Daily Card Reading-14th January 2017



The card for today is Ace of Abundance which in the traditional tarot is the Ace of Pentacles. The suit of abundance relates to material wealth, physical health, career and business. It basically sends messages to us about resources which are coming in our lives to make these aspects better.On a personal level it talks about your social interactions and your responsibilities. Aces in a reading represent new beginnings.

At work there will be some wonderful news, maybe about signing a new contract or getting on board with a new project. Self-employed people and freelancers there might a tempting offer made to you’ll about something for which you’ll need to commit for a while, it’s really good and you should grab it the first chance you get. For those who are into business you might finally hear on that loan for which you had applied, and it’ll be thorough and through. Those who have actually asked for loans from friends/acquaintances/family you’ll will definitely get a positive response from them today. You will get introduced to someone from whom you will gain great insight and wisdom which will be really helpful in the long run. Those looking for job/career change it’s a great day to put down those notices and delve deep in what you really wanted to do as you’ll see that you will get everything you need.

Relationships will bring a certain happiness,contentment and abundance. Discuss about that venture which is on your mind, your partner might help you get the resources and the right contacts. Singles you are definitely falling in love today so pay extra attention if you are going on a date today. The ace heralds the beginning of a new relationship but it also signifies a relationship based on physical attraction so get to know the person before you make any commitments. If you have just started a new relationship know that you need to have a down-to-earth and practical attitude to this relationship. This relationship has a lot of potential and it can turn into a committed relationship so don’t blow it off. There is also a chance that you might meet someone at/via work who could spark a romantic interest in you, go ahead and fix a date with this person today.

Abundance signifies financial security and so it’ll me a good day for you to start making investments which will benefit you in the future. It’s a good day to set aside money and start saving/investing for the purchase of your dream home, higher education of your kids/yourself(if you want to study further) and for those retirement schemes.

This is a very positive time for you and hence you should only have positive thoughts which will pave the way for more good things to come in the future. You are blessed and have all the good luck with you and you will have get the future you desire.

Today is a day where you will feel contented and secure but also know that some people lack these riches in life and so help such people as much as you can. Also don’t get too wary about what you have, hold on to it and guard it.

The message for today is to stay positive, be practical, put those brilliant ideas in motion and be happy.


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