Tarot Forecast for the week 4th May-10th May

Hello.Hope all of you had a fabulous week.Before we delve into this week’s predictions I would like to share something with you. Last week there was a lot of baggage in my life but post my Beltane Ritual things started shaping up. If you are feeling the same let go because Beltane is all about new beginnings but a fresh start is possible only if you release the old.

(Forgive me if I have made any editing mistakes as since my laptop is not in a working condition I had to use my phone to make this post)

Tarot Forecast for this week:


An opportunity for which you have been waiting for quite some time will come to the surface. If you want to enjoy the rewards that come along you need to hone your skills and expertise.Set realistic goals and keep working towards them. If you are in a existing relationship know that if you expect to be loved you need to love too.The universe works on vibes and you get what you release. If you are experiencing problems in your relationship keep working as your sincerity will win over your partner. Also for singles out there, love will come to you real soon, just hold on to the faith.


Sometimes you need to rely on blind faith for certain things but at the same time be rational . On the work front you might be little confused but don’t push away work because the problem can be dealt with directly. Be tactful when dealing with colleagues and read documents twice before approving them. In your relationship the problem might still be simmering low but don’t worry as good communication and little compromise will solve everything. You need to understand that  two people can have different perspectives and you need to balance if you need each other in your life.


Difficulties can be resolved now with the application of your vast knowledge. It’s a good time to travel as some of you might be in need of a break. Relationships will be smooth sailing as you can agree with each other very easily now. Be positive. Also for those unhappy in a relationship it’s okay if you want to move on, you might find something more satisfying.


You are very close towards achieving your goals. Don’t let any distractions keep you from reaching where you want. The effort you are taking will soon give you a prize and it will be all yours. For those in an existing relationship be positive and don’t give up hope. Difficulties will be resolved but it will take genuine effort and sometime. You might be tempted to quit but trust me this is worthy of all the effort and time you are investing.


You have to take risks to achieve something but there is a difference between being bold and totally reckless. Before doing anything new double-triple check all the details and formalities. Don’t be over confident. You are ready but you to need to keep an open mind and at the same time keep on learning. For those in existing relationships you might enter a totally new phase which will be quite fun. Trust your partner.


If Thursday marked you 90% closer to your goals Saturday is marking you 97% closer. Today’s card shows ultimate victory over all obstacles. You should be proud of yourself as whatever you have achieved it’s cuz of your hard work and dedication. Legal and business matters will be worked in your favour. For those who were sick for a long time you will feel energised and refreshed. Romance will be back on track and you will start enjoying good times with your loved one.  Those dating for a while won’t hesitate to commit and girls be excited he might pop the question anytime. Singles out there start looking up for prospective dates as you don’t know which one might end up being your prince/princess.


It’s okay to relax and unwind alone at times because the best ideas come to you when you are attuned to your inner self. If anything is bothering you sit alone and close your eyes for five minutes , you will realise the solution has been in your head all along. In today’s fast moving world we often forget to connect with our inner self and that is why we all get anxious,angry and crestfallen very quickly. Take out sometime for meditation or go to a yoga session or perhaps a walk amidst the nature and see how your perspective will change. Always remember when your body is tired your soul is tired twice. You need to relax your inner self. This Sunday is all about relaxing in the right ways after a busy week.

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