Daily Card Reading-23rd January 2017



The card for today is King of Earth. The King of Earth is The King of Pentacles. The suit of earth represents the material world. Today there is a focus on money, work, security, health,resources,education,society and environment. This card primarily represents Valour,Intelligence,Success, Generosity and Competency.

The pictorial depiction shows a man sitting on a throne in the midst of nature. The man is dressed like a king, holds an object which is very important to him, he also has wings and he is smiling. He is successful, abundant and happy. He has created his own world and he is quite happy showing off his achievement to others. Many people say that The King of Earth lacks spiritual riches and is too practical now that is not the truth.  Yes he is practical because he has worked hard for what he has achieved and he is self-made but he appreciates nature and beauty and he knows who is the creator and he appreciates him as well. There is a certain image in our society about people who are successful that they will be cold and indifferent but that’s not the truth and this is a wrong image of them. So today don’t be judgmental, know that a person who has achieved so much will be a little show off but that doesn’t mean his heart is not in the right place, as a matter of fact the King of Earth’s biggest quality is his generosity and a generous man can never be mean.

Work will be very stable and successful today. Those who are in business you need to put your energies into developing as these are the seeds you are sowing for future success. You are in sync with the universe today so all those business related decisions which you take today will assure success. Keep an eye on investments and the flow of money as the decisions you make today regarding them will assure financial security and monetary success. You need to show good organisation, courage, honesty and determination at work as these are the qualities which will help you achieve your goal. If someone gives you good advice about a financial venture or finance, remember to take notes as this person is giving you some really valuable advice which is going to help you. If you are given any offers accept them with confidence and don’t waste time thinking if you can do it or no as whatever you start doing today you are going to be successful in that. A promotion or a raise is in order at work today. Today is a good day to look at your boss and take notes on how he handles his work, I know it’s difficult to love bosses but hey you can love his work and not the man right.

Relationships will be all about being supportive. Yesterday’s card told us about setting aside your ego and talking things through, if you have done that and if you are here today know that you need to support your partner and help them grow. Some of you may feel your partnership is stable and comfortable but it’s very stimulating and romantic. You will also feel that you are in this relationship just because it offers you security. These all factors might be true but another thing that is true is that you fell in love with each other and that’s how your relationship started which means that love is still there it’s just buried deep down and by being there for each other you will find that love again. Work towards your relationship by being more open and honest with each other about you want and what you expect. Remember Love can cure anything and it’s Love that has bought you together so give time to each other and it will romantic as well as mature. Singles expect to meet someone who is about to literally sweep you off your feet. You will meet someone who is very successful, hardworking, practical and courageous. They will be very good to you but know before you delve into this relationship that they worship their work and this relationship will be like a job for you as this person is perfect and they have a lot of expectations from their partners as well.

King of Earth tells you that today you have a Midas Touch and no matter what you do you will succeed in that. You just need to organise yourself and be little practical. Develop your resources today as the right ideas needed for development will strike you and when you work with them you will be able to turn stone into gold :). This is a very successful time for you and you have worked hard to achieve it so flaunt it with the right confidence but also be in touch with your inner self as this is what made you believe that anything is possible in the first place. No matter where you go from today remember that you are beautiful human being sent on this earth by God. Always be in touch with your humanity and be grateful to God for giving you those opportunities which made you succeed. Use today’s energy to achieve your goals and don’t waste time with those negative people around. You need to have clear intentions for your manifestations. If you feel unclear about which direction to start from then pray and you will receive your answer. King of Earth is a selfmade man as the saying goes “God helps those who help themselves” -God is going to help you as he has seen your struggles, hard work and your rise from all that. He won’t allow you to fall just trust him and have faith.

The message for today is be confident, keep working towards your goals, be a little organised and keep on being positive and have faith.

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