Daily Card Reading-16th January 2017


The card for today is Paul The Venetian. He was the Italian Renaissance Artist who moved to Venice from Verona (his birthplace) in the 1500’s where he painted religious murals and paintings. He was accused of Blasphemy because of his artistic rendering of the last supper, he defended himself against those charges successfully. This was last life on earth and after that he became an Ascended Master.

At work you need to know that things will be much better than they are if you look deep inside and find out those hidden abilities of yours. Yes you have a lot of skills inside, you need to access them and use your full potential to put that flag where you intend to in your professional life. It’ll be a busy day at work today but know that you want to do all that work. For those working in the creative field it’s time for you to start creating. Even if you feel you are not ready yet your abilities need an outlet otherwise this trapped energy will make you feel anxious and depressed. Through your artistic pursuit today you will find your life purpose.

Relationships today are all about being supportive and understanding. If your partner is not doing well in his work you need to have a few words with them and decrease their anxiety. Some of you might need to be the muse if your significant other is an artist but for some reason has not been able to get it to the surface. Inspire them, support them and make them start expressing their creative side today. You also need to express your true feelings to them as any relationship is as strong as it’s truth. Singles listen to what your heart says and you will get your answer as some of you might be questioning if there is love in your life at all?

The message about connecting with yourself to find your life purpose continues. You need to dig deeper and find what you really want and in that purpose when you come across hidden talents and skills you need to use them towards your life purpose. This is a very positive time and you have the Midas touch to turn what you want to Gold. Do not let any negative thoughts, addiction get hold of you. Use this positive time and energy to make your life better and yourself a better person.

You need to express yourself clearly. Bottling feelings about something/someone is going to make it worse for you. Turn your anger into creative and artistic pursuits because anger pollutes you and it’s very unhealthy, you need to get it out as soon as possible. Today even doing something simple like drawing, singing, taking pictures is going to be extremely therapeutic for you.

Paul the Venetian was able to successfully defend himself against a blasphemy charge so tells you to stand up for yourself and keep on defending till you win. Don’t give up no matter what and you will get what you want.

The message for today is to keep it simple and true to defend yourself and your belief.


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