Daily Card Reading-26th January 2017



The card for today is Ace of Pentacles.The Ace of Pentacles signify perfect contentment, ecstasy, gold, intelligence and joy. Pentacles in a reading signify that situations are taking form. Ace=1 and one’s in a reading signify new beginnings and realisation of goals.

You have been working towards something for a while and this card suggests your hard work is paid off. You will receive rewards for all your efforts so smile and welcome the day with positive vibes. The pictorial depiction shows a tree and it’s which signifies as you sow so shall you reap.

Work will be all about sowing seeds for future success today. Some of you will make the decision and start a new project/job or business today. If you are worried about finances for a new venture you have been planning then don’t worry your finances will be covered just trust your ideas and go ahead with them. You will have to put a lot of efforts at this stage but they are all gonna be worth it as when you reap the rewards of this project you will have it all. If you are thinking about investing money go ahead and do it as this will soon be a moneymaking opportunity. Work is all about planting a tree, watering it, nurturing it and then enjoying it’s fruit and shade.

Relationships will be about attraction today. All the problems you were having in your relationship till date will make you take a practical and down-to-earth approach in your relationship. All those discussions you had to make it work and all those pointers you had implement them in your relationship. Singles you will get strongly attracted to someone today and don’t just pass it off as physical attraction, get to know them and it could be a wonderful relationship. You are soon going to be in a wonderful relationship.

Good things are on the way and this is a very positive time. Be very clear in your intentions as the universe will give you what you ask for so be very specific. You are entering that phase of your life where you will only benefit. Move forward with all that you’ve got and you will get full support of God and Angels. In this phase you need to remember that there are a lot of people who don’t have a lot and you have come where you are with a lot of hard work so you need to honour that and not get carried away.

The message for today is to sow seeds for future success, be positive and know that you deserve it and once you do that your reward will be yours.

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