your ear about your capabilities, you know how much hard work you put into your job and that’s that, no one else has a right to judge to you and you better let them know that today in a kind but clear way.

Relationships continue to be stressful.If all the advice and guidance from the previous cards has not worked for you then you need to withdraw from this situation. By withdraw I don’t mean a break up but a small break. Being together is just causing you stress and the amount of quarrels you are having just leave you drained and exhausted. You need to spend some time alone to gain clarity and objectivity as after that only you can understand what you need to do with this relationship. Singles you need to rest and relax and stop being stressful, know that you have done everything you could and now you just need to be open to receiving all the blessings that are coming your way.

Yesterday told you to relax and take some time off for yourself and today tells you the same only with the addition of thinking and understanding. You have done everything you could do and now it’s time to just sit back,relax and wait for the reward.Alone time works wonders for us and only when we are alone and we connect with ourselves we can hear our deepest thoughts and ideas.If you have been feeling sick,honour that as even a machine needs oiling to run back at it’s full potential. You need to take care of your health, eat healthy food and cover your sleep. Do not get back to the daily routine if you are feeling sick, take a little extra time off. Be kind in your communication today and when you are talking to others talk to them the way you would want them to talk to you.Today is not the day to fight with the outer world but today is a day to tend to your inner self fight with your ego and fears and seek out answers through rest,meditation and spiritual connect. The answers you seek are in your heart and not out there in the world.

Spiritually connect with whichever deity you believe and pray to and you will see that the perfect answer comes to you very easily. You are in situations which are messy because of the melodrama created by others ask God for the strength to speak up and to remove yourself from this situation. Once you connect with yourself and allow yourself to listen to God’s messages you will know that your prayer is answered.

The message for today is to take a break,sit in solitude and get an epiphany, find your spiritual connect and get answers through that and believe and trust in the almighty.

Daily Card Reading-24th January 2017



The card for today is Bethany. I wanted to use the Messages from Angels deck today because the angels have been prompting me to talk to them via this deck as they want to send a message to everyone.

At work you will see that you have been working ceaselessly for a very long time. Today is your day to relax. You have been working to your stretching point and on top of that you have been helping others out as well which is increasing your workload. It’s good to help others but not at the cost of losing yourself. It’s a day to put your own interests at work first today. It’s healthy to say no once in a while to help others if you have been swamped with work. Besides doing other’s work is distracting you from putting your entire energy towards your main goal. You cannot do that. Today at work take care of yourself and let others take care of themselves.

Relationships might feel a little one sided today. If you feel you are the one who has been giving and only giving then it’s time for you to take a beat and let your partner know about this. Go for a nice dinner and talk to them about your concerns. Your partner knows that you are a giving person and maybe this is the whole reason that they fell in love with you and now you are feeling that you are the only giving person so what you can do is allow them to take the lead for once and allow them to give, they want to give but probably they haven’t got a chance. Even after this if you still feel you are the only who is giving then you have to think about it as a relationship is a two way effort but don’t worry, give your partner a chance tonight and everything will twinkle in the candle lights. Singles you need to stop worrying about how you will get your one, it’s upto God, remember he is Omnipotent so you don’t need to think about how he will give it you/there is very less time, he is God so for him even an hour is enough to change you fate so sit back,relax and you will see how things fall in place. Stop thinking that you don’t deserve this, you sure as hell deserve this as you have every right to be happy. You need to relax your mind and through relaxation comes peace and you need to be peaceful to receive what’s destined to you.

When I say relaxation what comes to your mind? Do that thing which relaxes you today it’ll help you clear your mind and you need it. Meditating and listening to music always helps me relax but that’s me, find out what’s you and do it. You have been doing so much for others so it’s about time you do something for yourself as well. You need to take care of yourself.

God loves you because you are a giver but he wants to remind you that you are a receiver as well. You have been giving so much to others that in this you have forgotten to give to yourself which is very important. The angels ask you to relax and give yourself and relaxing at this stage is very essential to fulfil your dreams. It’s important for you to give but if you allow the angels to give to you remember you’ll in turn have to more to give to others so it’s beneficial for you to receive.God wants to tell you that you have been working a lot and it’s time for you to get your reward now so step back and allow God and the angels to give it to you.

The message for today is to be open to receiving, relax and to take care of yourself.

Daily Card Reading-23rd January 2017



The card for today is King of Earth. The King of Earth is The King of Pentacles. The suit of earth represents the material world. Today there is a focus on money, work, security, health,resources,education,society and environment. This card primarily represents Valour,Intelligence,Success, Generosity and Competency.

The pictorial depiction shows a man sitting on a throne in the midst of nature. The man is dressed like a king, holds an object which is very important to him, he also has wings and he is smiling. He is successful, abundant and happy. He has created his own world and he is quite happy showing off his achievement to others. Many people say that The King of Earth lacks spiritual riches and is too practical now that is not the truth.  Yes he is practical because he has worked hard for what he has achieved and he is self-made but he appreciates nature and beauty and he knows who is the creator and he appreciates him as well. There is a certain image in our society about people who are successful that they will be cold and indifferent but that’s not the truth and this is a wrong image of them. So today don’t be judgmental, know that a person who has achieved so much will be a little show off but that doesn’t mean his heart is not in the right place, as a matter of fact the King of Earth’s biggest quality is his generosity and a generous man can never be mean.

Work will be very stable and successful today. Those who are in business you need to put your energies into developing as these are the seeds you are sowing for future success. You are in sync with the universe today so all those business related decisions which you take today will assure success. Keep an eye on investments and the flow of money as the decisions you make today regarding them will assure financial security and monetary success. You need to show good organisation, courage, honesty and determination at work as these are the qualities which will help you achieve your goal. If someone gives you good advice about a financial venture or finance, remember to take notes as this person is giving you some really valuable advice which is going to help you. If you are given any offers accept them with confidence and don’t waste time thinking if you can do it or no as whatever you start doing today you are going to be successful in that. A promotion or a raise is in order at work today. Today is a good day to look at your boss and take notes on how he handles his work, I know it’s difficult to love bosses but hey you can love his work and not the man right.

Relationships will be all about being supportive. Yesterday’s card told us about setting aside your ego and talking things through, if you have done that and if you are here today know that you need to support your partner and help them grow. Some of you may feel your partnership is stable and comfortable but it’s very stimulating and romantic. You will also feel that you are in this relationship just because it offers you security. These all factors might be true but another thing that is true is that you fell in love with each other and that’s how your relationship started which means that love is still there it’s just buried deep down and by being there for each other you will find that love again. Work towards your relationship by being more open and honest with each other about you want and what you expect. Remember Love can cure anything and it’s Love that has bought you together so give time to each other and it will romantic as well as mature. Singles expect to meet someone who is about to literally sweep you off your feet. You will meet someone who is very successful, hardworking, practical and courageous. They will be very good to you but know before you delve into this relationship that they worship their work and this relationship will be like a job for you as this person is perfect and they have a lot of expectations from their partners as well.

King of Earth tells you that today you have a Midas Touch and no matter what you do you will succeed in that. You just need to organise yourself and be little practical. Develop your resources today as the right ideas needed for development will strike you and when you work with them you will be able to turn stone into gold :). This is a very successful time for you and you have worked hard to achieve it so flaunt it with the right confidence but also be in touch with your inner self as this is what made you believe that anything is possible in the first place. No matter where you go from today remember that you are beautiful human being sent on this earth by God. Always be in touch with your humanity and be grateful to God for giving you those opportunities which made you succeed. Use today’s energy to achieve your goals and don’t waste time with those negative people around. You need to have clear intentions for your manifestations. If you feel unclear about which direction to start from then pray and you will receive your answer. King of Earth is a selfmade man as the saying goes “God helps those who help themselves” -God is going to help you as he has seen your struggles, hard work and your rise from all that. He won’t allow you to fall just trust him and have faith.

The message for today is be confident, keep working towards your goals, be a little organised and keep on being positive and have faith.

Daily Card Reading-22nd January 2017


The card for today is Five of Wands. The Five of Wands primarily represent changes, ups and down and strength.

The suit of wands as we have discussed in our previous daily card readings deal with creativity, spirituality and self confidence. The element associated with the suit of wands is fire. You need to realise today that no matter what comes you way you have it in you to make the essential changes required for this situation to succeed. You need to connect with yourself and dig deep down to find that fighting instinct which you’ve lost along the way. Some situations look difficult to you but once you reconnect with your strength and listen to your instincts you will realise that if anyone can come out of this situation as a winner it’s you.

Work will be all about being practical. You need to stay away from arguments at all costs today because that is just going to disrupt your work . Being stubborn and egoistic will merely hinder your progress. Today adopt a practical attitude and listen to what others are saying if that seems right then keep your ego aside and use what the other person said to make your work better. Remember you have immense strength and don’t waste it on conflicts instead use it to reach one step closer to your goal.

Relationships will be about being flexible and cooperative. For a couple of days certain petty squabbles have been causing unrest in your relationship and the whole reason for this is that each of you feel that the other is being too stubborn and selfish holding on to their position. You feel your partner is completely failing to see your side. If you let your ego continue to make decisions for you, you might as well walk out of the relationship today. You need to sit down and calmly resolve all your issues without your ego clashes. Do not walk out of the relationship because of your ego your ego is not worth it but your relationship is worth all the efforts you will take so relax and sort out all underlying issues today.Singles you need to change you require to be more flexible today, there might be someone totally nice whom you are just not noticing cuz he is not your type, well give them a chance, go out with them you might end up falling for them. Don’t judge others, give them a chance and see how they might surprise you.

Till today you have worked really hard to be where you want to be and that particular epitome is quite closer than you think and in order to achieve it as soon as possible you need to set aside your ego and let go off certain behaviours/people which pull you backwards and stop you from moving forward towards your goal. God is working with you every step of the way and what you want is a gift from God so till you don’t shed all the negativity you won’t be worthy of this beautiful and pure gift. And it’s great to let go off something which just brings you down in exchange for something you’ve wanted your whole life :).

The message for today is to set your ego aside, find your inner strength and let go off all negativity.

Daily Card Reading-21st January 2017


The card for today is Strength. The Strength card is the 8th card in the Major Arcana. Eights in a reading are very positive and they indicate positive changes. The strength card represents courage, determination, control and change.

The pictorial depiction shows a woman holding a Lion’s claws. The woman has an infinity symbol over her head. The woman’s act represents our strength. You have strength enough to tame a lion which is a lot of strength, some of you might even not know how strong you are so today is the day to accept your strength. The infinity symbol on the woman’s head represents our determination to not step back or give up till we achieve what we want.If you observe the lion he is very calm which means that the woman has already tamed him, in your case it means you have shown a lot of courage till now and you are about to get what you want so just keep being strong a while longer.

Work will be about dealing with certain issues. If you want to succeed you will have to confront deep-seated beliefs or fears which hold you back or which stand in your way. You know what they are and today is a really good day to get a grip on them. You need to overcome your weaknesses and you will go really far. Today will be a busy day at work but remember no matter how much work you are given or busy it becomes you can handle everything. You need to draw your inner strength at work today and and face all the challenges. Let go of fears and self-drawn limitations as these are just keeping you away from all the prosperity coming your way. Just hang on a bit and the professional success you’ve dreamed of will very soon be yours.

Relationships will be little tricky today as your significant other might ask you to do something which you usually won’t or they might ask you to look at a situation from a different perspective. All relationships require some adjustments from both sides so sometimes we might be required to do something which we would not normally approve off. Now it’s upto you if you will let go of your ego, self-limiting attitude and certain old habits in exchange for peace and harmony in your relationship or will you allow negativity to seep in and let things get more difficult. Ego kills relationships and destroys everything that is good and whole so you need to make sure that ego does not rear it’s ugly head in conversations with your significant other and even if it does make sure to slice it’s head off. Also if you have any fears about your relationships discuss them with your partner. Singles you need to show little more strength and wait for the right person, do not settle today at all. There might be a little frustration but listen to your inner voice which is telling you to be patient as the right one is on it’s way. You have waited so long right just hold on a couple of days longer and the one you want will be yours.

The strength card doesn’t mean physical strength, it implies mental strength which is your most powerful weapon in the face of adversity. You need to let go off fears, yesterday’s card told you as well to to believe and today’s card also tells you that you to believe in yourself, to know that no matter what happens you can handle it, you need to reinstate that self confidence in yourself, you need to be fearless and you need to inspires yourself to keep going on.

You’ll have shown a lot of courage and some of us have suffered so much but we did find a way to get up everyday and that is what makes us super strong. Remember that person who dealt with so much and yet wanted to live, that person can face anything.Stand up for yourself and for what you believe in and see miracles happening as you have the courage to face anything.

The message for today is to be strong, stay focused and determined, be positive and to believe in yourself and to know that you can get what you want.


Daily Card Reading-20th January 2017



The card for today is The Moon. The moon is the 18th card of the Major Arcana and 1+8=9. Nines in a reading indicate completion of events. In a way the message from yesterday continues as the moon card tells you to listen to your intuition as it’s perfect and the only guidance you need in situation comes from yourself.

If you look at the picture there is an angel standing in the light of the moon. The angel is extending her hand towards the dog but she is wary as she is afraid of the dog. She wants to touch the dog as her instinct tells her to but her fear of the dog stops her from doing so. Your intuition might be telling you something, to explore the unknown but your fear holds you back. A situation has become stagnant and you know what needs to be done but your fear doesn’t allow you to do that and it keeps telling you that it’s alright even if it’s stagnant at least you are safe. This needs to be changed today. You need to touch the dog and see the message you get. You need to move forward no matter how afraid you are. You need to trust your instincts and get motivated and inspired. This is the time to face your fears and come out stronger at the end of the day. The moon card also tells you to be wary of certain people, if your instinct tells you a certain person is not what he is act on it.

Work will be all about hidden matters coming to light. You need to dig deeper and see if you are in the right job or right vocation if you feel you are not then you need to remedy it, it sounds like a huge risk but it’s going to make you happier and successful in the long run as if you don’t take this risk and stay where you are, you will be miserable. Keep a eye out on what kind of work you are given as you need to stay away from questionable deals today. For my artistic friends I would like to tell you what I told you yesterday that you need to convert your hobby into a profession, your endeavour is really good and you have a very good chance of earning great money from it. Those who are looking for new jobs before you sign the dotted line make sure you know what the job entails and then only go for it no matter how much you feel it’s tempting.

You are in a relationship because you love that person. A lot of people will tell you today that they don’t understand how can you love your significant other but remember that it’s not their opinion that matters, it’s your relationship, your life and you sure as hell don’t need to explain to others why is it what it is. Today you might not be able to understand certain things but you sure do know that you love them and this attraction which you have is a deep and idealistic connection so this relationship no matter crazy is the right one. Two crazy people understand each other the best and what they achieve together is wonderful so hold on to it despite all the craziness. Singles you will be in a relationship but you will not be ready to share it with the world yet which is absolutely all right as you need to listen to your instincts and talk about it only when you feel comfortable, those who love you will understand the secrecy and those who don’t well they are not really the ones that make a positive difference in your life. You need to hold on to what you feel no matter what others tell you. Your heart knows you the best and the one you feel is better than the rest definitely deserves to be with you no matter what others say as it’s your heart and you decide whom to give it to. Some people just don’t understand love, don’t listen to them, don’t get angry on them as you need to feel sorry for those whose doesn’t understand love, say a prayer for their souls and move on. 

You have to to be true to yourself today. You need to connect with yourself.You know that feeling you get when you hear a nice song and the pictures that come in front of your eyes, that is also a way of connecting, so do whatever inspires and motivates you and whatever messages or ideas you get then implement them. If you have an idol who inspires you it’s a good day to listen to one of his speeches or read his interview as they will touch you on a deep level. Also it’s about time you get a handle on your fears, being afraid is just going to to stop you from getting the best. You need to master you fear, kill every fearful thought by a positive one and see how it works. You need to connect with your subconscious today as the revelations which you’ll get after listening to your instincts will be life changing.

Archangel Haniel is associated with the moon card.Since your physic abilities are heightened at this point and you are in touch with yourself I urge you to pray to Archangel Haniel as he will help you when you are feeling uncertain. He will shed light in your life. He will help you face your fears and evolve to a new and different level. You will get everything that you ask for just trust yourself, the divine and take the step forward

The message for today is to listen to your instincts, follow your intuition,overcome fears and blocks, accept your past and be ready for your future.