#TVDFinale has not offered any closure nor any happiness to me! I feel cheated and betrayed by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec because:

1. Stefan dint deserve to die. He was the best character ever but all he got was pain.

2. This series starts with “For over a century I’ve lived in secret,hiding in the shadows,alone in the world. Until now.I am a Vampire and this is my story-Stefan Salvatore” this is literally his story but the funeral he gets was like that we would give a poor animal whom we saw meet with an accident on the road and decided to say goodbye to it.

3. Stefan will always love Caroline and she can understand that the sacrifice he made was for family and friends but these characters had already been through so much heartbreak was it necessary to get them married for one day and then kill Stefan? Honestly Kev Julie do you have hearts? 

4. Bonnie is living the life that Enzo wanted her to live which as I gathered and correct me if I’m mistaken is just travelling the world alone. To be honest it’s all cool and fun for a while but then that can’t be the purpose of your life.

5. There was no need to get Katherine back, the whole plot seemed very stupid and gullible and I honestly wish I had the Bennet witches on my side so I could perform a spell and add some sense into Julie and Kevin’s brain.

6. Stefan tells Elena to tell Caroline how much he loves her but this is Vampire Diaries and if Matt can feel Vickie moved on and found peace with Tyler why can’t Stefan find a way to give a damn message to his wife whom he left to be a martyr for the greater good(a stupid concept) 

7. I don’t know if there would be a spin-off series including the Salvatore Boarding School but getting Jeremy just so that Caroline could hand him that bow and he could smile was stupid. His sister was semi-dead for 2 years and his ex Bonnie with whom he never had proper closure who had died and come back whom he never met,wasn’t that scene necessary? 

8. Even though Damon and Elena get to be together and grow old and have a life the scenes dint to justice to that ship as well but we are just happy as at least we got to see one couple together.

I’m not even gonna be happy about the #Klaroline letter because this is a plot by Julie and Kevin to raise our hopes and crush them again.

You might feel that this is a series and why I’m so upset but I invested 8 years of my life in this series and grew up with it’s characters, it became crap but I kept on watching as I had hope that everything will be okay one day but it got worse and horrible and ended like crap. So RIP TVD

I wish I could write more but I feel like my brain has just died after watching this stupid finale 


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