Tarot Forecast for the week 11th May- 17th May

Aloha hope everyone has had a great weekend!!!Time to check in what this week has in store for all of us.


Take charge!!! You need to remind yourself about your dreams and passion and start working with renewed energy. If you are in a relationship it’s all going good. Loyalty is very important to you but you can expect only what you can give in return. For singles there is a very big chance that you might meet someone real charming and powerful.


A woman might give you some valuable advice don’t take it lightly as it will help you solve some pending things real quick. On the work front you need to value your abilities, don’t let someone put you off so easily. Stop worrying about your finances as you are well secured. For all the Men your eye catches some strong,loyal and accomplished mate exactly like the one you have been dreaming about, so don’t wait and just ask her out. For those in an existing relationship this is a good time to commit.


If you are thinking about switching your job this is a good time. Get into it with an open mind. On the financial front be little careful and double check all the information. For those in an existing relationship if there are any issues skimming handle them with trust and an open heart. For singles you might get started on that amazing relationship you have been dreaming about.


For this day I would like to tell you one word CARPE DIEM , do whatever you feel like doing without thinking much about the future. You need to make decisions quickly today as this might produce your desire results soon. You will be charged and will be ready to take on anything. Relationships will be full of passion and excitement and a marriage proposal will be popped soon. Singles be ready a love affair is going to sweep you off your feet.


If you plan to start something do it individually rather than in a group as issues will start surfacing later. At this point you need to trust yourself, whatever you do will be best for you. In relationships you might need to discuss certain things more openly with each other.


Relax!! You have become such a workaholic that you are neglecting all other aspects of your life. Take a break. Today is about change. If you are staying in a job you hate just because you don’t want a change the leave it. You are wasting your time and energy. Reassess your relationships as you might be making some compromises which you wouldn’t generally make but you are doing cuz you cannot see yourself with anyone else. If you feel your relationship is all about control and no love there is no point in being in one.


You need to be patient. Crops grow but there is time in between sowing the seeds and the harvest. If you rush and cut off the crops before they grow fully then you will get the reward but that would be much lesser than what you would get if you waited patiently. The period might be slow but there is steady development. Keep applying your resources and energy for the fulfillment of your goal. Keep going on and don’t get discouraged. If you feel too impatient then start meditating. Even in relationships you need to be patient as being hasty might not be healthy.

Have a great and magical week ahead.

Blessed Be

Love & Light

Sheetal IMG_3419

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